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#3979: Mobilizing soldiers

Smiling face on thunder Mang the face collects, stares slightly. 雷吂脸上的笑容敛去,微微一愣。 According to beforehand Zi Chen, when can leave, that person who walks should be he is right. 按照之前紫宸所说,在可以离开的时候,走的那个人应该是他才对。 He needs to report that here situation to clan, then makes in the clan send out some expert to support. 他需要报告这里的情况给族里,然后让族中派出一些强者来支援。 You continue to guard here, I exit to lead some people to come.” “你们继续镇守在这里,我出去多带一些人进来。” Zi Chen looked at thunder Mang, said: Perhaps by your status, one time cannot bring these many people.” 紫宸看了一眼雷吂,道:“以你的身份,或许一次带不来这么多人。” thunder Mang eyes one bright, asked: Sir has anything to discover significantly 雷吂的眼睛一亮,问道:“大人难道是有什么重大发现” Zi Chen said: Major discovery does not have actually, but the family of the deceased quantity are too many, if not solve them, some resources we are unable to mine. Moreover I discovered along the way, here many resources, obviously the Saint moon/month clan have not visited this place, this regarding my surface, is a certainly big opportunity.” 紫宸说道:“重大发现倒是没有,但遗族数量太多,如果不解决了他们,一些资源我们根本无法开采。而且沿途我发现,这里的许多资源都还在,显然圣月族还不曾踏足这个地方,这对于我面来说,可是一个绝大的机会。” Resources that you mine to me, I must bring to go back.” “把你们开采出来的资源给我一份,我要带回去。” Zi Chen told: Quality quality takes, does not need to choose desirably.” 紫宸吩咐道:“品质好坏都带上一些,没有必要刻意挑选好的。” These resources on the body of thunder mang, directly have given Zi Chen part, he planned to give Zi Chen completely, but was rejected by Zi Chen. 这些资源就在雷吂的身上,直接给了紫宸一部分,本来他打算全部给紫宸的,但被紫宸拒绝了。 Laborious these many days, the person who also first comes, making everybody some benefits nothing. 辛苦了这么多天,又是首批进来的人,让大家得些利益也没什么。 Zi Chen starts the old route to return. 紫宸开始原路返回。 In the secret room, there is a specialist to stare at Zi Chen every action and every movement, at this moment saw that he walks toward the surrounding, very accident/surprise. 密室之中,有专人盯着紫宸的一举一动,此刻看到他向着外围走来,非常的意外。 He has informed the people Zi Chen situation. 他告知了众人紫宸的情况。 The moon/month surveys heavenly bodies says with a smile: Beyond any good intention, Zi Chen had not had a liking for this place, this was must go back to have the person to come. Moreover, he nowadays is core pinnacle, so long as spoke a few words, Saint Thunder Clan definitely completely will support!” 月步天笑道:“没什么好意外的,紫宸是看上了这个地方,这是要回去带人进来了。而且,他现如今是核心极致,只要说上一句话,圣雷族必然会全部支持!” Saying that nearby person is worried about: Must exit personally, but does not have the person to convey a message, he has big discovery that we did not know in this world 旁边一人担心的说道:“要亲自出去,而不是带人传话,难道他在这个世界有了我们所不知道的大发现” Has the big discovery to be good, coming the person the more better. Holy Ghost that the tour of previous immortal territory, Saint Thunder Clan sets out, but the quantity are many, if this time they can come in completely, solely Saint Thunder Clan, we can gain one greatly.” “有大发现才好,来人越多越好。上次仙域之行,圣雷族出动的圣灵,数量可是不少,如果这一次他们能够全部进来,单单在圣雷族这边,我们就能大赚一笔。” Saint moon/month clan anything does not do, only charges the road toll, this time can earn very big one. 圣月族就算什么都不做,只收取过路费,此次就能赚取很大一笔。 They did not fear that person are many, was only worried that the person are not enough. 他们根本不怕来人多,只担心来人不够多。 After all after coming, but must leave. 毕竟来了之后,还要离开。 Leaves still needs the expense, many and little is also they decides. 离开依然需要费用,多与少也是他们说了算。 Under this all-around surveillance, many that the people harvest, they can also clear seeing. 在这种全方位的监视下,众人收获的多少,他们也能清清楚楚的看到。 It can be said that their Saint moon/month clan time, will be lying down making money. 可以说,他们圣月族这一次,将会是躺着赚钱。 Zi Chen arrived at the surrounding region, at this time had the people of Saint moon/month clan to come in this place, directs the direction that everybody is leaving. 紫宸来到了外围区域,此时已经有圣月族的人在此地现身,指引着大家离开的方向。 Still needs one transmission comprised of day crystal can leave. 依然需要一个由天晶组成的传送阵才能离开。 However this time Zi Chen person, only needs ten then. 不过这一次只有紫宸一人,只需要十块即可。 Zi Chen has paid hundred immortal stones for this reason, then arrange/cloth good transmission, soon will leave. 紫宸为此付出了百颗仙石,然后布好了传送阵,即将离开。 Zi Chen, you must walk 紫宸,你要走” The accidental/surprised sound resounds together, is Cui Liang. 一道意外的声音响起,是崔靓。 You comes back Zi Chen to look at the opposite party. “你怎么也回来了”紫宸看着走来的对方。 Left home to be too long, wants to go home to have a look.” “离家太久了,想回家看看。” Cui Liang looks at transmission of Zi Chen under foot, „, we together 崔靓看着紫宸脚下的传送阵,“要不,我们一起” Come.” “来吧。” Zi Chen has not rejected actually, this transmission enough sturdy, one time walks two people not to be a problem. 紫宸倒是没有拒绝,这个传送阵足够牢靠,一次走两个人是不成问题的。 The ray blooms, transmission start. 光芒绽放,传送阵启动。 Two people of figure vanish in light of this. 二人的身形就此消失。 Presents again time, Zi Chen arrived above a platform, here has the people of Saint moon/month clan to be responsible for receiving. 再次出现的时候,紫宸又到了一个平台之上,这里有圣月族的人负责接待。 Looked at a platform of under foot, the Zi Chen look had some changes. 看了一眼脚下的平台,紫宸的眼神发生了一些变化。 Can the accurate figuring out fall kgunneryk point, be able to figure out the place that leaves at present, it seems like Saint moon/month clan this was obtained the accurate Coordinate. 能够精准的算出落地点,眼下又能算出离开的地方,看来圣月族这是已经得到了精准的坐标。 You have anything to discover that” Cui Liang has not asked. “你有什么发现没有”崔靓问道。 Zi Chen said: Has harvested, but is not big.” 紫宸说道:“有所收获,但是不大。” Cui Liangqie, „, if did not have the big discovery, you will come out personally 崔靓切了一声,“如果不是有了大发现,你会亲自出来” Some matters must process, comes out such.” “有些事情要处理,也就出来这么一趟。” Zi Chen and Cui Liang distinguish, this time chooses itself to come out, indeed has the matter, because is unable to explain clearly with thunder Mang. 紫宸与崔靓分别,他此次选择自己出来,的确是有事情,因为无法跟雷吂交待清楚。 Left the place of transmission, Zi Chen then went to the Saint Thunder Clan station here, put out him of core pinnacle token, has used the maximum jurisdiction, started to take over for use transmission, time and time again the transmission of long-term distance, until returning to Saint Thunder Clan. 离开传送之地,紫宸便是去了圣雷族在这里的驻地,拿出核心极致令牌的他,动用了最大的权限,开始征用传送阵,一次又一次长远距离的传送,直至回到圣雷族 After arriving at Saint Thunder Clan, Zi Chen has not gone to the core city, moreover first returned to the Sky Martial world, he looked for Jolina. 来到圣雷族之后,紫宸没有去核心城市,而且先回到了天武世界,他去找了乔丽娜 The first few words are to then inquire these soul soldiers, whether has processed. 第一句话便是询问那些魂兵,是否已经处理掉。 First made them look, temporarily has not processed, price did not have the conclusion.” “先让他们看了看,暂时还没有处理,价格方面也没有定论。” The reply of Jolina, making Zi Chen relax. 乔丽娜的回答,让紫宸松了一口气。 So long as these soul soldiers have not moved well. 只要那些魂兵没动就好。 How you came back “你怎么回来了” Jolina asked: Is loses in the world, does not have what resources 乔丽娜问道:“是失落世界里,没有什么资源吗” Just the opposite, the resources is a lot , must therefore come back.” “恰恰相反,资源很多,所以必须回来一趟。” Zi Chen arrived at the core city, after arriving here, he looked for Town Lord directly. 紫宸来到了核心城市,到达这里之后,他直接去找了城主 The average people want to see that Town Lord is very difficult, but as core pinnacle Zi Chen, so long as holds to make to see. 一般人想要见到城主很难,但身为核心极致的紫宸,只要持令就能见到。 So urgent, does not know to have an accident “如此急迫,不知出了什么事” Town Lord received Zi Chen in the middle of the mansion, he knew Zi Chen uses the maximum jurisdiction return the matter. 城主在府邸当中接待了紫宸,他已经知道了紫宸动用最大权限归来的事情。 A jurisdiction of core pinnacle uses passively, in the clan will know immediately, the jurisdiction that after all the core pinnacle has was too big. 一位核心极致的权限被动用,族里都会在第一时间得知,毕竟核心极致所拥有的权限太大了。 I must requisition some core acmes, goes to lose the world.” Saying that Zi Chen comes straight to the point. “我要征调一些核心极致,前往失落世界。”紫宸开门见山的说道。 What Town Lord is startled. “什么”城主微怔。 I must requisition a number of core acmes, as well as many Holy Ghost, goes to lose the world.” Zi Chen said again, the meaning of obviously not having cracked a joke. “我要征调一批核心极致,以及很多的圣灵,前往失落世界。”紫宸再次说道,显然没有开玩笑的意思。 Actually that world has anything Town Lord curious asking. “那个世界究竟有什么”城主好奇的问道。 Since the place of previous Saint moon/month clan public losing, entire Saint Spirit World knew this matter. 自从上次圣月族公开失落之地之后,整个圣灵界都知道了这件事。 But similarly knows, on that day the transmission expense of price. 但同样知晓的,还有那天价的传送费用。 May be more than resources of immortal territory.” Zi Chen said: My this time comes out, to have the person goes.” “有可能比仙域的资源还要多。”紫宸说道:“我此次出来,就是为了带人进去。” Town Lord was startled, are unexpectedly more than previous time immortal territory resources. 城主吃了一惊,竟然比上次的仙域资源还要多。 Must know, previous immortal territory one line, the harvest of Saint Thunder Clan is biggest, even if several hundred years, there resources had still not been mined. 要知道,上次仙域一行,圣雷族的收获最大,哪怕过了几百年,那里的资源依然还没有被开采完。 If loses the world more than the resources of immortal territory, that indeed is worth abundant one time, the expense that even if transmits is not low. 如果失落世界比仙域的资源还要多,那的确值得去博一次,哪怕传送的费用不低。 However, Town Lord is shakes the head saying: My jurisdiction is limited, the Holy Ghost can convene one batch, but wants to transfer the core pinnacle, moreover is a number of core acmes, is insufficient. Moreover you also know, core pinnacle belongs to the Saint Thunder Clan topmost strength, usually does not leave the duty.” 不过紧接着,城主便是摇头说道:“我的权限有限,圣灵可以召集一批,但想要调动核心极致,而且还是一批的核心极致,还是不够的。而且你也知道,核心极致属于圣雷族最为顶尖的力量,通常是不出任务的。” Zi Chen asked: Who can transfer core pinnacle in large numbers 紫宸问道:“那谁才能大批的调动核心极致” Town Lord said: Saint reveres! The core pinnacle turns over to the Saint to revere the manages!” 城主说道:“圣尊!核心极致归圣尊管!” Zi Chen in heart had idea. 紫宸心中已经有了主意。 Town Lord also said: But the spirit ancestor and lineage/vein ancestor usually do not pay attention to the clan the thing, wants to transfer many core acmes, is somewhat difficult.” 城主又道:“但灵祖与脉祖平时不理会族中事物,想要调动诸多核心极致,也有些困难。” Town Lord knows that Zi Chen relates with two ancestors, therefore reminded one desirably. 城主知道紫宸与二祖关系好,于是刻意的提醒了一句。 That thunder place Zi Chen also asked. “那雷地呢”紫宸又问。 Thunder Saint reveres has this jurisdiction actually.” “雷地圣尊倒是有这个权限。” Town Lord looks at Zi Chen, over and over determines saying: But, you must such do really dispatch massive expert to enter lose the world, the resources of consumption are not small.” 城主看着紫宸,再三确定道:“可是,你真的要这么做吗调遣大量的强者进入失落世界,消耗的资源可是不小。” Town Lord felt relieved, my in heart have several.” 城主放心,我心中有数。” This matter must revere to discuss with the Saint, therefore Zi Chen directly the dwelling that goes to the thunder Saint to revere. 此事还是要跟圣尊商量,于是紫宸直接去了雷地圣尊的住处。 The stewards as if already know that Zi Chen must come, opened the door ahead of time. 管家似乎早就知道紫宸要来,已经提前打开了门。 Zi Chen expressed gratitude, entered in the courtyard. 紫宸道谢,进入了院落之中。 The thunder is drinking tea in the courtyard, after seeing Zi Chen comes, he hints Zi Chen to sit down, asks: Asks me to have matter 雷地正在院子里喝茶,看到紫宸进来之后,他示意紫宸坐下,问道:“找我有事” Zi Chen said own idea. 紫宸说了自己的想法。 Issue is actually not big, but you have thought the consequence of this matter failure perhaps, still had the core pinnacle quota of dispute your this to the present, must remove, even itself must bear part of losses.” “问题倒是不大,但是你有想过这件事情失败的后果吗或许,你这个到了现在依然有争议的核心极致名额,就要被撤掉,甚至本身还要承担一部分的损失。” The thunder said: After all, sets out expert each time, is in the clan over and over after the parliament, even if previous time immortal territory one line, the core pinnacle that sets out is also have several.” 雷地说道:“毕竟,每次出动强者,都是族中再三议会过后的,哪怕是上次的仙域一行,出动的核心极致也是有数的。” The thunder knocked the tabletop saying: Naturally, if the matter has succeeded, as this nominal leader, your status and status, will change.” 雷地敲了敲桌面说道:“当然了,如果事情成功了,作为此次名义上的首领,你的身份与地位,也都会发生变化。” Zi Chen said: Perhaps this time I am unable to make Saint Thunder Clan gain greatly gain especially, the person but who most at least goes to will not have achieved nothing.” 紫宸说道:“或许此次我无法让圣雷族大赚特赚,但最起码去的人不会一无所获。” Looks at the Zi Chen self-confident appearance, thunder and asked: I heard that world only suits Saint rune/symbol master to explore, although battle strength of core pinnacle is not weak, may in certain aspects, be not necessarily have the Saint symbol master to be formidable. Why not you wait again, wait for our Saint symbol master to come out 看着紫宸自信的样子,雷地又问:“我听说那个世界只适合圣符师去探险,虽然核心极致的战力不弱,可在某些方面,未必能有圣符师强大。你何不再等等,等着我们的圣符师出来” Zi Chen shakes the head saying: Within 1-2 years, they should unable to come out, all influences entered lose the world, we and others was so long. My that side has many soul soldiers, can in losing the world plays the huge might, if these core acmes had the weapon, can display the true formidable strength, therefore enters during as the top strength, they are most appropriate.” 紫宸摇头说道:“一两年之内,他们应该是出不来的,所有势力已经进驻失落世界,我们等不了那么久的。我那边有不少的魂兵,可以在失落世界里发挥出巨大的威力,如果那些核心极致们有了兵器,就能发挥出真正强大的力量,所以作为顶级力量进入当中,他们是最为合适的。” Good, the person I can help you convene, does not know that you planned when makes them go in “那好吧,人我可以帮你召集,不知你打算让他们何时进去” The thunder nodded to comply finally. 雷地最终点头答应了下来。 First is not going in anxiously immediately, must go in turn.” “先不急着立刻进去,要分批进去。” Zi Chen said: „During this time I bring thunder not to win the brother and sister to enter first.” 紫宸说道:“此次我先带雷无胜兄妹进入当中。” The thunder said: Is also bringing Xiaolan, since previous time has an accident, she has not exited, is leading her, was makes her relax.” 雷地说道:“把小岚也带着吧,自从上次出事之后,她就没有出去过,带着她,算是让她散心了。” Zi Chen will certainly not reject, to be honest, even if to the present, Lei Lan still had not walked from the previous time event. 紫宸当然不会拒绝,说实话,哪怕是到了现在,雷岚依然没有从上次的事件之中走出来。 She is still rebuking oneself. 她依然在自责。 Leaves from the mansion of thunder place, Zi Chen went to the Town Lord mansion, then discussed the following matter with Town Lord. 从雷地的府邸当中离开,紫宸又去了城主府,接下来便是与城主商议接下来的事情。 Zi Chen said: „The early stage person, must be reliable, wants these and thunder family not any relations.” 紫宸说道:“前期的人,一定得要可靠的,一定要那些与雷正家族没有任何关系的。” In this period Zi Chen said Lei Zheng Hongtian brought a person of past matter secretly. 期间紫宸说了雷正弘天私自带人过去的事情。 Town Lord knows that Zi Chen and celebrating a holiday of thunder family, has not indicated the standpoint at this matter actually, only said felt relieved, going absolutely is to Saint Thunder Clan loyal and devoted existence. 城主知道紫宸与雷正家族的过节,倒是没有在这件事情上表明立场,只说放心,前去的绝对是对圣雷族忠心耿耿的存在。 Completes these matters, Zi Chen then relaxed, was the small matter. 把这些事情做完,紫宸这才松了一口气,接下来就是小事情了。 He looked for the lineage/vein ancestor and spirit ancestor, in this period Zi Chen said, two Old Ancestor leisure, outside can go to travel 他去找了脉祖与灵祖,期间紫宸说了一句,“两位老祖闲暇之余,是不是可以去外面游历一番” Travels for pleasure, Old Ancestor got sleepy recently, cannot awake frequently.” “游历个屁,老祖最近犯困,经常都睡不醒。” Arteries ancestor self-satisfied saying of: Because of Old Ancestor I, must grow.” 脉祖得意的说道:“因为老祖我,要成长了。” The spirit ancestor shot a look at lineage/vein ancestor one eyes, in the eye disdains completely, she looks at Zi Chen saying: Some date and time, we will have gone out for a walk.” 灵祖则是瞥了脉祖一眼,眼中满是不屑,她看着紫宸说道:“过些时日,我们会出去走走的。” Walks leaf spirit, you were insane this time also to have the mood to exit to stroll “走叶灵,你是疯了吧这个时候还有心情出去逛” The lineage/vein ancestor sees the spirit ancestor, saying of surprise. 脉祖看着灵祖,诧异的说道。 The spirit ancestor sees lineage/vein ancestor, rolls!” 灵祖则是看着脉祖,“滚!” ( https://) (https://) «Thunder Martial» only dismounts on behalf of the author in the sincere viewpoint, such as discovered that its content is contrary to the content that the state law conflicts, please make deletion processing, the standpoint of https:// only devotes to providing the healthy green reading platform. 【】, Thank you! 雷武》仅代表作者中下马笃的观点,如发现其内容有违国家法律相抵触的内容,请作删除处理,https://的立场仅致力于提供健康绿色的阅读平台。【】,谢谢大家!
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