TBSIABC :: Volume #4 翻云覆雨

#547: Royal palace undercurrent

In the palace tall building, wiped the incomparably moving form to walk, saluted to Northern King. 宫殿高楼上,一抹无比动人的身影走了进来,向北方王行礼。 Father. Then several months have not seen, you as if young......” “父亲。这才几个月没见,你似乎又年轻了许多呢……” Royal Daughter reveals the smile, all around that makes all of a sudden bright certainly colorfully, the scenery of this room also becomes vivid. 王女露出笑颜,那份绝艳让四周一下子明亮起来,这个房间的景色也变得生动起来。 You were willing to see me actually, stayed outside does not want to come back......” “你倒是舍得来见我了,在外面待得不想回来了吧……” Northern King cold snort/hum, actually feigns the anger, this King before the favored daughter, shows the rare kind father facial expression. 北方王冷哼,却是佯装怒意,这位王者在爱女面前,露出罕有的慈父神情。 In Royal City, is intimate with the Northern King people to know, only has this Royal Daughter, will make Northern King so treat. 王城中,亲近北方王的人都知道,也唯有这位王女,才会让北方王如此对待。 Other Royal Son and Princess from infancy to maturity, facing are the Northern King severe face...... 其他王子公主从小到大,面对得都是北方王严厉的面孔…… This Royal Daughter from a birth, was special, the appearance, the natural talent, was the bloodline, as well as can pull up that Wang Jian...... 这位王女从一出生,就是特殊的,无论是容貌,天资,还是血统,以及能够拔起那把王剑…… Where I wait for not wanting to come back, amn't I the father deliver?” The Royal Daughter red lip sips, reveals the color of grievance. “我哪有待得不想回来,我不是父亲送出去么?”王女红唇微抿,露出委屈之色。 The Northern King complexion changes, sighed, suddenly the sword cry, sword of waist the sheath, has delimited together ten meters sword light together, cut to Royal Daughter. 北方王面色微变,叹了口气,忽然一道剑鸣,腰间的佩剑已然出鞘,划出一道十米长的剑光,直斩向王女 The power and influence of this sword, already to sixth boundary, and incomparably swift and fierce cunning, such near distance, sixth boundary expert is also hard to resist. 这一剑的威势,已是到了六境,且无比凌厉刁钻,这么近的距离,六境强者也难以招架。 Buzz...... 嗡…… In the Royal Daughter hand, does not know that were when many a tall and slender sword, the sword blade shook, sword flowers bloomed, the overlapping shop dispersed, this swift and fierce sword strength little counter-balance. 王女手中,不知何时多了一枚细长的剑,剑身一抖,一朵朵剑花绽放,层层叠叠的铺散开来,将这道凌厉剑劲一点点抵消。 Ding...... 叮叮叮…… In the room, resounds the weapon collision continuously, the wall pū pū is also pierced, reveals holes...... 房间里,响起此起彼伏的武器碰撞,墙壁也噗噗噗的被洞穿,露出一个又一个的孔洞…… On outside corridor, the guards have left by far, regarding meeting of Northern King and Royal Daughter, they could not be familiar again, this that was familiar was the program that can perform each time. 外面走廊上,护卫们早就离得远远的,对于北方王王女的见面,他们已经熟悉的不能再熟悉了,这是每次都会上演的戏码。 In a minute, the collision sound of sword vanishes, Northern King stands there, sword has turned over to the sheath, if not in the room one piece in confusion, he simply has not as if intended to be the same. 片刻,剑的碰撞声消失,北方王站在那里,佩剑早就归鞘,如果不是房间里一片狼藉,他似乎根本没有出过手一样。 As for Royal Daughter, is the sleeves two sword marks, both hands overlap before the body, resembles anything not to happen is the same. 至于王女,则是衣袖有两道剑痕,双手交叠于身前,也似什么也没发生过一样。 Worthily is my daughter, has grasped some eighth boundary sword intent......, if you do not divert attention these unnecessary hobby, now has comprehended eighth boundary sword intent......” “不愧是我的女儿,已经掌握了一些八境剑意了……,如果你不是分心那些不必要的爱好,现在已经领悟八境剑意了……” Northern King first commended, then the tone becomes severe, blamed it to concentrate on. 北方王先是赞许了一番,而后语气变得严厉,责备其应该专注一点。 Royal Daughter is very clever, said: Teacher commended that my mechanical talent, is the rare talent......, if concentrates on Mechanical Domain, perhaps in ten years were Machinery Grandmaster......” 王女很是乖巧,道:“老师称赞我的机械天赋,是罕见的天才呢……,如果专注于机械领域,或许十年内就是机械大师了……” Words of young fellow can believe......” “一个毛头小子的话能信么……” Northern King sneers, thinks in the information, some things of oneself daughter that teacher, actually somewhat do not go. 北方王冷笑一声,想到情报上,自己女儿那个老师的一些事情,却是有些接不下去。 Shifting to a new subject, he continues saying: You are north Royal Daughter of boundary, the hobby put after all, after this birthday feast, you must enter Royal City to help me.” 话锋一转,他继续道:“你毕竟是北境的王女,爱好就放一放吧,这次寿宴过后,你要进王城来帮我了。” Yes. Father.” “是。父亲。” Royal Daughter bows, regarding the decision of Northern King, she has the premonition, has been ready. 王女躬身,对于北方王的这个决定,她早就有预感,也早就做好准备。 but......, this time birthday feast may not have to feel better......” 不过……,这次的寿宴可没那么好过……” Northern King turns around, looks to out of the window, is looking into the distance, enters the Royal City one after another diplomatic envoy, the vision is coldly severe. 北方王转身,看向窗外,眺望着远方,进入王城一支支使节团,目光冷厉起来。 ...... …… kacha kacha...... 咔嚓咔嚓…… In a Royal City distinguished guest hall, Kitty Lan sits on the chair, its one side is putting all kinds of fruits and desserts, the delicious meat, the little fellow to Light Screen, is eating to the heart's content there. 王城一间贵宾大厅里,蓝小喵坐在椅子上,它一旁放着一盘盘各式各样的水果、点心,美味的肉食,小家伙对着一面光屏,在那里大快朵颐着。 Nearby, little white bull Harpoon is extending the big hand, eating toward the mouth but actually, already but actually quick 100, the trend of still not having stopped. 一旁,小白牛鱼叉伸着大手,将一盘盘吃的往嘴里倒,前后已经倒了快一百盘了,依然没有停止的趋势。 Comes out after Sealed Territory, little white bull change still has not stopped, the build expands, hair even more exuberant at the same time, his appetite is also getting more and more astonishing. 封域出来后,小白牛身上的变化依然没有停止,体型壮大一圈,毛发越发旺盛的同时,他的食量也越来越惊人。 In Light Screen is conducting the video call, another end is Big Mouse, because this Flame Mouse the build is too big, is unable openly to enter Royal City, can only treat outside, when slides in the evening again secretly. 光屏中正在进行视频通话,另一端是鼠大,这头焰鼠因为体型太大,无法堂而皇之的进入王城,只能待在外面,等到晚上再偷偷溜进来。 Now, Big Mouse outside Royal City, sees Master Kitty, that little white bull enjoys the gourmet the appearance, its eyeball soon stared to protrude, this may quick be greedy it. 现在,在王城外的鼠大,看到喵主人,还有那头小白牛享受美食的样子,它眼珠子都瞪得快要凸出来了,这可快馋死它了。 Master Kitty, you must keep to the loyal servant in the evening delicious......” 喵主人,你晚上一定要给忠诚的仆人留点好吃的啊……” Big Mouse brings shouting of weeping voice, it just hunted several large-scale wild animals, these blood food may be unpalatable, there and on barbecue 1% delicacies. 鼠大带着哭腔的喊道,它刚狩猎了几只大型野兽,那些血食可太难吃了,那里及得上烤肉百分之一的美味。 Meow......” “喵……” Kitty Lan is perfunctory complies with one, was actually pondering over, even if in the evening, this giant mouse can enter Royal City, is still difficult to arrive in the royal palace! Such big head, in the royal palace defends sternly, a seventh boundary monster rushes suddenly, that certain/affirm will be killed. 蓝小喵敷衍的答应一声,却是在思忖,就算晚上,这巨型鼠能进王城,也难到王宫里来啊!这么大的个头,王宫里守备森严,一头七境怪兽突然闯进来,那肯定是会被打死的。 Looks at the appearance of this mouse servant, Kitty Lan is thinking, has not told it this pitiful fact...... 瞧着这鼠仆的模样,蓝小喵想了想,没有告诉它这个悲惨的事实…… All right. The mouse brother, I bring delicious going out to look at you later......” “没事。鼠兄,待会我带好吃的出去看你……” The little white bull Harpoon friendship, these words saying Big Mouse immediately to direct it to be a friend actually very much. 小白牛鱼叉倒是很情谊,这一句话说得鼠大顿时引其为知己。 In big distinguished guest hall, only then one meow white bull, others arrived at the royal palace, has various things, departed in abundance. 偌大的贵宾大厅里,只有一喵一白牛,其他人到了王宫,都有各种事情,纷纷离去了。 ...... …… At this time —— 此时—— In the royal palace a garden, Lin Chuan and Fowler, Tai Gu and the others gathered together, is visiting the scenery of Northern Land royal palace. 王宫中一处花园,林川福勒,苔骨等人聚在一起,正在参观北地王宫的景色。 This comes Northern Land Royal City, Lin Chuan to come frankly and uprightly, what he represents is White Dwarf Kingdom, Mechanical Honeycomb, is very justifiable to Royal City, is precisely the distinguished guest. 此来北地王城,林川是光明正大来的,他代表的是白矮人王国,机械蜂巢,到王城很是名正言顺,且是贵宾。 The group are divided into the light and shade two groups, Lin Chuan and Fowler, Tai Gu and the others, in Shihai Mountain City is the entourage, follows in the same place. 一行人分成明暗两组,林川福勒,苔骨等人,在施海山城就是随行人员,自是跟在一起。 As for Bayen, Madame Die and the others, then in the hidden place, still outside Royal City, treats with Big Mouse at this moment in the same place, waits for an opportunity to enter Royal City. 至于巴尤恩,蝶夫人等人,则是在暗处,此刻还在王城外,与鼠大待在一起,伺机进入王城 „The Northern Land Royal City landscape, has the characteristics actually......” 北地王城的景观,倒是别有特色……” Lin Chuan swept a garden, here gardens so many bright flowers, have not been the Northern Land characteristics hardy plants, seems like quite monotonous. 林川扫了一眼花园,这里的园圃并没有那么多鲜艳的花朵,都是北地特色的耐寒植物,看起来相当的单调。 However, saw from this point, Northern King does not like the ostentation the temper, in a u hearsay tallies actually very much. 不过,从这一点也看出,北方王并不是喜欢排场的性子,一u传闻中倒是很相符。 Royal City changed compared with before many......” 王城比以前变了不少啊……” Nearby, camouflages Man Hua of Human Race old man, looks at all around scenery, muttered the whisper. 一旁,伪装成一个人族老者的蛮华,看着四周的景色,喃喃嘀咕。 Can this millenniums, be more invariable? 这都千年了,能不变很多么? Lin Chuan and other criminals whispered. 林川等人犯嘀咕。 At this time, the front surface walked one team of people, all was the appearance outstanding youth, wore the Northern Land characteristics magnificent and expensive clothing, brushed past with Lin Chuan and the others. 这时,迎面走来一队人,皆是样貌出众的青年,穿着北地特色的华贵服饰,与林川等人擦肩而过。 And a youth width from armpit to shoulder, hits suddenly to Lin Chuan, its tall and strong figure pushes, in comparison, the Lin Chuan figure at least wants on small three, if hits the same place, the latter will be as if hit to fly. 其中一个青年忽然抬肩,撞向林川,其魁梧的身形挤过来,与之相比,林川的身形至少要小上三圈,如果撞到一起,后者似乎会被撞飞出去。 Lin Chuan brow slightly wrinkle, the strength of this Northern Land aristocrat youth, but fourth boundary, in his eyes is equally small and weak on and child, but, such situation he exposes to exceed the fourth boundary strength suddenly, was really garish. 林川眉头微皱,这北地贵族青年的实力,不过四境而已,在他眼里就和孩童一样弱小,但是,这样的场合他突然展露超越四境的实力,着实就扎眼了。 Bang! 砰! The Six Arms figure in a flash, has stood in the Lin Chuan body side, hit one with this tall and strong youth, the latter eats to hurt one, retrocedes again and again. 六手身形一晃,已是站在林川身侧,与这魁梧青年撞到了一起,后者吃疼一声,连连后退。 Bold! Dares to be dissolute in the Northern Land royal palace, comes the person, takes this group of people to me!” “大胆!敢在北地王宫放肆,来人,给我拿下这伙人!” The tall and strong youth glowers, orders the surrounding royal palace guard loudly, said that Lin Chuan one line of intentions are illegal, must apprehend to investigate rigorously. 魁梧青年怒目而视,大声命令周围的王宫守卫,称林川一行意图不轨,要捉拿起来严查。 Both sides guard stands there, is motionless, as if simply has not seen this conflict. 两旁的守卫站在那里,都是一动不动,仿佛根本没有看到这一冲突。 Munder Viscount, this is the representative Mechanical Honeycomb envoy, what if you have to misunderstand, can consult in private?” A royal palace is in charge goes forward hastily, compensates expostulates with a smile. “曼特子爵,这是代表机械蜂巢的使者,你们如果有什么误会,能私下协商么?”一名王宫管事连忙上前,赔笑着劝诫。 hearing this, tall and strong youth group of people sneer, beckon with the hand said, they are very magnanimous, is not only the White Dwarf Kingdom guest, that even. 闻言,魁梧青年这一群人都是冷笑,摆手表示,他们都很大度,既是白矮人王国的客人,那就算了。 Lin Chuan complexion slightly cold, regarding these Northern Land aristocrats, he does not care, but, dashes like this, but also slanders one's own side in turn, he does not prepare to swallow an insult. 林川面色微冷,对于这些北地贵族,他自是不放在心上,但是,这样冲撞过来,还反过来污蔑己方,他可不准备忍气吞声。 In the Northern Land royal palace, what he represents is Mechanical Honeycomb, if settles a quarrel and make peace with the parties involved, that may make the person with high aspirations begin to have suspicions. 北地王宫,他代表的是机械蜂巢,如果息事宁人,那可会让有心人起疑。 Turns the head, Lin Chuan looked at Six Arms, the latter is understanding immediately, steps the previous step, without releasing blade qi, sees in the gardens a snow white flower to fly suddenly, whiz, is scratching the cheek of tall and strong youth, on his face reveals a bloodstain immediately. 转头,林川看了看六手,后者立时会意,迈前一步,也没有释放刀气,就见园圃中一朵雪白的花忽然飞起,嗖得一声,擦着魁梧青年的面颊而过,其脸上立时露出一道血痕。 Munder Viscount was still sneering, regarding this does not have to think, discovered the companions look at the face of oneself, reveals the panic-stricken color, his subconscious touches, touched a blood unexpectedly. 曼特子爵原本还在冷笑,对此一无所觉,发现同伴们看着自己的脸,露出惊恐之色,他下意识的一摸,竟是摸了一手血。 Comes the person......, this fellow wants to assassinate me!” Munder Viscount cries out strangely, points at Six Arms to bellow. “来人……,这家伙想刺杀我!”曼特子爵怪叫起来,指着六手大吼起来。 this scene, frightens royal palace manager ghastly pale look, this is the Northern King birthday feast, made such a, if were noisily big, he may have bad luck. 这一幕,吓得王宫管事面无人色,这可是北方王寿宴,闹了这么一出,要是闹大了,那他可倒霉了。 Both sides guard goes forward, blocks between two groups of people, actually does not dare to begin to either one. 两旁的守卫纷纷上前,拦在两拨人之间,却是不敢对任何一方动手。 The of Six Arms reveal, the royal palace guards very clearly, this wears the male strength of big hat to be terrifying, in addition Lin Chuan here status, how regardless of cannot have the conflict. 六手露的这一手,王宫守卫很清楚,这戴着大帽的男子实力有多么恐怖,再加上林川这边的身份,无论如何也是不能起冲突的。 The guards also see very clearly, was Munder Viscount caused trouble a moment ago intentionally...... 况且,守卫们也看得很清楚,刚才就是曼特子爵故意闹事…… Under the royal palace effective persuasion, Munder Viscount stared Lin Chuan one viciously, whispered: „After and other birthday feasts, we wait and see......” 在王宫管事的劝说下,曼特子爵狠毒的瞪了林川一眼,嘀咕了一句:“等寿宴之后,咱们走着瞧……” Looks the back that this group of Northern Land aristocrats depart, Lin Chuan knits the brows slightly, fault-finding of these fellows, have not been worth him caring, what he is curious how just to arrive at Royal City, some people will ask him to trouble. 看着这群北地贵族离去的背影,林川微微皱眉,这些家伙的找茬,还不值得他放在心上,他好奇的是怎么刚到王城,就会有人找他麻烦。 didi...... 嘀嘀…… Fowler communicator made a sound, he opened to look, collected the shortcut: These are the Royal City young aristocrats, they ask us to trouble, because of us in Shihai Mountain City, walks with Third Royal Son Monte is quite near. Munder Viscount they, are that side big Royal Son......” 福勒通讯器响了,他打开看了看,凑近道:“这些是王城年轻贵族,他们找我们麻烦,是因为我们在施海山城,与三王子门特走的比较近。曼特子爵他们,是大王子那边的……” Other companions suddenly, are this reason. 其余同伴恍然,原来是这个原因。 Lin Chuan looks to Fowler, this fellow arrives at Royal City not to have for quite a while, the news is so how quick. 林川则是看向福勒,这家伙才到王城没半天,怎么消息如此灵通。 Two friends told me......” “两位朋友告诉我的……” Fowler smiles, turns the head to look to the garden, there has north two boundary beautiful woman to look, with no trace shows the charming smile. 福勒笑了笑,转头看向花园另一边,那里有两名北境丽人正看过来,不着痕迹的露出娇羞的笑容。 Seeing that other companions were speechless immediately, this quite a while the time, Fowler this goods ganged up with two women. 见状,其余同伴顿时无言了,这才半天时间,福勒这货就勾搭了两个女人。 You do not understand......, this is inquires the information the optimal path!” Fowler sincere say/way. “你们不懂……,这才是打探情报的最佳途径啊!”福勒正色道。 Optimal path?! 最佳途径?! One group of companions snort contemptuously, perhaps inquires the information on the bed...... 一行同伴嗤之以鼻,恐怕是在床上打探情报吧…… Man Hua sighed, shakes the head, Cromwell only descendants appearance, his some were really unacceptable. 蛮华叹了口气,摇了摇头,克伦威尔的唯一子孙这个样子,他着实有些不能接受。 Walks, leading you to go to a good place, there feared present Royal City few to know personally......” “走吧,带你们去一个好地方,那里恐怕如今的王城没几个人知道了……” The Centaur Race old man turns around, walks toward the garden outside. 人马族老者转身,朝着花园外走去。 Lin Chuan and the others some surprise, in abundance with. 林川等人有些诧异,纷纷跟了上去。 ...... …… Comes out from the garden, Man Hua one group are walking in a corridor, seems like taking a walk. 从花园出来,蛮华一行人在一条走廊中走着,看起来像是在散步。 Comes to the corridor end, the Centaur Race old man waves, the heart origin power barrier disperses together on the shop, pattern outside world. 走到走廊尽头,人马族老者挥了挥手,一道心元力屏障就铺散开来,格局了外界。 Man Hua leads one group, banged into a wall, in an instant vanishes does not see. 蛮华带着一行人,撞入了一面墙壁里,转眼消失不见。 „When this is I and Northern King young constructs the secret passage, it is estimated when the fellow passes away, has not told the descendants......” “这是我和北方王年轻时建得秘密通道,估计那家伙逝去时,也没告诉子孙……” The Centaur Race old man is whispering, goes forward in a long and narrow channel, here architectural style, is very similar to other royal palace places, the channel both sides have doors. 人马族老者嘀咕着,在一个狭长的通道中前进,这里的建筑风格,与王宫其他地方很相似,通道两侧有着一扇扇门。 Lin Chuan and the others notice, place that came in a moment ago, is the dead angle of that corridor, has the heart origin power barrier isolation again, no one can detect. 林川等人都注意到,刚才进来的地方,是那条走廊的死角,再有心元力屏障隔绝,根本无人能发觉。 „Does Senior Man Hua, what in these rooms have? Is the treasure house in royal palace?” Lin Chuan asked. 蛮华前辈,这些房间里有什么?是王宫的宝库么?”林川问道。 Man Hua smiled two, did not reply. 蛮华笑了了两声,却不回答。 Fowler whispered: This place is good to suit the lover's rendezvous......” 福勒则是嘀咕:“这地方好适合幽会啊……” hearing this, the Centaur Race old man is the figure moves slightly, shows the unnatural facial expression. 闻言,人马族老者则是身形微动,露出不自然的神情。 Seeing that Lin Chuan and the others are the squints, is taking a look at the Centaur Race old man, it seems like it was said by a Fowler language. 见状,林川等人都是斜眼,瞅着人马族老者,看来是被福勒一语说中了。 Past Northern King, Centaur Regiment Leader when young, the life looked like very also dissolute, to seek pleasure unexpectedly, caused such a secret to be, was in the royal palace. 当年的北方王,人马军团首领年轻时,生活看来也很浪荡嘛,竟为了寻欢作乐,弄出这么一条秘密所在,还是在王宫中。 Sees vision some of one group of juniors is not right, Man Hua coughs, said: We returned young at that time, the Hundred Years'War just had the beginning, when whose young does not have absurdly......” 见一群小辈的目光有些不对劲,蛮华干咳一声,道:“我们那时候还年轻,百年战争只是刚起开端,谁年轻时没有荒唐过呢……” One group of companions all did not speak, did not approve of does not refute, this was ninth boundary expert, speaks heavily the run likely. 一行同伴皆是不语,既不赞同也不反驳,这可是九境强者,出言挤兑很可能会遭重的。 Lin Chuan is the nod approval, the somewhat regrettable sigh, the tour of this time Northern Land ended, he must relax well. 林川则是点头赞同,有些遗憾的叹息,这一次北地之行结束,他就要好好放松一下。 The group pass through from secret passage, arrives in a construction of vault, four sides wall is the one after another mirror. 一行人从密道中穿过,来到一个穹顶的建筑里,四面的墙壁都是一面面镜子。 Man Hua before a mirror, pressed the switch, immediately, royal palace scene somewhere appears. 蛮华到一面镜子前,按动了开关,顿时,王宫某处的景象就浮现出来。 „Is this monitoring control unit?” “这是监控装置么?” „This mechanical skill does not make......” “这不是机械技术制成的……” ...... …… The people are somewhat curious, walks to go forward in abundance, discovered that this type of mirror is very unusual, and has no mechanism. 众人有些好奇,纷纷走上前,发现这种镜子很奇特,并没有任何机械装置。 Man Hua happily smiles, claimed that he is not bored with that Northern King, solely constructs a leading a life of comfort institute, their original goals, but is constructs one secret is, eavesdrops on the information of various royal palace places while convenient. 蛮华得意一笑,声称他和那一任的北方王可没那么无聊,单单建造一个享乐之所,他们原先的目的,不过是建造一个隐秘的所在,顺便探听王宫各处的情报。 Also can see many exciting scenes......” “也能看到很多刺激的场面吧……” Fowler looks at the picture in mirror, by the vision review of expert. 福勒看着镜子里的画面,以专家的眼光点评。 Man Hua stagnates, glowers to Fowler, how this boy completely uncovers his ins and outs. 蛮华一滞,对福勒怒目而视,这小子怎么尽揭他的老底。 Turns on the one after another mirror, presents in the royal palace the garden and reception room, all sorts of scenes in palace, the function of this mirror is very mysterious, even the sound can also hear unexpectedly clearly. 一面面镜子打开,呈现出王宫中花园、会客厅,宫殿里的种种情景,这镜子的功能很神奇,竟连声音也能清晰听到。 And in a mirror, Lin Chuan saw some time ago Munder Viscount, with a magnificent dress man is sitting together, has a friendly chat over a cup of wine, during the conversations also mentioned Mechanical Honeycomb. 其中一面镜子中,林川看到了不久前的曼特子爵,正与一个华服男子坐在一起,把酒言欢,交谈之间还提到了机械蜂巢 This is Northern King present eldest son Puen......” Fowler also said. “这是北方王如今的长子普恩……”福勒又道。 Looks that a Munder Viscount face resented, the mouth is often cursing oneself, Lin Chuan maintains composure, then in secret deliberately considered, after the birthday feast, attended to directly this fellow. 看着曼特子爵一脸愤恨,嘴里不时在诅咒自己,林川不动声色,暗中则是寻思,寿宴之后,将这家伙直接料理掉。 From big Royal Son Puen, and in officials close to the throne's conversation, the people can listen, in Royal City the relations between Royal Son Princess, are far from imagining is so moderate, instead secretly very sharp. 从大王子普恩,及其近臣的交谈中,众人能听出来,王城王子公主之间的关系,远没有想象中的那么缓和,反而暗地里非常的尖锐。 This is the battle of royal palace, day of Royal Daughter has not sat the throne, this battle will not stop......” “这就是王宫的争斗,一天王女没有坐上王位,这种争斗就不会停下来……” Even if Royal Daughter mounts the throne, still has one day of abdication, these Royal Son Princess have not perhaps had the opportunity, their descendants not necessarily do not have the opportunity......” “就算王女登上王位,也有退位的一天,这些王子公主没自身或许没机会,他们的子孙未必没有机会……” The group whispered, regarding these matters of royal family battle, did not catch cold. 一行人嘀咕,对于王室争斗的这些事,着实是不太感冒。 Man Hua is narrowing the eye, is taking a fast look around the one after another mirror, examines the suspicious person. 蛮华则是眯着眼睛,扫视着一面面镜子,查看可疑人物。 Senior Man Hua......, you thought that at the birthday feast will really have that big accident?” Lin Chuan asked. 蛮华前辈……,你觉得寿宴上真会有那么大的变故?”林川问道。 The Centaur Race old man nods, very certain/affirm, looks dignified. 人马族老者点了点头,很是肯定,神情凝重。 You are not clear, this generation of Royal Daughter significance, does not know that can use Wang Jian's significance......” “你们不明白,这一代王女的意义,也不知道能够使用王剑的意义……” Entire Northern Land understands secret, without many, but, the Mysterious Star Empire imperial family knows inevitably...... “整个北地了解这其中秘密的,都没有多少,但是,星奥帝国皇室是必然知道的…… At this moment —— 就在这时—— In a royal palace lonesome and quiet courtyard, men and women walk quietly, entered in grove, then, inside branch rocks, often spreads the man to howl, depressing sound that the woman pants for breath...... 王宫一处幽静的院落里,一对男女悄悄走来,窜进了小树林中,而后,里面树枝晃动,不时传出男人吼叫,女人喘息的压抑声音…… The Man Hua complexion stagnates, the dignified facial expression could not hang, complexion ugly is staring the mirror, wants to steal Q this to kick to the people in grove. 蛮华脸色一滞,原本凝重的神情挂不住了,脸色难看的瞪着镜子,很想将在小树林里偷Q的这对狗男女一脚踢飞。 His actually not angry this matter, but such a looked, solid Fowler said that constructs here to watch these exciting things. 他倒不是恼怒这种事情,而是这么一看,岂不是坐实福勒所说,建造这里能看“那些刺激的事情”。 Suddenly, in this vault secret room, resounds the exclamation of people, various discussions often resound, there are to guess this to the male and female status, when there is a discussion is long...... 一时间,这间穹顶密室里,响起众人的一阵惊叹,各种议论不时响起,既有猜测这对男女身份的,也有讨论时长的…… Has saying that sometimes the men gossip, is actually less inferior than the woman many. 不得不说,有时候男人们八卦起来,其实不比女人逊色多少。 That seems like Northern King 14 th child......, the woman seems like the female of Duke, it is said that has the engagement with Centaur Race child of the elder......” “那似乎是北方王的第十四子……,那女人好像是公爵之女,据说与人马族的一位长老之子有婚约……” Fowler takes communicator, consults his two woman friend, making a veiled attack obtained this to the material of men and women. 福勒拿着通讯器,向他的那两位女性朋友咨询,旁敲侧击的得到了这对男女的资料。 The Man Hua complexion was blacker, the face of camouflage twitches unceasingly, soon cannot stretch, appeared the true colors. 蛮华的脸色更黑了,伪装的面庞不断抽搐,都快要绷不住,现出真面目了。 These junior one generations were really inferior that one generation......” Man Hua hates the sound to whisper. “这些小辈真的一代不如一代……”蛮华恨声嘀咕。 At this time, the sound in grove stopped, females of ten four Royal Son and Duke calmly walked, if not this has blushing to the male and female face on, but also really thinks that two people met occasionally. 这时,小树林中的动静停了下来,十四王子公爵之女若无其事的走出来,若非这对男女脸上有着事后的红晕,还真以为两人只是偶尔遇到。 In the picture of mirror, looks that this leaves from the opposite direction to the men and women respectively, the people with astonishment discovered, the female of this Duke in walks, its facial features had some changes unexpectedly. 镜子的画面里,看着这对男女从相反的方向各自离开,众人惊愕的发现,这位公爵之女在行走间,其面容竟是发生了些许的变化。 On this woman has the camouflage......” “这女人身上有伪装……” The Man Hua complexion sinks, this is the wondrous uses of these mirrors, not only can monitor, but can also see through the wise camouflage. 蛮华脸色一沉,这就是这些镜子的妙用,不仅能进行监视,还能识破许多高明的伪装。 Looks that the female of this Duke enters a room, Fowler urged repeatedly, making Man Hua start monitoring in that room quickly. 看着这位公爵之女走进一个房间,福勒连声催促,让蛮华赶快开启那房间里的监控。 You think that I do have such wicked interest? Will monitor these private rooms......” the Man Hua anger to say. “你们以为我有那样的恶趣味么?会监控那些私密的房间……”蛮华怒道。 One line of companion squints, the tone of this old fogy sounds is not in secret sturdy, perhaps monitored, but embarrassed starts in front of the younger generation. 一行同伴暗中斜眼,这老家伙的语气听起来不怎么牢靠,说不定就是监控了,只是不好意思在晚辈面前启动。 The Centaur Race old man guaranteed over and over, in the royal palace each private residence, does not have such monitoring. 人马族老者再三保证,王宫中各个私密住所,是没有这样的监控的。 Lin Chuan controls Mechanical Bee, flies toward that room, when are not many on conversation sound that in hearing hears. 林川则是操控一枚机械蜂,朝着那个房间飞去,不多时就听到里面传来的交谈声。 A people brow wrinkle, the female of Duke in the room, clearly with communicator, contacts with the outside world. 众人眉头一皱,公爵之女在房间里,分明是用通讯器,与外界联系。 Sir, all have prepared appropriately, the time of when agreeing on, the three channels of royal palace are unmanned defended condition......” “大人,一切已经准备妥当,等到约定的时间,王宫的三处通道就是无人设防状态……” Done good. During the birthday feast, controls ten four Royal Son this board game pieces, do not present any careless mistake......” “做的好。寿宴期间,掌控好十四王子这个棋子,不要出现任何纰漏……” ...... …… The conversation sound often resounds, Man Hua is hears the complexion continually to change, the content of this conversation, is not these enemies who they estimate, unexpectedly is new mysterious influence. 交谈声不时响起,蛮华则是听得脸色连变,这交谈的内容,并不是他们预估的那些敌人,竟是一支新的神秘势力 Mister Chuan......” 川先生……” Man Hua looks to Lin Chuan, the latter nods understandingly, instruction Moon Core Opening installment, increase Mechanical Bee survey intensity. 蛮华看向林川,后者会意点头,吩咐【月核】开启装置,增幅机械蜂的探测强度。 next moment, from the monitoring of Mechanical Bee, the scene in room, shines through to the mirror surface in...... 下一刻,从机械蜂的监控中,房间里的景象,透射到镜面上……
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