TM :: Volume #48

#4760: Mineral lode

Kang must bring Zi Chen to leave breaks the law city, arrives in the hills. 康得带着紫宸离开破法城,来到群山之间。 When close to Zi Chen sees nearby has other spirit law, but is extremely far to Phoebe and the others, does not dare to approach. 临近之时,紫宸见到附近有其他灵法者在,不过相距菲比等人极远,不敢过于靠近。 Two people of figure whereabouts, Phoebe points at the slit that piece slightly is making to cover saying: In there.” 二人身形下落,菲比指着那片略作掩盖的缝隙说道:“就在那里。” Zi Chen stand forth, waves, the energy curls up the thing of cover, saw many crystal stones exist. 紫宸向前走去,挥手之间,能量卷起掩盖之物,看到了诸多晶石存在。 These are Black Stone right, but many, but also needs Zi Chen to examine again. 这些都是黑石没错,不过到底有多少,还需要紫宸再行查看。 His soul strength release, careful sensation all around, but also can only sensation surface some, wanting the sensation to arrive at the deep place, is actually not good. 他的魂力释放而出,仔细的感知着四周,但也只能感知表面一些,想要感知到深处,却是不行。 Phoebe and the others mood at this moment is very disturbed, because initially and contradiction between Zi Chen, but is big. 菲比等人此刻的心情还是十分忐忑的,因为当初跟紫宸之间的矛盾可是不小。 Do not look usually, they clamored was very loud, to be how absolutely irreconcilable with Zi Chen, but Zi Chen appeared before them truly, instigated. 别看平日间,他们叫嚣的挺大声,如何跟紫宸不共戴天,可紫宸真正出现在他们面前,一个个又都怂了。 Is good because of Zi Chen one, the attention fell on Black Stone, has not haggled over with them actually, this let their relaxing of slightly. 好在紫宸一来,注意力就落在了黑石上面,倒是没有跟他们计较,这让他们稍稍的松了一口气。 Zi Chen takes back the soul strength sensation, looks at several people, said: Goes to two to expel everyone, others dig to look in the nearby.” 紫宸收回魂力感知,看着几人,说道:“去两个把所有人赶走,其他人在附近挖挖看。” Inserts one, I in mew mew read app recently 】 The book source are many, books entire, renews quickly! 插一句,我最近在咪咪阅读app】书源多,书籍全,更新快! Speech time, Zi Chen puts out a contract to come out directly, without hesitation inscribed own name above. 说话的时候,紫宸直接拿出一张契约出来,毫不犹豫的在上面写上了自己的名字。 Meanwhile, its coverage scope is centered on Zi Chen, the hills of under foot surrounding area thousand li (500 km). 同时,其覆盖范围则是以紫宸为中心,脚下方圆千里的群山。 Hence, here became the Zi Chen personal property! 至此,这里就成了紫宸的私人财物! Previously examined, through the sensation, the Black Stone quantity were merely many a time, is worth consuming opportunity. 先前查看了一下,仅仅通过感知,黑石的数量不少,值得耗费一次机会。 Several people disperse, some deep cut, some expel the person. 几人分散开来,有的去深挖,有的去撵人。 Zi Chen is also walking to have a look everywhere, from time to time digs to the tread. 紫宸也在到处走走看看,时而向着地面挖一挖。 Here Black Stone, imagines among also to be more than him, stamps the feet casually, so long as the land splits, can see some implications in inside Black Stone. 这里的黑石,比他想象当中还要多一些,随便跺跺脚,只要大地裂开,就能看到一些蕴含在里面的黑石 This perhaps is because, for many years, some people had never mined Black Stone, making their quantities more and more. 这或许是因为,多年来,从未有人开采过黑石,使得它们的数量越来越多。 A moment later, several people walked, has almost the discovery. 片刻之后,几人走了回来,几乎都有发现。 Zi Chen visits them, said: Here is who discovers?” 紫宸看着他们,说道:“这里是谁发现的?” Everyone looks to Phoebe, but Phoebe somewhat is embarrassed, oneself drop foot nothing more, is in luck seriously. 所有人都看向菲比,而菲比却有些不好意思,自己只是落下一脚而已,当真是走运。 Mentioned, thought that was planned by Zi Chen, was angry the foot. 说来,还是觉得被紫宸算计了,才愤怒出脚的。 Zi Chen also said: Currently speaking, the mineral lode area is big, as scheduled, must Inner Core take the reward to you, but I change the mind now.” 紫宸又道:“从目前来看,矿脉的面积不小,按照原计划,要给你一颗内丹作为报酬,不过现在我改变主意了。” Phoebe's complexion suddenly changes. 菲比的脸色猛然一变。 Others are also so, is this must renege? 其他人也是如此,这是要变卦吗? Expression that Kang results , is very calm. 康得的表情,则是很淡定。 He does not believe, Zi Chen will make them suffer a loss. 他可不相信,紫宸会让他们吃亏。 Zi Chen then said: I plan to give you Inner Core, is the reward.” 紫宸接着说道:“我打算给你们一人一颗内丹,算是奖励。” These words, several people of eyes shone, unbelievable looks at Zi Chen. 这句话一出,几人的眼睛都亮了,难以置信的看着紫宸 Each Inner Core value not poor, does Zi Chen really want everyone to give one? 要知道,每一颗内丹价值都不菲,紫宸真的愿意每个人都给一颗? In addition, after waiting for the mineral lode to mine officially, the value of if containing is high, I will give you again especially 10% reward.” “除此之外,等矿脉正式开采之后,如果蕴含的价值高,我会再格外给你们10%的酬劳。” Zi Chen said: Is your several adds 10%, is not everyone 10%.” 紫宸说道:“是你们几个加起来10%,可不是所有人10%。” This was fierce, must know that each Black Stone, the price reaches as high as 2000 strengths, the ingredient of entire mineral lode gives them, the reward may be absolutely many. 这就厉害了,要知道每一块黑石,价格高达两千道力量,整个矿脉的一成分给他们,酬劳可绝对不少。 Suddenly their some cannot believe that this unexpectedly real. 一时间他们都有些不敢相信,这竟然是真的。 both sides had the enmity, why can give the so good treatment? 双方本来是有仇怨的,为何要给如此好的待遇? Looks at several people of unbelievable expressions, Zi Chen also said: Do not cheer too soon, then you needs to protect this mineral lode, other to seize! If were seized by others, but anything does not have to come.” 看着几人难以置信的表情,紫宸又道:“也别高兴的太早,接下来你们需要守护这个矿脉,不要让其他人占领!要是被别人占领了,可是什么都没有而来。” This is we should do!” Phoebe says immediately, you felt relieved although, who dares to snatch, we dare to kill who!” “这是我们应该做的!”菲比立刻说道,“你尽管放心,谁敢来抢,我们就敢杀谁!” Then Zi Chen looks at Kang to, said: „ You look for Marx, then makes him arrange the person, 然后紫宸看着康得,说道:“你去找马科斯,接下来让他安排人, Starts to mine here. ” Kang must nod, Marx, has the experience in this regard. 开始在这里进行开采。”康得点了点头,马科斯在这方面,已经有了经验。 Zi Chen after arranging here all, then returns. 紫宸在安排好这里的一切之后,便是回返。 Today his is very happy, rough estimate, the range of that piece of mineral lode, about hundred li (0.5 km). 今天他的心情很不错,粗略估计,那片矿脉的范围,近乎百里。 Then digs downward, may have the pleasant surprise. 接下来往下挖,可能还会有惊喜。 Then, he had three Black Stone mineral lode. 如此一来,他就有三座黑石矿脉了。 Naturally, this Black Stone mineral lode, Du Ni share, holds several tenths as for him specifically, but also took two people to meet said again. 当然,这一座黑石矿脉,还有杜尼的份额,至于他具体占有几成,还要二人见了面再说。 Arrived at the mansion, Zi Chen looks at the front door, the complexion had some changes. 来到府邸,紫宸看了看大门,脸色发生了一些变化。 The front door had been as if destroyed by the powerful, although was fixed, may still have the trace. 大门似乎被强力破坏过,虽然被修好了,可依然有痕迹在。 He moves sideways to enter the mansion. 他闪身进入府邸。 All seem very normal, exceptionally has not happened. 一切看起来都很正常,没有异常发生。 Zi Chen goes to the living room fast, shouted Mengyao. 紫宸快速来到客厅,喊了一声梦瑶 Su Mengyao walked from the room, came back? Harvests how?” 苏梦瑶从房间走了出来,“回来了?收获如何?” Luck was good, discovered a mineral lode.” “运气不错,发现了一座矿脉。” Zi Chen speech time, in sizing up Su Mengyao, but from her face, had not seen that other mood come out. 紫宸说话的时候,也在打量着苏梦瑶,但并没有从她脸上,看出其他的情绪出来。 Congratulations.” Su Mengyao shows a faint smile. “恭喜。”苏梦瑶微微一笑。 „Have some people come?” “有人来过?” Could not look that inquired on own initiative. 看不出来就主动询问。 The Su Mengyao nod said: Came some people, said that is looks your, first destroyed the front door, I look like am bad, said that you are not, they walked, possibly next time will also come, should come to Black Stone.” 苏梦瑶点头道:“来了一些人,说是找你的,一来就破坏了大门,我看来者不善,就说你不在,他们就走了,可能下次还会来,应该是冲着黑石来的。” Since previous time Du Ni comes out, here no one has dared to aim at Zi Chen. 自从上次杜尼出来之后,在这里已经没有人敢针对紫宸了。 Because that several spirit law palaces, have turned over to the Zi Chen manages. 因为就连那几座灵法殿,都已经归紫宸管了。 Is, but also dares to kick the gate? 是谁,还敢来踢门? Michael and the others definitely do not dare, they do not have courage. 迈克尔等人肯定不敢,他们没这个胆子。 Is Olive? 难道是奥利弗? Did he come out pick a quarrel? 他又出来找事了? The Zi Chen complexion is ugly, asked: He had not asked that is difficult you?” 紫宸的脸色难看起来,问道:“他没有问难你吧?” No, knew that you are not, they walked.” “没有,得知你不在,他们就走了。” Zi Chen nods, this felt relieved. 紫宸点了点头,这才放下心来。 So long as does not feel embarrassed Su Mengyao to be good, otherwise Zi Chen has not ended with him absolutely. 只要不为难苏梦瑶就好,要不然紫宸绝对跟他没完。 At present, waited for the opposite party to visit two times. 眼下,就等着对方二次登门了。 You continue cultivation, I go to the spirit law palace to look.” Zi Chen said, turns around to leave. “你继续修行,我去灵法殿看一看。”紫宸说完,转身离开。 After going out of the hall, Zi Chen looks to all around, usually here has the maidservant. 走出大厅之后,紫宸看向四周,平日间这里是有丫鬟在的。 Today actually no one. 今天却没有一个人。 He turns head to look to all around, in the position of corner, saw a maidservant. 他扭头看向四周,在角落的位置,见到了一个丫鬟。 But the opposite party after oneself look at each other, fast avoided the vision, then retreated. 但对方在与自己相视后,就快速的避开了目光,然后退走了。 This obviously is not normal. 这显然是不正常的。 Zi Chen looked at an entrance, in heart flashed through wipes the haze. 紫宸又看了一眼门口,心中闪过一抹阴霾。 He went out of the mansion directly. 他直接走出了府邸。 These conceals after maidservant in secret sees Zi Chen leaves, this relaxes, bustles about. 那些藏在暗中的丫鬟看到紫宸离开之后,这才松了一口气,一个个重新忙碌起来。 One of them, when turning around, almost calls out in alarm makes noise. 其中一人,在转身之时,差点惊呼出声。 The Sir who just left, appears in her unexpectedly at present. 刚刚离开的大人,竟然出现在了她的眼前。 Zi Chen made keeping silent movement(s) to her. 紫宸冲着她做出了一个噤声的动作 Big...... person!” “大……人!” That maidservant is pale somewhat alarmed and afraid, looks at Zi Chen. 那个丫鬟的脸色苍白,有些惊惧的看着紫宸 Zi Chen said: Told me, what before did here have?” 紫宸说道:“告诉我,之前这里发生了什么?” The maidservants shake the head, where dares to say? 丫鬟摇头,哪里敢说? To be honest, they have thought before, here mistress is only because attractive , because walked great luck, obtains the favor of Sir. 说实话,她们之前一直以为,这里的女主人只是因为漂亮,是因为走了大运,才得到大人的青睐。 But when today, her both arms cut off, the expression has no change. 但就在今日,她的双臂被斩断时,表情却没有任何变化。 In that moment, they were startled. 在那一刻,她们都被惊到了。 Without shouting and wrangling, without rude sob, after these people leave, the mistress called them, does not attend to the both arms that vanishes, the first few words are this matter, do not tell Zi Chen.’ 没有大呼小叫,也没有失态哭泣,在那些人离开之后,女主人把她们叫了过来,不顾消失的双臂,第一句话就是‘这件事,不要告诉紫宸。’ In that moment, their in heart incomparably admires. 在那一刻,她们心中无比佩服。 Changed them, it is estimated that has frightened is scared out of one's wits. 换了她们,估计早就吓得魂不附体了。 Facing Zi Chen the swift and fierce look, the maidservant has not gradually withstood the pressure eventually, 1510 told Zi Chen account. 面对紫宸逐渐凌厉的眼神,丫鬟终究没有顶住压力,一五一十的告诉了紫宸事情的经过。 After knowing the both arms of Su Mengyao cut off, the pupil of Zi Chen obviously shrinks. 在得知苏梦瑶的双臂被斩断之后,紫宸的瞳孔明显一缩。 The maidservants imagine among, Sir Zi Chen the instantaneous violent anger scene, has not appeared. 丫鬟想象当中,紫宸大人瞬间暴怒的场面,却未曾出现。 After calm hear, Zi Chen said: Relax, I will keep secret for you.” 静静听完之后,紫宸说道:“放心,我会替你保密的。” Then, Zi Chen vanished. 说完,紫宸就消失了。 Original he must go to the spirit law palace, now changed the idea. 原先的他要去灵法殿,现在改主意了。 He left broke the law city. 他离开了破法城。
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