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#1059: Extinguishes the disaster of the world

Three Purities Dao Ancestor simultaneous/uniform strength are not the remote antiquity opponent, but, they, if flees full power, the remote antiquity is also not necessarily able to leave behind them. 三清道祖齐力都不是太上的对手,但,他们若全力遁逃,太上也未必能留下他们。 Knowing Xiao Nanfeng is unable to go to battle, their hearts have one's heart sink with disappointment. It is not because must lose, by their rock heart, does not dread loses, they will have the powerful confidence to exceed the remote antiquity on future one day. They felt, as the space jump mouth is getting bigger and bigger, the black hole suction is getting stronger and stronger, the female star feared that must unable to preserve. 得知萧南风无法出战,他们的心也凉了半截。不是因为要输,以他们那磐石般道心,根本不畏惧输,他们有强大的信心在未来一日能超越太上。他们只是觉得,随着空间跳跃口越来越大,黑洞的吸力越来越强,身后的母星怕要保不住了。 When the female star destroys thoroughly, they also finished the causes and effects, extricated thoroughly, can not have the fetter to go to the universe deep place, they can drag like this, because they have made contribution. 待母星彻底毁灭,他们也就了却因果,彻底解脱了,能没束缚地前往宇宙深处了,他们可以这样拖下去,因为他们已经尽力了。 But, Grand Purity Dao Ancestor actually rather enters the black hole suddenly, can at risk of life a war? This success ratio is very low, has bad risk of the dying, could not injure the remote antiquity, most let the destruction delay of female star some time. 但,太清道祖却忽然宁可进入黑洞,也要拼死一战?这成功率很低,有身死之凶险,更伤不了太上,最多让母星的毁灭延迟一段时间而已。 Is a war, worth at risk of life? 拼死一战,值得吗? Another two big Dao Ancestor are lost in thought that crossed some little time, in their eyes flashes through color of the resolution, almost also said: We coordinate you, goes together.” 另两大道祖都陷入了沉思,过了好一会,他们眼中都闪过一股坚定之色,几乎同时说道:“我们配合你,同去。” Good!” Grand Purity Dao Ancestor nods. “好!”太清道祖点了点头。 He looked that said to the remote antiquity: Is the world common people, for my mother Xing, today, we, even if dies, must make you pay the serious price.” 他看向太上道:“为天下苍生,为我母星,今日,我们就算是死,也要让你付出惨重的代价。” The remote antiquity is staring at Three Purities Dao Ancestor, coldly says with a smile: Do not say that greatly oneself, goes to a war for the female star, isn't wants to refine the stainless heart? You for oneself. However, you are really also insatiably greedy, for that to high building up state of mind, ignores the life and death unexpectedly? Ha?” 太上盯着三清道祖,冷冷一笑道:“不要将自己说得那么伟大,为母星赴死一战,不就是想要提炼无垢之心吗?你们只是为了自己而已。不过,你们也还真是贪得无厌啊,为那至高的炼心境界,居然不顾生死?哈?” Snort!” Three big Dao Ancestor cold snort/hum. “哼!”三大道祖一声冷哼。 Subsequently, they sent greetings mutually, established the following operational strategy, how made the coordination with each other. 继而,他们相互传音,制定了接下来的作战战略,约好了如何相互配合。 Crossed a meeting, Jade Purity Dao Ancestor had not said suddenly: Three Great Zheng days later, please help our helping hand, blocks the remote antiquity.” 过了没一会,玉清道祖忽然说道:“三位大峥天后,请助我们一臂之力,拦住太上。” Good!” The rouges, willow trees and god three females said accordingly. “好!”胭、柳、神三女应声道。 Jade Purity Dao Ancestor and Supreme Purity Dao Ancestor are towing the remote antiquity full power, sets aside the vacancy, making Grand Purity Dao Ancestor leave, but the rouge, willow tree and god three female make up the vacancy rapidly, three female strengths are insufficient, but, wins in can disturb the remote antiquity, won the time of panting for breath to two big Dao Ancestor. 玉清道祖上清道祖全力拖着太上,腾出空位,让太清道祖离开,而胭、柳、神三女迅速补上空位,三女的实力不足,但,胜在能干扰太上,给两大道祖争取了喘息的时间。 Rumble, five big peerless powerhouses make a move unceasingly, doing , the remote antiquity was too strong, to press five, especially in winning side. 轰隆隆中,五大绝世强者不断出手,奈何,太上太强了,以一压五,尤在上风。 Grand Purity Dao Ancestor actually directly soars the space jump mouth to go, the terrifying of there suction, even his still figure trembles suddenly, soon could not resist. 太清道祖却直奔空间跳跃口而去,那里的吸力之恐怖,即便他也陡然身形一颤,快要抵挡不住了。 Red gold/metal tree, Red Moon according to the world.” Grand Purity Dao Ancestor shouted. “红金树,红月照天下。”太清道祖一声断喝。 His Red Moon falls on the treetop, making the red gold/metal tree bloom more red light, absorbs the strength of many universe to pour into his within the body, stood firm his figure, no, cannot stand firm, his figure was being attracted as before to the space jump mouth, but the speed slowed down innumerably, may accommodate his. 他的红月落在树梢上,让红金树绽放出更多的红光,汲取更多的宇宙之力灌入他体内,稳住了他的身形,不,稳不住,他的身形依旧在被吸向空间跳跃口,只是速度放缓了无数,可容他施法了。 He quickly flings to whisk, the innumerable red light according to the injection space jump mouth, buzz, the interior reflected a red light unexpectedly. 他急忙一甩拂尘,无数红光照射入空间跳跃口内,嗡的一声,内部居然反射回了一丝红光。 That is the universe black hole, the ray enters, generally is not possible to reflect, at this moment can reflect a red light, enough proved the Grand Purity Dao Ancestor method. 要知道,那可是宇宙黑洞啊,光芒进入其中,一般是不可能反射回来的,此刻能反射回一丝红光,足够证明太清道祖的手段了得了。 This red light is extremely unstable, sees it to condense a fuzzy picture indistinctly, can see that in the picture seems vortex to exterminate to swallow all crazily, but also appeared 50 fuzzy straight light beams. 这丝红光也极不稳定,隐约看到其凝聚出一丝模糊的画面,能看到画面中似有一个个漩涡在疯狂剿灭吞噬着一切,但也显现出了五十个模糊的笔直光柱。 Grand Purity Dao Ancestor eye one bright: Found, maintains the space jump mouth at another side the star ship?” 太清道祖眼睛一亮:“找到了,是在另一边维持空间跳跃口的星舰?” His whisking flings again, a red light ball was flung to the interior. 他的拂尘再度一甩,一个红色光球被甩向内部。 The red light ball enters the interior, immediately in fast feeble, getting smaller, getting smaller, was being swallowed by the universe black hole fast decomposition. 红色光球一入内部,顿时在快速衰弱,越来越小,越来越小,被宇宙黑洞快速分解吞噬着。 But, eventually before the radical decomposition ended arrived in a star ship place. Sees there flame ray to scatter in all directions together, subsequently vanished, accompanies to vanish also has a straight light beam. 但,终究在彻底分解结束前抵达了一艘星舰处。就见那里一道火焰光芒四散,继而又消失了,随同消失的还有一根笔直的光柱。 Good!” Two big Dao Ancestor drink together. “好!”两大道祖一声齐喝。 They know, a black hole star ship was destroyed by Grand Purity Dao Ancestor. 他们知道,黑洞内部的一艘星舰被太清道祖毁了。 Space jump mouth sways fiercely, the speed of increasing slowed down. 紧接着,空间跳跃口一阵剧烈摇晃,变大的速度放缓了一些。 Grand Purity Dao Ancestor quickly flings a red light ball, direct impact interior another star ship goes. 太清道祖急忙又甩出一颗红色光球,直冲内部另一艘星舰而去。 Remote antiquity complexion that the distant place fights one cold, although she present hits the people unceasingly to fly upside down, but, cannot injure to the people fatally . Moreover, is being blocked by the people, she had no way to destroy nearby star thoroughly. 远处战斗的太上脸色一冷,她虽然现在打得众人不断倒飞,但,并不能给众人致命的伤害,而且,由众人拦着,她也没法彻底毁了一旁的星球。 So drags again, Grand Purity Dao Ancestor before being inhaled the space jump mouth, should be able to destroy internal all star ships, at the appointed time, her black hole assistance thorough was waste. 再这般拖下去,太清道祖在被吸入空间跳跃口前,应该能毁了内部的所有星舰,到时,她的黑洞辅助就彻底废了。 Glances cold say/way: Snort, since you court death sincerely, I help you.” 太上眼中一冷道:“哼,既然你们诚心找死,那我就成全你们吧。” During the speeches, she wields five to hold astral to push the people horizontally, pushes to the Grand Purity Dao Ancestor direction the people, quick, the people felt behind the huge suction. 说话间,她挥出五道掌罡横推众人,将众人推向太清道祖方向,很快,众人感受到了身后庞大的吸力。 Although two big Dao Ancestor can bring the rouges, willow trees and god three females to avoid, but, they, if avoids, that Grand Purity Dao Ancestor will certainly meet with a disaster. 两大道祖虽然能够带着胭、柳、神三女躲开,但,他们若躲开,那太清道祖必将遭殃。 Jade Purity Dao Ancestor shouted at: Three Great Zheng days later, you defend mother Xing and Moon.” 玉清道祖一声断喝:“三位大峥天后,你们守好母星和月球。” Of bang, he backhands wields, a strength strikes the rouges, willow trees and god three females draws back, gets rid of all around black hole the attraction, as subsequently he remote antiquity, charged into the Grand Purity Dao Ancestor place together. 轰的一声,他反手一挥,一股力量将胭、柳、神三女击得一退,摆脱四周黑洞的引力,继而他随着太上,一起冲向了太清道祖处。 Three females stand firm the figure, because the fight also received the heavy wound, at this moment has not continued to pursue, but stands firm the atmosphere of Moon and female star, subsequently looks to the Grand Purity Dao Ancestor place. 三女稳住身形,她们因为刚才的战斗也受了不轻的伤,此刻并未继续追击,而是稳住月球和母星的大气层,继而看向太清道祖处。 Grand Purity Dao Ancestor has destroyed several star ships, when insufficiently, will continue wields whisks, the remote antiquity horizontally pushes two big Dao Ancestor to arrive. 太清道祖已经毁了数艘星舰,但,还不够,正要继续挥动拂尘时,太上横推两大道祖抵达了。 Remote antiquity cold sound said: „ You want to move inside thing, why not 太上冷声道:“你想动里面的东西,何不 Goes in? ” 进去?” She shoves open two big Dao Ancestor fiercely, subsequently a palm racket to Grand Purity Dao Ancestor, the Grand Purity Dao Ancestor complexion changes, a palm welcomed. 她猛地推开两大道祖,继而一掌拍向太清道祖,太清道祖脸色一变,一掌迎来。 Of bang, the tremendous strength pushes Grand Purity Dao Ancestor to fly to the space jump mouth, at this time, another two big Dao Ancestor also wielded a sword and wield the palm to strike respectively to the remote antiquity. 轰的一声,巨大的力量推着太清道祖飞向空间跳跃口,这时,另两大道祖也各自挥剑、挥掌击向太上。 Remote antiquity cold sound said: Your three people such being the case tacit, that comes together.” 太上冷声道:“你们三人既然如此默契,那就一起来吧。” The remote antiquity has not gone to hard anti- two big Dao Ancestor, but pushed one of the Grand Purity Dao Ancestor bang to enter the space jump mouth, entered in the universe black hole. 太上没有去硬抗两大道祖,而是推着太清道祖轰的一声进入了空间跳跃口,进入了宇宙黑洞中。 Two big Dao Ancestor sword astral, held astral to be attracted by the black hole, flashed vanished, has not fallen on the remote antiquity. Their complexion changes, pursued without hesitation. 两大道祖的剑罡、掌罡被黑洞吸了过去,一闪消失了,没有落在太上身上。他们脸色一变,毫不犹豫地追了进去。 Of bang, four people enter the black hole deep place, subsequently vanishes to disappear. 轰的一声,四人进入黑洞深处,继而消失不见了。 Outside world, in rouges, willow trees and god three female hearts one tight. 外界,胭、柳、神三女心中一紧。 God Sovereign knits the brows: „The might of universe black hole was too strong, inside ray is unable to pass on, does not know how they fought.” 神皇皱眉道:“宇宙黑洞的威力太强了,里面的光线根本无法传出来,也不知他们战斗得如何了。” The rouge madame also said dignifiedly: We cannot help.” 胭脂夫人也凝重道:“我们根本帮不上忙。” Liu Miaoyin hesitated one to say: Patience just wait!” 柳妙音沉吟了一会道:“耐心等着吧!” Two females nod, they can only defend mother Xing and Moon now, other did not do. 二女都点了点头,她们现在只能守住母星和月球,其它根本做不了。 Was placed in the maidservants in the world of rouge madame heart, because can see all, the use clone to deliver to the Yongding day the picture unceasingly. 被安置在胭脂夫人心之世界的众侍女,因为能看到外界一切,利用分身不断将画面送到永定天都。 At this moment, Yongding day. 此刻,永定天都中。 The summers, and blue three females look at beyond the day picture, on the face flash through the anxious color. The Great Zheng whole body of ministers obtain the news, comes to observe. 夏、张、蓝三女看着天外的画面,脸上都闪过焦急之色。大峥群臣得到消息,也纷纷前来观战。 Lan Yaoguang complexion ugly/difficult to look at say/way: „The remote antiquity strength was too strong, such remote antiquity who can also block?” 蓝摇光脸色难看道:“太上的实力太强了,这样的太上谁还挡得住啊?” Xia Xiaoyu knits the brows: Three Purities Dao Ancestor is not an opponent, can this should do?” 夏小雨皱眉道:“三清道祖都不是对手,这可如何是好?” Zhang Lingjun knits the brows slightly: Sir, is exhausted you to inform entire day under to prepare, if my husband goes out, has any order, needs first carries out.” 张凌君微微皱眉道:“诸位大人,劳烦你们通知全天下备战,若我夫君出关,有任何命令,需第一时间执行。” Yes!” The Great Zheng whole body of ministers said accordingly. “是!”大峥群臣应声道。 In them has many strategy outstanding, but facing the present extinguishing world level strength, many wisdom does not have the opportunity. 他们中有不少智谋超群者,可是面对眼前的灭世级力量,再多的智慧也无用武之地啊。 Their hopes on remaining Three Purities Dao Ancestor and Heavenly Emperor, in their hearts also filled worried with reluctantly, now can do is only left over the urging subordinate, rapidly completes the day later ordered. 他们的希望就剩下三清道祖天帝了,他们心中也充满了担忧和无奈,现在能做的只剩下督促下属,快速完成天后的命令了。 The increasing number of people knew beyond the day the situation , many people go to observe, beyond the day picture transmits unceasingly, the anxious mood is spreading. 越来越多的人知道了天外情况,也有不少人前去观战,天外的画面不断传来,焦急的情绪在蔓延。 After a period of time, actually sees the space jump mouth to tremble, the speed of that expansion slowed down again. 过了一段时间,却见空间跳跃口一颤,那扩大的速度再度放缓了。 Some person of eyes one bright, the pleasant surprise said: Also had the star ship to be destroyed? Three Purities did Dao Ancestor destroy the new star ship in the black hole, Three Purities Dao Ancestor could turn defeat into victory?” 有人眼睛一亮,惊喜道:“又有星舰被毁了?三清道祖在黑洞里毁灭了新的星舰,三清道祖或许能反败为胜?” Some people prayed: Three Purities Dao Ancestor, so long as destroyed the star ship, destroyed the space jump mouth, even if not beat the remote antiquity, can still block the remote antiquity, must succeed!” 有人祈祷道:“三清道祖只要毁了星舰,毁了空间跳跃口,就算不敌太上,也能挡住太上了,一定要成功啊!” Everyone is staring at the picture stubbornly. 所有人都死死盯着画面。 One day later, the space jumps the speed of enlargement to be getting more and more slow, until no longer increased. 一天后,空间跳跃口放大的速度越来越慢,直到不再变大了。 Some people said excitedly: Good! The space jumped to be motionless, Three Purities Dao Ancestor succeeded!” 有人兴奋道:“好!空间跳跃口不动了,三清道祖成功了!” Countless people cheer. 无数人欢呼起来。 At this moment, the space jumps a place to emit a white light suddenly. Buzz, steps forward together the form from the interior. 就在此刻,空间跳跃口处忽然冒出一道白光。嗡的一声,从内部跨出一道身影。 When sees clearly that form, everyone ghost braves greatly, startled called out: Is the remote antiquity?” 待看清那身影,所有人都亡魂大冒,惊叫道:“是太上?” The remote antiquity came back, her corners of the mouth have an overflowing blood, resembled the fight to make her receive some wounds, but, on her face was actually full of smug look proudly. 太上回来了,她嘴角有一丝溢血,似刚才的战斗让她受了一些伤,但,她的脸上却充满了傲然之得色。 At this moment, everyone scalp sends to explode, the remote antiquity came back, Three Purities Dao Ancestor disastrous defeat? 这一刻,所有人都头皮发炸,太上回来了,岂不是三清道祖惨败了? The remote antiquity turns head to look to the rouges, willow trees and the god three females not far away, shows a pondering smile: What kind of, are you very disappointed?” 太上扭头看向不远处的胭、柳、神三女,露出一丝玩味的笑容道:“怎么样,你们是不是很失望?” The rouge madame urgently asked: Three Purities Dao Ancestor?” 胭脂夫人急切地问道:“三清道祖呢?” The remote antiquity steps approach, Golden Tree that emerges trembles fiercely, absorbs the billowing universe energy to enter the body, resembles is patching the injury, she said with a smile: I came back, Three Purities has not come back, haven't you looked clearly? Also explained with me? Hahahaha!” 太上踏步走近,身后浮出的黄金树猛地一颤,吸纳着滚滚宇宙能量入体,似在修补着伤势,她笑着说道:“我回来了,三清没有回来,你还看不明白吗?还用我解释吗?哈哈哈哈!” Her aura erupts suddenly, just like golden sea to tumble to obstruct day of monstrous waves, the imposing manner is dreadful, before abundant such as . 她的气息骤然爆发,犹如一片金色海洋在翻滚出遮天巨浪,气势滔天,盛如之前。 The rouges, willow trees and god three female complexions change, looks the terrified color in the Yongding day innumerable Great Zheng powerhouse. 胭、柳、神三女脸色一变,在永定天都的无数大峥强者也面露惶恐之色。 Three Purities Dao Ancestor losses? Moreover likely fell from the sky in the universe black hole? Who can also block such remote antiquity? Everyone looks to the Xiao Nanfeng closing up main hall, but, the palace gate shuts tightly, does not have the slight sound, now can do? 三清道祖了?而且很可能殒落在宇宙黑洞中了?谁还拦得住这样的太上?所有人都看向萧南风的闭关大殿,但,殿门紧闭,没有丝毫动静,现在可如何是好? At this time, a remote antiquity palm hit to the rouge madame, sneered saying: Now, died to you.” 这时,太上一掌打向胭脂夫人,冷笑道:“现在,到你们死了。” Holding astral is vast, such as extinguishes the disaster of the world, the blockade is void, such as the golden tsunami sweeps across to come, the palm , the rouge madame is completely not vertical on the fine hair. 掌罡浩大,如灭世之灾,封锁虚空,如金色海啸席卷而来,掌未至,胭脂夫人就汗毛尽竖了。
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