TM :: Volume #48

#4758: Appointment

Sir Zi Chen leaves, is a person. 紫宸大人离开的时候,还是一个人。 How long then walked? 这才走了多久? Actually led a woman to come back. 竟然带着一个女人回来了。 Comes back hand in hand, looked that the relations are very close. 还是手拉手回来的,看关系十分亲密。 On the faces of many people, has curiously, the vision falls on Su Mengyao. 许多人的脸上,都有着好奇,目光落在苏梦瑶身上。 The appearance was naturally needless to say much, was startled is not overrated for the Celestial. 容颜自然不用多说,惊为天人也不为过。 However this Realm, surprises all people, unexpectedly is only a strength boundary. 但是这境界,却让所有人意外,竟然只是一力境。 Will such existence, only appear outside breaking the law city? 这样的存在,只会出现在破法城外? But does such Sir, why want to look for such woman? 而这样的大人,为何要找这样的女人? Zi Chen has not cared about the vision of people, drew Su Mengyao to go upstairs. 紫宸没有在意众人的目光,拉着苏梦瑶上楼去了。 Arrives at Zi Chen the place of work, Su Mengyao said: „Have you lived here?” 来到紫宸的办公之地,苏梦瑶说道:“你一直就住在这里?” Zi Chen said: „After arriving at six strength boundaries, lives here, before continuously here. However then, we must buy a house.” 紫宸说道:“到达六力境后,才住在这里,以前不住这里。不过接下来,我们得买一个宅子了。” Su Mengyao came, he continues here, will not be convenient. 苏梦瑶来了,他继续住在这里,就会很不方便。 Su Mengyao does not have the opinion, here person are many, living here the place is not convenient. 苏梦瑶对此没有意见,这里人多,住在这里地方是不方便。 Then Zi Chen informs Su Mengyao, matter that he must bustle about, a Su Mengyao each article is listening, in this period had not interposed. 接下来紫宸告知苏梦瑶,他要忙碌的事情,苏梦瑶一件件的听着,期间并没有插话。 After listening to the Zi Chen lecture, Su Mengyao said: Eight spirit law palaces, once unifies, that returns to normal, so long as is reasonably-priced, does not need to consume the energy to handle again, so long as fixed time audits on the line.” 紫宸讲完之后,苏梦瑶说道:“八家灵法殿一旦统一,那就恢复到正常,只要价格合理,则不用再去耗费精力打理,只要定时查查账就行。” And for a better management, eight can unify with the thing, then finds a unified person to manage, does not need great thin, so long as the inspector general does not have something go wrong well.” “而且为了更好的管理,八家可以统一去拿东西,然后找一个统一的人来管理,无需事事巨细,只要监督不出岔子就好。” Listened to Zi Chen saying that Su Mengyao knows, these eight spirit law palaces were others' industries, does not need to consume the energy. 听着紫宸所说,苏梦瑶知道,这八家灵法殿是别人的产业,无需过于耗费精力。 Zi Chen nods, said: Candidate was Millie, she should be able to be competent, was only Realm is slightly lower.” 紫宸点了点头,道:“人选就是米莉亚了,她应该能够胜任,只是境界稍低一些。” Su Mengyao asked: Is lower than my Realm?” 苏梦瑶问道:“难道比我的境界还要低?” The meaning of Su Mengyao is Realm is not a problem, but this question or makes Zi Chen somewhat have nothing to say in reply. 苏梦瑶的意思是境界不成问题,不过这个反问还是让紫宸有些无言以对。 If Realm did not consider that Zi Chen thought of a right candidate. 要是境界不考虑在内的话,那紫宸又想到了一个合适的人选。 Miki 米奇 ! Initially the full beard to him, he is still so willing to guarantee the full beard, and put out all strengths, saw the moral behavior to be good sufficiently. 当初大胡子如此对他,他依然愿意保下大胡子,且拿出了所有的力量,足以看出人品不错。 Therefore, Miki may for use greatly. 所以,米奇可供大用。 In addition, follows their two to come here old person together, as if can also have an assignment. 除此之外,还有跟着他们两个一起来到这里的老人,似乎也可以拥有一份差事。 Zi Chen said own idea, Su Mengyao said: You are all bases, so long as you have been powerful, others do not matter.” 紫宸说了自己的想法,苏梦瑶说道:“你是一切的根本,只要你一直强大下去,其他人就无所谓。” Therefore, in following, you must guarantee, oneself enough powerful!” “所以,在接下来,你就要保证,自己足够强大!” Here looks like Holy Spirit World, Zi Chen has absolutely battle strength time, Holy Spirit World all are good. 这里就像是圣灵界,紫宸拥有着绝对战力的时候,圣灵界的一切都是好的。 The gods, demons and monster have also unified. 神、魔、妖也都已经统一。 But Brady's appearance, Zi Chen powerful battle strength was threaten, Holy Spirit World and Sky Martial world, becomes in imminent danger. 可布雷迪的出现,紫宸的强大战力受到了威胁,圣灵界以及天武世界,就变得岌岌可危。 Arrived Hughes there, the opposite party depended ultra-high Realm, forces to leave Zi Chen, after that everyone in Holy Spirit World, has lived under others 's shadow. 到了修斯那里,对方仗着超高的境界,更是把紫宸逼迫离开,从那之后,圣灵界里的所有人,就一直活在他人的阴影之下。 The Zi Chen proficiently built Sky Martial world is so, even if they compromise finally, is still facing chasing down. 紫宸一手创建的天武世界更是如此,哪怕他们最终妥协,依然面临着追杀。 Zi Chen said: Finished the matter of this place, I start full power cultivation, will strive for soon break through.” 紫宸说道:“等忙完了此地的事情,我就开始全力修行,争取早日破境。” Even if Su Mengyao at present wants to help Zi Chen , after must be familiar with here, thoroughly is good, therefore actually not eagerly for a while. 苏梦瑶眼下纵然想帮助紫宸,也得彻底熟悉这里之后才行,所以倒是不急于一时。 Zi Chen with Su Mengyao goes downstairs, others are talking in whispers, saw that two people get down, closed the mouth. 紫宸苏梦瑶下楼的时候,其他人正在窃窃私语,看到二人下来,一个个都闭上了嘴巴。 This is mainly because, the spirit law palace gathered too many people recently, this is gives other seven spirit law palaces to prepare ahead of time, therefore everyone had the leisure time. 这主要是因为,最近灵法殿招揽了太多人,这是提前给其他七座灵法殿准备的,故而大家才有了闲暇时间。 Millie.” “米莉亚。” Zi Chen looks to Millie. 紫宸看向米莉亚。 Millie walked, looked at Zi Chen one, looked at Su Mengyao one secretly. 米莉亚走了过来,看了紫宸一眼,又偷偷的看了苏梦瑶一眼。 Really attractive, this women some envy. 真的很好看,她这个女人都有些嫉妒了。 No wonder only then a strength boundary, can attract the Sir. 怪不得只有一力境,就能吸引住大人。 Zi Chen said: „ The matter of spirit law palace, plenary powers is then acted to be solved by you, 紫宸说道:“灵法殿的事情,接下来就由你全权出面解决, They need many resources, you have a look to be reasonable, the reasonable words you are responsible for well. ” „......?” 他们需要多少资源,你看看合不合理,合理的话你来负责就好。”“啊……?” Millie there, as if to this sudden appointment, somewhat feels helpless. 米莉亚愣在那里,似乎对这突如其来的任命,有些不知所措。 Zi Chen also said: Also, after waiting connects with complete, you are the unified stewards in eight spirit law palaces, then you appoint eight people as vice- Palace Lord of each spirit law palace again. The purchases of next eight spirit law palaces, as well as other management, is unified to direct by you.” 紫宸又道:“还有,等交接完成之后,你就是八座灵法殿的统一管事,然后你再任命八个人为各个灵法殿的副殿主。今后八家灵法殿的采购,以及其他管理,也由你统一指挥。” „......?” “啊……?” Millie stares, as if by the sudden appointment, pounding to faint. 米莉亚又是一愣,似乎被突如其来的任命,给砸晕了过去。 Zi Chen does not have the repetition, drew Su Mengyao to leave. 紫宸没有重复,拉着苏梦瑶离开了。 After two people leave, Millie still there, some cannot believe that this is real. 二人离开之后,米莉亚依然愣在那里,有些不敢相信这是真的。 The happiness comes so quick? 幸福来的如此快吗? Sees the oversized person!” “见过大人!” At this moment, the rear area resounded the neat sound. 就在这时,后方响起了整齐的声音。 Millie then recovers , burst into tears unexpectedly. 米莉亚这才回过神来,不知不觉间,竟然就流泪了。 She thinks, Sir Zi Chen should to her a vice- Palace Lord position, after all after Kang must leave, all things are she are processing. 她原以为,紫宸大人应该会给她一个副殿主的职位,毕竟在康得离开之后,所有的事情都是她在处理。 Others also think that this is natural, Millie misses official appointment nothing more. 其他人也认为这是理所当然,米莉亚只是差一个正式的任命而已 But, after waiting for this appointment to approach, meets unexpectedly in a big way so. 可是没想到,等这份任命来临之后,竟然会是如此的大。 The unified stewards in eight spirit law palaces, this is endures to compare existence of Palace Lord. 八家灵法殿的统一管事,这就是堪比殿主的存在。 What is main, Millie has to appoint other Palace Lord powers, this status may not be ordinary. 最为主要的是,米莉亚拥有任命其他副殿主的权力,这个身份可就不一般了。 Then Zi Chen started a series of appointments, for example makes Miki take over to manage the person who that Black Stone mineral lode Marx arranged, is goes to other places to seek for the new Black Stone mineral lode. 接下来紫宸开始了一系列的任命,比如让米奇接手管理那座黑石矿脉原先马科斯安排的人,则是去其他地方寻找新的黑石矿脉。 reckless positive/correct continues to defend outside station, Miao Pengfei goes with the old person the Black Stone mineral lode, temporarily guards there. 胡正继续守在外面的驻地,苗鹏飞跟老人去外界的黑石矿脉,暂时驻守那里。 Young Wei is looking for other extinguishing shadow, as well as pays attention to the mineral lode that possibly has. 小薇在寻找其他的灭影者,以及留意可能存在的矿脉。 Du Ni came out, is purchases Black Stone, knowing Zi Chen must buy the house, wields on the big hand, gave Zi Chen his once house. 杜尼又出来了一趟,是来购买黑石的,得知紫宸要买宅子,就大手一挥,把他曾经的宅子给了紫宸 That was he had lived, after being promoted seven strength boundaries, went to inside, has not come out again. 那是他曾经居住过的,在晋级七力境之后,就去了里面,再也没有出来过。 Zi Chen accepted with pleasure, because two people have the agreement early, the benefit has tied up in one. 紫宸欣然接受了,因为二人早有协议,利益已经捆绑在了一块。 This emptied very long house, finally welcomed the new master. 这个空了很久的宅子,终于迎来了新的主人。 Also has the maidservants of dozen three strength boundaries. 同时还有十几位三力境的丫鬟。 After seeing the mistress in house is only a strength boundary, is envying. 在看到宅子的女主人只是一力境后,一个个都是十分的羡慕。 They of three strength boundaries, to survive in trying hard. 三力境的她们,为了生存在努力 But others of strength boundary, had the so big mansion. 而一力境的人家,就有了如此大的府邸。 Su Mengyao idled recently the safe/without matter, starts cultivation, in any event Realm is most important, uncommon ability, needs the Realm support. 苏梦瑶最近闲来无事,也开始修行,无论如何境界都是首要,再不凡的能力,也需要境界的支撑。 But to Su Mengyao, all was very simple, Zi Chen brought enough military crystal stones, so long as she refine on the line. 而对苏梦瑶来说,一切就很简单了,紫宸拿来了足够数量的武晶石,她只要一块块炼化就行。 When the military crystal stone had not used, refining up the source of chemical weapons crystal again. 等什么时候武晶石没有用了,再炼化武晶之源。 Useless time, refining up Inner Core. 再无用的时候,就炼化内丹 Breaks the Black Stone mineral lode outside law city, starts to mine time, Su Mengyao Realm promoted two strength boundaries. 破法城外的黑石矿脉,开始开采的时候,苏梦瑶境界提升到了二力境。 When first batch of Black Stone mine, when prepares to transport to breaking the law city, Su Mengyao to three strength boundaries. 等第一批黑石开采出来,准备运送到破法城时,苏梦瑶到了三力境。 The maidservants in house, look at the mistress Realm promotion speed, seriously is incomparable envying. 宅子里的丫鬟们,看着女主人境界的提升速度,当真是无比的羡慕。 All are conducting orderly. 一切都在有序进行着。 But the trouble, actually came once again. 而麻烦,却又一次来了。
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