TM :: Volume #48

#4755: Palpitation

Hey, I said that your several bit faster, hurries here makes exactly.” “喂,我说你们几个快点,赶紧把这里的活弄完。” Two strength boundaries shout to several people: Is defter, fights a battle to force a quick decision!” 一位二力境冲着几人喊道:“都麻利些,速战速决!” Then he touched the nape, whispered: How I felt, the nape of the neck place is cool.” 然后他摸了摸后颈,嘀咕道:“我怎么感觉,脖颈处凉飕飕的。” I have this feeling.” “我也有这种感觉。” A strength boundary walked, said: Very gloomy that type, stared at to be the same by the prey probably.” 一位一力境走了过来,说道:“很阴森的那一种,像是被猎物盯上了一样。” Others also nod in abundance, but raised the head to have a look, Sun in the sky, all around also no danger. 其他人也是纷纷点头,不过抬头看看,太阳当空,四周也没有什么危险。 That two strength boundaries said: Has Sir Zi Chen here, definitely will not have the danger. Perhaps is this place is very long no one to come, some popularity, this feelings, you make the best use of the time.” 那位二力境说道:“有紫宸大人在此,肯定不会有危险。或许是此地很久没人来,少些人气,才有这种感觉,你们都抓紧时间。” These people are Miao Pengfei come near the new tunes, comes here help/gang to extinguish shadow to construct the house. 这些人是苗鹏飞临时调过来的,是来这里帮着灭影者们建造房屋的。 They do not know, outside several hundreds of zhang (333 m), dozens extinguishes shadow, visits them to work. 他们不会知道,就在几百丈外,正有几十位灭影者,看着他们工作。 Some scruffs send the cool feeling, is really normal. 有后颈发凉的感觉,也实属正常。 After all these extinguish shadow, coming one to want their life. 毕竟这些灭影者,来一个就能要了他们所有人的命。 A Zi Chen person stands by the mountain peak, Miao Pengfei went to direct the people. 紫宸一个人站在山峰旁边,苗鹏飞已经前去指挥众人去了。 After waiting for the building to build, then on this/should mining. 等建筑搭建好之后,接下来就该开采了。 After mining, but must take to him. 开采之后,还要拿给他。 This needs a person, at least is also existences of six strength boundaries, is responsible this matter. 这就需要一个人,最起码也是六力境的存在,来负责此事。 Side Zi Chen lacks such a person. 紫宸身旁缺少这么一个人。 Present he, somewhat fondly remembers the partners actually, if they also arrived here, that Zi Chen does not need to worry for the personnel. 眼下的他,倒是有些怀念伙伴们,如果他们也都来到了这里,那紫宸根本不用为用人而发愁。 Here construction, obviously must continue some time, in this period of time, Zi Chen planned that makes young Wei bring these to extinguish shadow, nearby goes to look for other companions. 这里的建造,明显还要持续一段时间,在这段时间里,紫宸打算让小薇带着那些灭影者,去附近把其他的同伴找回来。 Here has Black Stone, they can refine, can avoid others being killed. 这里有黑石,他们可以炼化,同时也能避免其他人被杀死。 When young Wei leaves, Zi Chen reminded her, if discovered massive extinguishing shadow gathering, do not forget made labelling that place, might contain the Black Stone mineral lode very much. 在小薇离开之时,紫宸提醒她,要是发现了大量的灭影者汇聚,不要忘记把那个地方做个标注,很有可能蕴含着黑石矿脉。 All are conducting orderly, Zi Chen only has turns back to return again. 一切都在有序进行着,紫宸唯有再次折返而回。 The spirit law palace also has the matter to process. 灵法殿还有事情要处理。 After coming back, Millie informs Zi Chen, person already move was similar, is waiting for the broken spirit place settlement resource costs. 回来之后,米莉亚告知紫宸,人已经招的差不多了,接下来就等着破灵处清算资源成本。 Zi Chen sits in the place of own work, then somewhat worries. 紫宸坐在自己的办公之地,则是有些发愁。 Nowadays he, really needs some manpower, is not only efficient, but must trust. 现如今的他,很需要一些人手,不仅得力,还要信任。 But, here trustworthy, were too few, the character is similar to him, few. 可是,这里值得信任的,实在太少了,性格跟他相仿的,也没有几个。 Worry! 发愁! Suddenly, Zi Chen has a lingering fear. 忽然,紫宸心有余悸。 He gripped the chest, the feeling is very uncomfortable. 他握住了心口,感觉十分难受。 Has not had this situation, this makes Zi Chen helpless. 从来没有出现过这种情况,这让紫宸不知所措。 He fell down suddenly, the breath became difficult. 他忽然倒在了地上,呼吸变得困难起来。 It is not the reason of body, his body function, all normal. 不是身体的原因,他的身体机能,一切正常。 He felt that oneself forgot probably anything, in heart has a deserted feeling. 他感觉自己像是忘记了什么事情,心中有种空落落的感觉。 Was Holy Spirit World has an accident?” “难道是圣灵界出事了?” His complexion changes, but is also very helpless. 他的脸色一变,但也很无奈。 Because had/left the matter even if, he does not have the means to go back. 因为纵然是出了事情,他也没有办法回去。 Moreover both sides in a world, will not hardly have this similar induction are. 而且双方几乎不在一个世界,根本不会有这种类似的感应才是。 Even Su Mengyao, is impossible to make him have the induction. 就算是苏梦瑶,也不可能令他心生感应。 Should be the issue of this world. 应该是这个世界的问题。 Then Zi Chen recalled after arriving at this world, matter , was the guess the mineral lode has an accident? 然后紫宸回想来到这个世界之后发生的事情,猜测是矿脉出事了? Zi Chen goes to a Black Stone mineral lode immediately, here all normal. 紫宸立刻去了一趟黑石矿脉,这里一切正常。 Also looked for Marx, here is also normal. 又去找了马科斯,这里也正常。 Finally Zi Chen looked for Kang, Kang must lead some broken law, is seeking for the mineral lode, except for does not have any discovery, all normal. 最后紫宸找了康得,康得带着一些破法者,正在寻找矿脉,除了没有任何发现,一切正常。 Soul mountain?” “灵魂山?” Zi Chen turns back again, this anything has not had scruples, the direct flying goes. 紫宸再次折返,这一次什么都没有顾忌,直接飞身前往。 The soul mountain is also normal, the old man also inquired him, young Wei how. 灵魂山也正常,老者还询问他,小薇怎么样了。 Goes out of the soul mountain, the Zi Chen mood becomes very bad, was young Wei has an accident? 走出灵魂山,紫宸的心情变得很差,难道是小薇出事了? Shortly after he just came back. 他才刚刚回来不久。 Therefore, Zi Chen fast to the city outside, first looked at a station, all are normal. 于是,紫宸又快速的到了城外,先看了一下驻地,一切都正常。 Then goes air-splitting, 然后破空而去, Arrived around the mineral lode. Miao Pengfei also in the direction people, after seeing Zi Chen, he seems very accidental/surprised, after all Zi Chen leaves not long. 来到了矿脉附近。苗鹏飞还在指挥众人,看到紫宸之后,他显得很意外,毕竟紫宸才离开没有多久。 Zi Chen has not talked too much, inside and outside five hundred, saw young Wei, she is also very good. 紫宸没有多言,在五百里外,见到了小薇,她也很好。 Zi Chen turned back again, goes to one to kill the crystal mineral lode, saw the Yuan killed. 紫宸再次折返,去了一趟杀晶矿脉,看到了元杀。 First of meeting, he asked: Spirit of Slaughtering?” 见面的第一眼,他问道:“杀戮之灵呢?” The Yuan kills saying: In inside, you can carry off?” 元杀说道:“在里面,你要带走吗?” Zi Chen turns around to walk, keeps the Yuan to kill there. 紫宸转身就走,留元杀愣在那里。 Obviously is not here issue. 显然也不是这里的问题。 But his why palpitation? 可是他又为何心悸? Moreover the palpitation has continued now, the probably beloved thing, losing was the same. 而且心悸一直持续到现在,像是心爱之物,丢失了一样。 Thing that but he cares about, nowadays is equally many. 可他在意的东西,现如今是一样不少。 He found Miao Pengfei, the opposite party saw depressed Zi Chen, then inquired him curiously, exactly what happened. 他找到了苗鹏飞,对方见到了沮丧的紫宸,便是好奇的询问他,到底发生了什么事情。 Zi Chen informed Miao Pengfei the situation. 紫宸告知了苗鹏飞情况。 Miao Pengfei said: Was you wants to be many, was only ill nothing more?” 苗鹏飞说道:“是不是你想多了,只是身体不适而已?” Zi Chen shakes the head, to his Realm, will not be ill. 紫宸摇头,到了他这个境界,根本不会身体不适。 Moreover he can also feel, the palpitation has no relations with own heart, purely is spiritually, is panic at heart. 而且他也能感觉到,心悸跟自己的心脏没有任何关系,纯粹是精神上的,是心里的恐慌。 Is our that breaks the law city?” Surface Pengfei thinks to say. “难道是我们那座破法城?”面鹏飞想了想说道。 The initial two people, walked from there together. 当初的二人,一同从那里走了出来。 But there does not have the person who Zi Chen cares about, to that place, Zi Chen even has no attachment. 可是那里并没有紫宸在意的人,对那个地方,紫宸甚至都没有任何眷恋。 Miao Pengfei said: Actually, I have wanted to go back, called them, after all compared with there, the probability that here survived is bigger.” 苗鹏飞说道:“其实,我一直都想回去一趟,把他们都叫过来,毕竟比起那里,这里生存的概率更大些。” Inserts one, Mew mew read app The sincerity is good, is worth installing, after all can the off-line read aloud! 插一句,【咪咪阅读app】真心不错,值得装个,毕竟可以离线朗读! Zi Chen has not responded, but he actually thought of once that old person. 紫宸还是没有回应,但他却想到了曾经的那位老人。 That blind the fishing corpse person of eye. 那个瞎了眼睛的捞尸人。 Is thinking that old person's flash, the Zi Chen mood experienced the violent fluctuation. 就在想到那个老人的一瞬间,紫宸的心情出现了剧烈的波动。 Is there!” “就是那里!” Zi Chen almost can conclude, by the place of own palpitation, is the place that the old person is. 紫宸几乎可以断定,让自己心悸的地方,就是老人所在的地方。 Also is the most surrounding of this world. 也就是这个世界的最外围。 Was the old person has an accident? 难道,是老人出事了? Therefore do oneself have the induction? 所以自己才心生感应? But this possibility is not big, because the previous old person has an accident, nearly vanishes, he still sensation. 但这个可能性也不大,因为上次老人出事,险些消失,他依然感知不到。 Moreover the old person is only an ordinary strength boundary, not so mysterious method. 而且老人只是普通的一力境,并没有如此神奇的手段。 Then was cared by oneself, is actually what? 那让自己在意的,究竟是什么? Zi Chen in heart, flashed through a thought suddenly. 紫宸心中,忽然闪过了一个念头。 Thought that is not willing to think. 一个不愿意去想的念头。 There presented one, by person who oneself care about? 那里出现了一个,让自己在意的人? He cannot think toward this aspect, is because this matter is extremely significant. 他之所以不敢往这方面想,是因为此事太过重大。 Good that the person who he cares about, lives, in the event of here, means that Holy Spirit World clouds over. 他在意的人,都生活的很好,一旦出现在这里,意味着圣灵界变了天。 Means Hughes, violated the initial agreement unilaterally! 意味着修斯,单方面违背了当初的约定! „It is not good, I must go back!” “不行,我得回去一趟!” The sensation to the origin of palpitation, Zi Chen no longer stayed, turns around to walk. 感知到了心悸的来源,紫宸不再停留,转身就走。 In this moment, he put down anything, what mineral lode, what Black Stone, no longer attention. 在这一刻,他把什么都放下了,什么矿脉,什么黑石,都不再关注。 Flies directly toward the background. 直接向着来路飞去。 In the most surrounding of this region, above a stage, the old blind person starts to draw in a net. 在这片地域的最外围,一座高台之上,老瞎子开始收网。 Today salvages together the crystal stone. 今日打捞出一块晶石。 He walked at the back of the net. 他背着网走了回来。 Many years pass by, he is a strength boundary. 多年过去,他还是一力境。 Once named Zi Chen, walked from here, went to the deep place, has not come back again, does not know that is lives dies. 曾经有一个叫紫宸的,从这里走出去,去了深处,再也没有回来,也不知是生是死。 He puts down the net, then walked into log cabin among. 他把网放下,然后走入了木屋当中 At this moment, the crystal stone shines, is defeated and dispersed, a person appears. 就在这时,晶石放光,然后溃散,一人显现而出。 This is white clothing woman, such as the sleeping beauty is common, lying down of calm there. 这是一个白衣女子,如睡美人一般,静静的躺在那里。 Her around the body is flashing the mysterious ray, just like the One Layer dim veil, is covering the wonderful graceful body. 周身闪动着神秘的光芒,犹如一层朦胧的面纱,笼罩着妙曼的身体。 Suddenly, she opened the eye. 忽然,她睁开了眼睛。 This world as if were many ray of light. 这个世界似乎多了一道光 She stood, looks at all around, is here?” 她站了起来,看着四周,“难道就是这里?” In her eye had the light, light of the mysterious deduce. 她的眼中有了光,一种神秘的推衍之光。 She starts deduce this side Heaven and Earth. 她开始推衍这方天地
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