TLLFCI :: Volume #5 全新征程

#598: Huge harvest

Suppresses the innermost feelings with great difficulty the excitement, Lin Tianming thousand statute books and treasure of strategy kind of inheritance, puts the universe Yuli to collect alone. 好不容易压制住内心的激动,林天明将‘千阵法典’以及阵法一类的传承之宝,单独放到乾坤玉里收集起来。 Lin Tianming continues to take inventory storage Wudai attentively. 紧接着,林天明继续全神贯注的清点储物袋。 After half double-hour, Lin Tianming then south day the storage bag inventory the willow tree completes, the treasure quantities of inside all high values, as well as type all by him in mind. 半个时辰过后,林天明这才将柳南天的储物袋清点完成,里面所有高价值的宝物数量,以及种类尽数被他记在脑海里。 Facing these rich spoils of war, Lin Tianming hits has at heart 面对这些丰厚的战利品,林天明打心里有 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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