TRSFPUS :: Volume #7

#675: Birthday present

After finishing eating the dinner . 吃完晚饭以后。 I took a bath, Eriri, after you finished eating, places on the tableware the table, later I will wash.” “那我去洗澡了,英梨梨,你吃完以后还是把碗筷放在桌上,之后我会洗的。” Well? Waits, Yusuke.” “咦?等下、悠介。” Saw that the Katou Yusuke preparation takes a bath as usual, Eriri could not bear stop by calling out him. 见到加藤悠介准备像往常一样去洗澡,英梨梨忍不住叫住了他。 What matter has?” “有什么事吗?” That...... about afternoon matter......” “那个……关于下午的事情……” Afternoon matter?” If the youngster shape crosses the face puzzled, what matter?” “下午的事情?”少年状若不解地偏过脸,“什么事?” „? Yes, that......” “诶?就是,那个……” That?” “那个?” Eriri starts to speak but hesitates opens mouth, dangling shoulder, „...... not, no.” 英梨梨欲言又止地张了张嘴,垂下肩膀,“……没、没什么。” Right, I walked.” “是吗,那我走了。” Katou Yusuke has not said anything, departs without consulting anybody. 加藤悠介没说什么,径自离去。 Eriri looks at the empty room, the facial expression ate hot pot black Dongmian ill and weary, chews slightly several, is air/Qi falls the chopsticks. 英梨梨看着空荡荡的房间,神情恹恹地吃了一口火锅乌冬面,稍微嘴嚼几下,然后气地一摔筷子。 What do you mean......!” “什么意思嘛……!” She is drooping the eyebrow, mumbled low voice. 她耷拉着眉毛,小声嘟囔道。 That person knows absolutely she just wanted to say anything, actually ships out the appearance that does not know intentionally, will obviously want afternoon's that kiss to the desalination. 那个人绝对知道她刚刚想要说什么,却故意装出一副不知道的样子,显然想要将下午的那个吻给淡化。 Put out the cell phone to look, " anti-Hui alliance " in the group no one has spoken again. 拿出手机看了看,「反惠联盟」的群组内已经没人再说话了。 Represses to this group famous irritable feeling, Eriri is looking at the chat record in group repeatedly, does not have the thoughts to continue to eat meal again, arrived at the cloak room directly. 按耐着对这个群名的别扭感,英梨梨反复看着群组内的聊天记录,也没心思再继续吃饭,直接来到了衣帽间。 In the whole body mirrors, hangs loose the hair, to wear the cotton-padded gown and wear rest the trousers little old woman to appeared one of them. 全身镜里面,一名披散着头发、身披棉袍、穿着睡裤的“小老太太”出现在其中。 At this moment, she understood indistinctly Utaha with small good is in the mouth is not good is what meaning. 这一刻,她隐约理解了诗羽跟小佳乃口中的不行到底是什么意思。 Let alone made the man excited like, instead will run away in fear? 像这样别说让男人心动了,反而会把人吓跑吧? ......” “唔……” Eriri covers the eye, the mood flash is dropping to the valley. 英梨梨捂着眼睛,心情一瞬间跌至谷底。 Naturally, this is only quite exaggerating description. 当然,这只是比较夸张的形容。 In fact, even under the so sloppy appearance, still covers inborn charming of master difficultly, but slightly seems a little sloven. 事实上,即使是在如此邋遢的打扮下,依然难掩主人的天生丽质,只是稍微显得有点不修边幅而已。 Really should dress up well......” “果然还是应该好好打扮一下么……” The young girls deeply sighed, sought chaotically in the closet. 少女深深叹气,在衣柜里翻箱倒柜地寻找起来。 Changed and washed underwear and replace knee sock, 换洗的内衣、替换的过膝袜, Civilian clothes and some gentleman white shirt that the uniform/subdue of sportswear and school of Shimamura Middle school, goes out to wear...... 岛村中学的运动装、学校的制服、外出穿的便服、某件男士白色衬衫…… Looks in cabinet various clothing, Eriri cannot help but worries. 看着柜子里面的各种衣物,英梨梨不由得犯了难。 That seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. 那就像是在大海捞针。 Thinks carefully, she as if not understand fondness of that person, how also to know that what dresses up to be correct? 仔细想想,她似乎根本不了解那个人的喜好,又怎么知道打扮成什么样才是正确的? Besides liking looking at the leg...... 除了喜欢看腿以外…… Looks at outside the leg...... 看腿以外…… Well-? 咦-? Right...... that fellow likes looking at the leg to come probably very much......” “对啊……那家伙好像很喜欢看腿来着……” Eriri gets a sudden inspiration, then reaches out some clothes. 英梨梨灵机一动,然后向某套衣服伸出手。 ...... …… After dozen minutes, the young girl enters the bathroom cautiously. 十几分钟以后,少女小心翼翼地进入浴室。 Crash-bang, ~ 哗啦啦,哗哗~ Is away from a glass door, showered to pass on with the sound of hot water. 隔着一道玻璃门,淋浴与热水的声音传了出来。 „......” “……” Eriri stands in the entrance, looks all around anxiously. 英梨梨站在门口,不安地环顾四周。 The left is the washer, the foot is putting taking off the basket of clothes. 左边是洗衣机,脚边是放着脱下来的衣服的篮子。 Whose as for basket inside clothes is...... 至于篮子里面的衣服是谁的…… Because will be remembered some difficult recollection by oneself, therefore she will not think that matter, will not think the primary taste shirt and sound-surround ambiance and so on at sixes and sevens thing. 因为会让自己想起某段难以启齿的回忆,所以她不会去想那种事,也不会去想原味衬衫和临场感之类乱七八糟的东西。 ~ 唰啦,啪唰~ The sound of showering stops, the person after gate as if soaked the bathtub. 淋浴的声音停下来,门后的人似乎泡进了浴缸。 Gurgle......” “咕嘟……” Eriri swallowed saliva, sprouts the intense Bader feeling for the matter that oneself then must handle and guilt. 英梨梨不由吞了一口口水,为自己接下来要做的事情萌生出强烈的背德感与愧疚。 That person took good care of obviously her so many days, but she actually sneaked into the bathroom secretly, betrayed opposite party's trust, conspires. 明明那个人悉心照料了她那么多天,可她却偷偷溜进了浴室,背叛了对方的信任,图谋不轨。 However...... she actually also has no recourse! 不过啊……她其实也是迫不得已! Mainly was they must return to Tokyo the day after tomorrow, but that person arrived at likely a monk stubbornly, already not under potent drug incorrect situation. 主要是他们后天就要返回东京了,而那个人又顽固到像个和尚,已经是不下猛药不行的地步了。 This not that obscene idea, but to let the opposite party faces directly the intention the reasonable method, is lets each other sincerity , and action of frank and upright absolute sincerity! 这绝不是那种下流的想法,而是为了让对方直面自己心意的合理手段,是让彼此坦诚相见且光明正大的赤诚之举! But she child as diplomat family, is bounden! 而她身为外交官家庭的孩子,对此义不容辞! Let alone friend for also her matter is so anxious, she should probably respond to everyone's intention to be good well. 更何况朋友也为了她的事情那么焦急,她理应要好好回应大家的心意才行。 Come on I, leave such uselessly......” “加油啊我,别这么没用……” Eriri knocked an own thigh with the fist, thought aloud, then opened the front frosted glass gate resolutely, entered that warm space that is filling the light mist. 英梨梨用拳头敲了一下自己的大腿,自言自语一句,然后毅然决然地拉开前方的磨砂玻璃门,进入那个弥漫着淡淡雾气的温暖空间。 Hit and disturbed-” “打、打扰了-” Eriri!?” 英梨梨!?” And-! 啪唰、唰啦-! The hot water is swaying intensely, wells up following the smooth bathtub edge, inundates on the ground. 热水激烈地摇晃着,顺着光滑的浴缸边缘涌出来,漫在地上。 You come to do-!?” “你进来干嘛-!?” The youngster cannot believe ask, the sound and fluent sound mixes up, reverberates in the bathroom. 少年不可置信地质问道,声音与水流声混在一起,在浴室中回响。 Eriri both hands encircle with a sense of urgency in bath towel, looks following the origin of sound, the heartbeat leaked a racket in next instantaneously. 英梨梨双手抓紧围在身上的浴巾,循着声音的来源望去,心跳在下个瞬间漏了一拍。 The warm warm yellow light sprinkles from the top, brings gentle aura to the entire space. 温馨的暖黄色灯光从顶上洒落,给整个空间带来一份柔和的气息。 Katou Yusuke sits in the bathtub nakedly, the body alert leans forward, extremely gazes at her who is rushing suddenly slightly panic-stricken. 加藤悠介赤身坐在浴缸里,身体戒备地稍微前倾,惊恐万分地注视着突然闯进来的她。 The body of youngster is moist, the water drop drops from the hair and shoulder, sends the silk to scatter irregular after the forehead and ear, is glittering the weak ray. 少年的身体湿润着,水珠从头发和肩膀上滴落,发丝不规则地散落在额头和耳后,闪烁着微弱的光芒。 The sparkling lake water surface like the mirror reflection the light, is shining upon master that health to have the gloss skin color. 波光粼粼的水面如同镜子般反射着灯光,映照着主人那健康有光泽的肤色。 His chest muscles is broad, the muscle of sticking out makes one cannot help but want to stroke ; On the smooth abdominal muscles, the line of each muscle is tightly clearly discernible, is perfect just like the artistic sculpture. 他的胸肌宽阔强壮,隆起的肌肉让人不由自主地想要抚摸;紧实平坦的腹肌上面,每一块肌肉的线条都清晰可见,宛如艺术雕塑般完美。 In the bathroom is scattering the smell of masculine gel and steam, asked people the body temperature continuously to rise steaming hot. 浴室里飘散着男性沐浴露和水蒸气的气味,热气腾腾地叫人体温不断升高。 „......” “呜……” Eriri felt suddenly the eye was burnt, quickly regardless the look, the under foot seems like must throw down same somewhat weak. 英梨梨忽然感到眼睛被烫了一下,急忙撇开眼神,脚下像是要摔倒一样有些无力。 Long-drawn-out, Yusuke...... I and my my my my I help you rub the back-!” “悠、悠介……我、我我我我我来帮你搓背吧-!” She nearly shouted that generally said that the voice big had the weak vibration to as if even the air, then lets go to let loose the bath towel. 她近乎大喊一般地说道,嗓门大到仿佛连空气都产生了微弱震动,然后松手放开浴巾。 Therefore, the bath towel following scenery can show. 于是,浴巾下面的风景得以展现。 Katou Yusuke opens the eyes startled, in the jet black pupil shines upon thrilling picture- 加藤悠介愕然睁大双眼,漆黑的眸子中映照出动人心魄的画面- The young girls put on a chest to be printed with " Shimamura Middle school " the black sleeveless joined bodies swimsuit of marking, closely is binding the delicate and exquisite body, serves as contrast the slender waist line and charming both legs. Clear snow white flesh slightly flood red, sends out aura that the youth is permeated with. 少女穿着一件胸口印有「岛村中学」标识的黑色无袖连体泳衣,紧紧裹着娇小玲珑的身体,衬托出纤细的腰线与迷人的双腿。晶莹雪白的肌肤微微泛红,散发出青春洋溢的气息。 She is lowering the head slightly, the left hand keeps off in the chest front shy, the right hand rubs to pinch the white on thigh to cross the knee sock gently, is coordinating the spreading out design and fair skin color of swimsuit, both constitute the striking contrast, presents the absolute domain charm. 她微微垂着头,左手害羞地挡在胸前,右手则是轻轻揉捏着大腿上的白色过膝袜,配合着泳衣的开叉设计与白皙肤色,两者构成强烈的对比,呈现出绝对领域的魅力。 The eye pupil enlargement of Katou Yusuke contracts, felt that the heartbeat must stop, immediately lowers the head suddenly, is pale the face order saying: 加藤悠介的眼瞳放大又收缩,感觉心跳都要停了,随即猛然低下头,铁青着脸命令道: „- Goes out!” “-出去!” Well?” “咦?” „Don't you have the general knowledge? I am taking a bath, what do you rush to make?” “你没常识吗?我在洗澡,你闯进来做什么?” And Said I help you rub the back......!” “都、都说了我帮你搓背……!” „Did you put on this to be insane?” “你穿成这样是疯了?” Wha...... I and I are not...... this also not for you......!” “什……我、我又不是……这还不是为了你嘛……!” Let alone so many, you go out now immediately!” “别说那么多,你现在马上出去!” Cannot achieve!” “做不到!” Hurry up, I do not have to joke with you!” “快点,我没在跟你开玩笑!” I do not want!” “我不要!” The Eriri air/Qi stamps the feet, innermost feelings was replaced by angry shyly, instead proceeds to clash with stride. 英梨梨气地一跺脚,内心的羞涩被愤怒所取代,反而大步往前冲。 The floor of bathroom was smooth, in addition also had the water to well up a moment ago from the bathtub, making the friction force of ground smaller. 浴室的地板本就光滑,再加上刚才又有水从浴缸里涌出来,使得地面的摩擦力变得更小。 Was aroused the reverse psychology Eriri not to notice this point completely, but wants to give a that hateful person lesson with all one's heart, finally- 被激起逆反心理的英梨梨完全没注意到这一点,只是一门心思地想要给那个可恶的人一点教训,结果- Chirp. 叽。 Treads the right foot on ceramic tile to slide suddenly. 踏在瓷砖上的右脚突然一滑。 „!” “呀啊!” When she shouted secretly was not wonderful, the body ahead had planted. 在她暗呼不妙时,身体已经往前栽了下去。 Loses the balanced float feeling to make her heart suddenly one tight, then at present is filled with the hot water the hard bathtub, on the smooth water surface shines upon the small face of her beautiful face changing colors. 失去平衡的漂浮感让她心脏骤然一紧,眼前则是盛满热水的坚硬浴缸,光滑的水面上映照出她花容失色的小脸。 Plop-! 扑通-! She fell into the bathtub, the hot water from welled up instantaneously in all directions, sneaked in her nasal cavity and mouth. 她一脚栽进了浴缸,热水瞬间从四面八方涌来,钻进她的鼻腔与嘴巴。 „- Fool!!” “-笨蛋!!” The voice of youngster transmits from the remote place. 少年的嗓音从遥远的地方传来。 Then, a pair of solid arm grasped her, from underwater fished her actually. 接着,一双结实的手臂抱住了她,硬是把她从水下捞了出来。 -! 唰啦-! cough cough and cough cough...... cough......” 咳咳咳咳……噗咳……” Eriri as a result of choking water, but is coughing fiercely, the eye was also stung by the water is unable to open. 英梨梨由于呛水而剧烈咳嗽着,眼睛也被水蜇地无法睁开。 Hey, you how? Where has falls hurts?” “喂,你怎么样?有哪里摔疼吗?” The ear broadcasts somebody's voice, has the warm aura. 耳边传来某人的声音,带着温暖的气息。 From grasping both hands of arm, she feels to want the high body temperature. 从抱住胳膊的双手上,她感受到比自己要高的体温。 Coughs...... gu, bah bah......” “咳……咕、呸呸……” She is rubbing the eye, opens eyes diligently, looks toward the above. 她揉着眼睛,努力睁开眼,朝上方望去。 What appears at present is the face of that person, from nearly to her can see clearly oneself inverted image in opposite party eyes. 出现在眼前的是那个人的脸,距离近到她可以清晰看到自己在对方眼中的倒影。 The water surface is fluctuating slightly, along with the weak the breathing of sound of water and youngster, lends intense hormone aura. 水面微微波动着,伴随着微弱的水声与少年的呼吸声,散发出一股强烈的荷尔蒙气息。 But she is relying on at this time on him, was away from the swimsuit, the body temperature and body outline of opposite party distinctively passed on, has the aggressiveness of blotting out the sky, is corroding her consciousness. 而她此时正倚在他身上,隔着泳衣,对方的体温与身体轮廓鲜明地传了过来,带着铺天盖地的侵略性,侵蚀着她的意识。 Long-drawn-out............?” “悠……介……?” Eriri is muttering, the consciousness had not re-steamed completely, but the instinct put out a hand to find a firm center of resistance, haunched own body. 英梨梨喃喃着,意识仍未完全回笼,只是本能地伸出手找到一个坚固的支撑点,撑起自己的身体。 The next second, the body of Katou Yusuke shakes fiercely. 下一秒,加藤悠介的身体剧烈一震。 Has not waited for her to respond, to facilitating helps up her body, then turns over/stands up to jump out of the bathtub, picks up the bath towel to encircle from the ground in the waist, does not return leaves the bathroom. 还不等她反应过来,对方便一把扶起她的身体,然后翻身跳出浴缸,从地上捡起浴巾围在腰间,头也不回地离开浴室。 „...... The bath towel first borrows me to use, I under and others took newly to you.” “……浴巾先借我用下,我等下拿条新的给你。” With the heavy sound of footsteps, sound gradually goes far away. 伴随着沉重的脚步声,门外的声音逐渐远去。 Eriri awakens finally, looks down to own right hand, is recalling just now touch while grasped grasping. 英梨梨终于惊醒过来,低头看向自己的右手,一边回想着方才的触感一边握了握。 After separating for five seconds . 隔了五秒钟以后。 Deceived people-!?!?” “骗人-!?!?” Her cheeks leaping becomes red, as if the blood of whole body centralized to face on, hot. 她的脸颊“腾”地变得通红,就仿佛全身的血液都集中到了脸上,热辣辣的。 ...... …… After a half hour, Eriri changes the new clothes to leave the bathroom. 半小时后,英梨梨换上新的衣服离开浴室。 The fireplace in living room is burning the warm bonfire, sets off very peacefully the atmosphere. 客厅里的壁炉燃烧着温暖的篝火,将气氛衬得十分安静。 Under a weak desk lamp, after youngster body, face upwards leans sits on the sofa, is covering the face single-handed, sends out an atmosphere of ponder. 一盏微弱的台灯下,少年身体后仰靠坐在沙发上,单手捂着脸,散发出一股沉思的氛围。 Her footsteps stagnated, then walks, sits down side the opposite party, shouted the sound timidly: Yusuke......” 她的脚步凝滞了一下,然后走上去,在对方身旁坐下,怯生生叫了声:“悠介……” „......” “……” Katou Yusuke puts down the hand, has turned away slightly, then sighed depressed, „after the swimsuit, was the school uniform/subdue, are you playing the role to act......?” 加藤悠介放下手,稍微转过脸,然后消沉地叹了口气,“泳衣之后是学校制服么,你在玩角色扮演吗……?” Eriri purses the lips, has not spoken. 英梨梨撅了撅嘴,没吭声。 She throws off the slipper, with posture that the duck sits facing somebody. Double ponytail pastes the shoulder to hang specially with the conditioner has protected, lies down soft, in crossed on the both legs that the knee sock covers by the black. 她“啪哒”一声甩掉拖鞋,用鸭子坐的姿势面对某人。特意用护发素呵护过的双马尾贴着肩膀垂下来,柔软地躺在被黑色过膝袜覆盖的双腿上面。 Therefore the youngster also asked: Big evening's appearance doesn't this, sleep?” 于是少年又问:“大晚上的打扮成这样,不睡觉了?” Leave alone I......” “别管我……” It is a pity that I come here goal am to take care of you, if thought that bothersome endures again for day, waited to return to Tokyo you to liberate.” “遗憾的是,我来这里的目的就是照顾你,如果觉得烦的话就再忍一天吧,等回到东京你就解放了。” „...... I dislike this view.” “……我讨厌这种说法。” „Is, when that I had not said. Then, did you just have injured in the bathroom? Where probably or knocks high/precipitous to the foot and so on.” “是是,那就当我没说。然后呢,你刚刚在浴室里面有没有受伤?像是崴到脚或者磕到哪里之类的。” Eriri shakes the head, mumbling: „...... I have not been injured, a little chokes the water slightly.” 英梨梨摇摇头,嘟囔着:“……我没受伤,就是稍微有点呛到水。” Katou Yusuke said with the relaxed tone intentionally: „The little friend in kindergarten also understands that cannot run all over the place in the bathroom, really can make that behavior thanks to you.” 加藤悠介故意用轻松的口吻说:“就连幼稚园的小朋友也明白不可以在浴室乱跑,真亏你能做出那种行为啊。” That is also not because you harm!” “那还不都是因为你害的!” This, did the problem have in my rushes in the person in bathroom by you bewilderedly? Needs me to kneel down to apologize to you?” “这样么,原来问题都出在我这个被你莫名其妙闯进浴室的人身上吗?需要我给你下跪谢罪吗?” „...... Were you angry?” “……你生气了吗?” That also said no on, but will ask you to leave this next time.” “那也说不上,不过拜托你下次别这样了。” A words saying ended, both sides then fell into awkwardly silent. 话一说完,双方便尴尬地陷入沉默。 During a piece is peaceful, only has the clock in ticktack ticktack to walk. 一片安静之中,唯有时钟在嘀嗒嘀嗒走着。 For does not make such atmosphere spread, Katou Yusuke turns on the television, looked for an animation to broadcast casually. 为了不让这样的气氛蔓延下去,加藤悠介打开电视,随便找了一个动画播放起来。 They look at the animation like this absent-mindedly, until symbolic 12 : 00 o'clock at night landing clocks clang ~ resounds. 他们就这样心不在焉地看着动画,直到象征午夜十二点的落地钟“铛~”地响起。 Eriri, this gives you.” 英梨梨,这个给你。” The youngster take up a paper bag from nearby small tea table, handed over. 少年从旁边的小茶几上拿起一个纸袋,递了过来。 Eriri received the paper bag, takes inside thing, discovered that is one box of chocolate. 英梨梨接过纸袋,把里面的东西拿出来,发现那是一盒巧克力。 Happy birthday to you, Eriri.” “祝你生日快乐,英梨梨。” „......?” “诶……?” Eriri is shocked suddenly, „...... what meaning?” 英梨梨忽然愣住,“……什么意思?” Katou Yusuke is scratching with the finger the cheeks, said: 加藤悠介搔着脸颊,解释说: How should say? Actually this must return a courtesy to your White Day, I forgot gave you before it, finally today is your birthday, therefore......” “该怎么说呢?其实这本来是要给你的白色情人节回礼,我之前忘记把它交给你了,结果今天正好是你的生日,所以就……” Eriri pinched the chocolate in knob, separated a while saying: 英梨梨捏了捏手里的巧克力,隔了一会儿说道: Some where without the sincerity...... people returning a courtesy and the birthday present White Day puts together? Super is perfunctory......” “没诚意……哪有人把白色情人节的回礼和生日礼物放在一起的?超级敷衍……” Katou Yusuke smiles bitterly, this...... we have mainly treated for these days in the villa, does not have the opportunity to prepare, otherwise I later supply you.” 加藤悠介不禁苦笑,“这个么……主要我们这几天一直待在别墅里,也没机会准备,不然我之后补给你吧。” Really......?” “真的……?” Un , you have the thing that anything wants to tell me.” “嗯,真的,你有什么想要的东西可以告诉我。” That......” “那……” Eriri puts down the chocolate, lowers the head to pretend to ponder a while, both hands are pinching the skirt swayed gently, later arouses the courage to raise the head. 英梨梨放下巧克力,低头假装思考一会儿,双手轻轻捏着裙摆,随后鼓足勇气抬起头。 I wants you to accompany me to rest tonight together...... on a bed...... that type......” “我要你今晚陪我一起睡……在一张床上的……那种……” Her sound getting smaller, to almost did not have the sound finally. 她的声音越来越小,到了最后几乎完全没了声。 Katou Yusuke silent, what...... is this?” 加藤悠介沉默一下,“……这算什么?” In other words! I want you to rest with me together-!” “就是说!我要你跟我一起睡-!” Reason?” “理由?” This, this...... that...... that naturally is because, I like you......, you are quite bothersome! Why must ask me to say may not!” The young girls become angry out of shame to say. “这、这个……那个……那当然是因为,我喜欢你啊……啊啊,你好烦啊!干嘛非要叫我说出来不可!”少女恼羞成怒道。 Katou Yusuke fixes the eyes on to gaze at her, asked in the tone of no mighty waves: So long as accompanied you to rest in the same place on the line?” 加藤悠介定睛注视她,以毫无波澜的语气问:“只要陪你睡在一起就行了?” Well......?” “咦……?” Eriri asked stares, the body is swaying from side to side anxiously, in the chest front to the finger, the dangling head was saying low voice: „...... I also wants you besides this with my......” 英梨梨被问的一愣,身体不安地扭动着,在胸前对着手指,垂下脑袋小声说:“除了这个……我还要你跟我那个……” Good silence. 好一阵沉默。 Long time, Katou Yusuke stands up, the arm is curved across the nape and leg of young girl, hugs from the sofa since her. 半晌,加藤悠介站起身,手臂穿过少女的后颈与腿弯,将她从沙发上抱起。 The body of Eriri trembles, was given to have a scare by this sudden action, both hands place the chest anxiously. 英梨梨的身体一颤,被这突如其来的举动给吓了一跳,双手不安地放在胸口。 „? Well? That...... Yusuke? Where do we want to go to?” “诶?咦?那个……悠介?我们要去哪里?” The youngster deeply looked at her one eyes, is you matter that wants to handle.” 少年深深望了她一眼,“去做你希望做的事情。” The language finishes, then lifts foot stand forth. 语毕,便抬脚向前走去。 ...... ……
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