TM :: Volume #48

#4759: Breaks the arm

„Does this broken place, where have what mineral lode?” “这破地方,哪里有什么矿脉?” In the hills, Phoebe sits on together big stone, discontented grumbling. 群山之中,菲比坐在一块大石上,不满的发着牢骚。 He has transferred for several months in this broken mountain, anything had not found. 他已经在这破山里转几个月了,什么都没有找到。 Let alone what Black Stone mineral lode, the ordinary mineral lode, has not discovered one even. 别说什么黑石矿脉,就算是普通的矿脉,也没有发现一处。 Should not be Zi Chen, can put in order me intentionally?” “该不会是紫宸,故意要整我吧?” He remembers this issue suddenly, the complexion changes, after all, we aimed at him initially.” 他忽然想起这个问题,脸色一变,“毕竟,当初我们那么针对他。” Thinks of this point, Phoebe's complexion ugly, he looked at one to the distant place, shouted: Helps the father call these people!” 想到这一点,菲比的脸色就难看了起来,他冲着远处看了一眼,喝道:“去帮老子把那些人叫过来!” The distant place does not have the sound, only then his sound reverberates in the hills. 远处没有动静,只有他的声音在群山中回荡。 Does not go dead!” “不去就死!” Phoebe's voice becomes ice-cold, recently these people, the fly followed on the heels probably generally, he hit several times, after these people ran, quick with. 菲比的声音变得冰冷起来,最近那些人,像是苍蝇一般跟在后面,他打了几次,那些人跑了之后,很快就又会跟上来。 Is good because, they follow on the heels, other actions, otherwise he really do not kill people. 好在,他们只是跟在后面,并没有其他举动,要不然他真要杀人。 Goes, this goes!” “去,这就去!” The distant place has one person to respond, then leaves fast. 远处有一人回应,然后快速离开。 In a while, his these partners came, Zangla walks in the frontline. 没过多久,他的那些伙伴们都来了,桑拉里走在最前方。 Phoebe looks that several people said: Kang? Also called that Brat, I thought that the matter was not right, Zi Chen possibly was intentionally the pit we.” 菲比看着几人说道:“康得呢?把那小子也叫过来,我觉得事情不对劲,紫宸可能是故意坑我们。” Quick Kang came , saying of his face anticipation: Had the discovery?” 很快康得就来了,临近之后,他一脸期待的说道:“是不是有了发现?” Phoebe gets angry: Discovers your younger sister! You told us the truth, was this time Zi Chen aims at intentionally our?” 菲比怒道:“发现你妹!你告诉我们实话,这一次是不是紫宸故意针对我们的?” What do you mean?” Kang must have doubts to say. “什么意思?”康得疑惑道。 Little feigns ignorance here, is Zi Chen is planning us? After all, initial we aimed at him, therefore he did ask you to come the pit intentionally we?” “少在这里装蒜,是不是紫宸在算计我们?毕竟,当初的我们这么针对他,所以他故意找你来坑我们的?” Several other people, coldly looks at Kang. 其他几人,也都冷冷的看着康得。 Reward that the opposite party said that indeed greedy, but, they have not always discovered Black Stone, from the beginning to the present, Inner Core had not seen, attains from Zi Chen there, livelihood nothing more. 对方所说的报酬,的确令人眼馋,可一直以来,他们都没有发现黑石,从一开始到现在,内丹也没有见到,从紫宸那里拿到的,也只是基本生活而已 Therefore at present, they felt played. 所以眼下,他们感觉被耍了。 Kang must say: What do you think? Sir Zi Chen is so busy, where has the time to cope with you?” 康得说道:“你想什么呢?紫宸大人那么忙,哪里有时间对付你们?” Sir Zi Chen? The kindness that you called actually, he trusted you, was because you betrayed us, won his trust! But we are different, we and he are absolutely irreconcilable, why does he believe us?” 紫宸大人?你倒是叫的亲切,他之所以信任你,是因为你出卖了我们,得到了他的信任!可我们不一样,我们与他不共戴天,他凭什么相信我们?” Phoebe interrogated: You said, is he makes you feel embarrassed intentionally our?” 菲比质问道:“你说,是不是他故意让你来为难我们的?” Kang, helpless said: I said, your several awake. You are only the only five strength boundaries, if Sir Zi Chen really wants to cope with you, so long as moves the finger, can give to kill you, why can he be so troublesome?” 康得无奈道:“我说,你们几个醒一醒吧。你们只是区区五力境,紫宸大人如果真想对付你们,只要动一动手指,就能把你们都给杀了,他何必要这么麻烦?” He referred to the under foot, said: That Black Stone is very indeed precious, therefore the Sir asks you to come, if really plays you, will also reward for services rendered to you?” 他指了指脚下,道:“那黑石的确很贵重,所以大人才找你们来,真要是耍你们,还会给你们酬劳?” Dexterous that you said that but where do we look for Black Stone?” “你说的轻巧,可是我们从哪里找黑石?” Phoebe short of breath, chopped in the ground, the ground of under foot cracked instantaneously, the together/one path giant slit appeared. 菲比气急,一脚剁在了地面上,脚下的地面瞬间开裂,一道巨大的缝隙出现了。 In that slit, there is a black ray to flash through. 在那缝隙之中,有黑色光芒闪过。 He gawked staring, then looks at the front under foot. 他愣了愣,然后看着前方脚下。 Black ray Black Stone. 黑色光芒正是黑石 Others also saw this, look at each other in blank dismay. 其他人都也都看到了这一幕,一个个都是面面相觑。 Looked for several months, had not discovered. 找了几个月,都没有发现。 Did this appear? 这就出现了? Do not impulse.” “不要冲动。” Kang must lower the sound suddenly, said: Do not expose, is this thing Black Stone, but also needs Sir Zi Chen to decide.” 康得忽然压低了声音,道:“也不要暴露,这东西是不是黑石,还需要紫宸大人定夺。” He puts out a hand immediately, dug several stones, do not expose weaknesses, I must first go back to ask the Sir.” 他立刻伸手,从中挖了几块石头,“也不要露出破绽,我得先回去问问大人。” Several people are not silly, if this is really the mineral lode, that may be extraordinary. 几人也都不傻,万一这真是矿脉,那可就了不得了。 Nonsense, you said that without the pit , there would be no pit?” “废话,你说没坑就没坑?” Phoebe flies into a rage suddenly, said: You go back to tell Zi Chen, talked clearly to us this matter, if not talk clearly, we are not dry!” 菲比忽然勃然大怒,道:“你回去告诉紫宸,把这件事给我们说清楚了,要是说不清,我们就不干了!” The Zangla response is also quick, immediately says: Right, this matter does not talk clearly, our where does not go!” 桑拉里的反应也很快,立刻说道:“没错,这件事不说清楚,我们哪里都不去!” Sir Zi Chen absolutely is not such person. 紫宸大人绝对不是这样的人。 The explanation that ” Kang must coordinate very much, the sound passed on. ”康得很配合的解释,声音传了出去。 You said that isn't is not? We need a view today, otherwise, when the monkey played!” “你说不是就不是?我们今天必须要个说法,要不然就被当猴耍了!” Good, do not impulse, I asked the Sir, believed me, the Sir absolutely was not such person!” “好,你们别冲动,我去问大人,相信我,大人绝对不是那样的人!” Kang must receive Black Stone quietly, starts to turn around to return. 康得悄悄收起黑石,开始转身回返。 He flies high, starts to return to the city, in this period after seeing below person, gets angry: Has something to look? Go away!” 他凌空而起,开始回城,期间看到下方的人后,怒道:“有什么可看的?滚!” Under the recommendation, I in mew mew read app recently 】 The book source are many, books entire, renews quickly! 推荐下,我最近在咪咪阅读app】书源多,书籍全,更新快! These people hurried to leave far, but in heart are also slandering, your solemn six strength boundaries, were shouted five to drink six by several five strength boundaries, did not dislike disgraced. 那些人赶紧离远了一些,不过一个个心中也都在诽谤着,你堂堂一个六力境,却被几个五力境呼五喝六,也不嫌丢人。 Breaks in the law city, extinguishes shadow regarding Zi Chen this, is two schools of viewpoints. 破法城里面,对于紫宸这个灭影者,一直都是两派的观点。 One is Du Ni this school, conservative faction, regarding the development of Zi Chen, situated, no matter what the condition, does not go deliberately to intervene. 一个是杜尼这一派,保守派,对于紫宸的发展,处于任之的状态,不去刻意干预。 But another side radical faction, is Olive these people, they thought that Zi Chen this extinguishes shadow, does not match to live in this world, intends to suppress. 而另外一方激进派,是奥利弗那些人,他们觉得紫宸这个灭影者,不配活在这个世上,有意打压。 After Olive comes back, remembers in that Zi Chen there suffers, in heart is extremely uncomfortable, but is hearing Black Stone that the research needs to use, buys unexpectedly from Zi Chen there with 2000 strengths, in heart was more uncomfortable. 奥利弗回来之后,一想起在紫宸那里吃的亏,心中就极其不爽,而在听闻研究需要用的黑石,竟然是用两千道力量从紫宸那里买来的,心中更是不爽了。 This broken thing only sold ten strength nothing more initially, how to hand over enhanced 200 times? 这破玩意当初只卖十道力量而已,怎么转手就提高了二百倍? Therefore he volunteers , indicating that can bring free Black Stone. 于是他自告奋勇,表示能够拿来免费的黑石 * * * * Kang must return to the Zi Chen house, Black Stone gave Zi Chen the body brings. 康得回到了紫宸的宅子,把身上带着的黑石给了紫宸 Zi Chen has taken the Black Stone sensation, the next quarter his eye shone, is Black Stone!” 紫宸拿过黑石感知,下一刻他的眼睛亮了起来,“是黑石!” Is who discovers?” “是谁发现的?” Phoebe discovered that they are defending there now......” “菲比发现的,现在他们正守在那里……” Kang must say previous contradiction, has not concealed. 康得说了先前的矛盾,没有丝毫隐瞒。 Luck is actually good, walks, we now on the past.” “运气倒是不错,走,我们现在就过去。” Zi Chen must walk toward outside with Kang. 紫宸跟康得向着外面走去。 Su Mengyao water but actually, two people had not just drunk. 苏梦瑶刚刚倒的水,二人一口都没喝。 The Zi Chen apology smiles, then fast went out of town. 紫宸歉意一笑,然后快速的出城去了。 Shortly after Zi Chen leaves, a big quake resounds from outside suddenly. 就在紫宸离开后不久,一声大震忽然从外面响起。 The front door of mansion drops down loudly. 府邸的大门轰然倒下。 The maidservants go out from the room, look at the entrance. 侍女们都从房间走出,看着门口。 The group walked swaggering. 一行人大摇大摆的走了进来。 Is two of head, a Olive, one is he radical faction that leads from inside. 为首的有两人,其中一个正是奥利弗,还有一个是他从里面带出来的激进派。 After two people, with Michael and his party , the full beard is also one of them. 在二人身后,跟着迈克尔等一行人,大胡子也在其中。 „Is here the Zi Chen mansion?” “这里就是紫宸的府邸?” Olive looked at around one to disdain saying: He will very enjoy actually.” 奥利弗看了一眼四周不屑道:“他倒是挺会享受。” „Who are you?” “你们是什么人?” Su Mengyao goes out of the room, looks at these unexpected visitors. 苏梦瑶走出房间,看着这些不速之客。 After the people see Su Mengyao, the eye is one bright, obviously has not thought, in this house really also has such beautiful woman. 众人见到苏梦瑶之后,眼睛都是一亮,显然没想到,这座宅子里竟然还有如此美人。 Olive shot a look at Su Mengyao one, what thing you are, allots me to speak?” 奥利弗瞥了苏梦瑶一眼,“你算什么东西,也配与我说话?” I am the Zi Chen wife!” Su Mengyao said. “我是紫宸的妻子!”苏梦瑶说道。 Olive disdains saying: Zi Chen is also blind, the good and evil is also six strength boundaries, looks for your such goods unexpectedly. Zi Chen, making him roll!” 奥利弗不屑道:“紫宸也是眼瞎,好歹也是一个六力境,竟然找你这么一个货色。紫宸呢,让他滚出来!” Su Mengyao said: He went out!” 苏梦瑶说道:“他出去了!” Went out? Did I look run away in fear?” “出去了?我看是吓跑了吧?” Olive swept around one, said: He, since is not, I first keep his dog's life! As for your Jian Ren/cheap person, won't call the Sirs?” 奥利弗扫了一眼四周,道:“他既然不在,那我就先留他一条狗命!至于你这个贱人,连大人都不会叫吗?” „!” „!” “唰!”“唰!” Two ray of light glow depart from Olive suddenly, passed over gently and swiftly from Su Mengyao directly. 有两道光芒忽然从奥利弗旁边飞出,直接从苏梦瑶身上掠过。 !” !” “噗!”“噗!” The both arms of Su Mengyao, cut off together, fall to the ground later change to the energy to vanish. 苏梦瑶的双臂,被齐齐斩断,落地之后化作能量消失。 So, came as a surprise to everyone, the distant place had the maidservant to call out in alarm. 如此一幕,出乎了所有人的预料,远处更是有侍女惊呼起来。 The arm was cut suddenly, the Su Mengyao complexion immediately becomes pale, but she has not actually called out in alarm, but tranquil looked at a wound. 手臂突然被斩,苏梦瑶的脸色立刻变得苍白起来,但她却没有惊呼,只是平静的看了一眼伤口。 Really if Zi Chen said that without blood. 果然如紫宸所说,没有鲜血。 Gives Zi Chen that son of a bitch belt/bring words for me, prepares Black Stone, a few days later I take, remember, is free!” “替我给紫宸那狗东西带句话,准备好黑石,几天后我过来拿,记住,是免费的!” Olive said indifferently: This time is only the lesson, if dares to bargain back and forth with us, then we may demand the life!” 奥利弗漠然说道:“这一次只是教训,若是敢跟我们讨价还价,接下来我们可就要索命了!” Then, Olive turns around to walk, I heard that Zi Chen always likes cutting the person arm, this time tries, the feeling also is really good. Haha......” 说完,奥利弗转身就走,“我听说紫宸总喜欢斩人手臂,此次一试,感觉还真是不错。哈哈……”
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