TEIBF :: Volume #6

#526: Large-scale arrival, came

Zhang Fashan thought of these years, has provoked Lu Xuan, below arrives at some small sect, on arrives in the super power, no has the good end. 张法善想到了这么多年来,招惹过陆轩的,下到某个小宗门,上到超级大国,没有一个有好下场的。 All people who provoked Lu Xuan, the final result is the same! 所有招惹了陆轩的人,最后的结果都是一样的! Now all can also open the entrance on Earth properly, recruits the disciple, more or less turned to the human federation, paid the protection money, in each organization that but must send people to join the human federation, severs the human federation. 现在所有还能够在地球上正经开设山门,招收弟子的,都或多或少的投靠了人类联邦,交了保护费,还要派人加入人类联邦的各个组织之中,为人类联邦服务。 Also must create all kinds of talents for the human federation, is in the present Mt. Longhu also has trained the expert from human federation much. 还要为人类联邦培养各种各样的人才,就是现在龙虎山上还有不少来自人类联邦的受培训的高手。 Even Lu Xuan is impossible to take care of all, Heavenly Master Dao lineage/vein the method of Talisman is also unparalleled in the world, therefore the human federation one however will have many trained cultivator to come the manufacture of here further education Talisman. 即便是陆轩也不可能包办一切的,天师道一脉的符箓之法也同样独步天下,因此人类联邦一然有很多的受培训的修行者都会前来这边进修符箓的制作。 Naturally he has also heard, Talisman of Lu Xuan manufacture is also unparalleled in the world, even exceeds Heavenly Master Dao, but the Lu Xuan anything status, where gives them to make this training. 当然他也听说过,陆轩制作的符箓同样独步天下,甚至超越天师道,但是陆轩什么身份,哪有空给他们做这种培训。 However Heavenly Master Dao lineage/vein have the advantage, Lu Xuan regarding promoting cultivation is not always mean-spirited, various Talisman methods of manufacturing have to give Mt. Longhu, makes Mt. Longhu broaden the outlook. 不过天师道一脉也不是没有好处,陆轩对于推动修行从来都不小气,各种符箓的制作方法也都有交给龙虎山,也让龙虎山方面大开眼界。 Has not thought of unexpectedly also the method of so many Talisman manufacture. 没想到居然还有这么多的符箓制造的方法。 This is also he most sigh with emotion place, Lu Xuan you seem like the age to be very young, but the repertoires of various big stick carrots use may be skilled, a palm of the hand sweet jujube. 这也是他最为感慨的地方,陆轩你看起来年纪很小,但是各种大棒胡萝卜的套路用的可熟练了,一个巴掌一个甜枣。 So long as is willing to follow he to walk, follows the human federation, finally must have various advantage, is not willing to follow him, naturally will be eliminated by the development of changing with each new day, quick became the borderline person of cultivation circle. 只要肯跟着他走,跟着人类联邦走的,最后都少不了各种好处,不肯跟他走的,自然而然的会被日新月异的发展所淘汰,很快就成了修行圈子的边缘人物。 Now said that Lu Xuan is the cultivation world emperor, this view, is not exaggerating, even also a little toward light said that where is an emperor, clearly is the gods of keeping aloof. 现在说陆轩修行界的皇帝,这个说法,一点都不夸张,甚至还有点往轻了说了,哪里是皇帝,分明是高高在上的神明。 He can also treat as an equal to Lu Xuan initially, but now, both sides at all not in a magnitude. 他当初还可以和陆轩平起平坐,但是现在,双方根本不在一个数量级上了。 He thinks Lu Xuan can be similar beginning generation of Heavenly Master Zhang , or Master Lu Dharma Zhang Sanfeng and so on character, that enough shaking the world has startled the vulgar shocking time. 原本他以为陆轩会是类似初代张天师,或者吕祖达摩张三丰之类的人物,那就已经够惊世骇俗惊艳一个时代了。 After all with the lapse of time, people can remember also on these names, who knows with cultivator of their same time who? 毕竟随着时间的推移,人们能够记住的也就这几个名字,谁知道和他们同时代的修行者到底都有谁? Who knows, Lu Xuan not that rank, even must exceed existence of that rank! 谁知道,陆轩并不是那种级别,甚至还要超越那种级别的存在! Teacher's younger brother, I hear Absolute Beginning Dao cloud Shuangying, and a number of were elite talents killed by him?” “师叔,我听闻太初道的云双鹰,以及一批精英天才都被他所杀?” open/stretch Tianle looks at Zhang Fashan, says, in the heart is somewhat shocking. 张天乐看着张法善,开口说道,心中有几分震惊。 Good, I personally see!” Zhang Fashan categorical saying. “不错,我亲眼所见!”张法善斩钉截铁的说道。 Thinks that initial scene, he also thought that the back sends coolly. 想到当初的场景,他还觉得后背发凉。 Even nowadays he, the strength does not dare saying that oneself strength surpasses one month ago cloud Shuangying. 即便是现如今的他,实力也不敢说自己的实力超过一个月前的云双鹰。 Then cloud Shuangying facing Lu Xuan time, did not have the strength to hit back, trading to do is his words, where perhaps is out not to compare cloud Shuangying to be stronger on goes. 当时的云双鹰面对陆轩的时候,也根本是毫无还手之力,换做是他的话,恐怕下场也不会比云双鹰要强上哪儿去。 Experts of numerous Heavenly Master Dao lineage/vein the complexion changes suddenly immediately in abundance, what existence Lu Xuan is, they and don’t know, even no concept. 一众天师道一脉的高手们顿时脸色纷纷骤变,陆轩是个什么样的存在,他们并不知道,甚至没啥概念。 However cloud Shuangying they are very clear, in Heavenly Paradise, even if inferior to these monsters, but is still second only to these monsters one of the that batch of experts. 但是云双鹰他们还是非常清楚的,在洞天福地之中,即便不如那些怪物们,但是也是仅次于那些怪物的那一批高手之一。 cultivation base seems like in them is similar to the deity to be ordinary simply, is unable to be a worthy opponent. 一身修为在他们看起来简直如同天神一般,无法匹敌。 However even such existence, facing Lu Xuan time was still eliminated easily. 但是即便是那样的存在,面对陆轩的时候也是被轻而易举的消灭了。 Here also has the video of preserving, you can look!” “我这里还有保存下来的视频,你们都可以看一下!” Zhang Fashan says conveniently. 张法善随手开口说道。 Immediately, Zhang Fashan put out a tablet PC, started to broadcast a video, in the video, saw their shocking one. 随即,张法善就拿出了一个平板电脑,开始播放起了一段视频,视频之中,看到了他们触目惊心的一幕。 That by Lu Xuan easy by character who bundling the dragon rope knocks down, each illustrious existence in Heavenly Paradise. 那一个个被陆轩轻而易举的以捆龙索打落下来的人物,每一个都是在洞天福地之中赫赫有名的存在。 However now by Lu Xuan or killing, or by bundling the dragon rope hits directly all of a sudden from the space by Lu Xuan, does not have the strength to hit back. 但是现在被陆轩或者杀死,或者被陆轩以捆龙索直接一下子从天上打下来,根本毫无还手之力。 Divine Storehouse Realm sevenfold, is Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy, in the Lu Xuan front, has no difference, easy knocked down from the space. 无论是神藏境七重,还是神藏境八重,在陆轩的面前,都根本没有任何区别,轻而易举的被从天上打落下来。 At this time, they truly had a fundamental understanding of the Lu Xuan strength, at all before is not them, such that imagines, but the strength is opposite to them is quite strong. 此时,他们才真正对陆轩的实力有了一个根本性的了解,根本不是他们之前所想象的那样,只是实力相对他们比较强而已。 This from the start is a monster! 这压根就是一个怪物! These so-called talents, the so-called elite, simply like the cabbage of roadside, easy cuts to kill conveniently. 那些所谓的天才,所谓的精英,简直如同是路边的大白菜一样,被轻而易举的随手斩杀。 They also understood at this time finally, why before Zhang Fashan said, cannot provoke on Lu Xuan absolutely. 他们此时也终于明白了,为什么张法善之前说,绝对不能招惹上陆轩了。 Provoked such monster, only feared that everyone must die! 招惹上了这样的怪物,只怕所有人都要死! Teacher's younger brother mental perception like the torch, such character, we cannot be the person who takes the lead absolutely, watch changes quietly to well!” open/stretch Tianle says. “师叔慧眼如炬,这样的人物,我们绝对不能去做出头鸟,还是静观其变为好!”张天乐开口说道。 Zhang Fashan looked at open/stretch Tianle, knew in the heart, in this master nephew heart somewhat is unwilling, but he will not act to be the person who takes the lead. 张法善看了一眼张天乐,心知,这个师侄心中还是有几分不甘心,不过他到底不会出面做出头鸟。 Zhang Fashan slightly sighs, he knows, this unwilling idea, many people have, but their Mt. Longhu lineage/vein, cannot work as this person who takes the lead absolutely. 张法善稍微叹了一口气,他知道,这样不甘心的想法,很多人都有,只不过他们龙虎山一脉,绝对不能当这个出头鸟。 Meanwhile, Wudang Mountains, Kunlun Mountain, Changbai Mountains, are situated in prestigious family Great Sect in these famed sceneries, arrival appeared in sect. 与此同时,武当山,昆仑山,长白山,一个个坐落在这些名山大川之中的名门大派之中,一个个降临者出现在了宗门之中。 Meanwhile, news were also transmitted, gathered Cloud Pavilion Villa, in the hand of Lu Xuan. 与此同时,一道道消息也被传递了出来,聚集到了云轩山庄,陆轩的手中。 Really, large-scale arrival, came finally!” “果然,更大规模的降临,终于来了!” Lu Xuan looks dignified, as long as now has related sect with Heavenly Paradise in has the disciple in Heavenly Paradise to arrive. 陆轩神情凝重,现在但凡和洞天福地之中有所联系的宗门都有洞天福地之中的弟子降临。 But these sect surrounding have the scout of heavenly palace, therefore Lu Xuan can know with ease. 而这些宗门的外围都有天宫的探子,所以陆轩都可以轻松得知。 And also has Heavenly Master Dao like that the connection of smooth peace. 其中也有天师道那般,顺利和平的交接。 However also some sect clashed, a Heavenly Paradise lineage/vein expert ran sect strongly, but on Earth sect of this lineage/vein is not willing so easy was controlled. 但是也有一些宗门爆发了冲突,洞天福地一脉的高手强势掌管了宗门,而原本地球上这一脉的宗门并不愿意这般轻而易举的被掌控。 both sides clashed, but basically on being repulsed of lineage/vein by Earth comes to an end, after all, a expert of Heavenly Paradise lineage/vein were too on the other hand many, the advantage was also too full. 双方爆发了冲突,不过基本上都是以地球上一脉的败退而告终,毕竟相对来说,洞天福地一脉的高手太多了,优势也太足了。 At is not an Earth lineage/vein present mastery can resist. 根本不是地球一脉现在的底蕴能够对抗的了的。 A expert of Earth lineage/vein these are not willing to surrender or was killed, or flees the outside world distressedly, seeks the support of heavenly palace or Special Duties Bureau. 那些不愿意归降的地球一脉的高手或者被杀,或者狼狈逃奔到外界,寻求天宫或者特勤局的支援。 Various conflicts, large-scale, small, collides unceasingly. 各种冲突,大型的,小型的,不断碰撞。 It can be said that this is the unprecedented big change, this is also the previous generation not matter. 可以说,这是前所未有的大变,这也是前世所没有过的事情。 Because previous generation Heavenly Paradise lineage/vein arrive, the branch on Earth is far from powerful such. 因为前世洞天福地一脉降临的时候,地球上的分支远没有这么的强大。 It is not able to resist, but now is different, they have the strength of resistance, but this is also the change that Lu Xuan brings about. 根本无从抵抗,而现在不同,他们已经具备了反抗的实力,而这也是陆轩所带来的变化。
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