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#1060 Part 1: Xiao Nanfeng goes out

Sees with own eyes the rouge madame danger, God Sovereign and Liu Miaoyin also acts, they direct the billowing strength to enter the body by nine color great trees, takes control to welcome full power to the remote antiquity strikes. 眼见胭脂夫人危险,神皇柳妙音同时出手,她们以九色巨树引滚滚力量入体,全力出掌迎向太上一击。 Of bang, four hold astral to explode a dreadful flame great sea, causes the dark matter in vacuum to shake unable to withstand, the sea of fire center, three female holding astral disintegrations open suddenly, the remote antiquity holds astral's ample force not to reduce, hits hard loudly on three females. 轰的一声,四道掌罡炸出一股滔天火焰巨海,引得真空中的暗物质抖荡不堪,火海中心,三女的掌罡骤然崩碎而开,太上掌罡的余力不减,轰然重击在三女身上。 Of bang, three female flying upside down, and was shaken a blood respectively, the complexion is pallid. 轰的一声,三女倒飞而出,并且各自被震出一口鲜血,脸色煞白。 The remote antiquity strength was too strong, even if three females have reached to the stars level, is not remote antiquity enemy of the palm. 太上的实力太强了,纵然三女已经达至星辰级了,也不是太上的一掌之敌。 The remote antiquity coldly says with a smile: Xiao Nanfeng also really can calm down, I started to tidy up you, hasn't he come? Had his soul backlashed by the mortal body is unable to move?” 太上冷冷一笑道:“萧南风还真是沉得住气啊,我都开始收拾你们了,他都没现身?是不是他的灵魂已经被肉身反噬得无法动弹了?” Snort!” Three female cold snort/hum, is not willing to say. “哼!”三女一声冷哼,不愿多说。 The remote antiquity said with a smile: But, I do not hope that his soul was burnt by the mortal body extinguishes, I hope can kill him personally, I do not believe that he looks at me to suffer you helplessly.” 太上笑道:“不过,我也不希望他的灵魂被肉身灼灭,我还是希望能亲手杀了他,我就不信,他会眼睁睁看着我折磨你们。” During the speeches, her figure in a flash, to the rouge madame in front , a palm depressed again. Her time speed is too fast, even God Sovereign and Liu Miaoyin still stop without enough time directly, can only shell her from one side. 说话间,她身形一晃,到了胭脂夫人面前,再度一掌压下。她这次的速度太快,即便神皇柳妙音也来不及正面阻拦,只能从侧面轰击她。 The rouge madame cuts a peach wooden sword panic-strickenly. 胭脂夫人惊骇地斩出一柄桃木剑。 Of bang, the peach wooden sword instantaneous disintegration opens, subsequently, her protecting body immortal astral by the disintegration, , a blood was also spouted again, she such as the meteor has delimited the horizon, flies upside down to the distant place, on the way of flying upside down, the whole body blood four sprinkle. 轰的一声,桃木剑瞬间崩碎而开,继而,她的护体仙罡也被崩碎,噗的一声,再度一口鲜血喷出,她如流星划过天际,倒飞向远处,倒飞途中,浑身鲜血四洒。 Liu Miaoyin and God Sovereign holding astral rumbles on the remote antiquity, but disintegration remote antiquity protecting body immortal astral, her mortal body shakes, held astral might to shake the powder two females. 柳妙音神皇的掌罡轰在太上身上,只是崩碎了太上的护体仙罡,她肉身一震,就将二女掌罡威力震散了。 The remote antiquity turns head to look, sneers saying: No rush, is one's turn you now.” 太上扭头望来,冷笑道:“别急,现在轮到你们了。” That shouted, she appeared in front of God Sovereign, a palm made, bang, the God Sovereign also mouth spat the blood, flying upside down. 呼的一声,她出现在神皇面前,一掌打出,轰的一声,神皇也口吐鲜血,倒飞而出。 Subsequently, she if quickly the remnant shadow, appears side Liu Miaoyin, bang, a palm hits Liu Miaoyin flying upside down. 继而,她快若残影,出现在柳妙音身旁,轰的一声,一掌打得柳妙音倒飞而出。 On the way of three females depart, the respective mouth spits the blood, even, the skeleton has the break, whole body blood-stained, the injury is serious. 三女飞出途中,各自口吐鲜血,甚至,骨骼都有断裂,浑身血迹斑斑,伤势惨重。 The remote antiquity especially seems dissatisfied, in eye one cold, charges into the rouge madame again, a palm vertical stroke chops, just like cuts the world day blade. 太上尤显得不满足,眼中一冷,再度冲向胭脂夫人,一掌竖劈,犹如斩世天刀。 At this moment, a red rush cushion keeps off in her front, in the meantime, together the purple sword and four blue sword cut to her. 就在此刻,一个红色蒲团挡在她的面前,同时,一道紫剑和四道蓝剑斩向她。 Holds the blade to divide on the rush cushion, bang, explodes the dreadful flame, the purple sword and blue sword cut the broken remote antiquity to protect body immortal astral, making the remote antiquity complexion sink, both hands welcomed fast, bang, the scrap sword astral, the remote antiquity withdrew from a distance. 掌刀劈在蒲团上,轰的一声,炸出滔天火光,紫剑和蓝剑斩破太上护体仙罡,让太上脸色一沉,双手快速迎去,轰的一声,炸碎了剑罡,太上退出了一段距离。 At this time, she saw clearly, was Xia Xiaoyu, Zhang Lingjun and Lan Yaoguang appears in the upper air. 这时,她才看清,却是夏小雨张凌君蓝摇光出现在了高空。 Not far away, the rouge madame flies again, intent outlet: „Did you come? Does not make you defend husband?” 不远处,胭脂夫人再度飞来,意外道:“你们怎么来了?不是让你们守着夫君的吗?” Xia Xiaoyu looked at the rouge madame saying: You, if died, with the loose temper of Nanfeng big bastard, we later may be unable to provide lodging he.” 夏小雨看了眼胭脂夫人道:“你们若死了,以南风大坏蛋的风流性子,我们以后可管不住他。” The rouge madame listens to obstinate argumentative and care of Xia Xiaoyu, in the heart gives birth to warm feeling, nods saying: Thanks.” 胭脂夫人听出夏小雨的嘴硬和关心,心中生出一股暖意,点了点头道:“谢谢。” The remote antiquity actually coldly says with a smile: Is the Xiao Nanfeng woman? Is brings death, then on the same place.” 太上却冷冷一笑道:“又是萧南风的女人?呵,都是来送死的,那就一起吧。” The rouge madame said to the females: We should not be separated, are divided into two groups, Sister Liu and God Sovereign and my one group, you divide one group, drags a meeting.” 胭脂夫人对众女说道:“我们不要分开,分成两组,柳姐姐和神皇与我一组,你们分一组,多拖一会。” Good!” The females said accordingly. “好!”众女应声道。 Summer, and blue one group, rouge, willow tree and god one group. Two groups of women send out the strongest style to the remote antiquity simultaneously, suddenly, the sword light and rush cushion, hold astral direct impact remote antiquity to go. 夏、张、蓝一组,胭、柳、神一组。两组女人同时对太上发出最强招式,一时间,剑光、蒲团、掌罡直冲太上而去。 Acts recklessly!” Remote antiquity cold snort/hum. “不知死活!”太上一声冷哼。 The fist of bang, she hit to collapse bombardment of one group of women, hit three female flying upside down, each one from the sky put out a blood. When she chased down past tense, another group of three females attacked simultaneously to her, bang, actually kept off by her, but, can pant for breath to the previous group of three females. 轰的一拳,她打崩了一组女人的轰击,打得三女倒飞而出,各自在空中吐出一口鲜血。待她追杀过去时,另一组三女同时攻向她,轰的一声,却被她挡了下来,但,也给前一组三女得以喘息。 Two groups of women coordinate, sneak attacks and shells the remote antiquity unceasingly, for a while constrained the remote antiquity reluctantly. But, the remote antiquity was too strong, six females jointly attack are not the remote antiquity opponents, six females are injured unceasingly, in the wound adds the wound, their corners of the mouth overflowing blood, the whole body is the blood, but, they do not flinch, is Xiao Nanfeng is winning the time. 两组女人配合,不断偷袭、轰击太上,一时勉强拖住了太上。但,太上太强了,六女合击都不是太上的对手,六女不断受伤,伤上加伤,她们嘴角溢血,浑身都是鲜血,但,她们毫不退缩,为萧南风争取着时间。 Remote antiquity complexion gradually gloomy, she felt not right. Six females injured this, hasn't Xiao Nanfeng come out? Also, why Great Zheng Heavenly Court does not have the officers to come the protection day later? This is very unusual. 太上脸色渐渐阴沉了下来,她感觉到了不对劲。六女都伤成了这样,萧南风都没有出来?还有,大峥天庭为何没有将士过来守护天后?这很反常啊。 She when the fight, looks to the Yongding day direction. 她在战斗时,看向永定天都方向。 Actually saw the Yongding day all around to be arranged formation, the fog misty piece, what could not see, nine color great trees were also covered by the thick fog, what resembled is concealing? 却见永定天都四周被布置了阵法,雾蒙蒙一片,什么也看不见,就连九色巨树也被大雾遮盖了,似在隐瞒着什么? What pattern are you playing?” Remote antiquity cold snort/hum. “你们在玩什么花样?”太上一声冷哼。 The bang, rumbles two, she struck to fly six females, the direct impact Yongding day direction flies. 轰、轰两声,她将六女打飞了出去,直冲永定天都方向飞去。 „To walk? Halts to me!” “想走?给我站住!” God Sovereign flashed before, appears in the face of the remote antiquity, a palm cut, a remote antiquity palm made, bang, God Sovereign was hit the whole body is the blood, flying upside down. But, another five females also arrived at the near, each one full power bang to remote antiquity. 神皇一个闪现,出现在了太上面前,一掌斩来,太上一掌打出,轰的一声,神皇被打得浑身是血,倒飞而出。但,另五女也到了近前,各自全力轰向太上。 Glances cold say/way: You also really act recklessly.” 太上眼中一冷道:“你们还真是不知死活啊。” She does not walk , to continue to hit to five females, but in her heart also had a suspicion, searches the hand to wield, from her behind Golden Tree place, emits golden light direct impact Yongding days to go suddenly, the golden light when rushes to the Yongding day, changes into the monster of golden horn fast, they make threatening gestures, the ominous cry roared. 她也不走了,继续打向五女,但她心中也产生了一丝怀疑,探手一挥,从她身后的黄金树处,陡然冒出一道道金光直冲永定天都而去,金光在冲到永定天都的时候,快速化为一个个金色犄角的怪物,它们张牙舞爪,凶唳咆哮。 Of bang, the gold/metal corner/horn monsters hit in Yongding day thick fog, hit defense in fog to be big 轰的一声,金角怪物们撞在了永定天都的大雾上,更撞得雾中的守城大 A tremor. 阵一阵颤动。 ...... …… In just, the Great Zheng outstanding heroes defended in the Yongding day, they look at beyond the day, performed all reveals to worry about the color. 就在刚刚,大峥群雄都守在永定天都,他们看着天外,尽皆露出担忧之色。 „The day later situation is quite bad!” Some officials are worried to say. “诸位天后的情况极为糟糕啊!”有官员担心道。 Ye Sanshui congealing eyebrow say/way: Day later just before leaving before confessed that in any event, we as last defense line, must protect closing up of good Heavenly Emperor, beyond day war, day later is dragging, even if the day back perishes, cannot leave one's post.” 叶三水凝眉道:“天后临行前交代,无论如何,我们作为最后一道防线,也要守护好天帝的闭关,天外之战,由诸位天后拖着,哪怕天后身殒,也不许离岗。” The numerous Great Zheng powerhouse look is dignified, nods in abundance. 大峥强者神色凝重,纷纷点了点头。 At this moment, golden light crashes, changes into the gold/metal corner/horn monster direct impact Yongding day. 就在此刻,一道道金光坠落,化为一个个金角怪物直冲永定天都而来。 Had the officers to be startled to call out: That is, heart ghost? Is the remote antiquity by the monster that Heart Strength condenses, blocks them quickly.” 有将士惊叫道:“那是,心鬼?是太上以心力凝聚的怪物,快挡住它们。” In the world of heart, the heart thinks, is the thing, refining up heart ordinary, but is unable to make the monster that the imagination has go out of the world of heart, but, remote antiquity strength actually. 在心之世界,心之所想,即可为物,普通炼心者,可无法让想象出的怪物走出心之世界,但,太上的实力却可以。 Heart ghosts is powerful, makes a move to defend a city the big tremor on the bombardment, gnaws big unceasingly, the desire will be big to break open. 心鬼们的实力强大,一出手就轰击得守城大阵颤动不已,更不断啃噬大阵,欲将大阵破开。 12 young metal statues, Yan Zhenhuo and Ao Zhou, cluck and quack, massive Great Encompassing Golden Immortal flushed together. 十二小金人,严真火敖周、咕咕、嘎嘎,还有大量大罗金仙一起冲了出去。 Of bang, both sides meet with, each other strength outside blasts out in the Yongding day. 轰的一声,双方会面,彼此的力量在永定天都外炸开。 The heart ghost is tyrannical, unexpectedly is the strength of Great Encompassing Golden Immortal level. 心鬼强横,居然都是大罗金仙级的实力。 Rumble, fights the complementary waves outside to arouse the dreadful shake in the Yongding day, one shakes piece by piece void, drew out the dreadful storm. 轰隆隆中,大战余波在永定天都外激起滔天震荡,一片片虚空抖荡,引出了滔天风暴。 The Great Zheng powerhouse goes to battle unceasingly, but, heart ghost quantity continuously, suddenly, both sides have the big piece casualty respectively. 大峥强者不断出战,但,心鬼数量似源源不绝,一时间,双方各有大片死伤。 Kills!” “杀!” Outside city a war cry piece. 城外喊杀声一片。 Beyond the day, the remote antiquity also frowns, thought: „It is not right, Xiao Nanfeng has not made an appearance, what is he planning?” 天外,太上也皱起眉头,心想:“不对劲,萧南风还没露面,他在谋划什么?” But quick, the remote antiquity shakes the head, disdains saying: Planning anything is also useless, only if he can do the primordial chaos auspicious sign, otherwise, making anything is the joke.” 但很快,太上又摇了摇头,不屑道:“谋划什么也没用,除非他能搞到鸿蒙紫气,否则,做什么都是笑话。” Of bang, she hits the mouth to spit the blood the females again. 轰的一声,她再度将众女打得口吐鲜血。 Numerous female wound more and more heavy, fights even more difficultly, but, they are towing the remote antiquity stubbornly, does not make her leave. 众女伤得越来越重,战斗得越发艰难,但,她们都死死拖着太上,不让她离开。 The remote antiquity coldly says with a smile: Since Xiao Nanfeng does not care about your lives, that did not wait for him, I delivered you to start off.” 太上冷冷一笑道:“既然萧南风不在乎你们的死活,那就不等他了,我送你们上路吧。” Her figure in a flash, the transformation position, fist astral emits ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) golden light, makes with her complete strength, even if there is summer, and blue three female sneak attacks, she does not care, she hits hard to the rouges, willow trees and god three females. 她身形一晃,变换方位,拳罡放出万丈金光,携她全部力量打出,即便身后有夏、张、蓝三女偷袭,她也不在乎了,她重击向胭、柳、神三女。 Of bang, the rouges, willow trees and god three females were hit flying upside down, shoots at the space jump mouth. But on the remote antiquity also the summer, and blue three female hitting hard struck, the figure plants forward, the body presented some blood-stained mouth. 轰的一声,胭、柳、神三女被打得倒飞而出,射向空间跳跃口。而太上身上也中了夏、张、蓝三女的重击击,身形向前一栽,身上出现了一些血口子。 But, this injury at all is not anything, her figure in a flash, to another position, fought with the fists again to the summers, and blue three females. 但,这点伤势根本不算什么,她再度身形一晃,到了另一方位,一拳打向夏、张、蓝三女。 „It is not good!” Three female startled called out. “不好!”三女惊叫道。 This time does not have the rouges, willow trees and god three females to assist, they this were struck the bang to result in flying upside down, directly soars the space jump mouth to go. 这次没有胭、柳、神三女相助,她们被这一击轰得倒飞而出,直奔空间跳跃口而去。 Damn, she must infiltrate in the universe black hole us.” Xia Xiaoyu startled called out weakly. “该死,她要将我们打入宇宙黑洞中。”夏小雨虚弱地惊叫道。 If the heyday, they can also force to work loose from the black hole suction, but now, they cannot struggle, they were entrained to the space jump mouth, more and more nearly, how regardless of they display the strength to be useless. 若是全盛时期,她们还能勉强从黑洞吸力中挣脱开,可现在,她们挣扎不了啊,她们被拽向空间跳跃口,越来越近,无论她们怎么施展力量都没用。 Remote antiquity cold sound said: This is you brings upon oneself, no one could save you.” 太上冷声道:“这是你们自找的,谁也救不了你们。” No!” The females reveal the desperate color. “不!”众女露出绝望之色。 They must be swallowed by the universe black hole. 她们就要被宇宙黑洞吞噬了。 At this moment, presented a red light before their bodies suddenly respectively, they bang into the red light, buzz, six females disappear to disappear suddenly. 就在此刻,在她们身前陡然各出现了一道红光,她们撞入红光,嗡的一声,六女忽然消失不见了。 Candlelight magical powers?” The remote antiquity complexion changes. “烛火神通?”太上脸色一变。 She resembled the induction anything, looked the Yongding day direction, actually saw the heart ghost who she just released, was held astral to grasp by the innumerable 12 colors, subsequently of bang, pinched to explode completely. 她似感应到了什么,回望永定天都方向,却见她刚刚释放的心鬼,被无数个十二彩掌罡一把握住,继而轰的一声,全部捏爆了。 Yongding day all around mist dispersed, just by the severely wounded six females, emerged out of thin air in the yellow and black palace square, besides six females, wears the form of imperial robe together, is Xiao Nanfeng. 永定天都四周的雾气散开了,刚刚被重伤的六女,凭空出现在了玄黄殿广场上,除了六女,还有一道身穿龙袍的身影,正是萧南风 Xiao Nanfeng went out, his whole body is surrounding 12 color brilliance, although has not divulged the aura, but, just can seize the person from black cave entrance, Heart Strength holds astral to pinch to explode the having a mind ghost, may know tyrannical of Xiao Nanfeng this moment strength. 萧南风出关了,他周身环绕着十二彩的光焰,虽然没有泄露气息,但,刚刚能从黑洞口夺人,一个心力掌罡捏爆所有心鬼,可知萧南风此刻实力之强横。 Pays a visit Heavenly Emperor!” The innumerable Great Zheng powerhouses called out excitedly. “拜见天帝!”无数大峥强者激动地叫道。 Six females see Xiao Nanfeng, crying tears of joy. 六女见到萧南风,也是喜极而泣。 They just think oneself died, the opportunity that death, recovered will not have, they felt a deep powerless feeling and sense of desperation in front of the universe black hole. 她们刚刚以为自己死定了,那种死亡,连复苏的机会都不会有了,她们在宇宙黑洞面前感受到了一种深深的无力感和绝望感。 Xiao Nanfeng incomparably loves dearly six females who look at the severe wound, in the eye flashes through a dreadful anger, he helped six females scratch the eye lacrimal on corners of the mouth blood and cheeks carefully: Do not cry, I went out, then, looked that I help you vent anger.” 萧南风无比心疼地看着重伤的六女,眼中闪过一股滔天怒火,他小心地帮六女擦了擦嘴角鲜血和脸颊上的眼泪道:“不要哭了,我出关了,接下来,看我帮你们出气。” PS: Announced to everyone, " Immortal Arched Other shore » also several days must terminate. Thank everyone pursued, this book this experienced many, met many fluctuate, writing is very not really easy. The pit of this book basically filled, only keeps a forecast of Milky Way immortal territory. The next this book , the story should happen in the Milky Way immortal territory if as expected. Watches the chance, should be able to form the linkage with this book. PS:给大家预告一下,《仙穹彼岸》还有几天就要完结了。感谢大家的一路追更,本书这一路经历很多,遇到了很多的起起伏伏,写到现在真的很不容易。本书的坑基本都被填了,只留一个银河仙域的展望。下本书,若不出意外,故事应该就发生在银河仙域中。看机缘,应该会和本书形成联动。 Drawing on one group of palace maids is six females therapy, the Xiao Nanfeng whole body murderous aura to boil looks to the day remote antiquity. 招来一群宫女为六女疗伤,萧南风周身杀气沸腾地看向天外的太上。 Sees to display in the space jump mouth candlelight magical powers, the remote antiquity feeling is not wonderful, just pinched to explode her heart ghost holding of astral of these 12 color hearts let alone, the might strong she. 见到能施展在空间跳跃口的烛火神通,太上就感觉不妙了,更何况刚刚捏爆她心鬼的那些十二彩的心之掌罡,威力都强过了她。 The Xiao Nanfeng whole body is surrounding 12 color brilliance, lets in her heart one tight. 萧南风周身环绕着十二色光焰,更让她心中一紧。 The remote antiquity stares at Xiao Nanfeng stubbornly, the sound bang is passing on day of evil ways: „Are you willing to come out finally? I also think that you must work as the turtle.” 太上死死盯着萧南风,声音轰传天下道:“你终于肯出来了?我还以为你要一直当缩头乌龟呢。” The Great Zheng people completely all reveal the color of anger, although they look at not the every day/sees the sky outside remote antiquity, but, everyone knows that is the black beginning clan that extinguishes the world. 大峥子民尽皆露出愤怒之色,虽然他们看不见天外的太上,但,所有人都知道那是来灭世的黑始族。 Xiao Nanfeng cold sound said: You resulted in the freedom, does not think to run away, but also dares to come back? This time, you may be unable to escape.” 萧南风冷声道:“你得了自由,不思逃窜,还敢回来?这一次,你可逃不掉了。” He waves, nine color great trees erupt the innumerable brilliance, bang, the brilliance photo to the four directions, surrounds the world rapidly, in an instant, the entire star bathed in nine color brilliance. 他一挥手,九色巨树爆发出无数光焰,嘭的一声,光焰照向四方,迅速环绕全球,转眼间,整个星球都沐浴在了九色光焰中。 The remote antiquity brow selects suddenly, said with amazement: „Can the world of your heart cover the world?” 太上陡然眉头一挑,惊讶道:“你的心之世界能笼罩全球了?” The next quarter, sees Xiao Nanfeng to have the red, purple and blue three bright moonlight to float behind slowly spatially, let cover the nine color brilliance of the world to leave tricolor, 12 color rays, the instantaneous even shop world, subsequently, in various world places, had bangs suddenly. 下一刻,就见萧南风身后有红、紫、蓝三颗明月缓缓浮空,让笼罩全球的九色光焰又多出了三色,共十二色光芒,瞬间平铺天下,继而,在天下各处,忽然发出一声声巨响。 In the bang, bang and bang, remote antiquity bright moon soar to the heavens on, actually hid in all remote antiquities of the world clone to be discovered, the remote antiquity bright moon had conceals in the seabed, had conceals in the remote mountain, there are conceals in the bustling streets, suddenly was compelled completely. 轰、轰、轰中,一颗颗太上皓月冲天而上,却是藏于天下的所有太上分身都被发现了,太上皓月们有藏在海底的,有藏在深山中,有藏在闹市里的,忽然间被全部逼了出来。 The remote antiquity bright moon wants to flee, but, presented 12 colors to hold astral in its rear area suddenly respectively, grasped fiercely. 太上皓月想要遁逃,但,在其后方陡然各出现了一只十二彩掌罡,猛地抓下。 Dissolute!” The remote antiquity startled anger fights with the fists. “放肆!”太上惊怒地一拳打来。 The Xiao Nanfeng figure in a flash, by the day beyond, a fist welcomed to the remote antiquity. 萧南风身形一晃,到了天外,一拳迎向太上。 Of bang, two people fist astral bumps into, immediately explodes golden flame sea. 轰的一声,两人拳罡相撞,顿时炸出一片金色火焰海洋。 Behind, the innumerable remote antiquity bright moon were also held astral to grip by 12 colors stubbornly. Of bang, various places hear the sound of explosion, was all remote antiquity bright moon is actually pinched to explode, loud sound vibration world. 后方,无数太上皓月也被十二彩掌罡们死死握住了。轰的一声,各处传来爆炸之声,却是所有太上皓月都被捏爆了,巨响震动天地。 „!” The remote antiquity holds a first pitiful yell suddenly. “啊!”太上忽然抱头一声惨叫。 Obviously, clone to explode innumerably instantaneously, backlashes her incomparable pain. 显然,无数分身瞬间爆开,反噬得她无比痛苦。 Of bang, a Xiao Nanfeng fist, hits flying upside down her again. 轰的一声,萧南风再度一拳,将她打得倒飞而出。 That shouted, she stood firm the figure, both eyes spit fire, murderous aura four to shoot, she is fierce about Xiao Nanfeng: You think that destroyed these remote antiquity bright moon, can injure to me?” 呼的一声,她稳住身形,双目喷火,杀气四射,她对着萧南风狰狞道:“你以为毁了那些太上皓月,就能伤到我?” Xiao Nanfeng rubbish with her, but was the figure flashes in front of her, Tyrant Fist makes, resembles innumerable fist astral to congeal presently, gathers a fist subsequently, carried the dreadful prestige, the place visited, the vacuum was forming ripples. 萧南风没有和她废话,而是身形一闪到了她面前,霸拳打出,似无数拳罡凝现,继而汇聚成一拳,携带着滔天之威,所过之处,真空都形成了一股涟漪。 The fist prestige is vast, blocks void, keeping her unexpectedly from avoiding. 拳威浩瀚,更封锁虚空,让她居然无法躲避。 The remote antiquity complexion changes, startled called out: Golden Tree!” 太上脸色一变,惊叫道:“黄金树!” Buzz, Golden Tree brings in the innumerable universe energies to pour into her within the body, her then fist rumbles. 嗡的一声,黄金树引来无数宇宙能量灌入她体内,她这才一拳轰来。 Of bang, two people of fist astral bump into, explodes one flame seas again, the innumerable dark matters were attacked to result in the explosion to open, cause the big piece to be submerged by the flame void. 轰的一声,二人拳罡相撞,再度炸出一片火焰海,无数暗物质更被冲击得爆炸而开,引得大片虚空都被火焰淹没了。 This fist vigorously clash, two people drew back ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) away to stand firm the figure respectively. 这一拳倾力相击,二人各退了万丈之距才稳住身形。 The Xiao Nanfeng look has not changed, the remote antiquity actually reveals the frightened color: This, this is impossible!” 萧南风神色未变,太上却露出惊悚之色道:“这,这不可能!” She transferred the strength of Golden Tree, but Xiao Nanfeng has not actually transferred the strengths of nine color great trees, strikes unexpectedly evenly. This indicated that the Xiao Nanfeng strength was far in excess of her. 她调用了黄金树之力,而萧南风却没有调用九色巨树的力量,一击居然平手。这说明萧南风的力量远远超越了她。 The Xiao Nanfeng figure flashes, to the near, Tyrant Fist made again, performs all over the sky is innumerable fist astral, the remote antiquity complexion changes, is fast the fist to welcome, rumble, two people battle, fight complementary waves that they produce brilliant like waterfall, suddenly, two people such as in the hot sun center, all around space are shake unable to withstand, such as the end arrives. 萧南风身形一闪,再度到了近前,霸拳打出,满天尽是无数拳罡,太上脸色一变,快速出拳迎上,轰隆隆中,二人激战而起,他们产生的战斗余波绚烂如瀑,一时间,二人如在烈日中心,四周空间更是抖荡不堪,如末日降临。 Is impossible, will your strength be so strong? You refine to melt my main body, was impossible is so strong, you in stimulation of movement mystique exciting mortal body strength? Doesn't your soul want? Is the exciting mortal body to the Yang strength, more will burn down the soul, how will you be all right?” The remote antiquity startled anger said. “不可能,你的力量怎会这么强?你只是炼化了我的本体,不可能这么强的,你在催动秘法刺激肉身力量吗?你的灵魂不要了?越是刺激肉身至阳力量,越会焚毁灵魂,你怎会没事?”太上惊怒道。 She to Xiao Nanfeng suddenly powerful, has guessed, but, she cannot affirm, because in this short time is the not possible soul transformation. But how did Xiao Nanfeng achieve? 她对萧南风的忽然强大,有着一些猜测,但,她不敢肯定,因为在这短短时间内是不可能灵魂蜕变的。可萧南风怎么就做到了呢? Xiao Nanfeng coldly says with a smile: Be not covering-up, has what method to cause.” 萧南风冷冷一笑道:“就别藏掖着了,有什么手段就使出来吧。” The remote antiquity heart is serious, she continues the fist to constrain Xiao Nanfeng, but, in the distant place, has four giant light beams, direct impact nearby star goes, before that is , the star ship that hides, appears at this moment again, the release starry sky artillery, the might is vast, is equivalent to the full power of stars level powerhouse to strike, wants to destroy the star. 太上心头沉重,她继续出拳拖住萧南风,但,在远处,却有着四道巨大的光柱,直冲一旁星球而去,那是之前藏起来的星舰,此刻再度出现,释放星空炮,威力浩大,相当于星辰级强者的全力一击,欲毁灭星球。 Buzz, the nine color great tree inspiring innumerable principles strength on star condensed four light shields, kept off to four starry sky artillery, bang, the artillery and shield bumped into, explodes four giant seas of fire. 嗡的一声,位于星球上的九色巨树引动无数法则之力凝聚出四道光盾,挡向了四道星空炮,轰的一声,炮、盾相撞,炸出了四片巨大的火海。 Actually was Xiao Nanfeng just detected that the remote antiquity had this subsequent hand, made the protection, but six female severe wounds in the body, were not necessarily able to block the starry sky artillery promptly, therefore, nine color great trees must keep mother on-board. 却是萧南风刚刚就察觉到太上有此后手,做了防备,而六女重伤在身,未必能及时挡得住星空炮,所以,九色巨树必须留在母星上。 Xiao Nanfeng drinks coldly: „The strength of principle, enters my within the body, the candlelight magical powers.” 萧南风一声冷喝:“法则之力,入我体内,烛火神通。” Nine color great trees emit the light of nine color to rush to beyond the day suddenly together, pours into Xiao Nanfeng within the body, actually sees him near empty to grasp, the red light flashes through together, a distant place star ship trembled suddenly, vanishes in same place, next quarter in front of him. 九色巨树陡然放出一道九彩之光冲到天外,灌入萧南风体内,却见他临虚一抓,一道红光闪过,远处一艘星舰骤然一颤,消失在了原地,下一刻到了他面前。 What?” The remote antiquity was startled to call out. “什么?”太上惊叫道。 Of bang, Xiao Nanfeng fought with the fists to explode that star ship. 轰的一声,萧南风一拳打爆了那艘星舰。 Nine the color great tree has not naturally reached the altitude of ancient altar, can the full universe capture thing, but, his accumulated has 九色巨树自然没有达到亘古祭坛的高度,能满宇宙抓取东西,但,其蕴有的 The strength of space, has been able to help the candlelight magical powers increase. 空间之力,已经能帮助烛火神通增幅啊。 Continue!” Xiao Nanfeng drinks lightly. “继续!”萧南风一声轻喝。 Buzz, another star ship vanishes baseless, next quarter in front of Xiao Nanfeng. 嗡的一声,又一艘星舰凭空消失,下一刻到了萧南风面前。 Damn, walks quickly!” Remote antiquity shouted. “该死,快走!”太上一声断喝。 Buzz, the surplus two star ships flashed, closed the starry sky artillery, the tone escaped to the distant place darkness. 嗡的一声,剩余两艘星舰一闪,关闭了星空炮,调头向远处黑暗中逃去。
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