TM :: Volume #48

#4761: The intention has decided

Zi Chen leaves breaks the law city, directly soars outside the city to go. 紫宸离开破法城,直奔城外而去。 All the way, the Zi Chen expression is very calm, but this tranquility is without doubt fearful. 一路上,紫宸的表情都很平静,但这种平静无疑是可怕的。 Waits arrives at kills the crystal mineral lode time, already to night. 等来到杀晶矿脉的时候,已经到了深夜。 Zi Chen walks into the mineral lode, shouts: Yuan kills!” 紫宸走入矿脉之中,喊道:“元杀!” His sound, is reverberating in the ground mine tunnel. 他的声音,在地底矿洞回荡着。 Quick, a ray of light shadow appears. 很快,一道光影出现。 Yuan killing stood in front of Zi Chen. 元杀站在了紫宸面前。 Sees the Yuan to kill, Zi Chen said directly: I must bring back Spirit of Slaughtering!” 见到元杀,紫宸直接说道:“我要拿回杀戮之灵!” The Yuan kills has not inquired the Zi Chen reason, sees only Spirit of Slaughtering to change to the flowing light, flew toward Zi Chen. 元杀没有询问紫宸原因,只见杀戮之灵化作流光,向着紫宸飞了过来。 These days refining up killing intent, its aura even more swift and fierce, killing intent becomes more intense. 这段时间炼化杀意,它的气息愈发的凌厉,杀意变得更加强烈。 Spirit of Slaughtering after Zi Chen transferred one, then in his side vanishes. 杀戮之灵围绕着紫宸转了一圈之后,便是在他身旁消失。 Zi Chen kills to hold the fist in the other hand to the Yuan, thanks. 紫宸冲着元杀抱拳,以示感谢。 Later turns around to walk. 之后转身就走。 Gazes at the Zi Chen back, the Yuan is killing asks suddenly: When do you come back?” 注视着紫宸的背影,元杀忽然问道:“你什么时候回来?” Saying that Zi Chen does not return to: If smooth, quick. Not the smooth words, do not come back.” 紫宸头也不回的说道:“如果顺利的话,很快。不顺利的话,就不回来了。” The Yuan kills to look at Zi Chen to leave, he naturally understands the meaning of Zi Chen words among. 元杀看着紫宸离开,他自然明白紫宸话语当中的意思。 It is not smooth, means that died in battle. 不顺利,意味着战死了。 This time demanded the weapon, only had to fight. 这个时间段过来索要兵器,唯有去战斗。 Leaves the mineral lode, Zi Chen shoots up to the sky , to continue the old route to turn back. 离开矿脉,紫宸冲天而起,继续原路折返。 Waits sees to break the law city time, the weather has put brightly. 等看到破法城的时候,天色已经放亮。 Entered broke the law city, Zi Chen stops suddenly. 进了破法城,紫宸忽然停下了。 His front is standing a person. 他的前方站着一人。 Su Mengyao. 正是苏梦瑶 You how here?” Zi Chen surprise looks at Su Mengyao. “你怎么在这里?”紫宸诧异的看着苏梦瑶 Su Mengyao has not answered Zi Chen this issue, but said directly: This time, you impulsed.” 苏梦瑶没有回答紫宸这个问题,而是直接说道:“这一次,你冲动了。” Zi Chen, almost the words that all can speak, told Su Mengyao. 紫宸在回来的时候,几乎把所有能说的话,都告诉了苏梦瑶 In this period naturally had about Spirit of Slaughtering, therefore Zi Chen went out of town, she guessed correctly that the Zi Chen goal was anything. 期间自然有关于杀戮之灵的,所以紫宸出城,她就猜到紫宸的目的是什么。 Zi Chen said: I know that I am making anything.” 紫宸说道:“我知道自己在做什么。” Su Mengyao shakes the head, said: You do not know, this time your I should feel to rejoice, rather than takes revenge.” 苏梦瑶摇了摇头,道:“你不知道,此次你我应该感到庆幸,而不是去复仇。” Zi Chen nods, said: I know, yesterday thinks on the road an evening, indeed rejoiced very much you have not had an accident. However I felt, a luck of person, is impossible to be good, will no longer have such matter for the future, I must relieve all threats.” 紫宸点了点头,道:“我知道,昨天在路上想了一个晚上,的确很庆幸你没有出事。但是我觉得,一个人的运气,不可能一直好下去,为了今后不再发生这样的事情,我必须要把所有的威胁解除。” How to relieve?” “如何解除?” Su Mengyao said: Killed him? Killed one, will also have second. You forgot your industry, your mineral lode, impulses thus and such and such, you will not have a thing in the world!” 苏梦瑶说道:“杀了他吗?杀了一个,还会有第二个。你忘了你的产业,你的矿脉,如此这般冲动,你将会一无所有!” Zi Chen smiled, he looks at Su Mengyao, you know these years, I why continuously in trying hard cultivation?” 紫宸笑了,他看着苏梦瑶,“你知道这么多年来,我为什么一直在努力修行吗?” Does not wait for Su Mengyao to respond, Zi Chen then said: Because I know, has the powerful strength, can protect you. If the beloved people cannot protect continually, I want this strength, there is what using?” 不等苏梦瑶回应,紫宸便是说道:“因为我知道,拥有强大的力量,才能保护你们。如果连心爱的人都护不住,那我要这一身力量,又有何用?” He outstretches the hand, hugged Su Mengyao in the bosom, you wait for me in mansion, relax, I will not impulse, once there is a danger, I will run away! When the time comes in our two escape to walk into the mountain, from now on will survive there, will never come out!” 他伸开手,把苏梦瑶搂在了怀里,“你在府邸中等我,放心,我不会冲动,一旦有危险,我就会逃!到时候我们两个逃进山里,今后就在那里生存,永不出来!” Zi Chen tight is hugging Su Mengyao, does not need to urge me, my intention has decided. For you, I am willing to give up all!” 紫宸紧紧的搂着苏梦瑶,“不用劝我,我心意已决。为了你,我愿意放弃一切!” But......” “可是……” Not, but. Believes me!” “没有可是。相信我!” Zi Chen lets loose Su Mengyao, stride stand forth. 紫宸放开苏梦瑶,大步向前走去。 In this moment, solar bright dazzling. 在这一刻,太阳亮的刺眼。 Also without arriving at place, he saw the Olive and his party dozens people. 还没走到地方,他就看到了奥利弗一行几十人。 Is the head besides Olive, a seemingly Yin sad man. 为首的除了奥利弗,还有一个看起来阴恻恻的男子。 Aiyu, isn't this Zi Chen?” “哎呦,这不是紫宸吗?” Olive saw Zi Chen, said with a smile: Has come? Very is actually obedient. It seems like that the lesson that I gave yesterday, you remembered.” 奥利弗看到了紫宸,笑道:“这么早就来了?倒是很听话嘛。看来,我昨天给的教训,你都记住了。” Others follow to create a disturbance to laugh. 其他人跟着起哄大笑。 Olive cancelled colluding to Zi Chen, said: Rolls! That Jian Ren/cheap person has told you, I am redundant, all Black Stone that from now on, you will mine, will want free of charge will give us!” 奥利弗冲着紫宸勾了勾手,道:“滚过来吧!想必那个贱人都已经告诉你了,那我就再重复一遍,从现在开始,你开采出来的所有黑石,都要无偿的给我们!” Remember, “记住, Is free! After you mine, gives Michael, he naturally can hand over in our hands! ” Michael says immediately: Right, from now on will give me to be good directly!” 是无偿!你开采好之后,就交给迈克尔,他自然会交到我们手里!”迈克尔立刻说道:“没错,今后直接给我就行!” Zi Chen said: I, if not?” 紫宸说道:“我如果不呢?” Olive's face look changes ice-cold, cold sound said: It seems like, yesterday's lesson was insufficient. Yesterday I showed the kindness of heart greatly, but cut the both arms of that Jian Ren/cheap person, it seems like next time I must cast off the head. You thought she does not have the matter, is so secure is right? Does not know that did not have the head, can she also be long.” 奥利弗的脸色变得冰冷起来,冷声道:“看来,昨天的教训还是不够。昨天我大发善心,只是斩了那贱人的双臂,看来下次我就要摘掉脑袋了。你是不是觉得她没有事,才这么有恃无恐对不对?就是不知道没了脑袋,她还能不能再长出来。” Zi Chen said: Actually, I come for this matter today.” 紫宸说道:“其实,我今天就是为了这件事来的。” Olive laughs saying: Then right, since chose worked as the dog, should have an appearance that worked as the dog was! Brings Black Stone, remembers, is both hands offers!” 奥利弗大笑道:“这才对嘛,既然选择了当狗,就该有个当狗的样子才是!把黑石都拿过来,记得,是双手奉上!” Zi Chen smiled, forwards however. 紫宸笑了,向前而来。 Olive disdains saying: Saw, this, he remembered time, when the dog also smiled so happy!” 奥利弗不屑道:“看到了吧,就该这样,一次他就记住了,当狗还笑的如此开心!” Zi Chen arrives at the near, put out is actually the bone stick. 紫宸走到近前,拿出的却是骨棍。 Before taking advantage of opportunity, pounds. 顺势前砸。 It is not loathsome! 毫不拖泥带水! You court death!” “你找死!” Olive loudly shouted, has not thought obviously, this fellow dares to act to him unexpectedly. 奥利弗大喝一声,显然没有想到,这个家伙竟然敢对他出手。 The aura of his seven strength boundaries, the comprehensive eruption, a palm forwards. 他那七力境的气息,全面爆发,一掌向前。 Buzz!” “嗡!” The bone stick of Zi Chen that whereabouts, the aura is also rising suddenly instantaneously, gets down the potential of pounding to strengthen fiercely. 紫宸那下落的骨棍,气息也在瞬间暴涨,下砸之势更加强猛。 Bang!” “轰!” Two people attack meets, the powerful energy surges crazily, two people of bodies retrocede others to see that respectively, then draws back by far, is looking at the front that startled palpitates. 两人的攻击相遇,强大的能量疯狂涌动,二人的身体各自后退其他人见状,则是远远退开,一个个都是惊悸的望着前方。 This Zi Chen, the courage also is really not general big, began? 这个紫宸,胆子还真不是一般的大,就这么动手了? Zi Chen grips tightly the bone stick, an eye icy is staring at Olive, „, only then killed you, can solve this matter!” 紫宸紧握骨棍,一双眼睛冷冰冰的盯着奥利弗,“只有杀了你,才能解决这件事!” Then, his point, the figure instantaneous forward-swept, belongs aura that extinguishes shadow, is the comprehensive eruption. 说完,他脚下一点,身形瞬间前掠,属于灭影者的气息,则是全面爆发。 Infinite golden light passes from the bone stick, the fearful bone stick, as if promoted rank at this moment. 无限金光从骨棍之上流转,本就可怕的骨棍,此刻似乎又提升了一个等级 Bang!” “轰!” Under the powerful pounds, Olive's arm caves in instantaneously, retreats fast backward. 强力下砸,奥利弗的手臂瞬间塌陷,快速向后退去。 „, This fellow was insane, your I killed him jointly!” “加文,这个家伙疯了,你我联手杀了他!” Olive retrocedes, while loudly shouted makes noise. 奥利弗一边后退,一边大喝出声。 Another seven strength boundaries, coldly said: This breaks the law city is place that spoke the custom, you broke the rule, here began, do not blame me to act brutally.” 另外一位七力境,冷道:“这破法城可是个讲规矩的地方,你破坏规矩,在这里动手,就别怪我出手无情了。” Zi Chen disdains saying: Now speaks the custom to me, yesterday didn't say? You two, although on? Do not think that I do not know, Olive this instigates the goods, wants, only then a person, does not dare to come out.” 紫宸不屑道:“现在跟我讲规矩,昨天怎么不讲?你们两个,尽管上吧?别以为我不知道,奥利弗这怂货,要只有一个人,根本就不敢出来。” Good, good, good!” “好,好,好!” On Olive's face, performing is the anger, fellow who good not to know the good and evil, today is your time of death!” 奥利弗的脸上,尽是怒意,“好一个不识好歹的家伙,今天就是你的死期!” His around the body, the tyrannical strength, just like the innumerable fresh breeze turbulently, formed the strength of cutting in around the body. 他的周身,强横力量汹涌而出,犹如无数劲风,在周身形成了切割之力。 His is coercing the fresh breeze. 他个裹挟着劲风而来。 Zi Chen also refuses to admit being inferior slightly, bone stick that below pounds, the imposing manner suddenly changes, saw only above to present some staggered rays. 紫宸也丝毫不甘示弱,下砸的骨棍,气势忽然一变,只见上面出现了一些交错的光芒。 Zi Chen comprehension Rule of Destruction. 正是紫宸领悟的破坏规则 These rule meet the instance of wind blade, is comes its break down directly. 这些规则遇到风刃的瞬间,便是直接把它分解开来。 Just like its, destruction! 正如其名,破坏! Bang!” “轰!” The energy is wild, Olive flies upside down immediately, in the air has the blood to delimit. 能量狂暴,奥利弗立刻倒飞,空中有血划过。
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