DNDB :: Volume #1

#28: Subdues Flying Nebula

lài lài...... 籁籁…… In the sky, Ye Chen and Flying Nebula still refuse to compromise. 天空之中,夜辰黑斗云依然僵持不下。 Flying Nebula wants to fling unceasingly from own body Ye Chen, but Ye Chen holds to Flying Nebula stubbornly is not the loose foot, person of cloud fight inextricably involved. 黑斗云不断地想将夜辰从自己的身上甩下去,而夜辰则是死死地粘着黑斗云就是不松脚,一人一云斗得个难解难分。 Also does not know that departed far, below scenery became the metropolis from the forest, became the wilderness from the metropolis, finally flew the vast wilderness to enter the stretching as far as eye can see sea. 也不知道飞出了多远,下方的景色从森林变为了都市,从都市又变为了荒漠,最后飞过了辽阔的荒漠又进入了一望无尽的大海。 sī la!!! 嘶啦!!! Speed rapidness of extremely Flying Nebula, is almost pasting the sea level flight, pulls up long ocean waves all the way. 黑斗云的速度极其之快,几乎是贴着海面飞行,一路上拉起一条长长的海浪。 hā hā hā...... quickly! Again quickly!” 哈哈哈……快一点!再快一点!” Really the speed is the fervor, steps on Ye Chen hā hā above Flying Nebula to laugh. 果然速度就是激情,踩在黑斗云之上的夜辰哈哈大笑。 As if sticks to this in human that on oneself flings cannot throw off is extremely annoyed, Flying Nebula badump flushed away unexpectedly! 似乎对这个粘在自己身上就甩也甩不掉的人类极度恼火,黑斗云噗通一声竟然冲去了海里! Wū wū wū wū......” “呜呜呜呜呜……” Covered the mouth and nose, Ye Chen is filled many sea water incautiously, had almost not been choked. 捂着口鼻,夜辰一不小心被灌了许多的海水,差点没被呛死。 For a long time later, with huā lā one, Flying Nebula spent the sea level to clash from another side sea area finally. 许久之后,随着哗啦一声,黑斗云总算破出海面才从另一边的海域冲了出来。 „............” “哈……哈……” Will lie in the octopus elder brother of own head throws, Ye Chen had a lingering fear is panting for breath in gulps. 将趴在自己头上的一只章鱼哥扔回了海里,夜辰心有余悸大口大口地喘息着。 Not can only release the thunder and lightning, can go to sea unexpectedly, ordinary Flying Nimbus may not have this skill, Ye Chen to this Flying Nebula was really more and more satisfied. 不仅可以释放雷电,竟然还可以下海,普通的筋斗云可没有这种本事,夜辰对这朵黑斗云真是越来越满意了。 badump badump! 噗通噗通 Sees has not solved Ye Chen, the Flying Nebula inferior place crashes in the into the sea|nautical mile once again, but has the protection, how even if Flying Nebula tosses about unable to affect Ye Chen again, on the contrary is because absorbed many sea water to make its speed gradually slow. 见还没有解决夜辰,黑斗云又一次次地冲进海里,不过已经有了防备,即使黑斗云再怎么折腾都无法再影响到夜辰,反倒是因为吸取了不少海水让它自己的速度渐渐慢了下来。 Transformed the angry facial expression, Flying Nebula shot up to the sky, then departed the sea area to enter a stretch of stone forest region quickly. 幻化出了气恼的神情,黑斗云又冲天而起,很快便飞出海域进入了一片石林地带。 As if thought of anything, Flying Nebula shows the facial expression that smiled badly, is carrying a Ye Chen then fiercely acceleration, then hits ruthlessly toward the side cliff of distant place. 似乎想到了什么,黑斗云又露出了坏笑的神情,载着夜辰便猛地一个加速,然后狠狠地向着远处的一面山崖撞去。 Flying Nimbus or Flying Nebula can immunity all physics attacks, even if were hit to disperse can still restore, but on it the human is not good. 无论是筋斗云还是黑斗云都可以免疫所有的物理攻击,即使被撞散了也可以重新恢复,但是它上面的这个人类就不行了。 Hateful human, meets a cruel death to me! 可恶的人类,给我粉身碎骨吧! Airborne resounded sounds of the sonic boom, this has been close even to exceed the speed of sound on behalf of the Flying Nebula speed, really must hit on the cliff at such quick speed, even present Ye Chen cannot bear absolutely. 空中响起了一串串的音爆之声,这代表着黑斗云的速度已经接近甚至是超越了音速,真要以如此之快的速度撞到山崖上,即使如今的夜辰也绝对受不了。 However, so long as did not hit is good! 但是,只要不撞到就好了! Ye Chen both hands joint hold to receive in the waist, the luck dispels symptoms such as bloating rapidly 夜辰双手合抱收于腰间,迅速地运气行气 Kamehameha Wave!!!!!” 龟派气功波!!!!!” Both hands promote, immediately ki burst wave of powerful shot from the Ye Chen's double palm clashes together. 双手推出,顿时一道强力的气功波夜辰的双掌间冲射了出去。 Because of the time pressing, this round of ki burst wave can only display less than two strengths, but is also enough! 因为时间紧促,这一发气功波只能发挥出不到两层的力量,但也已经足够了! With a hōng hōng hōng explosive, on the cliff started out a tunnel by ki burst wave directly, but carried Ye Chen's Flying Nebula to clash across the tunnel again flew the space. 随着一阵轰轰轰的爆响,山崖上直接被气功波开出了一条隧道,而载着夜辰的黑斗云则是穿过隧道再次冲飞到了天上。 hā hā hā......” 哈哈哈……” Flying Nebula, you have what method although causes!” 黑斗云,你还有什么手段就尽管使出来吧!” Ye Chen hā hā is laughing, but Flying Nebula was somewhat dumbfounded. 夜辰哈哈大笑着,而黑斗云则是有些傻眼了。 This human why such skirt! 这个人类为何如此之屌! From the darkness not long time, Flying Nebula somewhat is also anxious, wants to throw off Ye Chen with various methods unceasingly, but actually ends in failure finally. 距离天黑已经没有多久的时间,黑斗云也有些急了,不断地用各种方法想要甩掉夜辰,但是最终却都以失败而告终。 Vanished in Sun in that moment of day mark thoroughly, Flying Nebula also stopped, is sticking out one's tongue was exhausted appearance. 在太阳彻底消失在天迹的那一刻,黑斗云也停止了下来,吐着舌頭一副累坏了的样子。 Jumped the ground, Ye Chen was supporting own old waist fiercely, only felt the own entire body has soon broken. 跳到了地上,夜辰呲牙咧嘴地撑着自己的老腰,只感觉自己整个身体都已经快要散架了。 However, finally him won! 不过,最终还是他这边赢了! Flying Nebula, later I was your master.” 黑斗云,以后我就是你的主人了。” Looks at Flying Nebula, Ye Chen said. 看着黑斗云,夜辰说道。 The body that suddenly/violently severe aura dissipates gradually, the eye mild mouth that transforms also vanishes does not see, Flying Nebula turned into genuine dark clouds, before flying the Ye Chen's body, rubbed Ye Chen, seems expressing it also to approve Ye Chen for own master. 身上那暴厉的气息渐渐消散,幻化出的眼晴和嘴巴也消失不见,黑斗云变成了一朵真正的黑云,飞到夜辰的身前蹭了蹭夜辰,似乎在表达着它也已经认可夜辰为自己的主人。 hā hā hā...... good!” 哈哈哈……好!” Flying Nebula, we walk!” 黑斗云,我们走!” The mood is greatly quick, Ye Chen one body that jumped Flying Nebula, but Flying Nebula is also complying with the Ye Chen's wish, carried Ye Chen to shoot up to the sky 心情大快,夜辰一下跳到了黑斗云的身上,而黑斗云也遵从着夜辰的意愿,载着夜辰冲天而起 oh ho!!!” 哦喔!!!” If quickly the lightning, carried Ye Chen's Flying Nebula to delimit the vault of heaven. 快若闪电,载着夜辰的黑斗云划过了天穹。 This is a very marvelous feeling, as if Flying Nebula can read the Ye Chen's thought similar, the way that so long as a Ye Chen thought it then can hope according to Ye Chen flies. 这是一种非常奇妙的感觉,仿佛黑斗云能够读取夜辰的意念一般,只要夜辰一个念头它便能按照夜辰所希望的方式飞行。 Moreover before these did not have time again, that type jolts feeling awfully, instead very steady comfortable. 而且这一次再也没有了之前那种颠簸要命的感觉,反而非常的平稳舒适。 This time can subdue Flying Nebula smoothly, under the Ye Chen heart also very happy. 这次能够顺利地收服黑斗云,夜辰心下也非常的高兴。 Although he has been able to use Dancing Sky Art, But he currently uses Dancing Sky Art That speed caught up with Flying Nebula also to miss the day to be far. 虽然他已经能够使用【舞空术】,不过就他目前使用【舞空术】的那点速度赶黑斗云还差了天远。 Is within call, moreover when uses the Flying Nebula flight does not need to consume the least bit strength, so long as Ye Chen hopes that Flying Nebula then can carry any corner on this planet him, simply should not be too convenient! 随叫随到,而且使用黑斗云飞行时也不需要耗费自己半点儿力气,只要夜辰希望黑斗云便能将他载到这颗星球上的任何角落,简直是不要太方便! „...... Is Ye Chen, Ye Chen came back!” “哈……是夜辰,夜辰回来了!” On Korin Tower, seeing Ye Chen to carry a giant beast to step on Flying Nebula to fly, Buku shouted vivaciously greatly. 卡林塔上,看见夜辰扛着一头巨兽踩着黑斗云飞了回来,舞空蹦蹦跳跳地大喊道。 I came back.” “我回来了。” Ye Chen!” 夜辰!” Jumped in temple, Ye Chen threw the ground the giant beast, but Buku was one holds his body. 跳到了神殿之中,夜辰将巨兽扔到了地上,而舞空则是一下抱到了他的身上。 It seems like you have subdued Flying Nebula.” “看来你已经收服黑斗云了。” Yes, Flying Nebula is good, present thank you, Sir Korin.” “是的,黑斗云非常不错,谢谢您的赠送,卡林大人。” oooooh...... can subdue to carry off that mischievous fellow, I must thank you to be right actually.” 喔喔喔……能够将那个调皮的家伙收服带走,倒是我要感谢你这边才对。” Ye Chen said to Korin immortal thanks, but Korin immortal strokes own beard to shake the head. 夜辰卡林仙人感谢道,而卡林仙人则是捋着自己的胡须摇了摇头。 The never expected that Ye Chen really clothing/taking received Flying Nebula unexpectedly, under the Korin immortal heart also somewhat is actually surprised. 没想到夜辰竟然真的服收了黑斗云,卡林仙人心下其实也有些惊讶。 We will leave here tomorrow, tonight makes feast to celebrate well.” “我们明天就离开这里,今晚就做一顿大餐好好地庆祝一下吧。” Good good, makes the feast!” “好呀好呀,做大餐咯!” oooooh, I also roast a fish......” 喔喔喔,那我也来烤一道鱼吧……” ...... …… Next morning, Ye Chen and Buku tidied up to salute also plan to say goodbye to leave officially. 次日一早,夜辰舞空收拾好行礼也打算正式告辞离开了。 Korin immortal is big, since many thanks you in this year instruction.” 卡林仙人大,多谢您这一年以来的指导。” I made some small suggestions, you were close right up against your effort to grow until now degree.” “我只是提了些小小的建议而已,你们都是靠着自己的努力才成长到如今的程度的。” Ye Chen, Buku, your small age then has the powerful strength . Moreover the body also has the infinite potential, I hope after you, can make good use of your strengths, do not bring the harm to this world.” 夜辰,舞空,你们小小年纪便已经拥有了强大的力量,而且身上更是还拥有着无限的潜力,我希望你们以后能够善用你们的力量,不要给这个世界带来危害。” Sir Korin, I am also deeply loving this planet, therefore I will only protect it, but will not harm it absolutely.” 卡林大人,我也热爱着这颗星球,所以我只会保护它而绝对不会危害它的。” Korin immortal is urging the say/way, but Ye Chen serious is also guaranteeing. 卡林仙人叮嘱着道,而夜辰也一脸严肃地保证着。 Un, I believe you.” “嗯,我相信你们。” Ye Chen, this is senzu bean that you want.” 夜辰,这是你要的仙豆。” Nods, then Korin immortal gave Ye Chen a small bag, inside thinks of over a hundred grains of senzu bean. 点了点头,然后卡林仙人将一个小袋子递给了夜辰,里面装着上百粒的仙豆 Many thanks Sir Korin.” “多谢卡林大人。” Heart next one happy, Ye Chen also thanked one again, received senzu bean. 心下一喜,夜辰也再次感谢一声,将仙豆接了过来。 So long as does not consume carelessly, these senzu bean already enough he and Buku used very long time. 只要不胡乱消耗,这些仙豆已经足够他和舞空使用很长的时间了。 Also does not have other things, Ye Chen and Buku called Flying Nebula and Flying Nimbus, then jumped. 也已经没有了其他的事情,夜辰舞空唤来了黑斗云筋斗云,然后跳了上去。 Sir Korin, sees again!” 卡林大人,再见啦!” oooooh...... sees again, Ye Chen, Buku.” 喔喔喔……再见了,夜辰,舞空。” To be continued...... 未完待续……
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