TLLFCI :: Volume #5 全新征程

#597: 0 statute books

As the battlefield belongs to tranquilly, Qin Xi also stood firm the figure. 随着战场归于宁静,秦曦也稳住了身形。 At this time, she looked at strict Ming the mountain two people that gave up on, in the dignified complexion showed a smile finally, in the heart was long relaxes. 这时候,她看了看死去的严鸣山二人,凝重的面色上终于露出一丝微笑,心中更是长松了一口气。 In she, recalled that soul-stirring scene, cannot help but felt a moment ago a faint trace rejoiced. 在她内心,回想起刚才那种惊心动魄的场面,不由得感到一丝丝庆幸。 Because she is very clear, although that thrilling process only had the flash a moment ago merely, seems like very short, very relaxed passed. 因为她很清楚,虽然刚才那个惊险的过程仅仅只有一瞬之间,看似很短暂,也很轻松的就度过了。 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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