DNDB :: Volume #1

#29: Goes to City of the West

Korin Tower, tiny tot Upa is running to fall to pursue the butterfly on the lawn, but Bora is grasps the lance to stand in the riverside of not far away, is staring at the river surface with total concentration. 卡林塔的下方,小不点乌帕正在草地上跑跑跌跌地追着蝴蝶,而勃拉则是手持长矛站在不远处的河边,正聚精会神地盯着河面。 Some time, in the Bora eye the sharp glow flashes, inserted in the lance the river fiercely. 某一时刻,勃拉眼中锐芒一闪,猛地将长矛插入了河中。 huā lā huā lā! 哗啦哗啦 The sound that a water current whish moves, Bora was inserted the big fish to fish from the river one. 一阵水流哗动的声音,勃拉将一头被插中的大鱼从河里捞了起来。 Bora, Upa!” 勃拉,乌帕!” Some people are shouting the fathers and sons two names, Bora look up, saw only Ye Chen and Buku is stepping on golden and black clouds from airborne flew. 有人在呼喊自己父子两的名字,勃拉抬头望去,只见夜辰舞空踩着一朵金色黑色的云朵从空中飞了下来。 Buku, grasps butterfly.” 舞空,来抓蝴蝶吧。” Good good!” “好呀好呀!” Small Upa shouts in a baby voice, Buku is also replying happily, then jumps down from Flying Nimbus, runs and small Upa simultaneously catches the butterfly. 乌帕奶声奶气地喊道,舞空也高兴地回答着,然后从筋斗云上跳了下来,跑去和小乌帕一起抓蝴蝶。 Ye Chen, Son Buku, do you get down to go hunting?” 夜辰,孙舞空,你们又下来打猎吗?” No, we had concluded practicing on Korin Tower, has planned to leave here, this time comes to say goodbye to you specially.” “不,我们已经结束了在卡林塔上的修行,已经打算离开这里了,这次是特意来向你们道别的。” Bora asked that but Ye Chen shakes the head. 勃拉问道,不过夜辰则是摇了摇头。 So that's how it is, congratulated you.” “原来如此,恭喜你们了。” Stares slightly, then Bora showed the simple smiling face. 微微一愣,然后勃拉露出了纯朴的笑容。 Since Ye Chen and Son Buku had concluded practicing, their strengths were also enhanced. 既然夜辰孙舞空已经结束了修行,想必他们的实力也增强了许多吧。 Said with the Bora fathers and sons little while words, then Ye Chen also planned to leave. 勃拉父子说了会儿话,然后夜辰也打算离开了。 Buku, walked.” 舞空,走了。” „.” “哦。” Two people jumped above Flying Nimbus and Flying Nebula, thought of anything, Ye Chen was also saying to Bora: 两人跳到了筋斗云黑斗云之上,想到了什么,夜辰又对着勃拉道: Bora, Sir Korin makes me pass on to your a few words, he has been gazing at you in the tower, moreover he hopes some day you also to climb up Korin Tower, he will be waiting for you above.” 勃拉,卡林大人让我转告你一句话,他一直都在塔上注视着你们,而且他希望有一天你也能够爬上卡林塔,他会在上面等待着你。” Bora had challenged Korin Tower, but after the failure, is inspired of Korin Tower had not then challenged again. Actually Korin immortal has not spoken these words, but is Ye Chen is used to drive Bora. 勃拉曾经挑战过卡林塔,不过失败后对卡林塔心存敬畏便一直没有再次挑战。其实卡林仙人也根本就没有说过这些话,只不过是夜辰用来激励激励勃拉的。 Sir Korin has been gazing at us......” 卡林大人一直都在注视着我们……” I will certainly try hard to practice, in the future climbs up Korin Tower to pay a visit Sir Korin!” “我一定会努力修行,将来爬上卡林塔去拜见卡林大人!” As lived in Tower Guarder here for generations, Korin immortal makes Ye Chen transmission words represent to the approval of him and his ancestors, this makes Bora be choked up with emotions has almost the impulsion of crying, simultaneously a face nods firmly inspired. 作为世世代代都住在这里的守塔人,卡林仙人夜辰“传达的话”代表着对他和他先祖们的认可,这让勃拉心潮澎湃几乎有落泪的冲动,同时一脸坚定振奋地点了点头。 Human is such a mysterious lifeform, so long as you give him to hope and power he can give you to create the miracle. Bora has the good strength, so long as later practicing well turns climbs up Korin Tower should not be the difficult matter. 人类就是这样一种神奇的生物,只要你给予他希望和动力他就能给你创造出奇迹。勃拉本来就拥有着不错的实力,只要以后再好好的修行一翻爬上卡林塔应该也不是什么难事。 Does not have other things, left one to the fathers and sons plaintiff and defendant again, Ye Chen and Buku also plans to leave. 已经没有了其他的事情,再次向父子两告别了一声,夜辰舞空也打算离开了。 Sees again, Bora, Upa.” “见再啦,勃拉,乌帕。” Sees again, Ye Chen, Son Buku.” “再见了,夜辰,孙舞空。” ...... …… In the sky, is carrying Ye Chen and Buku's Flying Nebula and Flying Nimbus pursues mutually has been delimiting a day of mark. 天空之中,载着夜辰舞空的黑斗云筋斗云相互追逐着划过了天迹。 Ye Chen, where do we want to go to now?” 夜辰,我们现在要去哪里啊?” Sits flies on Flying Nimbus by Ye Chen's, Buku asked. 坐在筋斗云上飞在夜辰的旁边,舞空问道。 We collect Dragon Ball now.” “我们现在去收集龍珠。” On the face floated off a smiling face, Ye Chen returned said. 脸上浮起了一丝笑容,夜辰回道。 What is Dragon Ball?” “什么是龍珠啊?” Is that ball that on your neck hangs, Dragon Ball altogether seven, so long as the collection simultaneous/uniform can summon Shenlong to Shenlong wishing, but your is Three-star Ball, we must seek for other six now.” “就是你脖子上挂的那颗球,龍珠一共有七颗,只要集齐了就可以召唤出神龍神龍许愿,而你的那颗是三星球,我们现在要去寻找另外的六颗。” Originally this is Dragon Ball, is quite fierce.” “原来这就是龍珠呀,好厉害。” What desire can make Shenlong be realized? After we collect simultaneous/uniform Dragon Ball summoned Shenlong, making Shenlong to us improve delicious.” “什么愿望都可以让神龍实现吗?那我们收集齐龍珠召唤出神龍后,让神龍给我们变好多好吃的吧。” After hearing the Ye Chen's explanation, Buku takes up the bulb that Grandpa Turtle Immortal gives to her to play to take a look carefully, then proposed. 听到夜辰的解释后,舞空拿起龟仙人爷爷送给她玩的玻璃球仔细地瞅了瞅,然后提议道。 Delicious we did were good, must a bigger point be cost-effective to the Shenlong permits desire.” “好吃的我们自己做就行了,向神龍许的愿望必须更大一点才划算。” Knows eating that eats, Ye Chen was really by this glutton amusing. 就知道吃的吃的,夜辰真是被这吃货给逗乐了。 This......” “这样啊……” „, Gives Ye Chen in any case.” “嘛,反正都交给夜辰吧。” Also was not clear that what desire is cost-effective, but Buku was also disinclined to think, she wanted forever and Ye Chen in any case because was together good, how Ye Chen said how. 也不清楚什么样的愿望才算是划算,不过舞空也懒得想了,反正她只要永永远远地和夜辰在一起就好了,夜辰说怎么样就怎么样吧。 Two people have not spoken again, Buku lies on Flying Nimbus looks below scenery, but Ye Chen pondered. 两人也没再说话,舞空趴在筋斗云上看着下方的风景,而夜辰则是沉思了起来。 Dragon Ball disperses across world, without Dragon Ball Radar thinks that volume of simultaneous/uniform Dragon Ball is almost the impossible matter. 龍珠分散在世界各地,如果没有龍珠雷达就想集齐龍珠几乎是不可能的事情。 But mentioned Dragon Ball Radar, naturally thought of Bulma! 而提到龍珠雷达,自然就想到布尔玛了! In original works Dragon Ball Bulma is the Dragon Ball Radar inventor, Dragon Ball Radar that she makes is also precise. 在原著的【龍珠】中,布尔玛便是龍珠雷达的发明者,她所制造出的龍珠雷达也非常精确。 However according to the time calculates that present Bulma is also only about 10 years old , does not know that present she can make Dragon Ball Radar. 不过按时间算来现在布尔玛也才十岁左右,也不知道现在的她能不能制造出龍珠雷达 No matter can make Ye Chen to plan has a look at Bulma, does not know six years passes she still to remember itself. 不管能不能制造夜辰还是打算去看看布尔玛,也不知道六年的时间过去她还记不记得自己。 If the memory right, Ye Chen remembers that Bulma's in West City, her father Dr. Brief invented universal capsule has the celebrity, moreover Universal Capsule Corporation chairman, so long as West City found her home should not be difficult. 如果记忆没错的话,夜辰记得布尔玛的家是在西都,她的父亲布里夫博士更是发明了万能胶囊的有名人,而且还是万能胶囊公司的董事长,只要到了西都找到她的家应该不会困难。 Confirmed the direction, Ye Chen and Buku accelerates to fly, how long Flying Nebula did not want and Flying Nimbus then carries two people to fly the West City sky. 确认了方向,夜辰舞空加速飞行,不要多久黑斗云筋斗云便载着两人飞到了西都的上空。 That is a metropolis, good fierce......” “那就是都市吗,好厉害……” Since childhood almost with Ye Chen and Turtle Immortal life on the island, Buku sees the true metropolis for the first time, the bright and intelligent big eye flashes to call out in alarm unceasingly. 从小几乎都是与夜辰龟仙人生活在岛上,舞空还是第一次看见真正的都市,水汪汪的大眼睛扑闪扑闪不断地惊呼着。 Buku, we get down.” 舞空,我们下去吧。” Un.” “嗯。” Let Flying Nimbus and Flying Nebula slows the tempo, two people flew into below city. 筋斗云黑斗云放慢了速度,两人飞入了下方的城市之中。 West City is a very lively metropolis, crowded, the vehicles go through, but Ye Chen and Buku that flies to fall also attracted attention of roadside pedestrian quickly 西都是一个非常繁华的都市,人来人往,车辆穿行,而飞落下来的夜辰舞空也很快吸引了路边行人的注意 That two people sat in the strange cloud fly to get down from the space.” “那两个人坐在奇怪的云上从天上飞了下来耶。” That is any new transportation vehicle, good fierce appearance.” “那是什么新型的交通工具吗,好厉害的样子。” Talked, the pedestrians in roadside cast the curious vision to Ye Chen and Buku. Also has not gone to care, Ye Chen and Buku sit on Flying Nebula and Flying Nimbus above the top of the head of crowd are flying slowly. 你一言我一语,路边的行人都向夜辰舞空投来好奇的目光。也没有去在意,夜辰舞空则是坐在黑斗云筋斗云上缓缓地在人群的头顶上方飞行着。 Arrives at such lively lively metropolis for the first time, Buku takes a look there to have a look like curious baby general here, often sends out a say/way to call out in alarm, but under the Ye Chen heart also lived one to fondly remember slightly. 还是第一次来到这样繁华热闹的都市,舞空如同好奇宝宝一般这里瞅瞅那里看看,不时地发出道道惊呼,而夜辰心下也微微生起了一丝怀念。 Said that he also had for a long time has not arrived at such human metropolis. 说起来他也有很久没有来到过这样的人类都市了啊。 Smells...... to smell......” “嗅嗅……嗅嗅嗅……” Ye Chen, what that side is what?” 夜辰,那边的是什么啊?” As if smelled any mellow flavor, Buku pointed at a nearby shop to ask. 似乎嗅到了什么香醇的味道,舞空指着旁边的一家小店问道。 That is icecream, wants to eat?” “那是冰琪凌,想要吃吗?” Looked, then Ye Chen returns said. 看了看,然后夜辰回道。 Un!!!” “嗯!!!” Flows the saliva, Buku is making the vigor nod. 流着口水,舞空使劲儿地点了点头。 We buy two.” “那我们就去买两只吧。” To be continued...... 未完待续……
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