TEIBF :: Volume #6

#529: Has me, they could not have overturned the heavens!

A bronzed invitation sent to the heavenly palace headquarters. 一张烫金请柬发到了天宫的总部。 The world is shocking! 天下震惊! In the written invitation of this bronzing, writing, unexpectedly is the Heavenly Paradise expert invites the human federation expert, discussed together the important matter, decided the status of the world. 这一张烫金的请帖上,写着的,居然是洞天福地的高手邀请人类联邦的高手,共商大事,定天下之名分。 Because who knows, now heavenly palace human federation strongest supporter, without the heavenly palace nods, human federation anything gave up any idea of that promotes. 因为谁都知道,现在天宫正是人类联邦最强的支持者,如果没有天宫点头,人类联邦任何事情都休想推广下去。 In other words , everyone also understands, to control the human federation, must level the heavenly palace. 反过来说,所有人也都明白,若想掌控人类联邦,就必须要摆平天宫。 But what comes along with this bronzed invitation, extremely arrival of expert. 而伴随着这烫金请柬而来的是,绝顶高手的降临。 One after another, the Heavenly Paradise mastery was really fearful, the heavenly palace just suppressed one wave, now Heavenly Paradise arrives at one wave unexpectedly, was terrifying compared with former that wave!” “一波又一波,洞天福地的底蕴真是太可怕了,天宫才刚刚镇压了一波,现在洞天福地居然又降临了一波,比起之前那一波还要恐怖!” Some people noticed that had the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy unsurpassed powerhouses to arrive!” “有人看到有神藏境九重的无上强者降临了!” Hiss, before cloud Shuangying and the others, although was suppressed quickly, but a strength may be called shaking the world startle the custom, however that also merely only then Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy, Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy should have fearfully how!” “嘶,之前云双鹰等人虽然很快被镇压,但是一身实力堪称惊世骇俗,然而那也仅仅只有神藏境八重而已,神藏境九重该有多么的可怕!” Heard to have in Heavenly Paradise a sect marriage go- from arriving, Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy really fearful, some people patted, he stilled everywhere tsunami by one's effort!” “听说有洞天福地之中宗门的一宗之主亲自降临了,神藏境九重果然可怕,有人拍到,他以一己之力平定了漫天的海啸!” I heard, almost cleft in two by an old man sword of back sword in some military base in Japanese district, it is said is direct descendant Sect Master of Wudang in Heavenly Paradise, is authentic lineage Sect Master of Wudang, to give in the second war time, the slain Wudang disciples revenged!” “我听说,在日本大区的某个军事基地差点被一个背剑的老者一剑劈成两半,据说是武当在洞天福地之中的嫡系掌门,算是武当的正统掌门,是为了给在二战时候,死难的武当弟子报仇!” I also heard, that Wudang Sect Master holds a sword the running amuck entire Japan district, selects to turn dozens temples and Shintoism Buddhist temples!” “我也听说了,那武当掌门仗剑横行整个日本大区,挑翻几十处神庙和神道道场!” Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts, terrifying in this way!” 神藏境九重的高手,恐怖如斯!” Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts arrive in abundance, is doing the matter everywhere, as if for fear that everyone don’t know, had the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts extremely to arrive. 一尊尊神藏境九重的高手纷纷降临,在四处搞事情,似乎生怕所有人都不知道,有神藏境九重的绝顶高手降临了。 Existence of that terrifying, just like being alive the gods is ordinary, few can govern. 那一尊一尊恐怖的存在,宛如在世神明一般,几乎无人能治。 Even some people pat, in the above the Pacific, Lu Shanshan confronts with an profound clothes old man distantly. 甚至有人拍到,在太平洋上空,陆姗姗与一个玄衣老者遥遥对峙。 The Lu Shanshan strength, is the manner approves recently, is almost among the world one of the most a number of people extremely, although has not resulted in Lu Xuan compares, but looked that she cuts to kill Divine Storehouse Realm eight is similar to cuts the melon to cut the vegetable/dish then to know again generally, strength no small matter, far surpass common Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy. 陆姗姗的实力,近来也是为人所认可,几乎是天下间最绝顶的一批人之一,虽然和陆轩还是没得比,但是看她斩杀神藏境八重如同砍瓜切菜一般便知道,实力非同小可,远超寻常神藏境八重。 However even, is not so able to win facing this profound clothes old man, but confronted after distantly, this profound clothes old man then left. 不过即便如此,面对这个玄衣老者也无法取胜,只是遥遥对峙了一番之后,这个玄衣老者便离开了。 The military base below US district at present, was almost frightened unbearable. 下方美国大区的军事基地就在眼前,差点被吓了个够呛。 In addition, but also some people see, have certainly for the powerhouse, broke open the pyramid in Egypt, took the thing to leave, bumped into coincidentally completed the task the Lu Xuan disciple to say Ling'er in the nearby. 除此之外,还有人看到,有绝代强者,破开了埃及的金字塔,取走了东西离开,刚巧碰到了在附近完成任务的陆轩的弟子云灵儿 both sides erupted a war, clouds that Ling'er can not win unexpectedly, but the opposite party cannot do to says Ling'er , can only give up. 双方爆发了一番大战,云灵儿竟然不得胜利,不过对方也奈何不得云灵儿,也只能作罢。 Suddenly, the world spread all kinds of news. 一时间,全球各地都传来了各种各样的消息。 During this information transmission speed extremely quick time, these matter almost just happened, the made world is noisy. 在这个信息传递速度极快的时代之中,这些事情几乎刚刚发生,就已经闹的全球都在沸沸扬扬。 The pictures of powerhouse were shot, passed to online, everyone feels desperately, from all sides ten extremely experts appear together, almost makes the entire world suffocate. 一个个强者的照片被拍下来,传到了网上,所有人都感觉绝望,前前后后十个绝顶高手一起出现,几乎让全世界都窒息。 Their strengths were too strong, the common method has no use to them, common Divine Storehouse Realm facing them, perhaps also is really not a move of enemy. 他们的实力太强了,寻常的手段对于他们来说根本没有任何用处,寻常的神藏境面对他们,恐怕还真不是一招之敌。 This is also not the most desperate time, if the heavenly palace is unable to suppress them, prevents them, perhaps later constant disorder and unrest!” “这还不是最绝望的时候,如果天宫无法镇压他们,阻挡他们,恐怕以后永无宁日!” Had the astute person to look, although now the situation is bad, however was also not the worst time. 有精明的人已经看出来了,现在形势虽然已经非常恶劣,然而还不是最恶劣的时候。 Because both sides also calculate to have the restraint, although these ten experts created many mighty waves, even caused the enormous losses, but has restrained, has not opened killing for warning greatly, without brutal slaughtering of aimlessly. 因为双方都还算有克制,这十个高手虽然造成了不少的波澜,甚至造成了极大的损失,但是到底有所克制,没有大开杀戒,没有漫无目的的无情杀戮。 But with it relative, the human federation is also repressing own anxiety, without the use nuclear bomb and other heavy weapons copes with these powerhouses. 而与之相对的,人类联邦也在按捺住自身的焦虑,没有动用核弹等重型武器来对付这些强者。 Otherwise, facing the present already the human federation huge nuclear arsenal that pulls together to do something, even these powerhouses still gave up any idea of that asks for well goes. 否则的话,面对现在已经拧成一股绳的人类联邦的庞大核武库,即便是这些强者也休想讨得好去。 The human federation is looking at the heavenly palace the attitude, but these powerhouses, are demonstrating. 人类联邦在看天宫的态度,而这些强者,在示威。 Expressed them to destroy day of an ability that extinguished the place, let the heavenly palace and human federation, is unable to neglect their existences. 表达他们拥有毁天灭地的能力,让天宫和人类联邦,无法忽略他们的存在。 But at this time, in Cloud Pavilion Villa, Ming Yueyao in the anxious waiting, the dragon is handling regional various sudden events, at this time also can only look for Lu Xuan by her. 而此时,在云轩山庄之中,明月瑶在焦急的等待,龙在处理各地的各种突发的事件,此时也只能由她来找陆轩 Looks at a pale blue long gown, unhurriedly Lu Xuan, Ming Yueyao somewhat worries, said: Mr. Lu, you looked how this matter must process!” 看着一袭月白长袍,不慌不忙的陆轩,明月瑶有些着急,道:“陆先生,你看此事要怎么处理!” Lu Xuan said: This matter does not need to process, they are demonstrating, you process the hand tail then!” 陆轩说道:“此事不需要处理,他们不过是在示威而已,你们处理完手尾即可!” „Doesn't Mr. Lu plan to act?” Some Ming Yueyao saying worrying. 陆先生不打算出手么?”明月瑶有些着急的说道。 Now the top player on Earth are not many, with Heavenly Paradise does not have the relations were less, can contend with the Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts, almost completely in Cloud Pavilion Villa. 现在地球上的顶尖高手不多,和洞天福地没关系的就更少了,能抗衡神藏境九重的高手,几乎全部都在云轩山庄 Although the dragon is also Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy cultivation base, but light/only some spoil things through excessive enthusiasm, in the Divine Storehouse Realm eight heavy experts, are weakest one batch, is unable to contend with Divine Storehouse Realm heavily nine. 龙虽然也是神藏境八重的修为,但是光这就已经有些揠苗助长,在神藏境八重的高手之中,都是最弱的一批,根本无法抗衡神藏境九重。 In addition, clouds Ling'er, Lu Shanshan, continuously in Cloud Pavilion Villa Lu Guoguo and the others, although can confront with these Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts. 除此之外,云灵儿,陆姗姗,还有一直在云轩山庄陆果果等人虽然能够与那些神藏境九重的高手对峙。 However that also confronts merely! 但是那也仅仅只是对峙而已! It is not able to beat these powerful enemies! 无法击败这些强敌! Everyone's hope placed the body of Lu Xuan! 所有人的希望都放在了陆轩的身上! Lu Xuan said: I and other person!” 陆轩道:“我在等一个人!” Who?” Saying of some Ming Yueyao doubts, why his don’t know to the present, Lu Xuan had not planned to act, this does not conform to the Lu Xuan character. “等谁?”明月瑶有些疑惑的说道,他不知道为什么到了现在,陆轩还不打算出手,这不符合陆轩的性格。 „An old enemy, Absolute Beginning Dao Chief big disciple, Yan Han!” “一个宿敌,太初道首席大弟子,燕寒!” Lu Xuan light saying. 陆轩淡淡的说道。 I he arrived, I do not want to run away in fear he, pestered was long enough, this time, I take one time his ambush on Earth!” “我在等他降临,我不想吓跑他,已经纠缠的够久了,这一次,我要一次将他伏杀在地球上!” Ming Yueyao listened to Lu Xuan saying that was a little blurry, was not clear, how this Yan Han will become the Lu Xuan old enemy, they listened not to hear this person. 明月瑶听着陆轩所说,有点迷糊了,根本不明白,这个燕寒又怎么会成为陆轩的宿敌的,他们听都没有听说过这个人。 Listens to the meaning of Lu Xuan, seems like these Divine Storehouse Realm nine heavy experts extremely not to pay attention, instead is a person of Yan Han such don’t know anything background instead makes Lu Xuan be apprehensive. 陆轩的意思,似乎是这些神藏境九重的绝顶高手都没放在眼里,反而是燕寒这么一个不知道什么来路的人反而让陆轩忌惮三分。 „Didn't they send the written invitation to me? Three days later, they asked me to attend a meeting, by that time, I naturally can attend, what method no matter they had, cannot turn the spray entirely!” Lu Xuan says. I do not want to frighten him!” “他们不是给我发了请帖么?三天之后,他们请我赴会,到那个时候,我自然会出席,不管他们有什么样的手段,统统翻不起浪花!”陆轩开口说道。“我只是不想把他吓到而已!” Lu Xuan is saying, the look glitters slightly several points of swift and fierce ray. 陆轩说着,眼神微微闪烁几分凌厉的光芒。 You first go back, this matter I will process, have me, they could not have overturned the heavens!” “你先回去吧,此事我会处理,有我在,他们还翻不了天!”
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