TEIBF :: Volume #6

#527: Suppression, just armored hand

Now these people, run, goes to the human federation, goes to under the heavenly palace also has many. 现在这些人,统统都跑了出来,投奔人类联邦,其中投奔到天宫麾下的也有不少。 The struggle of authentic lineage, is similar to a sect the different branches, the heresy is often more hateful than the heathen. 正统之争,就如同一个教派内不同的分支,异端往往比异教徒更可恶。 Facing this unprecedented change in situation, is always closing up cultivation, striving for cultivation base can pursue on mainstream dragon, has to go out, found Lu Xuan. 面对这前所未有的变局,一直以来都在闭关修行,争取修为能够追的上主流的龙,也不得不出关,找到了陆轩 Mr. Lu, the situation I think that now Mr. Lu should know, how don’t know does Mr. Lu plan to handle?” dragon opens the mouth said. 陆先生,现在情况我想陆先生应该已经知道了,不知道陆先生打算如何处置?”龙开口说道。 Now human federation each cultivator organization, official unofficial follows the lead by Special Duties Bureau. 现在人类联邦各个修行者组织,官方的非官方的都以特勤局马首是瞻。 But Special Duties Bureau takes the heavenly palace as the supreme leader, above heavenly palace is Lu Xuan. 特勤局又以天宫为最高领袖,在天宫之上的就是陆轩 Therefore Lu Xuan a few words decide the Earth pattern, this does not crack a joke, but is the reality. 所以陆轩一句话决定地球格局,这并非是开玩笑,而是现实。 Each cultivation world big shot, which does not need to watch the Lu Xuan meaningful glance. 各个修行界的大佬,哪个不需要看陆轩的眼色。 Especially dragon, is knows that the plan of Lu Xuan, knows, now the human federation and Heavenly Paradise are the potential with the water and fire. 尤其是龙,也是知道陆轩的打算的,更是也知道一点,现在人类联邦和洞天福地已经是势同水火。 After many years of development, on Earth is the secular government has controlled the world, but Heavenly Paradise wants to repeat many years ago that set, dominates by cultivation world above the secular government. 经过多年的发展,地球上一直都是世俗政府掌控天下,而洞天福地想要重演多年前的那一套,以修行界凌驾于世俗政府之上。 Only is this point, cannot accommodate for the human federation, cannot to this big shot accommodate at present. 光是这一点,就不能为人类联邦所容,更不能为眼前这个大佬所容。 Battle is essential, but the present is only a cutting edge, the outpost finished. 开战是必不可少的,但是现在只是先锋,前哨战罢了。 But these years, the human federation, is the Huaxia district has actually mainly had the direction of Lu Xuan, various methods also prepared a wicker basket, to prepare to cope with the expert who these can arrive. 而这些年,人类联邦,其实主要是华夏大区一直有陆轩的指点,各种手段也是准备了一箩筐,就是为了准备对付那些能够降临下来的高手。 Cannot compare in the number and quality of expert, that preparation other methods can contend with it. 在高手的数量和质量上不能相比,那就准备一些别的手段能够与之相抗衡。 In recent years, but a point copes a lot. 这些年来,可是一点都没少对付。 What to do can also, the murder occupy the mountain, law of the land?” Lu Xuan says. These person of long time outside the place, refuse to accept king change/transform, naturally must make them know fiercely!” “还能怎么办,杀人占山,还有王法么?”陆轩开口说道。“这些人久在化外之地,不服王化,自然要让他们知道厉害!” Lu Xuan knows, person keeping aloof be used to it of these Heavenly Paradise, must hit to take them, must thorough hitting take them. 陆轩知道,那些洞天福地的人高高在上习惯了,要打服他们,就得彻彻底底的打服他们。 Makes the heavenly palace, Special Duties Bureau set out the expert, those kill people to occupy the mountain, grasps entirely, do not want to run!” Lu Xuan light saying. They also really think that what lawless place here is?” “让天宫,特勤局出动高手,凡是杀人占山的,统统抓起来,一个都别想跑!”陆轩淡淡的说道。“他们还真以为这里是什么无法无天的地方么?” „Is Mr. Lu this must make war?” The dragon looked at Lu Xuan, asked. 陆先生这是要开战?”龙看了一眼陆轩,问道。 Makes war? You thought highly of them!” Lu Xuan says. Relax, what situation no matter there is, has me, they cannot overturn the heavens!” “开战?你太看得起他们了!”陆轩开口说道。“放心,不管有什么样的情况,有我在,他们翻不了天!” The dragon nods, then departs, quick on simultaneous/uniform troops, started the action. 龙点了点头,便离去,很快就点齐了人马,开始了行动。 Suddenly, the heavenly palace and Special Duties Bureau jointly enforce the law, on the entire Earth each cultivation inheritance made piece is in chaotic situation. 一时间,天宫和特勤局联合执法,整个地球上各个修行传承都被闹的一片鸡飞狗跳。 The heavenly palace, is Special Duties Bureau, now is the strength proliferates the world the colossus, can make two big influences jointly make a move, has not for a long time had much. 无论是天宫,还是特勤局,现在都是实力遍布天下的庞然大物,能够让两大势力联合出手的,已经是很久都没有过的了。 However many people are also well aware, has during the inheritance that the leading power competed , many people ran away, brought many news. 不过许多人对此也是心知肚明,许多发生了主导权争夺的传承之中,有不少人逃了出来,也带来了许多的消息。 The expert who Heavenly Paradise arrives , the simple and crude, is not willing to submit, killed entirely. 洞天福地降临的高手,非常的简单粗暴,不愿意臣服的,统统杀了了事。 It is not all influences and Heavenly Master Dao so, completed the fusion of peace. 不是所有的势力都和天师道这般,完成了和平的融合。 As we all know, this is must be the big deal. 所有人都知道,这是要出大事的。 This after all was not in the ancient times, the royal government could not manage these powerful cultivation sect. 这毕竟不是古代,朝廷管不到那些强大的修行宗门 The domineering of present age human federation is also ancient rare, may be called the god toward. 当世的人类联邦的强势也是亘古罕见,堪称神朝。 Not only itself has extremely huge cultivator team, its back is standing a war-god. 不仅仅本身拥有极为庞大的修行者的队伍,其背后更是站着一尊战神。 In this case, stayed cultivator of many years of these Earth lineage/vein branches to know to on Earth lower the head, no matter famous cultivation inheritance, wanted honest obedient, the honest registration information, meanwhile undertook is fostering the responsibility of talent for the human federation. 在这种情况下,在地球上呆了多年的那些地球一脉分支的修行者都知道要低头,不管多有名的修行传承,都要老老实实的听话,老老实实的登记资料,同时还承担着为人类联邦培养人才的职责。 Who dares to explode the thorn before that big shot. 谁敢在那一位大佬面前炸刺。 If Lu Xuan does not meddle this matter, that is strange. 陆轩如果不插手这个事情,那才奇怪呢。 Therefore, the heavenly palace and Special Duties Bureau jointly enforce the law, seems like in many people, is not strange, conforms to always custom of Lu Xuan very much. 因此,天宫和特勤局联合执法,在许多人看起来,并不奇怪,也很符合陆轩的向来的习惯。 Suddenly, cultivation world of entire Huaxia district is noisy being in chaotic situation, heavenly palace ten two Commander-in-Chief goes into action all, but Special Duties Bureau also goes into action in the chiefs of each region sub-bureau in abundance, leading large numbers of experts to encircle the mountain. 一时间,整个华夏大区的修行界可谓是闹的鸡飞狗跳,天宫十二都督尽数出马,而特勤局在各地分局的局长也都纷纷出马,率领大批高手围山。 Even also used the army, in the distant place deters. 甚至还动用了军队在远方威慑。 But these Heavenly Paradise expert Pok used for oneself, where can bear. 而那些洞天福地的高手威福自用惯了,哪里能够忍得下来。 Suddenly, conflict direct eruption. 一时间,冲突直接爆发。 But the human federation after so many annual development, the strength naturally also had the explosive growth. 而人类联邦经过这么多年的发展,实力自然也有了爆发性的增长。 Although the number of overall top player does not have the means and Heavenly Paradise places on a par, but a first-grade expert is actually many fearfulness. 虽然总体顶尖高手的数量没办法和洞天福地相提并论,但是次一等的高手却是多的可怕。 Often can more than ten hit one, even reassigns the expert from the world, suppresses these Heavenly Paradise experts comprehensively. 往往可以十几个打一个,甚至从全球抽调高手,全面镇压这些洞天福地的高手。 Even if some strengths were quite powerful the Heavenly Paradise expert to clash, will still be enclosed by the army quickly. 即便是有一些实力比较强大一些的洞天福地的高手冲了出去,也会很快被军队围上。 These armies are not the common armies, but is the cultivator army, various types of Rune arms display, even the powerful Divine Storehouse Realm expert cannot support, caused heavy losses in abundance. 这些军队都不是寻常的军队,而是修行者的军队,各种符文枪炮施展出来,即便是强大的神藏境高手也吃不住,纷纷被重创。 Suddenly, but is three days of times, the noisy very jubilant each Heavenly Paradise experts did not have the sound, was suppressed directly, or killed, either was grasped went back to interrogate. 一时间,不过是三天的功夫,原本还闹的十分欢腾的各个洞天福地的高手都没了声音,直接被镇压了,或者打杀了,或者被抓了回去审讯。 Also does not have the powerful expert to try to revolt, however above heavenly palace ten two Commander-in-Chief, Lu Xuan younger sister Lu Shanshan, the Lu Xuan apprentice clouds Ling'er, two people cultivation base, at the present, it may be said that are second only to Lu Xuan a group of top players. 也不过没有强大的高手试图反抗,但是在天宫十二都督之上,还有陆轩的妹妹陆姗姗,还有陆轩的徒弟云灵儿,两人的修为,在目前,可谓是仅次于陆轩的一批顶级高手。 Even Divine Storehouse Realm sevenfold, eight heavy experts cannot prevent their footsteps, was suppressed entirely. 即便是神藏境七重,八重的高手也阻挡不住他们的脚步,统统被镇压。 Suddenly, the entire world in an uproar. 一时间,整个天下为之哗然。 The human federation organization's official cultivator influence, organizes the cultivator army simultaneously, is not one day two days, many people feel not to absoltely need, can that be the opponent of these extremely expert? 人类联邦组织官方的修行者势力,同时组织修行者的军队,也并非一天两天,许多人都觉得根本没有必要,那能是那些绝顶高手的对手么? Many people quite have the objection, however just one war, established the human federation power and influence. 许多人都对此颇有异议,然而只不过一战而已,就奠定了人类联邦的威势。 Suppresses these experts, but was only a hand suppresses, at all was not anything. 镇压这些高手,不过只是一只手就镇压了而已,根本不算什么。 Suddenly, in the human federation everyone cannot help but felt at ease, has such powerful organization protection, they naturally also safe many. 一时间,人类联邦之中所有人都不由得安心了下来,有这么强大的组织保护,他们自然也安全的多。 Suddenly the prison in heavenly palace and Special Duties Bureau headquarters was full, was filled up with all kinds of powerful cultivator. 一时间天宫和特勤局总部的监狱爆满,住满了各种各样的强大的修行者 Even the human federation cannot help but adjusted the forces of two army to defend in the surrounding of these two headquarters, avoided having any accident/surprise by some chance, making these powerful cultivator run, led to the catastrophe directly. 甚至连人类联邦都不由得调来了两个军的兵力守在这两个总部的外围,避免万一有什么意外,让那些强大的修行者跑出来,直接酿成大祸。 But the experts in many Heavenly Paradise influences heard this matter, the air/Qi whole body cannot help but shivering. 而许多洞天福地势力中的高手听闻了此事,都不由得气的浑身都在颤抖。 How they dare...” “他们怎么敢。。。”
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