DNDB :: Volume #1

#30: Warm wife

Boss, comes two ice cream.” “老板,来两只冰淇凌。” Heard the sound, the boss who sells the ice cream raised the head, but gawks slightly. 听到了声音,售卖冰淇凌的老板抬起头来,只不过微微一楞。 What appears before his shop is two sits the guest above clouds, a seemingly 5~6 lovable young girl, sits in together the golden clouds, a pair of bright and intelligent big eye flashes. 出现在他小店前的是两个坐在云朵之上的客人,一个看上去五六可爱少女,坐在一块金色的云朵上,一对水汪汪的大眼睛扑闪扑闪的。 In side of young young girl is the youngster who 10 comes the year, the facial color firm and resolute not ordinary child's naivete, holds both hands to sit in together the black clouds, the back also carries not a well-known fan. 在小少女的旁边是一位来岁的少年,面色坚毅没有一点普通孩子的稚气,抱着双手坐在一块黑色的云朵上,背后还背着一把不知名的扇子。 Really two strange children. 真是两个奇怪的孩子。 Boss, comes two ice cream.” “老板,来两只冰淇凌。” Sees boss to stare at two people quite a while not to respond, Ye Chen knits the brows also to say. 老坂盯着自己两人半天没有反应,夜辰皱了皱眉头又说了一遍。 „, Good good.” “啊,好的好的。” Finally has gotten back one's composure, the boss hurries saying that simultaneously assembled two ice cream to give Buku and Ye Chen. 终于回过了神来,老板赶紧回道,同时拼装了两只冰淇凌递给舞空夜辰 Gave the boss money, then Ye Chen and Buku then sit Flying Nebula and Flying Nimbus fly away. 将钱递给了老板,然后夜辰舞空便坐着黑斗云筋斗云飞走了。 „......” “哈……” Ye Chen, this thing named ice cream is quite delicious.” 夜辰,这个叫冰淇凌的东西好好吃呀。” Bit ice cream ruthlessly, the entire corners of the mouth moisten everywhere are, Buku said happily. 狠狠地咬了一口冰淇凌,整个嘴角都沾得到处都是,舞空高兴地说道。 Ice cream does not eat like this, must like.” “冰淇凌可不是这样吃的,要像这样。” Scratched under the corners of the mouth to Buku, then Ye Chen added own ice cream to demonstrate to her under acted. 舞空擦了下嘴角,然后夜辰添了添自己的冰淇凌给她示范了下动作。 Studies quickly, Buku also put out own small tongue to add adding, that sweet flavor made her like very much, pair of bright and intelligent big also bent the crescent moon. 学得很快,舞空也吐出自己的小舌頭添了添,那甜甜的味道让她很是喜欢,一双水汪汪的大眼眼也弯成了月牙。 In city also many delicious, I lead you to eat.” “城里面还有很多好吃的,我带你去吃吧。” Really? Good good!” “真的?好呀好呀!” „That side first goes, comes with me.” “先去那边吧,跟我来。” Un!!!” “嗯!!!” Although they come to seek for Bulma to West City, but for a while, Ye Chen did not bring Buku to tour eagerly everywhere and ate ruthlessly, until squandered to stop they both people of money. 虽然他们到西都来是为了寻找布尔玛,不过也不急于这么一时,夜辰带着舞空四处游览并狠狠地吃了一圈,直到将他们两人身上的钱都花光了才停止下来。 Buku regarding money anything absolutely does not have the concept, but Ye Chen has not cared to these. 舞空对于金钱什么的完全没有概念,而夜辰对这些也没有放在心上。 So long as is competent, wants to get so far as money is not easy? 只要有实力,想弄到钱还不容易? „...... Quite full.” “呜……好饱呀。” Lies down is patting own abdomen on Flying Nimbus, the Buku happy satisfied appearance. 躺在筋斗云上拍着自己的小肚子,舞空一脸开心满足的样子。 Sits Ye Chen laughing in spite of trying not to above Flying Nebula, but said that he has not looked like for a long time such satisfiedly. 坐在黑斗云之上的夜辰一阵的失笑,不过说起来他也好久没有像这么满足过了。 Is has been busy practicing, occasionally under like relaxes as if also good. 一直都是忙着修行修行,偶尔像这么放松下似乎也不错。 Has asked the direction that Universal Capsule Corporation was, quick Ye Chen and Buku then found the Bulma's home. 已经问到了万能胶囊公司所在的方向,很快夜辰舞空便找到了布尔玛的家。 Let Flying Nimbus and Flying Nebula returns to the space, Ye Chen to bring Buku to press according to the doorbell of Bulma, but when does not want to be many an attractive golden-haired female opened the door to walk from inside came out 筋斗云黑斗云回到了天上,夜辰则是带着舞空按了按布尔玛家的门铃,而不要多时一名漂亮的金发女性打开门从里面走了出来 That, are you?” “那个,你们是?” Aunt hello/you good, I called Ye Chen, she called Son Buku, we were the Bulma's friends.” “阿姨你好,我叫夜辰,她叫孙舞空,我们是布尔玛的朋友。” Our something want to look for the Bulma help, Bulma at home?” “我们有些事情想找布尔玛帮忙,请问布尔玛在家吗?” Then recognized the present female is Bulma's mother Mrs. Brief, Ye Chen reported to the opposite party politely two people, and indicated own goal. 一眼便认出眼前的女性是布尔玛的母亲布里夫太太,夜辰礼貌地向对方介绍了一下自己两人,并表明了自己的目的。 ara, is the Bulma's friend, please come in quickly.” 啊啦,原来是布尔玛的朋友啊,快请进来吧。” Bulma they still in the school, should come back after a while.” 布尔玛她们还在学校,应该过一会儿就回来了。” With original works Dragon Ball, Mrs. Brief is the character extroversion . Moreover the hospitable female, warmly is welcome Ye Chen and Buku very much. 就和原著【龍珠】中的一样,布里夫太太是位性格外向而且好客的女性,很是热情地欢迎着夜辰舞空 Hears Bulma also to have a while to come back, Ye Chen has not rejected, followed Mrs. Brief to enter in their home with Buku. 听到布尔玛还有一会儿才会回来,夜辰也没有拒绝,和舞空一起跟着布里夫太太走进了他们的家里。 Bulma's exceptionally broad luxurious, inside comes and goes also many robots to take a walk. Although seems somewhat old style, but is advanced by the science and technology of Earth this time. 布尔玛的家异常的宽广豪华,里面来来往往还有许多机器人在走动。虽然看上去都有些老式,但是以地球这个时代的科技来说已经非常的先进了。 Mrs. Brief brought in Ye Chen and Buku the living room, then also carried many cakes and pastries and fruits is entertaining their 布里夫太太夜辰舞空带到了客厅里,然后还端来了许多的糕点和水果招待着他们 Good, has the Bulma's friend to come to our home to ask her for the first time to play.” “太好了,还是第一次有布尔玛的朋友来我们家里找她玩。” Bulma, although is very since childhood intelligent, but does not get on well with others, the friend is also few, we have been worried about her very much.” 布尔玛呀,虽然从小都很聪明,但就是不太合群,朋友也很少,我们一直都很担心着她。” Young boy, how many years were you this year, Schoolmate Bulma's?” “小男孩,你今年多少岁了啊,是布尔玛的同学吗?” Also has......” “还有还有……” Verbose verbose, Mrs. Brief keeps saying. 絮絮叨叨絮絮叨叨,布里夫太太说个不停。 Although has long known this wife Sir the hospitality, but when experiences at the appointed time the Ye Chen cannot help but sweat truly, only feels unable to resist. Appearance that Buku does not care about actually, sits is eliminating various cakes and pastries fruits in side. 虽然早就已经知道这位太太大人热情好客,但当真正体验到时夜辰还是不由得大汗,只感觉招架不住。倒是舞空一点儿也不在意的样子,坐在旁边一个劲儿地消灭着各种糕点水果。 During this period, Ye Chen also saw Bulma's father Dr. Brief. 在这期间,夜辰也见到了布尔玛的父亲布里夫博士 Is open with the Mrs. Brief enthusiasm, Dr. Brief is the personality quite strange male, invented universal capsule obviously has the celebrity and rich person, but actually wears a white laboratory coat all day long, seems like also very sloppy appearance. 布里夫太太的热情开朗不同,布里夫博士则是位性格比较古怪的男性,明明是发明了万能胶囊的有名人和大富翁,但却成天穿着一件白色的实验服,看上去也很邋遢的样子。 The Dr. Brief words are not many, saw after Ye Chen and Buku, expressed simply under welcome, then continued to manipulate own these machines. 布里夫博士的话不多,看到夜辰舞空后只是简单地表示了下欢迎,然后又继续去摆弄自己的那些机器去了。 Mrs. Brief clearly has the appearance of resentful intent to Dr. Brief, remembers in the original works Dragon Ball This often shivers with fright to the couple, the relations are also poor, how actually Ye Chen also somewhat are curious this to arrive to the personality completely opposite couple together. 布里夫太太显然对布里夫博士颇有怨意的样子,记得在原著的【龍珠】中这对夫妻两就时常打冷战,关系也不怎么好,其实夜辰也有些好奇这对性格完全相反的夫妻到底是怎么走到一块儿的。 „, Is quite strange, how Bulma they have not come back, usually this time has come back.” “啊嘞,好奇怪,布尔玛她们怎么还没有回来啊,平时这个时间都已经回来了。” Had not come back to evening time Bulma, some Mrs. Brief worries said. 都已经到了傍晚的时候布尔玛还没有回来,布里夫太太有些担心地说道。 Aunt, told us the direction of Bulma school, we helped you look for Bulma.” “阿姨,把布尔玛学校的方向告诉我们,我们去帮你找找布尔玛吧。” Stands up, Ye Chen hurries to say. 站起身来,夜辰赶紧说道。 Really by the warm vigor of this wife Sir was made somewhat feared, Ye Chen wants to look to give a pretext peaceful. 真是被这位太太大人的热情劲儿弄得有些怕了,夜辰只是想找个借口出去安静一下。 How this can be good, you are so young, what to do if walked to run into the unprincipled person or became lost.” “这怎么能行啊,你们都这么小,要是走出去遇到坏人或者迷路了怎么办啊。” Appearance of Mrs. Brief obviously not greatly approval. 布里夫太太显然不大赞成的样子。 Mentioning is also, Buku now is only 6 years old, but Ye Chen is also only 12 years old, in others eyes they are also two kids. 说来也是,舞空现在才六岁,而夜辰也不过才12岁而已,在别人眼中他们都还不过是两个小屁孩。 Relax, Aunt, we are martial artist, is not afraid the unprincipled person, will not become lost.” “放心吧,阿姨,我们可是武道家,不害怕坏人,也不会迷路的。” martial artist?” 武道家?” In order to let Mrs. Brief believes itself, Ye Chen gave back to her to turn several somersaults. As if felt that very interesting appearance, Buku also turned several in side. 为了让布里夫太太相信自己,夜辰还给她翻了几个跟头。似乎感觉很有趣的样子,舞空也在旁边翻了几个。 „, Good fierce quite fierce!” “哦,好厉害好厉害!” The racket, Mrs. Brief is calling out in alarm unceasingly. 不断地拍着手,布里夫太太惊呼着。 Shameless slightly red, Ye Chen somewhat small awkwardness, turns several somersaults, this has fiercely what. 老脸微红,夜辰有些小小的尴尬,也就翻几个跟斗而已,这有什么厉害的啊。 Aunt, now did you believe? Where please tell us the Bulma's school, we ask her to come back now.” “阿姨,现在你相信了吧?请告诉我们布尔玛的学校在哪里,我们现在就去找她回来。” „, Good.” “呜,那好吧。” Hesitant, Mrs. Brief finally chose believed Ye Chen, told Ye Chen the place that the Bulma school is. 犹豫了一下,布里夫太太最终还是选择了相信夜辰,将布尔玛学校所在的地方告诉了夜辰 Relax, Aunt, we will soon bring Bulma to come back.” “放心吧,阿姨,我们很快就会带着布尔玛回来的。” Called Flying Nebula and Flying Nimbus, Ye Chen and Buku waves to Mrs. Brief, then the flying went. 唤来了黑斗云筋斗云,夜辰舞空布里夫太太挥了挥手,然后便飞天而去。 ara, can martial artist sit the strange cloud to fly in the space?” 啊啦,武道家都可以坐上奇怪的云在天上飞吗?” „, Ok, has the guest to come rarely, I first prepare a sumptuous dinner.” “嘛,算了,难得有客人来,我先去准备一顿丰盛的晚餐吧。” Ye Chen and Buku ride is somewhat curious to Flying Nebula and Flying Nimbus that but thinks that not clear Mrs. Brief was also disinclined to think, patted clapped then snort/hum the ballad to walk toward the kitchen...... 夜辰舞空乘坐的黑斗云筋斗云有些好奇,不过想不明白的布里夫太太也懒得想了,拍了拍手便哼着歌谣向着厨房走去…… To be continued...... 未完待续……
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