TLLFCI :: Volume #5 全新征程

#600: Yuan lion beast

Lin Tianming that temporarily in the hall in cave mansion, the leisure gets down sits in a corner, the vision takes a fast look around. 临时洞府的大厅里,闲暇下来的林天明坐在一个角落,目光四下扫视一番。 When he looks to some martial arts room in deep place, Qin Xi walked immediately. 当他看向深处的某一个练功房时,秦曦随即从中走了出来。 Sees the person, Lin Tianming is quite excited, first sets out to move forward to meet somebody. 见到来人,林天明颇为兴奋,第一时间起身迎了上去。 Sunlight, you went out!” “曦儿,你出关了!” Is away from far away, transmits the Lin Tianming concerned regards. 隔着老远,就传来林天明关切的问候。 But Qin Xi was also the feature has a smile at this time, on the face has a faint trace delightful smile, seeming like the mood was excellent. 而秦曦此时也是眉目含笑,脸上带着一丝丝甜美的微笑,似乎是心情极好。 Especially sees Lin Tianming, Qin Xigeng was thinks of incomparably. 特别是见到林天明,秦曦更是想念无比。 Nowadays, the beautiful woman at present, a pair of big hand supports into the bosom to grasp him. 现如今,佳人就在眼前,一双大手将其拥入怀里抱住。 Felt Lin Tianming the meaning of concern, in Qin Xixin one warm. 感受到林天明的关切之意,秦曦心中一暖。 At this moment, Lin Tianming as if detected anything, immediately question. 就在这时,林天明似乎察觉到了什么,随即疑问了一句。 Sunlight, were you break through in the middle period of gold/metal pill?” “曦儿,你这是突破金丹中期了?” Hears this word, Qin Xi slightly nodded, on the face flashed through a joyful smile. 听闻此言,秦曦微微点了点头,脸上闪过一丝欣喜不已的微笑。 Saw that Qin Xi really entered in the middle period of gold/metal pill, Lin Tianming is happy immediately on the heart, the excitement and excitement in heart, were not less than Qin Xi. 眼看着秦曦果然进入了金丹中期,林天明顿时喜上心头,心中的激动和兴奋,一点不比秦曦自身少。 But before then, Qin Xi by the bottleneck card in gold/metal pill initial period peak, more than ten years got down cannot break through for a very long time. 而在这之前,秦曦被瓶颈卡在了金丹初期顶峰,十余年时间下来久久不能突破。 Is good because of these more than ten years, their couples leave the family to travel, passed through the Golden Crow country and Xitang country several to cultivate/repair the paradise. 好在这十余年时间,他们夫妻离开家族游历,一路走过了金乌国、西塘国几个修仙界。 During this period, their couple wandering four directions, passed through many places, widened many fields of vision and experiences, in this period experienced sparred to slaughter. 在这期间,他们夫妻云游四方,走过了不少地方,开阔了不少视野和见识,期间更是经历了一些斗法厮杀。 In addition the yuan essense fruit, as well as Qin Xi and strict Mingshan a two people of life and death sparred, finally success breakthrough bottleneck, thus entered into gold/metal pill intermediate stage boundary smoothly. 再加上精元果,以及秦曦和严鸣山二人一番生死斗法,最终成功突破瓶颈,从而顺利迈入金丹中期境界。 But nowadays, as Qin Xi entered into gold/metal pill intermediate stage boundary officially, own strength rose suddenly much. 而现如今,随着秦曦正式迈入金丹中期境界,自身的实力暴涨了不少。 In addition Lin Tianming grasps a big might spirit technique again, cultivated/repaired to grow after several years of self-torture also small scopes. 再加上林天明再度掌握一门大威力灵术,修为经过几年的苦修也小幅度增长了一些。 Takes their present cultivating as the strength, collaborates to deal with a gold/metal pill's late powerhouse, basically can be in an impregnable position. 以他们二人现在的修为实力,联手起来应付一位金丹后期的强者,基本可以立于不败之地了。 Such it seems like, from leaving family's until now more than ten years, their respective harvests are very big. 这么看来,从离开家族至今的十余年时间,他们夫妻二人各自的收获都很大。 Said Lin Tianming, cultivates is also growing for the strength slowly, the net worth treasure on hand turned one time to continue directly. 就说林天明自身,修为实力也在缓慢增长,手上的身家宝物直接翻了一倍不止。 In addition gold mountain law seal this spirit technique, as well as thousand statute books these say/way inheritance, on the family foundation, is in individual strength, obtained the enhancement of certain extent. 再加上‘金山法印’这门灵术,以及‘千阵法典’这些阵道传承,无论是在家族底座上,还是个人的实力上,都得到了一定程度的增强。 But Qin Xi harvest not poor, after all cultivates for has broken through smoothly, in addition extinguished killed strict Mingshan and sinking hibiscus two people, obtained their net worth treasure, made her net worth rise suddenly over one time. 而秦曦的收获也不菲,毕竟修为已经顺利突破,加上灭杀了严鸣山和沉蓉二人,得到了他们的身家财宝,也让她的身家暴涨了一倍以上。 Such harvest looks like in Lin Tianming, simply is full that gains. 这样的收获在林天明看来,简直就是赚的盆满钵满。 Thinks again carefully, this is the advantage and result of going out travels. 再仔细想想,这便是出门游历的好处与结果。 Considers, if their couples have kept the family, wants to arrive this step, at least also takes dozens years. 试想一下,如果他们夫妻一直留在家族,想要走到这一步,至少也需要多出几十年时间。 Fully realizes these, the Lin Tianming innermost feelings are very satisfactory, and feels the anticipation about the following travelling journey. 深知这些,林天明内心十分满意,并且对接下来的游历旅程感到期待。 Returns to normal slightly, Lin Tianming Qin Xi chatted. 稍稍平复一些,林天明个秦曦闲聊起来。 During this period, Lin Tianming also raised cultivation gold mountain law seal the process of this spirit technique with the result. 在这期间,林天明也提起了修炼‘金山法印’这门灵术的经过和结果。 Hears the Lin Tianming words, Qin Xi was also excited, later was also opens the mouth to raise, she must cultivation successfully this spirit technique. 听到林天明的话,秦曦也是兴奋不已,随后也是开口提起,她也要将这门灵术修炼成功。 To Yu Qinxi's plan, Lin Tianming naturally cannot oppose. 对于秦曦的计划,林天明自然不会反对。 In his opinion, Qin Xi, if can grasp gold mountain law seal this spirit technique, her strength will also be strengthened. 在他看来,秦曦若是能够掌握‘金山法印’这门灵术,那她的实力也将得到增强。 However Qin Xi cultivated the plan of this spirit technique, after must place Icewind Dale to finish informed and experienced . 不过秦曦修炼这门灵术的计划,要放在冰风谷历练结束之后。 By that time, they will also leave the Kaiyuan real country to cultivate/repair the paradise, goes to other central countries to travel. 到那时候,他们也将离开元真国修仙界,去其他中心国家游历一番。 At the appointed time, Qin Xi cultivated this technique again, till grasped it thoroughly. 届时,秦曦再择机修炼此术,直到将其彻底掌握为止。 In any case current they, does not lack the attack class the spirit technique, especially has been in Qin Xi by Lin Tianming protection, does not need is so impatient. 反正目前的他们,也不缺攻击类的灵术,特别是一直处于被林天明保护中的秦曦,更是不必如此心急。 Then, these plans were also decided by the Lin Tianming two people. 如此一来,这些计划也被林天明二人敲定下来。 Afterward, Lin Tianming takes out that in map from strict Mingshan storage Wudai, lays aside it before two people examines. 随后,林天明取出那张得自严鸣山储物袋中的地图,将其放置在二人身前查看起来。 At this time, Lin Tianming read the map, cannot help but asked one. 这时候,林天明看了看地图,不由得问了一句。 Sunlight, can the position of this map record in the Icewind Dale deep place, what view you have to this matter?” “曦儿,这地图记载的位置就在冰风谷深处,你对此事可有什么看法?” Hears this word, Qin Xidun said: This map recorded the position, has not had the slight description regarding that place, wants only to depend on these, naturally could not see that any news comes.” 听闻此言,秦曦顿了顿说道:“这地图只是记载了位置,对于那地方可不曾有丝毫描述,想要仅凭这些,自然看不出任何消息来。” This Icewind Dale in long before, is one of the Qing Province famous ancient battlefields, his person clan powerhouse and high rank monster beast of falling from the sky have many.” “不过这冰风谷在很早以前,也是青州有名的古战场之一,其陨落的人族强者和高阶妖兽都有不少。” „Such a mystical place, is not only flooding the crisis, has the chance of being unable to put things clearly, said that has the trail of sky overhead grass is not strange.” “这样的一处秘境,不仅充斥着危机,也拥有说不清道不明的机缘,说是有天心草的踪迹也不奇怪。” No matter how, we want also to have no intention, might as well goes to investigate.” “不管如何,咱们多想也是无意,还不如前去探查一番。” By our couple's strengths jointly, so long as respective is more careful, do not bump into the fourth-order monster beast, or Nascent Soul Stage is old, basically does not have the too big danger is.” “以咱们夫妻联手的实力,只要各自小心一些,不要碰到四阶妖兽,或者元婴期老怪,基本没有太大的危险才是。” Needs to pay attention only, is these elusive, does not have the path space crack.” “唯一需要注意的,就是那些来无影去无踪,又毫无轨迹可言的空间裂缝罢了。” Hears this series of explanations, Lin Tianming satisfied nod, its innermost feelings last took into consideration also vanishes into thin air. 听到这一连串的解释,林天明满意的点点头,其内心最后一丝顾及也烟消云散了。 In his opinion, even/including Qinxi were so resolute, his solemn man did not have the hesitant necessity. 在他看来,连秦曦都如此果决,他堂堂一个男人更没有犹豫的必要了。 Therefore, Lin Tianming sets firm resolve immediately, will then start to leave this place on the brief break two days from now on directly, steps seeks for the map mark the position. 于是,林天明立刻下定了决心,在短暂休整两日过后便直接启程离开此地,踏上寻找地图标记的位置。 But later, the Lin Tianming couple rested on the 2nd in this place, two people together are tangled up day and night. 而随后,林天明夫妻二人就在此地歇息两日,两人日夜都在一起缠绵着。 After two days very early in the morning, the Lin Tianming couple go out of the temporary cave mansion, immediately covers the cave mansion entrance. 两日后一早,林天明夫妇二人走出临时洞府,随即将洞府入口掩盖住。 Completes these, Lin Tianming looked at some direction, later accompanied to leave with Qin Xi, quick vanished in the canyon. 做完这些,林天明看了看某个方向,随后和秦曦结伴离开,很快就消失在峡谷里。 Walks in the corner of Icewind Dale entre region, all around is the cover jungle, the every large or small lake are many, occasionally can also meet some rivers to spread across, or some strange gully abyss appear. 行走在冰风谷内部区域的一角,四周皆是茂密丛林,大大小小的湖泊不少,偶尔也能遇到一些河流纵横交错,或是一些奇奇怪怪的沟壑深渊显现。 Facing such strategic place, the Lin Tianming two people hit all the way 12 spirit, every step especially is careful. 面对这样的一处险地,一路上林天明二人打起十二分精神,每一步都格外小心。 Until half a month later, the Lin Tianming couple walked over a thousand li (0.5 km) road, passed through all kinds of topographies, finally appears outside a mountain valley. 直到半个月后,林天明夫妻二人行走了上千里路,穿过了各种各样的地形地貌,最终出现在一座山谷外。 But during this period, they bumped into two third-order monster beasts, but is third-order initial existence. 而在这期间,他们碰到了两只三阶妖兽,不过都是三阶初期的存在。 Regarding these monster beasts, without chance, Lin Tianming is also disinclined to begin but actually. 对于这些妖兽,在没有机缘的情况下,林天明倒也懒得动手。 Although extinguishes kills these monster beasts, regarding them, but is among the graces can complete. 虽然灭杀这些妖兽,对于他们夫妻二人来说,不过是举手投足之间就能完成。 But in this Icewind Dale everywhere is the crisis, except for space crack that flutters everywhere, similarly also has other Golden Core Stage Cultivator to appear. 但这冰风谷里处处是危机,除了四处飘荡的空间裂缝,同样也有其他金丹期修士出现。 So in situation, only if bumps into some high value treasures, otherwise Lin Tianming not for a third-order monster beast will easily begin, does not want therefore to expose their trails. 这般情况下,除非是碰到一些高价值宝物,不然林天明也不会为了一只三阶妖兽就轻易动手,更不想因此暴露他们的踪迹。 Therefore, they have no ideological problems weighing on the mind, finally arrived at this place. 于是,他们夫妻二人轻装上阵,最终来到了此地。 But at this time, Lin Tianming two people of the peak that stays in a lofty tree, the vision is looking straight ahead the front. 而这时候,林天明二人停留在一棵参天大树的顶端,目光直视着前方。 Looking into the distance, front this is an area giant canyon, the bottom is one looks at deep gully not to the end, the left and right peak is towering. 放眼望去,面前这是一处面积巨大的峡谷,底部是一眼望不到头的深深沟壑,左右两侧高峰耸立着。 If looks from the upper air, this entire canyon interior jungle is densely covered, in the midair the dense fog covered most rays, its gloomy color seems like some to terrify people. 如果从高空看去,这整个峡谷内部丛林密布,半空中迷雾遮盖了大部分光线,其阴暗的色彩看上去有些瘆人。 Lin Tianming opens the eye of five-colors, the sharp line of sight across the thick fog, found layer upon layer this inside space crack are many, when the frequency that its density and presents, far exceeds they come any place of process. 林天明张开五彩之眼,锐利的视线穿过层层浓雾,发现这里面的空间裂缝不少,其密度和出现的频率,远超他们来时经过的任何一处地方。 Moreover, the space crack that in this thick fog has is very long, shortest has the half a Zhang, longest have several the zhang (3.33 m) also to continue. 而且,这浓雾里面出现的空间裂缝很长,最短的都有半丈,最长的有数丈长还不止。 Sees this, a Lin Tianming brow wrinkle, the complexion was also more dignified. 见到这一幕,林天明不禁眉头一皱,面色也凝重了许多。 Obviously, regarding this inside space crack, Lin Tianming also dreaded very much. 很显然,对于这里面的空间裂缝,林天明也很忌惮。 But outside, they also sees many space cracks to appear all the way. 而在外面的时候,他们一路上也见过不少空间裂缝出现。 The frequency that but these space cracks present is not high, in addition is not quick from the speed of midair move in, the length is also very limited. 可那些空间裂缝出现的频率不高,加上从半空中移动的速度并不是很快,长度也很有限。 Facing the space crack of surrounding, although Foundation Establishment Cultivator bumped into absolutely is a narrow escape, so long as were Golden Core Stage Cultivator, so long as hit 12 spirit, the backing quicker speed, in addition more powerful god knowledge, the big probability can evade most space cracks. 面对外围的空间裂缝,虽然筑基修士碰到了绝对是九死一生,但只要是一个金丹期修士,只要打起十二分精神,依托更快的自身速度,加之更加强大的神识,大概率能够躲过绝大多数空间裂缝。 Is having a look at this place, the frequency that this inside space crack presents dramatically increases, the traveling speed was quick several times, and even the length of space crack turned several times also to continue. 在看看此地,这里面的空间裂缝出现的频率大幅增加,移动速度更是快了几倍,并且连空间裂缝的长度都翻了几倍还不止。 Facing the space crack of such degree, once were swallowed, could have shouldered the heavy pressure in space crack, as well as these very intensive suppressing kill the strength, even if Lin Tianming does not have many assurance. 面对这样程度的空间裂缝,一旦被吞噬进去,能否扛过空间裂缝中的重压,以及那些高强度的剿杀力,哪怕是林天明都没有多少把握。 However Lin Tianming is also an experienced generation, sees at present this scene, the whole person still decided peacefully. 不过林天明也是个见多识广之辈,见到眼前这幅场景,整个人仍然澹定。 Recovers, Lin Tianming took out the map to look, immediately said one leisurely. 回过神来,紧接着林天明取出地图看了看,随即悠悠说了一句。 Sunlight, the position of this map labelling is this place, but here entire surrounding is very quiet, position suitable hiding, wants to seek is not easy.” “曦儿,这地图标注的位置就是此地,而这里整个外围十分平静,位置又相当的隐蔽,想要寻找出来并不容易。” Is good because of us has the map, although was some time-comsuming, but successfully found the place finally, and does not have the trail of monster beast.” “好在咱们有地图,尽管费了一些功夫,但总算是顺利找到地方,并且丝毫没有妖兽的踪迹。” Does not know that actually in how, unable to return to have any form of high rank monster beast.” “就是不知道里面究竟如何,回不回有什么高阶妖兽的身影。” Hears this saying, Qin Xi showed a faint smile saying: This place seems very dangerous, is our such cultivating is the strength, has more careful.” 听到这话,秦曦微微一笑道:“这地方看上去就很危险,就是咱们这样的修为实力,都不得不小心谨慎一些。” Such place, presents the person of clan Cultivator probability is not big, actually the possibility that bumps into the monster beast is big.” “不过这样的地方,出现人族修士的概率并不大,倒是碰到妖兽的可能性不小。” Bright elder brother, no matter how found out advanced is saying!” “明哥,不管如何先进去一探究竟在说吧!” Qin Xi said that this saying, then sincere looks at Lin Tianming. 秦曦说完这话,便正色的看着林天明 But this time Lin Tianming hears these words, nods with a smile, regarding this naturally cannot have the opinion. 而此时的林天明听到这几句话,也是笑着点了点头,对此自然不会有意见。 Lin Tianming and Qin Xi chatted several. 紧接着,林天明和秦曦闲聊几句。 From now on, two people according to beforehand plan, start to set out toward the canyon. 过后,二人按照事先的计划,开始朝着峡谷内部进发。 Quick, Lin Tianming leads Qin Xi cautiously toward canyon deep place muddling through, their gods knows all the way opens greatly, frequently is guarding against the surrounding every action and every movement. 很快,林天明带着秦曦小心翼翼的往峡谷深处摸索前进,一路上他们神识大开,时刻防范着周围的一举一动。 In like this discrete, they advanced more than 20 li (0.5 km) road to the interior. 在这样的谨慎下,他们一路向内部推进了二十多里路。 The speed that the frequency and size that thorough that as continues, by two person the space cracks of flashing past, it presents, as well as move was raised again. 随着持续的深入,二人身旁的一闪而过的空间裂缝,其出现的频率和大小,以及移动起来的速度再一次提升了许多。 Facing such change, the Lin Tianming two people do not dare to be negligent. 面对这样的变化,林天明二人不敢大意。 After half quarter, two people continued to advance several li (0.5 km) road, arrived at a stretch of relatively open flat land. 半刻钟后,二人继续推进了几里路,来到了一片相对开阔的平地。 Looking into the distance, here topography is relatively smoother, at least compared with the gullies and next doors of other places, obviously wants to be smoother. 放眼望去,这里地势相对平坦一些,最起码比其他地方的沟壑和隔壁,明显要平顺许多。 Also in Lin Tianming sizes up, the lifetime howling spreads from the canyon interior. 也就在林天明四下打量之时,一生吼叫声从峡谷内部中传出。 Hears the sound, the Lin Tianming two people of facial colors change, first prepared making a move. 听到动静,林天明二人面色微变,第一时间做好了出手的准备。 Quick, that roars two to be getting more and more near, and space crack that peripheral has in Lin Tianming, was obviously more crowded. 很快,那吼两声越来越近,并且在林天明周边出现的空间裂缝,明显更加密集了起来。 Sees such change, the Lin Tianming two people are maintaining vigilant, immediately exploded draws back the hundred zhang (333 m) to stop the footsteps. 见到这样的变化,林天明二人保持着警惕,随即爆退了百丈远才停下脚步。 Just stood firm the body two-person sedan chair to begin, the discovery front very far place had a space crack, hovering several breath time in midair. 刚刚稳住身型的二人抬起头,就发现前方很远的地方出现一条空间裂缝,正悬停在半空中好几个呼吸时间。 Sees in that crack to present a monster beast, was flushing from the space crack. 紧接着,就见到那裂缝中出现一只妖兽,正从空间裂缝中冲了出来。 Looking into the distance, this monster beast horse Shoushi body, the whole body red hair proliferate the entire body, the overall build is actually not big, the length is only about several feet, highly less than three zhang (3.33 m) high. 放眼望去,这妖兽马首狮身,全身红毛遍布整个躯体,整体的体形倒是不大,长度只有数丈左右,高度则不到三丈高。 But that moment that this monster beast presents, its whole body has many space cracks rapidly, even some tiny space cracks, in the beast mouth put out unexpectedly directly henceforth. 而这妖兽出现的那一刻,其周身迅速出现不少空间裂缝,甚至有一些细小的空间裂缝,竟然直接从此兽的嘴巴里吐出。 Sees this, the Lin Tianming complexion slightly changes, immediately shows an inconceivable look. 见到这一幕,林天明不禁面色微微一变,随即露出一副不可思议的神色。 This...... this monster beast unexpectedly is the Yuan lion beast!” “这……这只妖兽竟是元狮兽!” Lin Tianming finishes speaking, nearby Qin Xi could not bear pound the mouth, the innermost feelings also were also very shocking. 林天明话音刚落,一旁的秦曦也忍不住砸了砸嘴巴,内心同样也很震惊。 Bright elder brother, this truly is the Yuan lion beast without doubt, powerful existence of third-order intermediate stage.” “明哥,这确实是元狮兽无疑,还是一只三阶中期的强大存在。” Qin Xi shocking at the same time, the mouth said slow. 秦曦震惊的同时,嘴里呐呐说道。 But in fact, pouring is not they insufficiently decides peacefully, because the talent of this Yuan lion beast is special, is true in the entire Qing Province land is not quite common. 而实际上,倒也不是他们不够澹定,而是因为这元狮兽的天赋特殊,在整个青州大地属实不太常见。 According to the rumor, the grown Yuan lion beast is the third-order late monster beast, its characteristics are to have the talent in space, can release the space crack, even swallows the space crack directly, thus in the wild energy with the aid of space crack promotes. 据传言,成年的元狮兽都是三阶后期的妖兽,其特点就是拥有空间方面的天赋,能够释放出空间裂缝,甚至是直接吞噬空间裂缝,从而借助空间裂缝中的狂暴能量来提升。 But the talent of Yuan lion beast is unusual, the attack capability is also strange, therefore the strength is extremely powerful. 而元狮兽的天赋奇特,攻击能力也非常诡异,因此实力极为强悍。 After all, the destructive power of that space crack is too big, in addition is also virtually impossible to guard against. 毕竟,那空间裂缝的破坏力太大,加上又防不胜防。 Except for this, this Yuan lion beast, since can make the space crack, can with the aid of the space crack short shuttle be one of them. 除此以外,这元狮兽既然能够制造空间裂缝,也能借助空间裂缝短暂穿梭在其中。 Has like this special capability, Yuan lion beast the attack escapes, quite powerful. 有这样的特殊能力,元狮兽无论是攻击还是逃命,都是相当的强悍。 Also because of this all sorts of special talent magical powers, the special capability of Yuan lion beast, is existence that everyone clan Cultivator envies very much. 也正是因为这种种特殊的天赋神通,元狮兽的特殊能力,一直都是所有人族修士都很羡慕的存在。 Including Lin Tianming, once heard that the Yuan lion beast has this special ability , was very once shocking, moreover envies very much. 包括林天明在内,曾经听说元狮兽拥有这种特殊的能力,一度也很震惊,而且也很羡慕。 Therefore, he has also wanted to experience the true colors of Yuan lion beast, even is the talent magical powers. 为此,他也一直想见识见识元狮兽的真面目,甚至是天赋神通。 However, the strength of this Yuan lion beast is usually very strong, in cultivating the paradise is rare, and did not hold easily. 然而,这元狮兽的实力通常都很强,又在修仙界中非常少见,并且还不容易抓住。 So in the situation, Lin Tianming did not realize to see the appearance/portrait of Yuan lion beast. 这般情况下,林天明一直未能如愿见到元狮兽的真容。 ...... ……
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