TEIBF :: Volume #6

#528: The human federation wanted disaster is imminent

Killing them has not thought that the secular government can be so strong, let alone in that strong strength that in this process shows. 打死他们都没有想到世俗政府能这么强势,更别说在这个过程之中所展现出的那种强大的实力。 It is not they originally because of that cultivation the place of barbarian desolate. 并不是他们原本因为的那种修行的蛮荒之地。 Although compares the Heavenly Paradise cultivation civilization, truly also in difference many, but has been some scale, in floor and middle-level strength, far far surpass Heavenly Paradise. 虽然相比起洞天福地修行文明来说,确实还差上不少,但是已经颇具规模,在底层和中层的实力,已经远远超过了洞天福地 Difference also merely is only the high-level strength, but by the world mutation, the speed that spirit qi recovers, makes up for on the high-level strength also merely is only the issue of time. 差的也仅仅只是高层的实力而已,而以天地异变,灵气复苏的速度,弥补上高层的实力也仅仅只是时间的问题罢了。 Thinks of here, these came from the Heavenly Paradise experts a little to be dumbfounded, before this and them, imagined complete different. 想到这里,这些来自洞天福地的高手都有点傻眼了,这和他们之前所想象的完全不同。 That sweeping away all obstacles situation that they imagine simply has not happened. 他们所想象的那种所向披靡的情况根本没有发生。 Lu Xuan that even they most dread has not acted, suppressed entirely, these prestigious family Great Sect elites and talents that these caused trouble, were detained. 甚至连他们最为忌惮的陆轩都还未出手,就将这些闹事的统统镇压了下去,那些名门大派的精英和天才,一个个都被关押了起来。 Suddenly, they understood finally, why branch unceasingly reminder on Earth they, at this time what is strongest on Earth is the human federation. 一时间,他们终于明白了,为什么在地球上的分支会不断的提醒他们,此时在地球上最强势的是人类联邦。 Opposes with whom, do not oppose with the human federation. 和谁作对,都不要和人类联邦作对。 However in their hearts cannot help but some relax secretly, because they have not chosen seize power strongly. 不过他们心中都不由得有些暗自松了一口气,因为他们都没有选择强势夺权。 As long as chooses seizes power strongly, despises the human federation the authority, now or was killed, or was detained. 但凡选择强势夺权,藐视人类联邦的威权的,现在或者被杀,或者被关押起来。 But they also planned careless several days, observes the situation, who knows that saved own life. 而他们原本也只是打算苟几天,观察一下情况,谁知道就救了自己的性命了。 They think now, luckily oneself one has not arrived begins directly, has not thought wants the violence to seize power, where otherwise their results good to not to go. 他们现在想想,幸亏自己没有一降临就直接动手,没有想过要暴力夺权,否则的话他们的结果也根本不会好到哪儿去。 When unexpectedly were many so many top experts on this Earth, in that hearsay strength fearful Lu Xuan we have not seen, but is only that Lu Xuan younger sister and Lu Xuan disciple, has made us sleep on pins and needles!” “在这地球上什么时候居然多了这么多顶级的高手了,那传闻中实力可怕的陆轩我们还没见到,但是光是那陆轩的妹妹和陆轩的弟子,就已经让我们寝食难安了!” What monster this is, even if in Heavenly Paradise, compared with that several monsters, were still similar!” “这是什么样的怪物,即便是在洞天福地之中,和那几个怪物相比,也差不多了吧!” Divine Storehouse Realm sevenfold, Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy strengths, even in Heavenly Paradise, is a Sect backbone influence, but facing human federation time, actually so collapses at the first blow!” 神藏境七重,神藏境八重的实力,即便是在洞天福地之中,都是一个门派的中坚势力,但是面对人类联邦的时候,却如此不堪一击!” Lu Shanshan, clouds Ling'er, I remembered these two names!” 陆姗姗,云灵儿,我记住这两个名字了!” Suddenly, these Heavenly Paradise experts discuss spiritedly, while rejoicing to escape, in heart also now human federation rapidness of cultivation progressive the speed in feeling. 一时间,这些洞天福地的高手们都议论纷纷,在庆幸逃过一劫的同时,心中也在感慨现在人类联邦的修行进步的速度之快。 Lu Xuan has not acted, is own younger sister and apprentice has made them feel that merely such as fishbone in throat, was fearful. 陆轩还未出手,仅仅是自己的妹妹和徒弟就已经让他们感觉到如鲠在喉,可怕极了。 This human federation was also too wild, I acknowledged, the strength of human federation is truly strong, has the qualifications and we are treated equally, but they do not think Heavenly Paradise only then such strength?” “不过这人类联邦也太猖狂了,我承认,人类联邦的实力确实很强,有资格和我们平起平坐,但是他们不会以为洞天福地就只有这样子的实力吧?” Good, this group of experts were extinguished, perhaps that side Heavenly Paradise will send the truly powerful expert to arrive immediately, by that time, is not the present human federation can contend!” “不错,这一批的高手被灭,恐怕洞天福地那边会马上派遣真正强大的高手降临,到那个时候,就不是现在的人类联邦能够抗衡的了的了!” That Lu Xuan, Lu Shanshan, clouds Ling'er, although can easy cutting kill Divine Storehouse Realm sevenfold, eight heavy experts, but they were too young, the major sect cards in a hand, absolutely were not Divine Storehouse Realm sevenfold, eight heavy, but was Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy these exists!” “那陆轩,陆姗姗,云灵儿虽然能够轻而易举的斩杀神藏境七重,八重的高手,但是他们到底还是太年轻了,各大宗门的底牌,绝对不是神藏境七重,八重,而是神藏境九重的那些存在!” Once even they arrived, perhaps this human federation wanted disaster is imminent, Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy fierce, at all were not Lu Xuan can imagine! Even if 35 Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy experts besiege cannot be victorious heavily Divine Storehouse Realm nine!” “一旦连他们都降临了,恐怕这个人类联邦就要大祸临头了,神藏境九重的厉害,根本不是陆轩能够想象的到的!就算是三五个神藏境八重的高手围攻也根本打不过神藏境九重!” Suddenly, each Heavenly Paradise expert expressed own view, although shocks for the strength of human federation, but actually believes, the human federation at all possibly is not the Heavenly Paradise opponent. 一时间,各个洞天福地的高手纷纷发表了自己的看法,虽然为人类联邦的实力而震惊,但是却还是坚信,人类联邦根本不可能是洞天福地的对手。 Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy come out casually, can blow the scene. 神藏境九重随便出来一个,都可以镇住场面。 But this is the human federation cannot achieve, the time was too short, the time that the world recovers was too short, being insufficient makes them have the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts radically. 而这也是人类联邦根本做不到的,时间太短了,天地复苏的时间太短了,根本不足以让他们拥有神藏境九重的高手。 Even Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy experts, although Lu Xuan, Lu Shanshan, clouds that Ling'er is very domineering, but also that several, even if counted Liu Wanrong that had not acted, Lu Guoguo and the others, still such several. 神藏境八重的高手,虽然陆轩,陆姗姗,云灵儿都很强势,但是也不过就那几个而已,即便是算上了还未出手的刘婉容,陆果果等人,也不过就那么几个而已。 How can place on a par with Heavenly Paradise, the mastery differed is too far. 如何能与洞天福地相提并论,底蕴相差太远了。 Meanwhile, above Penglai Mountain, the Three Immortal Gate[Door] people are assemble, in their front, a middle-aged man who wears the cotton garment hand-to-hand fight in tights looks at Lu Diandian, the word is white, Yang Zhichao, river navigation high-grade person. 与此同时,蓬莱仙岛之上,三仙门的众人正齐聚一堂,在他们的面前,一个身穿布衣短打的中年男子看着陆点点,言白,杨志超,江航超等人。 Your this time closes right up against the transmission appendix that the founder keeps, arrives on Earth from Heavenly Paradise, without was killed by the space turbulent flow volume, is the founder blessed, do you also dare that big courage, to summon me here?” This middle-aged man says. “你们这次靠着祖师留下来的传送附录,从洞天福地之中来到地球上,没被空间乱流卷杀,就已经是祖师保佑了,你们还敢那么大的胆子,在这里召唤我?”这个中年男子开口说道。 „Doesn't that have the matter finally?” Lu Diandian smiles. “那最终不是也没有事情么?”陆点点嘿嘿一笑。 This middle-aged man looked at Lu Diandian, sighs saying: Is you is so mischievous, otherwise, how your several fellow apprentices will accompany you to take risk, you may know, your father anxious is insane in sect, this sends me to come in a hurry, must lead you!” 这个中年男子看了一眼陆点点,叹了一口气说道:“都是你那么调皮,不然的话,你的几个师兄又岂会陪你冒险,你可知道,你父亲在宗门之内已经急疯了,这才匆匆派我前来,要将你们带回去!” This middle-aged man points to Lu Diandian saying that is also because Lu Diandian is Senior Brother Sect Master only daughter, will spoil to her especially, will annoy such big matter finally. 这个中年男子直指陆点点开口说道,也就是因为陆点点掌门师兄的独生女,才会对她格外的娇惯一些,最后才会惹出这么大的事情。 We have not wanted to go back, this time, we harvested are too big!” “我们还不想回去,这一次,我们收获太大了!” Lu Diandian said hastily. 陆点点连忙说道。 Harvest? What harvests?” This middle-aged man says hastily. “收获?什么收获?”这个中年男子连忙开口说道。 Uncle Wang, after our time arrived here, bumped into a senior......” Lu Diandian to say hastily, the news that here and Lu Xuan will bump into said with this middle-aged man. “王叔叔,我们这次来到这里之后,就碰到了一个前辈……”陆点点连忙说道,将在这里和陆轩碰到的消息与这个中年男子说了。 That middle-aged man hears word, cannot help but facial expression one cold, during the description of Lu Diandian, Lu Xuan seriously is an outstandingly able person, cultivation base is inconceivable. 那中年男子闻言,不由得神情一凛,在陆点点的描述之中,陆轩当真是一个奇人,一身修为不可思议。 He is really the big courage, even our Heavenly Paradise cultivator dares to grasp killed, his also don’t know he held the big basket!” That middle-aged man Uncle Wang says. This time, each sect heard this news, being angry of air/Qi, several sect Sect Master possibly arrive personally, by that time, this Lu Xuan died, this nondescript human federation must be dismissed!” “他真的是好大的胆子,连我们洞天福地修行者都敢抓了杀了,他还不知道他捅出了多大的篓子!”那中年男子王叔叔开口说道。“这一次,各个宗门听闻了这个消息,都气的大怒,有好几个宗门宗主可能亲自降临,到那个时候,这个陆轩死定了,这个不伦不类的人类联邦也要被解散!” These Sect Master can Sect Master come personally?” Word somewhat stunned saying, he knows certainly white/in vain that is existence of anything rank. “那些宗主掌门要亲自前来?”言白有些愕然的说道,他当然知道,那是一些什么级别的存在。 Casual, stamps stamps the feet, existence that Heavenly Paradise must shiver. 随便一个,跺一跺脚,洞天福地都要颤抖的存在。 Basically real authentic lineage is governing Heavenly Paradise is these people. 基本上真正统治着洞天福地的就是这些人。 Do not come, but was they have arrived!” The middle-aged man said. “不是要前来,而是他们都已经到了!”中年男子道。
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