TM :: Volume #48

#4756: Accident

The mysterious energy, covered the body of woman, covered up her wonderful graceful body. 神秘的能量,笼罩了女人的身体,遮掩了她那妙曼的身躯。 In her eye the ray circulation, is in deduce this side Heaven and Earth. 她眼中光芒流转,正在推衍这方天地 Mysterious energy that her around the body winds around, fast being defeated and dispersed in deduce. 周身缭绕的神秘能量,在推衍之中快速的溃散。 In the room transmits the sound, the old blind person walked. 屋内传来动静,老瞎子走了出来。 He stopped in the entrance, the expression that for a long time has not changed very much, had the radical change at this moment. 在门口他停下了,那很久都没有变化的表情,此刻发生了剧烈的变化。 Really also has one person! 竟然又有一人! This is he fishes during the corpse profession, the person of second voluntarily awakens meets. 这是他捞尸生涯之中,所遇见的第二个自行苏醒之人。 At present this woman, as if compared with initial Zi Chen, but also is more mysterious. 只是眼前这个女人,似乎比当初的紫宸,还要神秘一些。 She not only adapted to this place quickly, is using some technique. 她不仅很快适应了此地,更是在动用某种术。 At this moment stands here, the old person has felt the unusual aura, transmits from the front. 此刻站在这里,老人已经感受到了与众不同的气息,从前方传来。 That aura is mystical, indistinct, is profound and vast. 那股气息神秘,缥缈,深远而又浩大。 In his sensation, as if met the prestige of vast Heavenly Dao. 在他的感知中,似乎遇到了浩瀚的天道之威。 At this moment, that aura vanishes, the body of woman shook shaking. 就在这时,那股气息消失,女子的身体晃了晃。 The mysterious energy of her around the body circulation, is fast gloomy. 周身流转的神秘能量,正快速暗淡下来。 Miss, you were too weak, must attempt not again.” “姑娘,你太虚弱了,莫要再尝试。” The old person reminded, simultaneously well-meaning put out the together/one path strength, hurried to refine, otherwise you will disappear. Here, vanished means the death!” 老人提醒,同时善意的拿出一道力量,“赶紧炼化,要不然你会消失的。在这里,消失就意味着死亡!” This woman shakes the head, rejected old person's good intention, she mobilizes oneself that mysterious strength again. 这个女人摇了摇头,拒绝了老人的好意,她再次调动自身那种神秘力量。 Old person's pupil shrinks, does not have the eye obviously, but actually saw the infinite light probably, in the front extends. 老人的瞳孔一缩,明明没有眼睛,但却像是看到了无限光明在前方延伸。 Faint within, he as if noticed that innumerable rule past before the body, seems like the enchanting galaxy to the utmost, is reappearing at present, somewhat shakes him unable to open the eye unexpectedly. 隐隐间,他仿佛看到无数规则在身前流转,又像是炫丽的极尽星河,在眼前重现,竟然晃得他有些睁不开眼睛。 But he does not have the eye obviously. 可他明明早已没有了眼睛。 The body of woman is in a flash, this aura was weaker. 女子的身体又是一晃,这一次气息更加虚弱了。 She looks at the distant place, I believe that you here!” 她看着远处,“我相信,你就在这里!” She mobilized the last strength, mysterious aura, here surging. 她调动了最后一丝力量,神秘的气息,在这里激荡着。 Protects the mysterious energy of body, vanishes, a beautiful appearance appears. 护体的神秘能量,就此消失,一张绝美的容颜显现。 Her complexion is extremely pale, this is recruiting that the strength uses up. 她的脸色极其苍白,这是力竭的征召。 But in this place, the strength used up is representing the death. 而在这个地方,力竭就代表着死亡。 However facing death, woman actually not sad, not desperate. 但是面对死亡,女子却没有伤心,也没有绝望。 If you here, I do not live will also be being not meaningful.” “如果你不在这里,那我活着也将没有任何意义。” Facing the life and death crisis, she smiled suddenly. 面对生死危机,她忽然笑了起来。 This smile, seems to have covered to the utmost the galaxy. 这个笑容,似乎盖过了极尽星河。 In her field of vision, presented a ray of light point. 在她的视野里,出现了一道光点。 The luminous spot is approaching fast, is innumerable crack, this is the sound of airing. 光点正在快速临近,身后是无数炸响,这是气爆之声。 In the flash that woman drops down, the light shadow approaches, in an instant grasped her. 就在女子倒下的一瞬间,光影临近,刹那间抱住了她。 His unbelievable visits her. 他难以置信的看着她。 She smiled, closed the eye. 她则是一笑,闭上了眼睛。 The old person stands in behind, shock, as if saw Heavenly God is ordinary. 老人站在后面,更加的震惊,仿佛见到了天神一般。 Has not known how long, felt infinite warm Su Mengyao to open the eye, saw a familiar appearance. 不知过了多久,感受到无限温暖的苏梦瑶睁开了眼睛,看到了一张熟悉的容颜。 Zi Chen.” 紫宸。” She whispered, in the beautiful appearance, full was missing. 她低语,绝美的容颜上,满是思念。 Awoke.” “醒了。” Zi Chen whispered gently, seemed afraid the sound is too big, quarrels she. 紫宸轻轻低语,似乎害怕声音太大,吵到她。 He embraces her in the bosom, aggravated some strengths slightly, clear sensation to her existence. 他把她揽在怀里,稍稍加重了一些力道,真切的感知到她的存在。 This moment ray covered Su Mengyao, but she also only has strength boundary nothing more. 此刻光芒重新笼罩了苏梦瑶,但她也只有一力境而已 The old person stands in behind, actually many words want to ask, but in Zi Chen eye only then this woman, he then stands in behind, had not disturbed, calm looks that Zi Chen transports the strength for her. 老人站在后面,其实有很多话想问,不过紫宸眼中只有这个女人,他便是站在后面,一直都没有打扰,静静看着紫宸为她输送力量。 Until the woman wakes up. 直到女人醒来。 Until two people support. 直到二人相拥。 Only much later, two people separate. 直到很久之后,二人分开。 He has not opened the mouth. 他还是没有开口。 Because two people do not seem to to say the words that are not one's turn him to open the mouth. 因为二人似乎有着说不完的话,根本轮不到他开口。 How you arrived here, others?” “你怎么来到了这里,其他人呢?” Zi Chen asked that the in heart biggest doubts, the heart also mentioned the throat simultaneously. 紫宸问出了心中最大的疑惑,同时心也提到了嗓子眼。 He feared. 他怕了。 Everyone is all right.” “大家没事。” Su Mengyao knows that Zi Chen is worried about anything, therefore the first few words, let the heart of Zi Chen, put. 苏梦瑶知道紫宸在担心什么,故而第一句话,就让紫宸的心,重新放了下来。 Later, truly he can calm the mind listens to Su Mengyao to speak. 之后,他才能真正静心的听苏梦瑶说话。 You leave for hundred years later, “在你离开百年之后, Hughes changed the mind, wants to annex Holy Spirit World. The black and white two seniors, stop simultaneously, but has not succeeded. ” Zi Chen has not spoken, calm is listening, although worries at present. 修斯就改变了主意,想要吞并圣灵界。黑白两位前辈,同时出面阻止,但是没有成功。”紫宸没有说话,静静听着,尽管眼下十分着急。 Worst matter, really happened. 最坏的事情,果然发生了。 Sky Martial Continent takes the symbol of Holy Spirit World, our attitudes are very essential, after Hughes reneges on a promise, we compromised, announced entire Holy Spirit World, joined Hughes's influence, became his subordinate.” 天武大陆作为圣灵界的标志,我们的态度很关键,在修斯反悔之后,我们就妥协了,宣告整个圣灵界,加入修斯的势力,成为他的下属。” Inserts one, Mew mew read app The sincerity is good, is worth installing, after all can the off-line read aloud! 插一句,【咪咪阅读app】真心不错,值得装个,毕竟可以离线朗读! Although we so coordinate, but was still caught up from the Sky Martial world, the person who one group of he trusts, moved into the Sky Martial world. We looked for a common star sphere/planet life, strives not to contact with the outside world.” “尽管我们如此配合,但依然被从天武世界赶了出来,有一批他信任的人,入驻了天武世界。我们就找了一颗不起眼的星球生活,争取不与外界联系。” But Hughes still does not feel relieved us, he acts inconveniently personally, therefore sends people to chase down us in secret, the black and white two seniors but, delivered to a mysterious place everyone. But two seniors know, this is not the long-time matter, once Hughes unifies Myriad Worlds, will not take into consideration again, when the time comes might make a move to us personally.” “可修斯依然不放心我们,他不便亲自出手,于是暗中派人追杀我们,黑白两位前辈无奈之下,就把大家送到了一个神秘的地方。但两位前辈知道,这并不是长久的事情,一旦修斯统一万界,将再无顾及,到时候将有可能亲自对我们出手。” They inquired that some Brady's things, then told the road ahead that I you possibly go, I then looked for you.” “他们打听到了一些布雷迪的事情,然后告诉我你可能去往的前路,我便来找你了。” Brady is the lucky fellow who that leaves since then, but had been killed by Hughes. 布雷迪就是那个从此地离开的幸运儿,但已经被修斯杀了。 Su Mengyao can find itself, can say that the ingredient of coincidence is enormous. 苏梦瑶能够找到自己,可以说巧合的成分极大。 After all can come here smoothly, needed very big luck. 毕竟能够顺利的到达这里,本就需要很大的运气。 But he can the sensation to existence of Su Mengyao, be not completely the luck, but is relations between two people. Also or is the he and Su Mengyao fetters between. 而他能够感知到苏梦瑶的存在,则不完全是运气,而是二人之间的联系。亦或者说,是他与苏梦瑶之间的羁绊。 Understood the beginning to end of matter, Zi Chen shakes the head, said: Here is similar to Desperate Land, we cannot go back temporarily, possibly can never go back.” 了解了事情的始末,紫宸摇了摇头,道:“这里如同一个绝地,我们暂时回不去,可能永远也回不去。” Su Mengyao said: „Before I come, Miao Miao has said that at crucial moments, black tower is perhaps useful.” 苏梦瑶说道:“我来之前,妙妙说过,在危机时刻,或许黑塔有用。” Zi Chen shakes the head again, he did not have the sensation to Heita's existence, perhaps black tower has not arrived here along with him together. 紫宸再次摇头,他还没有感知到黑塔的存在,或许黑塔没有随他一起来到这里。 A moment later, Zi Chen turns around, sees the old person, senior, along with me goes to the deep place.” 片刻之后,紫宸转过身来,看着老人,“前辈,随我去深处吧。” The old person looks at Zi Chen, surprised asking: Here, actually has the flying strength?” 老人看着紫宸,吃惊的问道:“在这里,竟然拥有飞空的力量?” Yes, to six strength boundaries, had the flying strength.” “是的,到了六力境,就拥有了飞空的力量。” Zi Chen continues saying: „The resources of deep place are more, danger relatively also few.” 紫宸继续说道:“深处的资源更多,危险相对也少。” That here what to do?” The old person said. “那这里怎么办?”老人说道。 Not all people, will appear from here.” Zi Chen said: This place has or does not have, no matter.” “并不是所有的人,都会从这里出现。”紫宸说道:“此地有或者没有,都无所谓。” Inside person were too many, not everyone walks from outside. 里面的人太多了,并不是所有人都是从外面走进去的。 The specific reason is anything, Zi Chen is not clear, has not investigated, but he believes that if this place, is impossible to train so many people. 具体原因是什么,紫宸并不清楚,也没有调查过,但他相信,如这个地方,是不可能培养那么多人的。 For example that region that Miao Pengfei controls, strength boundaries and two strength boundaries, ten thousand people. 比如苗鹏飞所控制的那片区域,一力境与二力境,就过了万人。 Good.” “好吧。” The old person nods assent finally. 老人最终点头同意。 Before departure, the old person put down some energies, stays in this log cabin. 在离开之前,老人放下了一些能量,留在这座木屋里。 When the old person comes out after the log cabin, the eye that once vanished appears again. 等老人从木屋出来之后,曾经消失的眼睛再次出现。 Because he does not use when again fishes the corpse person, does not need to look straight ahead to the utmost vortex. 因为他不用再当捞尸人,再不用直视极尽漩涡 Then, Zi Chen makes the together/one path energy, this energy holds the old person, slowly lift-off. 接下来,紫宸打出一道能量,这道能量托着老人,缓缓升空。 Zi Chen is holding the hand of Su Mengyao, flies to the sky. 紫宸则是拉着苏梦瑶的手,飞向天空。 One line of three people, start thoroughly. 一行三人,开始深入。
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