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#4763: Acquired extinguishes shadow

Zi Chen comes back therapy, these fought he to lose the bone stick time. 紫宸回来疗伤,这一次战斗他损失了骨棍。 This with his for a long time special weapon, vanished. 这个跟着他许久的特殊兵器,就这么消失了。 But he also attained long sword, can make the bone stick vanish, its physical appearance is also good. 但他也拿到了加文的长剑,能够让骨棍消失,其品相也是不俗。 Breaks in the law city, the discussion about Zi Chen, becomes more, everywhere about his matter. 破法城里,关于紫宸的议论,变得更多,到处都是关于他的事情。 After Kang Deyi and Marx and the others heard, is does not shout secretly wonderfully. 等康得以及马科斯等人听闻之后,则是暗呼不妙。 Unlike the past, this Zi Chen killed, was inside person, to them, these people were the true great people. 跟以往不同,这一次紫宸所杀,可是里面的人,对于他们这些人来说,那些人可是真正的大人物。 All customs of surrounding, are inside person decide. 外围的一切规矩,都是里面的人定的。 Including all things pricing powers! 包括所有事物的定价权! This time, really troubled. 这一次,是真的麻烦了。 Kang must hurry back promptly, sees Zi Chen the time, Zi Chen still therapy, he wants saying that Zi Chen these impulsed time, has words on the tip of the tongue, gave up, but said the matter about new mineral lode. 康得及时赶了回来,见到紫宸的时候,紫宸还在疗伤,他想说紫宸这一次冲动了,不过话到嘴边,还是放弃了,只是说了一些关于新矿脉的事情。 Zi Chen guessed correctly his purpose in coming, said with a smile: I have not impulsed, on the contrary, I am maintaining the unprecedented reason. But you, but has not run into such person, is not naturally able to understand my feeling.” 紫宸猜到了他的来意,笑着说道:“我并没有冲动,相反,我保持着前所未有的理智。而你,只是没有遇到这样的人,自然无法理解我的感受。” Kang must not understand, this is also normal. 康得不理解,这也是正常的。 Zi Chen with the Su Mengyao two people, acquaintance, when Zi Chen is smallest and weakest, at that time the Su Mengyao only elder, that Supreme Elder, entrusted Su Mengyao to oneself. 紫宸苏梦瑶二人,相识在紫宸最弱小的时候,那个时候苏梦瑶唯一的长辈,那位太上长老,把苏梦瑶托付给了自己。 Starting from that time, two people of destinies tight connected. 从那个时候开始,二人的命运就紧紧相连。 Does not need to be worried for me, all as usual then, even if I had what accident/surprise, your work do not stop, they are also, when the time comes Du Ni naturally can arrange all these.” “不用替我担心,一切照旧即可,即便我出现了什么意外,你们的工作也不要停,他们也是,到时候杜尼自然会来安排这一切。” Zi Chen said with a smile: Or wait for me died, Du Ni will take over control of this.” 紫宸笑道:“或者说,等我死了,杜尼就会接管这一块。” The complexion that Kang results in suddenly changes. 康得的脸色猛然一变。 Zi Chen said: Do not think, he should unable to do this matter.” 紫宸说道:“别多想,他应该干不出这种事情。” Kang must leave, Zi Chen continues to sit cross-legged cultivation. 康得离开,紫宸继续盘膝修行 His heart, starts to accelerate to beat, among has the energy to start to surge. 他的心脏,开始加速跳动,当中有能量开始涌动而出。 This feeling, the Zi Chen eye puts brightly, whenever exceptionally presents time, had the break through turning point. 这种感觉是久违的,紫宸眼睛放亮,每当异常出现的时候,就有了破境的契机。 This time, is so? 难道这一次,也是如此? Meanwhile, the soul strength in his mind, presented the resonance, the most center of soul, jet black such as that part of abyss, is started by the soul feedback of force. 同时,他脑海中的魂力,也出现了共鸣,灵魂的最中心,漆黑如深渊的那部分,也开始由魂力反馈而出。 His soul strength also starts to be enhanced. 他的魂力也开始增强。 Regarding break through, Zi Chen also becomes anticipates. 对于破境,紫宸也变得期待起来。 Fourth day time, Du Ni came out from inside. 第四天的时候,杜尼从里面出来了。 He has not gone to the spirit law palace, but arrived at Zi Chen mansion among directly. 他没有去灵法殿,而是直接来到了紫宸府邸当中 Sees Zi Chen first, his complexion is very ugly. 见到紫宸的第一面,他的脸色十分难看。 After Su Mengyao pours water to him, even expressed gratitude forgets, this time, really troubled!” 苏梦瑶给他倒水之后,连道谢都忘记说了,“这一次,真的麻烦了!” Zi Chen has not spoken, calm is listening. 紫宸没有说话,静静的听着。 I remember that has said with you, in inside, in view of your situation, currently two schools, we belongs that type that whatever you develop.” “我记得与你说过,在里面,针对你这种情况,目前有两派,我们属于任由你发展的那一种。” Du Ni said: However others, then that type that wants you dead!” 杜尼说道:“而其他人,则是要你死的那一种!” Zi Chen nods, initial Du Ni has said that Olive who the most typical representative, had fallen by the homicide. 紫宸点了点头,当初的杜尼说过,其中最为典型的代表,就是已经被他杀掉的奥利弗。 Previous time forgot to tell you, a person exists, their beforehand attitudes were ambiguous, but actually does not want you to live now.” “上次忘了告诉你,还有一种人存在着,他们之前的态度模棱两可,但是现在却不愿意你活下来。” Du Nichen sound said: They extinguish shadow!” 杜尼沉声说道:“他们就是灭影者!” Hears to extinguish shadow these three characters, Zi Chen first thinks that is these people in soul mountain. 听到灭影者这三个字,紫宸最先想到的,就是灵魂山里的那些人。 But clearly, Du Ni does not know their existences, moreover these people, if really wants dead, initially will not direct him to the soul mountain. 但很明显,杜尼并不知道他们的存在,而且那些人如果真要自己死,当初也不会引他到灵魂山了。 Extinguishes shadow?” “灭影者?” Zi Chen said: Is known as status noblest extinguishing shadow?” 紫宸说道:“就是号称身份最为高贵的灭影者吗?” Just entered broke the law city the time, Zi Chen knows, the spirit law status was low, the broken law status was high, but above, one type extinguished shadow, the status was highest. 刚进入破法城的时候,紫宸就知道,灵法者身份低,破法者身份高,而在其上,还有一种灭影者,身份则是最高的。 Broad considers, Mew mew read app The sincerity is good, is worth installing, after all the book source are many, books entire, renews quickly! 广个告,【咪咪阅读app】真心不错,值得装个,毕竟书源多,书籍全,更新快! But Zi Chen of understanding truth also knows, has not extinguished shadow in this world. 但了解真相的紫宸也知道,在这世上根本就没有灭影者。 All extinguishing shadow, 所有的灭影者, Was exterminated. Yes, extinguishes shadow!” 都被灭绝了。“是的,灭影者!” Du Ni said: But unlike former these, they belonged to Acquired to extinguish shadow!” 杜尼说道:“但跟以前那些不一样,他们属于后天灭影者!” Extinguishes shadow also to divide Innate and Acquired?” Zi Chen looks at Du Ni puzzled. “灭影者还分先天后天?”紫宸不解的看着杜尼。 Beforehand time does not have, but a while ago, appeared.” “以前的时候没有,但在不久以前,却是出现了。” Du Ni looks at Zi Chen, said accurately, after you appear, successively presented some Acquired to extinguish shadow.” 杜尼看着紫宸,“准确说,是在你出现之后,陆续出现了一些后天灭影者。” How do they appear?” “他们是怎么出现的?” Zi Chen is interested very much, because this is concerning, soul mountain these extinguish shadow the situation. 紫宸对此很感兴趣,因为这关乎着,灵魂山那些灭影者的情况。 Du Ni expression saying with deep veneration: „After plundering extinguishes the shadow soul, appears.” 杜尼表情肃然的说道:“掠夺灭影者灵魂后出现的。” Zi Chen hears, complexion big change. 紫宸听闻,脸色大变。 Bang!” “轰!” At this moment, the front door of mansion hears one to shake greatly, the front door explodes loudly broken. 就在这时,府邸的大门传来一声巨震,大门轰然爆碎。 Zi Chen goes out of the room with Du Ni, saw only three people to appear in the entrance, some time ago restored the good front door, has exploded completely broken. 紫宸跟杜尼走出房间,只见三个人出现在了门口,不久前才修复好的大门,已经完全爆碎。 „Who are you?” Zi Chen is staring at these three unexpected visitors. “你们是什么人?”紫宸盯着这三个不速之客。 What in three people are one person, looks at Du Ni, coldly said: Who makes you come out?” 三人之中的为首一人,看着杜尼,冷道:“谁让你出来的?” Du Ni holds the fist in the other hand to the opposite party immediately, said: I come to here to connect with Zi Chen, after all outside spirit law palace, is run by him now.” 杜尼立刻冲着对方抱拳,道:“我来这里跟紫宸交接一下,毕竟外面的灵法殿,现在由他来掌管。” Now does not use, moreover arranges others.” “现在不用了,另外安排其他人吧。” That is a robust man who is growing the full beard, he beckons with the hand to say to Du Ni: „One side rolls!” 那是一个长着络腮胡子的壮汉,他冲着杜尼摆手道:“滚一边去!” Du Ni retreats toward side, actually does not dare to have slightly disgruntledly. 杜尼向着旁边退去,却是不敢有丝毫不悦。 That robust man is staring at Zi Chen, said: Comes, kneels down!” 那个壮汉又盯着紫宸,道:“过来,跪下!” Zi Chen looks at the opposite party, in the eye were many several points of chill in the air. 紫宸看着对方,眼中多了几分寒意。 Du Ni dreads the opposite party, he did not fear. 杜尼畏惧对方,他可不怕。 If his sensation has not made a mistake, Realm six strength boundary nothing more of opposite party his seven strength boundaries butchered, let alone is only six strength boundaries? 而且要是他的感知没有出错的话,对方的境界不过六力境而已他连七力境都宰了,更何况是区区一个六力境? Looks that Zi Chen stands there has not moved, the look of robust man even more ice-cold, „ makes you roll to kneel down, haven't you heard? „ 看着紫宸站在那里没动,壮汉的眼神愈发冰冷,“让你滚过来跪下,难道你没有听见?“ Why?” Zi Chen asked. “凭什么?”紫宸问道。 Why? Why your son of a bitch unexpectedly may I ask me?” “凭什么?你这狗东西竟然敢问我凭什么?” The robust men smile cold, then I make you have a look, what I rely on is anything.” 壮汉冷然一笑,“接下来我就让你看看,我凭借的是什么。” He looks toward nearby one person. 他向着旁边一人看去。 Opposite party around the body, has up the circulation, has Six Dao. 对方周身,有光流转,足足有着六道 This means that he is also six strength boundaries. 这意味着他也是一个六力境。 But after the aura releases, he turned into extinguishing shadow of six strength boundaries. 但在气息释放之后,他就变成了六力境的灭影者。 The pupil of Zi Chen shrinks, really so. 紫宸的瞳孔一缩,果然如此。 However makes him shock, is the next quarter, the body of opposite party vanished baseless. 但是更让他震惊的,则是下一刻,对方的身体凭空消失了。 Zi Chen does not know where he went. 紫宸不知他去了哪里。 In the room spreads one to call out in alarm suddenly, waits for Zi Chen to respond the time , a person has broken the window. 房间里忽然传出一声惊呼,等紫宸反应过来的时候,一人已经破窗而出。 Su Mengyao! 正是苏梦瑶 That vanishing existence, was just grabbing her hair, entrained from the room her forcefully. 刚刚那个消失的存在,正抓着她的头发,把她强行从房间拽了出来。 Previous Su Mengyao, has treated in the room, even if outside transmits the giant sound, without going to join in the fun, does not want to annoy to trouble to Zi Chen. 先前的苏梦瑶,一直待在房间,哪怕外面传来巨大动静,也没有去凑热闹,就是不想给紫宸惹来麻烦。 Still some people intruded held her. 没想到,依然有人闯入抓住了她。 Olive and should death, because of her?” “奥利弗与加文的死,应该是因为她吧?” The robust men look at Su Mengyao, in the eye reveal to wipe the difference, indeed is a beautiful woman, here is actually very difficult to see.” 壮汉看着苏梦瑶,眼中流露出一抹异样,“的确是一个美人,在这里倒是很难见。” Zi Chen says immediately: This matter has nothing to do with her!” 紫宸立刻说道:“此事与她无关!” The robust man vision sweeps to Zi Chen, wants to make her live, kneels down to me! Otherwise, the consequence you know......” 壮汉目光扫向紫宸,“想让她活,就给我跪下!要不然,后果你知道……” Su Mengyao struggles is wanting to shake the head. 苏梦瑶挣扎着想要摇头。 However Zi Chen has knelt down, not hesitates. 但是紫宸已经跪下了,毫无犹豫。 pū tōng! 噗通! His knees kneel. 他双膝跪地。
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