TM :: Volume #48

#4764: rule of shadow

Zi Chen kneeling without hesitation on the ground, the knees knelt, the ground exudes bang one. 紫宸毫不犹豫的跪在了地上,双膝跪地,地面发出嘭的一声。 No!” “不!” Su Mengyao calls out in alarm, wants to struggle, finally was held her person, raised the hair to fling two slap on the face. 苏梦瑶惊呼,想要挣扎,结果被抓住她的人,提着头发啪啪甩了两个耳光 Kneels said in ground Zi Chen: This is you and my gratitude and grudges , there is nothing to do with her, lets loose her!” 跪在地上的紫宸说道:“这是你们与我的恩怨,与她无关,放开她!” The maidservants stand in the distant place, saw that this is moved. 丫鬟们站在远处,见到这一幕纷纷为之动容。 Thinks that you are also a character, has not thought such does not have the strength of spirit.” “原以为你还算是个人物,没想到如此的没有骨气。” The robust men see that expression even more disdains, „our time comes out is right, you absolutely do not have the qualifications, lives in this world! Extinguishes shadow, do you also match?” 壮汉见状,表情愈发的不屑起来,“我们这次出来是对的,你根本就没有资格,活在这个世上!灭影者,你也配?” Zi Chen also said: Lets loose her, has anything to come to me.” 紫宸又道:“放开她,有什么事情冲着我来。” Meanwhile, Zi Chen looks to Su Mengyao, hints her to struggle with the look not. 同时,紫宸看向苏梦瑶,用眼神示意她莫要在挣扎。 At present, her strength is too weak, cannot withstand the attack of opposite party, main is living. 眼下,她实力太弱,经不起对方的攻击,最为主要的就是活着。 So long as living, has all. 只要活着,就拥有着一切。 Su Mengyao cried, she does not have to think oneself come here, not only has not become the boost of Zi Chen, instead became his implication. 苏梦瑶落泪了,她没想到自己来到这里,不仅没有成为紫宸的助力,反而成了他的拖累。 „!” “唰!” The figure of robust man vanishes. 壮汉的身形消失。 The next quarter, a strength falls above the cheeks, kneels in ground Zi Chen, was striked to fly directly. 下一刻,一股力量落在脸颊之上,跪在地上的紫宸,被直接打飞。 He has not seen the person of making a move. 他还是没有看到出手之人。 The robust man of disappearance appears again, he looks at Zi Chen, expression disdaining even more, even rule of shadow has not comprehended, are you also patching?” 消失的壮汉再次出现,他看着紫宸,表情愈发的不屑,“连影之规则都没有领悟,你也配活着?” Zi Chen does not know that anything is rule of shadow, he is not in no mood to ask, at present only hopes Su Mengyao should not be injured. 紫宸不知道什么是影之规则,他也没有心情去问,眼下只希望苏梦瑶不要受到伤害。 After all she only has three strength boundaries, cannot block the attack of enemy. 毕竟她只有三力境,根本挡不住敌人的一次攻击。 In this moment, Zi Chen in heart had the regret, if we had known will have such crisis, he Su Mengyao belt/bring to the city, will certainly not withstand so suffering. 在这一刻,紫宸心中有了悔意,早知道会有如此危机,他一定不会把苏梦瑶带到城中,承受如此委屈。 He rebukes oneself very much! 他很自责! Looks at Zi Chen this appearance, robust man even more Life Qi/angry, Olive was killed by such weak goods unexpectedly. 看着紫宸这个样子,壮汉愈发生气,奥利弗竟然被这样软弱的货色杀了。 Sees only him to go forward again, does not use what rule, kicked on the head of Zi Chen. 只见他再次上前,也不动用什么规则,一脚踢在了紫宸的脑袋上。 Kicks to turn Zi Chen again in the place! 再次把紫宸踢翻在地! Du Nizhan in not far away, his spirit is somewhat dispirited, has a mind to be incapable. 杜尼站在不远处,他的精神有些颓废,有心无力。 Extinguishes shadow here, indeed is extremely special existence, even he cannot manage. 灭影者在这里,的确是极为特殊的存在,即便是他都管不到。 Because of these people, in plundering when soul that extinguishes shadow, but also inherited extinguished rule that shadow grasped, that was known as that is rule of shadow this world was in sole possession, very powerful. 因为这些人,在掠夺了灭影者的灵魂之时,还继承了灭影者所掌握的规则,那号称是这个世界独有的影之规则,非常的强大。 Let alone Zi Chen is only six strength boundaries, even his seven strength boundaries, facing these three people, still have no alternative. 别说紫宸只是六力境,就算是他这个七力境,面对这三人,也是无可奈何的。 The technique of that shadow, he will also even fear! 那影之术,连他也会怕! The robust men went forward is a foot, the body of Zi Chen pound in the distant place. 壮汉上前又是一脚,紫宸的身体砸在了远处。 On your goods, I loses face for you!” “就你这种货色,我都替你丢脸!” Looks that Zi Chen does not hit back, the robust man walks up, a start of fist another fist is thrashing Zi Chen. 看着紫宸毫不还手,壮汉走上前去,一拳又一拳的开始捶打着紫宸 Zi Chen, the quick counter-attack, you will die otherwise!” 紫宸,快反击,要不然你会死的!” The Su Mengyao sound, never the distant place transmits, finally suffered two palms of the hand. 苏梦瑶的声音,从不远处传来,结果又挨了两巴掌。 Lets off her!” “放过她!” The Zi Chen sinking sound said: Your goals, are only I! Has nothing to do with her!” 紫宸沉声说道:“你们的目标,只是我!与她无关!” Intention of Zi Chen very clear Su Mengyao frontline propaganda, if he died, then she naturally could not live. 紫宸很清楚苏梦瑶喊话的用意,如果他死了,接下来她自然是活不了的。 No matter had anything, Zi Chen must live. 所以不管发生了什么,紫宸都是要活下来的。 Truth Zi Chen knows, but Zi Chen does not dare to spell. 道理紫宸知道,但紫宸并不敢去拼。 So long as because the opposite party moves Killing Intent, Su Mengyao will die. 因为只要对方动杀念,苏梦瑶就会死。 He was hit several fists, was kicked several feet, cannot die. 他只是被打几拳,被踢几脚,死不了的。 Your life in my hands, what qualifications do you have to bargain back and forth with me?” “你的命都在我手里,你有什么资格与我讨价还价?” The robust men fall, the after body of Zi Chen sympathizes the place, slides. 壮汉又是一脚落下,紫宸的身体贴地后滑。 Edwin, this matter has nothing to do with others......” “艾德文,此事与其他人无关……” Du Ni sees that is also the opens the mouth, after Edwin coldly swept his one eyes, he then does not dare to say anything again. 杜尼见状,也是开口,不过在艾德文冷冷的扫了他一眼之后,他便是不敢再说什么。 Falling to the ground Zi Chen crawls, cold sound said: „If not need her to threaten me, you felt me no matter what you will butcher? Let alone I look down upon you, is you first looks down upon own!” 倒地的紫宸爬起来,冷声说道:“要是不用她来威胁我,你觉得我会任你宰割?别说我瞧不起你们,是你们先瞧不起自己的!” What did you say?” “你说什么?” The robust men got angry, „you mean, do we fear you? Therefore threatens you here?” 壮汉怒了,“你的意思是,我们怕你?所以才在这里威胁你?” Otherwise?” “要不然呢?” Zi Chen said: „ First copes with three strength boundaries, 紫宸说道:“一来就对付一个三力境, Do you also feel all right? Previous Olive is this, comes you, the tone is actually big, finally? Really must have the skill, comes to me directly, looked that I fall your three idiots competently, threatens with three strength boundaries, you also on this ability. I must say that cannot take a liking to you very much, you will certainly be honored that? Because, this is the fact. ” The law of Zi Chen this act prodding, obviously in gambling. 你也好意思?前一个奥利弗是这样,来一个你,口气倒是不小,结果呢?真要有本事,就直接冲着我来,看我能不能干掉你们三个蠢货,用一个三力境威胁,你们也就这点能耐了。我要说很瞧不上你们,你们一定会感到荣幸吧?因为,这是事实。”紫宸此举激将之法,明显是在赌。 He bets the opposite party is a being proud person! 他赌对方是个自负之人! Good, good, I make your not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth fellow look, extinguish the shadow true method of!” “好,好,那我就让你这个不知天高地厚的家伙看一看,灭影者真正的手段!” Was belittled by Zi Chen, making Edwin feel that received the greatest insult, his cold sound said: Lets loose her, then teaches this fellow to cultivate the behavior!” 紫宸小觑,让艾德文感觉受到了莫大的侮辱,他冷声说道:“放开她,然后教这个家伙做人!” Six strength boundaries that holds Su Mengyao, one flinging to fly Su Mengyao. 那个抓住苏梦瑶的六力境,一下就把苏梦瑶给甩飞了。 Then, the opposite party figure in a flash, the body vanished. 接着,对方身形一晃,身体消失了。 Zi Chen still cannot see the opposite party! 紫宸依然看不见对方! Even the aura sensation, the opposite party looks like one group of air, dissipated. 甚至连气息都感知不到,对方就像是一团空气,就这么消散了。 The next quarter, has the danger to approach, Zi Chen dodges immediately, still has the together/one path attack, is scratching his shoulder. 下一刻,有危险临近,紫宸立刻闪避开来,依然有着一道攻击,擦着他的肩膀而过。 Zi Chen retrocedes several steps, in his eye has wipes startled palpitates, said: With to extinguish shadow, what method is your?” 紫宸后退数步,他的眼中有着一抹惊悸,说道:“同为灭影者,你们这是什么手段?” He used the split vision of corner of the eye to look at one, Su Mengyao was not affected much, has fallen back on behind, this let his in heart calm, did intentionally the shock. 他用眼角的余光看了一眼,苏梦瑶并无大碍,已经退到了后面,这让他心中大定,故作震惊。 What method?” “什么手段?” Edwin disdains saying: rule of shadow does not know, when you also what extinguishes shadow?” 艾德文不屑道:“连影之规则都不知道,你还当什么灭影者?” Zi Chen also asked: rule of what is shadow?” 紫宸又问:“何为影之规则?” He really does not know. 他是真不知道。 Responded his, from the illusory attack, fell on the body. 回应他的,是来自虚无缥缈的攻击,先后落在身上。 Zi Chen was knocked down once again. 紫宸又一次被打倒在地。 Still has not seen the person, probably a strange Invisibility Technique. 依然没有看见人,像是一种诡异的隐身术。 In the Zi Chen mind, is thinking deeply about opposite party rule of shadow? 紫宸的脑海之中,正在思索着对方的影之规则 Courts death!” “找死!” Ponder at the same time, he also shouted angrily, a palm place, after instantaneous, pulled up. 思考的同时,他也怒喝一声,手掌点地,瞬间后仰飞起。 Idiot!” “白痴!” Edwin sees this one, the ridicule smiles. 艾德文见此一幕,讥讽一笑。 Has not waited for Zi Chen to stand firm the body, had the together/one path attack to fall on his abdomen, hit ruthlessly above. 还不等紫宸稳住身体,就有一道攻击落在了他的腹部,狠狠的撞击在了上面。 Bang! 嘭! Zi Chen flew upside down once again, pounds above the stone steps before house. 紫宸又一次倒飞,砸在了住宅前的石阶之上。 Immediately has the blood, following his corners of the mouth overflow. 立刻就有鲜血,顺着他的嘴角溢出。 Then, the attack is unceasing, just like the raindrop to appear generally. 接着,攻击不断,犹如雨点一般出现。 He still has not seen two people of attack. 他依然没有看到攻击的二人。 First cut his four limbs!” “先把他的四肢砍了!” Edwin of distant place sees that gives orders again. 远处的艾德文见状,再次发号施令。 At this moment, suddenly has pū pū two sounds to resound. 就在这时,忽然有着噗噗两道声音响起。 Original Zi Chen front, is empty, as the ray passed over gently and swiftly, two appeared. 原先紫宸前方,还是空无一物,但随着光芒掠过,有两人出现了。 They stared in a big way the eye, unbelievable looks at Zi Chen. 他们瞪大了眼睛,难以置信的看着紫宸 The next quarter, two people of bodies, pour to go backward. 下一刻,二人的身体,向后倒去。 Two six strength boundaries, died! 两位六力境,死了! This is impossible!” “这不可能!” On Edwin face had inconceivable, grasped rule of shadow, is completely invisible Shadowless, how to be discovered possibly? 艾德文脸上有了不可思议,掌握了影之规则,完全是无形无影,怎么可能会被发现? Under recommendation, I recently using pursuing book app, Mew mew read app The off-line read aloud! 推荐下,我最近在用的追书app,【咪咪阅读app】离线朗读! He looks at Zi Chen, gets angry: I want you dead!” 他看着紫宸,怒道:“我要你死!” When his instantaneous forward-swept, the figure in the midair, vanished. 他瞬间前掠,身形在半空之时,就消失了。 The Zi Chen look, is extremely indifferent, in the opposite party disappears, in his eye had the light. 紫宸的眼神,极其冷漠,就在对方消失之时,他眼中有了光。 Bright light! 明亮的光! Under this ray, he saw hid Edwin in rule. 在这光芒之下,他看到了隐藏在规则中的艾德文。 Edwin complexion big change, because he has to plant by the feeling that Zi Chen sees thoroughly. 艾德文脸色大变,因为他有种被紫宸一眼看透的感觉。 „!” “唰!” Spirit of Slaughtering reappears, has delimited from him at present. 杀戮之灵再现,从他眼前划过。
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