TLLFCI :: Volume #5 全新征程

#599: 3 years of self-torture

After half quarter . 半刻钟后。 The Lin Tianming couple return to normal respectively the mood, immediately is discussing the following concrete plan. 林天明夫妻二人各自平复下来心情,随即商议着接下来的具体计划。 But before then, they plan to regain the condition, then continues in Icewind Dale informed and experienced, attempts to seek for the chance. 而在这之前,他们计划恢复好状态,便继续在冰风谷里历练,尝试寻找机缘。 Nowadays, willow tree southern day the discovery in storage bag gold mountain law seal this spirit technique, made Lin Tianming drool again. 现如今,柳南天的储物袋里的发现了‘金山法印’这门灵术,再一次让林天明垂涎不已。 Moreover, in strict Mingshan the storage bag discovered sky overhead grass that they track down with hardship 不仅如此,严鸣山的储物袋里发现了他们苦苦追寻的天心草 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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