TM :: Volume #48

#4754: Peers

Zi Chen goes to the soul mountain, met the teams of two broken law along the way, but deliberately avoided. 紫宸前往灵魂山,沿途遇见了两支破法者的队伍,不过都刻意的避开了。 The soul mountain is the place of concealment, he does not hope that was discovered. 灵魂山是隐匿之地,他不希望被发现。 After arriving at the soul mountain, he is warmly welcomed. 来到灵魂山之后,他受到了热烈欢迎。 The time press, Zi Chen explained the purpose in coming. 时间紧迫,紫宸说明了来意。 As soon as the old person listens, is very accidental/surprised. 老人一听,很是意外。 He said: Or, do I accompany you to walk?” 他说道:“要不,我陪你走一趟?” Zi Chen shakes the head, the old person is here pillar, if he walked, other extinguishing shadow, decide however is unable to feel at ease. 紫宸摇了摇头,老人是这里的主心骨,如果他走了,其他的灭影者,定然无法安心。 Moreover Zi Chen is not clear, to outside will have anything, naturally does not dare to take risk. 而且紫宸也不清楚,到了外面会发生什么,自然不敢冒这个险。 I go!” “我去!” At this moment, young Wei stood from the crowd, initially was she brings Zi Chen, thus changed destiny that extinguished a shadow clan. 就在这时,小薇从人群中站了出来,当初就是她把紫宸带来的,从而改变了灭影一族的命运。 After building up to melt Black Stone that Zi Chen brought, she has been able to start talking, does not need to exchange with the soul again. 炼化了紫宸拿过来的黑石之后,她已经可以开口说话,不用再用灵魂交流。 The old person looks at Zi Chen. 老人看着紫宸 Zi Chen nods. 紫宸点了点头。 This is also his early morning idea. 这也是他一早的想法。 The young Wei's soul strength aura, experienced the violent fluctuation, seems very excited. 小薇的魂力气息,出现了剧烈的波动,显得很激动。 Because can go to look outside world. 因为可以出去看外面的世界。 Finally Zi Chen only has young Wei to leave, because this time is only the attempt, therefore is unable to lead too many people. 最终紫宸只带着小薇一人离开,因为这一次只是尝试,所以无法带太多人。 Two people start to return, walk young Wei in forest, curious looks at all around, the bird that probably emerges, will ask some questions sometimes. 二人开始回返,走在林中的小薇,好奇的看着四周,像是出笼的小鸟,有时会问些问题。 Once she, only dares to walk randomly in the , will not walk is so far. 曾经的她,只敢在附近游走,不会走这么远。 No one can see young Wei, but does not remove some accidents/surprises, when soon arrives at the mountain range surrounding, two people deliberately wait for the darkness to walk. 没有人能看到小薇,但也不排除一些意外,所以在快要到达山脉外围的时候,二人刻意的等着天黑才走。 After the darkness, all adventurers will go back, hardly know some people to pass the night outside. 天黑之后,所有冒险者都会回去,几乎不会有人在外面过夜。 But the darkness, the broken law beast came out. 而天黑了,破法兽就出来了。 But to Zi Chen, these broken law beasts is not the threat, after killing two along the way, two people went out of that mountain range. 但对紫宸来说,这些破法兽不算威胁,沿途打杀了两只之后,二人走出了那片山脉。 The weather is still black. 天色依然是黑的。 Zi Chen has not returned to the spirit law palace, but leads young Wei, directly place that went to the transmission to be. 紫宸没有回灵法殿,而是带着小薇,直接去了传送所在的地方。 In this breaks in the law city, the population of broken law may be many, they can exist the sensation to young Wei. 在这破法城里,破法者的人数可不少,他们是能够感知到小薇存在的。 Young Wei arrives at the city for the first time, even if the present is at night, may look at these constructions, she still envies. 小薇还是首次来到城市,哪怕眼下是黑夜,可看着这些建筑,她依然十分羡慕。 Zi Chen also rarely spoke along the way, in the eyes of others, Zi Chen, only then a person is hurrying along in the nighttime. 紫宸沿途也很少说话,在其他人的眼中,紫宸只有一个人正在黑夜里赶路。 Arrives at the entrance, Zi Chen opens the door of space, two people walked directly. 来到入口处,紫宸打开空间之门,二人直接走了出去。 Left broke the law city, that then did not need to worry, two people at the normal speed, moved toward that stretch of station. 离开了破法城,那便不用着急,二人以正常速度,走向那片驻地。 The weather puts brightly, Zi Chen arrived at Miao Pengfei the station. 天色放亮,紫宸来到了苗鹏飞的驻地。 Young Wei sees so many human(ity) for the first time, curious looking around. 小薇还是首次见到这么多人类,好奇的东张西望。 All around person of communication, no can see her. 四周来往之人,没有一个能看见她。 Zi Chen saw Miao Pengfei, the opposite party had also prepared some people, at present is 300 people. 紫宸见到了苗鹏飞,对方也早就准备好了一些人,目前是三百人。 Zi Chen said: Some multi- belt/bring things, early stage must first construct the camp, the time of this mining should not be short, safety first.” 紫宸说道:“多带些东西,前期要先建造营地,此次开采的时间应该不短,安全第一。” In the surrounding, Realm of people is generally very low, in addition the threat of broken law beast, everyone must be more careful. 在外围,众人的境界普遍都很低,再加上破法兽的威胁,所有人都得小心一些。 Moreover in Miao Pengfei and the others cognitive among, besides the broken law beast, extinguishes shadow, that is most fearful. 而且在苗鹏飞等人的认知当中,除了破法兽外,还有灭影者,那才是最为可怕的。 Regarding extinguishing the secret of shadow beast, Zi Chen had not deliberately explained for him. 对于灭影兽的秘密,紫宸没有刻意为他解释。 This matter, some people know, few some troublesome. 这种事情,少一些人知道,也就少一些麻烦。 Because early stage must construct the camp, to speed up advancement, Miao Pengfei stopped the work of mining directly, formed a several thousand people of team. 前期因为要建造营地,为了加快进程,苗鹏飞直接停了挖矿的工作,组成了一个数千人的队伍。 Under recommendation, Mew mew read app The sincerity is good, is worth installing, after all the book source are many, books entire, renews quickly! 推荐下,【咪咪阅读app】真心不错,值得装个,毕竟书源多,书籍全,更新快! This team follows Zi Chen, brings the resources, enormous and powerful walks in the direction that the Black Stone mineral lode is. 这支队伍跟着紫宸,带着资源,浩浩荡荡的向着黑石矿脉所在的方向走去。 At night, everyone is divided into dozens people of squads, encircles by the bonfire. 夜晚时分,所有人分成几十人的小队,围在篝火旁。 The bonfire shines, but the people still have an intense sense of discomfort. 篝火映照,可众人依然有种强烈的不安之感。 This when the third evening, obvious. 这在第三个晚上的时候,更加的明显。 Because here has to extinguish the shadow beast to appear and disappear. 因为这里已经有灭影兽出没。 But extinguishes the shadow beast murder, can live, then all depends on own luck. 而灭影兽杀人,能不能活下来,则全凭自身运气。 You do not need to worry, has Sir Zi Chen here and ensure you will not have an accident!” “你们不用担心,有紫宸大人在这里,保证你们不会出事!” Miao Pengfei sees the anxiety of people, therefore makes noise immediately the comfort. 苗鹏飞看出众人的紧张,于是立刻出声安慰。 However here team are too many, the range is too broad, treats with Zi Chen in the same place nature did not fear, in the same place, existences of especially these surrounding, does not hear this comfort, showed that this place really has to extinguish the shadow beast, instead was worried. 但是这里的队伍太多,范围实在太广,跟紫宸待在一起的自然不怕,可不在一起的,特别是那些外围的存在,听到这句安慰,证明此地真有灭影兽,反而更担心了。 Sees the anxiety of people, Zi Chen said loudly: You felt relieved, so long as there are to extinguish the shadow beast to appear, no matter many I can see. You now most this/should worry, will be these possibly broken law beast in groups, rather than will extinguish the shadow beast!” 看出众人的不安,紫宸放声说道:“你们放心好了,只要有灭影兽出现,不管多远我都能看到。你们现在最该担心的,是那些可能会成群结队的破法兽,而不是灭影兽!” Had Zi Chen these words, the people then felt relieved thoroughly. 有了紫宸的这句话,众人这才彻底放下心来。 As for the broken law beast, their huge teams, do not fear. 至于破法兽,他们这支庞大的队伍,根本不惧。 Zi Chen brings the team, walked for eight days, this reaches the destination. 紫宸带着队伍,足足走了八天,这才到达目的地。 Most starts the people also worried very much, the fear meets to extinguish the shadow beast, but for several nights, has not met one to extinguish the shadow beast , after no one has the accident/surprise, everyone feels relieved. 最开始众人还很担心,害怕遇上灭影兽,可一连几个晚上,都没有遇到一只灭影兽,也没有一人出现意外之后,所有人都放下了心来。 They do not certainly know, may be called extinguishes existence of shadow beast all the way, continuously with them. 他们当然不会知道,一路上就有一位堪称灭影兽的存在,一直在跟着他们。 When to that mineral lode also section of road, Zi Chen hints the team by the normal speed vanguard, but he leads young Wei, accelerates to go toward that piece of mineral lode. 在相距那矿脉还有一段路的时候,紫宸示意队伍以正常速度前行,而他则是带着小薇,加速向着那片矿脉而去。 Arrives here, Zi Chen discovered that extinguishes shadow the number, as if were more. 来到这里,紫宸发现灭影者的数量,似乎多了一些。 These extinguish shadow after seeing Zi Chen, then encircles immediately. 那些灭影者在看到紫宸之后,则是立刻围了上来。 And some, then looks at young Wei. 其中有一些,则是看着小薇。 Young Wei starts to exchange with them. 小薇开始跟他们交流起来。 After all once she, existed with these, may have the common language. 毕竟曾经的她,跟这些存在一样,或许会有共同的语言。 Really, a moment later, both sides on have been able to exchange merely normally. 果然,仅仅片刻之后,双方就已经能够正常的交流。 Lets them far away from this mineral lode.” “让他们远离这座矿脉。” Zi Chen points at a distant place region saying: Then, I will make one construct some constructions there, from now on they will live in that place.” 紫宸指着远处一片地域说道:“接下来,我会让人在那里建造一些建筑,今后他们就生活在那个地方。” Young Wei extinguishes the shadow exchange with these immediately, quick got the response. 小薇立刻跟这些灭影者交流,很快就得到了回应。 Everyone starts to retrocede. 所有人开始后退。 In this period Zi Chen did not forget to remind, ten million cannot make a move to other human(ity) again. 期间紫宸不忘提醒,千万不能再对其他人类出手。 These extinguish shadow not to have the opinion, because they had Black Stone, does not need to swallow the devour Spirit soul to maintain the life in the dependence. 这些灭影者们也没有意见,因为他们有了黑石,也不需要在依靠吞噬灵魂来维持生命。 This was young Wei says ahead of time, from now on Zi Chen provides Black Stone to them. 这是小薇提前说了的,今后紫宸给他们提供黑石 Young Wei arranges all, Zi Chen stays here, waits for Miao Pengfei and the others to arrive. 小薇去安排一切,紫宸留在这里,等待着苗鹏飞等人到来。 After half double-hour, the large unit came. 半个时辰之后,大部队来了。 Is centered on this mountain peak, in a surrounding area several thousand zhang (3.33 m) range, starts to construct some stations. 以这座山峰为中心,在方圆几千丈的范围之内,开始修建一些驻地。 Miao Pengfei is arrives by the mountain peak, looks these had been dug the trace, asked: Is these things?” 苗鹏飞则是走到山峰旁边,看着那些被挖过的痕迹,问道:“就是这些东西?” Zi Chen nods, said: „After and other constructions are completed, stays behind person who these mine. Every time digs out together the ore, takes the reward to five strengths.” 紫宸点了点头,道:“等这些建筑完成之后,留下那些挖矿的人。每挖出一块矿石,给五道力量作为报酬。” Five? Isn't one day five?” “一块五道?不是一天五道?” Miao Pengfei gawked staring, the reward of their peripheral region, according to the day calculates. 苗鹏飞愣了愣,他们这外围地域的酬劳,是按天算的。 Zi Chen also said: Five!” 紫宸又道:“一块五道!” Such high reward, I wanted to begin here.” “这么高报酬,我都想要在这里开工了。” Miao Pengfei surprised say/way: What this thing is, why will give such high price?” 苗鹏飞一脸吃惊道:“这东西到底是什么,为何会给这么高价?” You also said is the high price, then on a ten million don't mistake!” “你也说了是高价,那就千万别出差错!” Zi Chen urged: These Black Stone, have big using to me!” 紫宸叮嘱道:“这些黑石,对我有大用!” Miao Pengfei patted the chest saying: Relax, I can be stationed here, personally supervision!” 苗鹏飞拍了拍胸膛道:“放心,我可以驻扎在这里,亲自监督!” Zi Chen patted Miao Pengfei the shoulder with a smile, said: These days, indeed needs you to look here personally! From now on, I adjust others to come again!” 紫宸笑着拍了拍苗鹏飞的肩膀,道:“这段时间,的确需要你在这里亲自看着!今后,我再调其他人过来!” Zi Chen turns around, is pointing at the distant place, said: Finds some people, first constructs the terrace there!” 紫宸转身,指着远处,道:“找些人,先在那里建造一排房屋!”
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