This Big Shot is a bit Careless 这个大佬有点苟

As one of the famed transmigrators, Lin Chuan instantly sensed the deep malice the world had towards him in the instant he transmigrated.

Not only did he already contract an incurable disease in this world, he didn't even have a distinguished family background and was 'fresh blood' who had just graduated from four years of college......

But in the eyes of other people, they had entirely different views on this squinty-eyed young man......

Lin Chuan's classmates: This is someone who is afflicted with a deep-seated problem, he's a second-rate handicapped who won't be able to make any great achievements in his life.

On the contrary, Mu Clan's new female Clan Lord says: He is a detestable animal; not only did he swindle me out of a "breakup fee", he didn't even act as my boyfriend for a day.

The Empire's 'wild and sexy' high official Su Duanpo expressed: This is a young man with outstanding talent. He's extremely powerful in every aspect, regardless of whether it's as a bodyguard or as a man......

As for Lin Chuan's house pet, Kitty Lan, it had another opinion: I might not be a real cat, but master is really careless!

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