TM :: Volume #40

#3978: Warning

Formidable battle strength that Zi Chen formerly showed that played the decisive awing effect, then other influences when carve up that mountain peak, very much desirably has avoided the Zi Chen choice place. Looks at δδ book pavilion ww w. 『 Kan → shu → 紫宸先前展现出的强大战力,起了决定性的震慑作用,接下来其他势力在瓜分那座山峰的时候,都很刻意的避开了紫宸挑选的地方。看ΔΔ书阁wwんw.『kan→shu→ thunder Mang and the others occupy smoothly. 雷吂等人顺利占据。 That mountain peak looks like an assembly point, the influences of arrival are almost start as if by prior agreement excavate mining there. 那座山峰就像是一个集合点,到来的势力们几乎是不约而同的开始在那里发掘开采。 As if before can leave, they did not plan to penetrate. 似乎在可以离开之前,他们都不打算深入了。 Thinks is also, they are underprepared, coming the person not to be many, if continues thoroughly, once meets the same three families of the deceased, that is one dies completely. 想想也是,他们准备不足,来人不多,如果继续深入的话,一旦遇上同样的三头遗族,那完全就是一个死。 Brings death with it in vain, might as well explores the resources in this place silently, is waiting for reinforcements' arrival. 与其白白送死,还不如在此地默默发掘资源,等待着援兵的到来。 Zi Chen is still penetrating, majority is silent, occasionally will have some reads broken. 紫宸还在深入着,大部分都是沉默不语,偶尔会有一些碎碎念。 For example when he sees some mountain peak, first will observe a meeting, will then say: Some resources, but does not know that are many and few.” 比如在他看到某个山峰的时候,先是会观察一会,接着就会说道:“有些资源,但不知多与少。” He little runs into the family of the deceased along the way, even if occasionally bumps into several, will be killed. 沿途他很少遇到遗族,就算偶尔碰到几个,也会被打杀。 As if had the beforehand vigilance, how long Zi Chen cannot get away, will use the pupil technique to examine around, looked whether some people follow. 似乎有了之前的警觉,走不了多久的紫宸,就会动用瞳术查看一下四周,看是否有人跟随。 In the secret room, an old person said: That several places, we had investigated before, indeed may have the chance, is only the time press, therefore has not gone to search for carefully.” 密室之中,一位老人说道:“那几个地方,我们之前探查过,的确有可能存在着机缘,只是时间紧迫,故而没有前去仔细搜寻。” The moon/month surveys heavenly bodies said: Our people, need to survey over and over, can under decide the conclusion, but Zi Chen only needs a liking for several merely, can affirm unexpectedly, it seems like his method is very uncommon.” 月步天说道:“我们的人,需要再三探测,才能下定结论,而紫宸仅仅只需要看上几眼,竟然就敢肯定,看来他的手段果然很不凡。” The old person is somewhat sigh with emotion, if Zi Chen in their clan, that this good. 老人有些感慨,如果紫宸在他们一族,那该多好。 When Zi Chen is thorough, in several other directions, there are other influence choices to be thorough. 就在紫宸深入的时候,在另外几个方向,也有其他势力选择深入。 Jumps over toward behind walks, family of the deceased's quantity seem to be less. 只是越往后面走,遗族的数量似乎越少。 Zi Chen the have several ten li (0.5 km) had not seen the family of the deceased, as if here family of the deceased disappeared completely. 紫宸已经有数十里不曾看到遗族,似乎这里的遗族已经全部消失了。 Arrives at beside not a big mountain peak, he stared at the mountain peak to look at roughly the time of tea, the next quarter, he lifted the hand to make together the light of energy. 来到一座并不大的山峰之外,他凝望着山峰看了约莫盏茶的时间,下一刻,他抬手打出一道能量之光。 The ray submerges the mountain peak to vanish, Zi Chen turns around to leave. 光芒没入山峰消失,紫宸转身离开。 This is in sole possession of mark that he stays behind, other person of basic sensations, however Saint Thunder Clan person, once arrives at this place, will discover unusually. 这是他留下的独有标记,其他人根本感知不到,但是圣雷族的人一旦到达此地,就会发现异常。 In the space surged the ripples, the Zi Chen body side presented a sharp thorn suddenly, directly soared the temples of Zi Chen. 空间之中激荡出涟漪,紫宸身侧忽然出现了一道尖刺,直奔紫宸的太阳穴而来。 This attack appears is very towering, and silent. 这道攻击出现的很是突兀,而且无声无息。 ! 唰! In this attack close , the Zi Chen figure suddenly vanishes. 就在这道攻击临近之时,紫宸的身形忽然消失。 Meanwhile, piece of golden light has illuminated all around, each inch land in forest, each leaf has mapped a set the golden same color. 与此同时,一片金光照亮了四周,把林中的每一寸土地,每一片树叶都映成了黄金一样的颜色。 In the Zi Chen field of vision, presented a human form family of the deceased, she looks like with human(ity) is without change, the body puts on the special characteristics the black leotard, has to concave-convex stature, extremely good outlined. 紫宸的视野里,出现了一位人形遗族,她看起来跟人类一般无二,身上穿着特质的黑色紧身衣,把凹凸有致的身材,极好的勾勒了出来。 This is a human form family of the deceased, might as well said that she is human(ity). 与其说这是一个人形遗族,还不如说她就是一个人类 Her facial features are bringing several points of beautifulness, but a pair of pupil at this moment, has several points to be astonished however. 她的面容带着几分妖艳,但此刻的一双眸子里,却有着几分讶然。 She as if surprised own sneak attack strikes, actually will be defeated. 她似乎惊讶自己的偷袭一击,竟然会失败。 The long stick drops, golden light that shines upon, as if especially callous. 长棍落下,映照的金光,似乎格外的冷酷。 Facing Zi Chen strikes, she turns around, holds up the sharp thorn weapon standard to keep off, rays from around the body bright. 面对紫宸的一击,她转身,举起尖刺兵器格挡,一道道的光芒自周身亮起。 Bang! 嘭! The weapon meet, the formidable air wave scatters in all directions. 兵器相遇,强大的气浪四散开来。 Human form family of the deceased's figure retrocedes rapidly. 人形遗族的身形迅速后退。 The step of Zi Chen under foot flashes, pursued rapidly, the long stick falls again. 紫宸脚下的步伐为之一闪,迅速追了上去,长棍再落。 The opposite party makes a move to sneak attack, obviously rushes to kill people, therefore Zi Chen does not have, because the opposite party is a woman, has any softheartedness. 对方出手偷袭,显然是奔着杀人来的,故而紫宸也没有因为对方是一个女人,就有任何的心慈手软。 ! 唰! The woman figure vanishes baseless. 女子的身形凭空消失。 She disappears, but is not such as Zi Chen because like that the speed is too quick, making the person have the misconception. 她是真的消失,而不是如紫宸那般因为速度过快,使人产生了错觉。 A dangerous aura, from behind appears. 一股危险的气息,从身后出现。 Zi Chen turns around, lifts the stick to welcome. 紫宸转身,举棍相迎。 Clang! 锵! The sonorous sound erupts, the formidable strength is shaking, the innumerable say/way ripple scatter in all directions. 铿锵之音爆发,强大的力量震荡着,无数道波纹四散开来。 Two people frequent each other, started the fight in this region. 二人你来我往,在这片区域开始了战斗。 But can Zi Chen fight an evenness, obviously the origin of enemy is out of the ordinary. 而能够紫宸战成一个平手,显然敌人的来历非比寻常。 At this moment, the Saint moon/month clansman in secret room, is only observing, but at this time their attention, not on Zi Chen, but on the body of that woman. 此时此刻,密室之中的圣月族人,则是唯一的观战者,但此时他们的注意力,都不在紫宸身上,而是在那个女子的身上。 In the booklet, was only in part of dangers, has not recorded completely, that after all was the Saint moon/month clansman with the experience that the life traded, how could did presenting as a gift in vain give other people? 小册子里,只是记在了一部分的危险,并没有记载全部,那毕竟是圣月族人用命换回来的经验,岂能白白的赠给他人? With woman that Zi Chen fights, is the genuine family of the deceased, the family of the deceased but who they saw in the past, appears as man, murders decisively, such as the present so, actually for the first time meets. 紫宸战斗的女子,是真真正正的遗族,只是以往他们见到的遗族,都是以男子的身份出现,杀伐果断,如眼下这般,却是首次遇到。 Moon/Month step bosom coldly smiles, said: I think in the family of the deceased, does not have the woman, has not thought that the first appearance, has beauty thus and such and such.” 月步怀冷冷一笑,道:“我以为遗族之中,是没有女人的,没想到第一个出现的,就有如此这般姿色。” He was saying the beautiful appearance of opposite party, but look actually very tranquil, to their this ranks, the beautiful appearance attraction was not big. 他在说着对方的美貌,但眼神却非常的平静,到了他们这个级别,美貌的吸引力已经不大。 The sound that two people fight is enormous, and has not decided the victory and defeat, only has the strength light of one after another, the unceasing sputtering, surges. 二人战斗的动静极大,而且迟迟没有分出胜负,唯有一道又一道力量之光,不断的溅射,激荡。 ! 哧! Suddenly, has fight complementary waves together, submerged airborne, has bumped into restriction by chance, their present pictures dodge, vanishes in light of this. 忽然,有着一道战斗的余波,没入了空中,恰巧碰到了禁制,他们眼前的画面一闪,就此消失。 Went bad?” “坏了?” The moon/month surveys heavenly bodies stares slightly, is somewhat stunned. 月步天微微一愣,有些错愕。 Is realized that the threat, went into hiding voluntarily.” “是察觉到了威胁,自行隐匿了起来。” That old person said: This melted with rule for a body, can the sensation to the strength strong and weak, once to its is threatening, then voluntarily will go into hiding, avoids the danger.” 那位老人说道:“此阵已经与规则融为了一体,可以感知到力量的强弱,一旦对其有威胁,那么就会自行隐匿,躲避危险。” The moon/month step bosom said: It avoided dangerously, we? Couldn't the following fight see?” 月步怀说道:“它躲避危险了,那我们呢?接下来的战斗岂不是看不到了?” The voice of moon/month step bosom just fell, sees only the picture that vanishes, another appearance, two people stopped the fight, stands in two directions respectively, started confrontation. 只是月步怀的话音刚落,只见消失的画面,又一次的出现,二人已经停止了战斗,各自站在两个方向,开始了对峙。 The old person said: Does not need to worry, after danger vanishes, restriction will have the induction, appearance naturally.” 老人说道:“不用着急,在危险消失之后,禁制也会生出感应,自然而然的出现。” Then, they heard the sound of dialogue. 接下来,他们听到了对话之声。 Intruder, you should halt to here.” That sneak attacks the Zi Chen woman, saying of coldly. “入侵者,你到这里该止步了。”那个偷袭紫宸的女人,冷冷的说道。 „Are you a family of the deceased?” “你是遗族?” Zi Chen looks at the opposite party, in the eye has several points of accident/surprise obviously. 紫宸看着对方,眼中明显有着几分意外。 The moon/month step bosom hears such dialogue, scoffs to say with a smile: This is not obvious, but also with the question, this intelligence quotient, does not know how to live the present.” 月步怀听到这样的对话,嗤笑道:“这不是明摆着吗,还用质疑,就这个智商,不知道是怎么活到现在的。” The moon/month surveys heavenly bodies beckons with the hand, hints moon/month of step bosom not to talk too much. 月步天摆手,示意月步怀莫要多言。 Now immediately retreats, otherwise you will die a tragic death!” “现在立刻退走,要不然你会死得很惨!” woman throws down such a threat, the figure flashes, during hidden enters to be void once more vanishes. 女子丢下这么一句威胁,身形一闪,再次隐入虚空之中消失。 Direction that Zi Chen visual the opposite party is leaving, the look is flashing. 紫宸目视着对方离开的方向,眼神闪动着。 Really is only a warning?” The moon/month surveyed heavenly bodies somewhat cannot understand. “难道真的只是一次警告?”月步天有些看不懂了。 The human form family of the deceased who they ran into before, in the event, does not die the continuous aspect, such as present scene so, but has never met. 他们以前遇到的人形遗族,一旦出现,就是不死不休的局面,如眼下这般的场景,可是从未遇到过。 When did the family of the deceased become such well speaks? 遗族什么时候变得这么好说话了? Zi Chen will certainly not stop, will not obey the warning. 紫宸当然不会停下,甚至也不会听从警告。 He continues thoroughly, had discovered along the way. 他继续深入,沿途有所发现。 The Saint moon/month clan has developed here for several hundred years, but as if has not developed this position the resources, Zi Chen saw much. 圣月族在这里发展了数百年,但似乎并未开发这个方位的资源,紫宸看到了不少。 So long as explores these resources, his harvest will not be small. 只要把这些资源发掘出来,他的收获就不会小了。 Continues thoroughly, he arrives at the region that family of the deceased has guarded, or is family of the deceased's place of residence. 继续深入,他来到了遗族镇守的区域,或者说是遗族的居住地。 Stands looks before the summit, Zi Chen saw the family of the deceased of dressing ranks is passing in and out, the atmosphere is very dignified. 站在山巅之上前望,紫宸看到了整队的遗族在进进出出,气氛很凝重。 Zi Chen goes down from the summit quietly, bypassed their place of residence desirably , to continue to penetrate. 紫宸从山巅之上悄悄走下,刻意绕过了他们的居住地,继续深入着。 In the other time, he planned that investigation well one this place, looks to discover some big chances. 在余下的时间里,他打算好好的探查一番这个地方,看能不能发现一些大的机缘。 He arrived at the place of fog winding around, this place appearance of the mountain is steep, presents the aspect of four sides going around a mountain, but in the center of fog, is a giant lake, the inside blue light ripples. 他来到了一片云雾缭绕之地,此地山势陡峭,呈现出四面环山的局面,而在云雾的中心,是一片巨大的湖泊,里面碧光荡漾。 If not approach, cannot see this lake, the fog can cover all. 如果不走近,是看不到这个湖泊的,云雾会笼罩一切。 In the forests is very peaceful, not having the song of the birds insect to call. 林间十分安静,没有鸟鸣虫叫。 Zi Chen in this place careful sensation, is investigating these places repeatedly. 紫宸在此地仔细的感知,一遍遍的探查着这些地方。 In his sensation, this place is very unusual, may have anything to discover significantly. 在他的感知中,此地很不寻常,或许会有什么重大发现。 But at this time, these people in secret room, fell the attention on this place. 而此时,密室中的那些人,也把注意力落在了这个地方。 The moon/month surveyed heavenly bodies in all around of lake has drawn a circle, said: We have the big harvest in seven directions, only has in this position, the harvest is minimum, this is also the reason that we choose to give up. But this position, is we suspected exactly this direction is most likely to present the place of big chance. In this period attempted to investigate, even has dug such several days, actually has achieved nothing.” 月步天在湖泊的四周画了一个圈,说道:“我们在七个方向都有大收获,唯有在这个方位,收获极小,这也是我们选择放弃的原因。而这个位置,恰恰是我们怀疑这个方向最有可能出现大机缘的地方。只是期间尝试着去探查,甚至挖了那么几天,却一无所获。” The attention of people, falls on Zi Chen. 众人的注意力,都落在紫宸身上。 They have achieved nothing, Zi Chen could discover that here does have the chance? 他们一无所获,难道说紫宸或许能够发现这里有机缘? Time long of Zi Chen stay especially, sometimes he will attempt to lie in the ground here, careful sensation. 紫宸在这里停留的时间格外的长,有时他会尝试着趴在地面,仔细的感知。 Sometimes will work on soil, places in the hand friction slowly. 有时又会抓起一把泥土,放在手里缓缓的摩擦。 Is impossible.” “不可能呀。” His mouth, muttered is whispering. 他的嘴里,喃喃低语着。 Is impossible, is absolutely impossible, so unusual place, how possibly what?” “不可能,绝对不可能,如此奇特的地方,怎么可能什么都没有?” He was unwilling, stands up, before arriving at the lake. 他心有不甘,站起身来,来到了湖泊之前。 The next quarter, his has gripped. 下一刻,他一头扎了进去。 Obviously had not discovered on four mountain peaks, therefore decided that in dehydrates has a look. 显然是在四座山峰上没有发现,于是决定去水里看看。 This is actually not strange, once Saint moon/month clansman, has handled the same matter, but has achieved nothing. 这一幕倒是不稀奇,曾经的圣月族人,也做过同样的事情,但一无所获。 I thought that you too overestimated him, his sensation how uncommonness, eventually was only a person, how also possibly to compare with our Saint moon/month clan?” “我看你们是太高估他了,就算他的感知再如何的不凡,也终究只是一个人,又怎么可能跟我们圣月族相比?” The moon/month step bosom still cannot have a liking for Zi Chen, ridicule desirably said. 月步怀依然看不上紫宸,刻意的讥讽道。 Zi Chen crops up from the water, is very depressed. 紫宸从水中冒头,很是沮丧。 Without any discovery, he has to leave , to continue to penetrate. 没有任何发现,他不得不离开,继续深入着。 The time in a flash, was 15 days, estimated soon was going back, therefore Zi Chen started to return. Goes back, his speed is faster, arrives at around that the place of going around a mountain, he did not examine willing. 时间一晃,便是过了15天,估算着快要回去了,于是紫宸开始回返。回去的时候,他的速度更快,来到那四面环山之地,他又不甘心的查看了一遍。 Still has achieved nothing. 依然是一无所获。 Only can go back honestly. 只能老老实实的回去。 Arrives that mountain peak that once was, thunder Mang walks excitedly, obviously is the harvest is not small. 来到了曾经所在的那个山峰,雷吂兴奋的走来,显然是收获不小。 The place that once Zi Chen desirably delimited, had been covered by the strength of Saint thunder, other people mine the resources in inside. 那个曾经紫宸刻意划出的地方,已经被圣雷之力笼罩了起来,其他人都在里面开采资源。 Indeed is a crystal stone mineral lode, but is not large-scale, but above this mountain peak, other people also respectively has the harvest. 的确是一个晶石矿脉,但并不是大规模的,而在这座山峰之上,其他人也是各有收获。 Has not waited for thunder Mang to inform this place to have anything, Zi Chen then directly said: I must go back.” 还不等雷吂告知此地有什么,紫宸便是直接说道:“我要回去一趟。” ( ( = = …… …… ( https://) (https://) «Thunder Martial» only dismounts on behalf of the author in the sincere viewpoint, such as discovered that its content is contrary to the content that the state law conflicts, please make deletion processing, the standpoint of https:// only devotes to providing the healthy green reading platform. 【】, Thank you! 雷武》仅代表作者中下马笃的观点,如发现其内容有违国家法律相抵触的内容,请作删除处理,https://的立场仅致力于提供健康绿色的阅读平台。【】,谢谢大家!
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