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#1058: The prestige of black hole

A terrifying suction transmitted orally from the space jump, but another end universe black hole! 一股恐怖的吸力从空间跳跃口传来,另一端可是宇宙黑洞啊! Nearby dark matter was pulled to come, to form forcefully such as the space to fold swings the light shadow, Moon of not far away swings shakes trembles, resembling to be pulled away the original motion trajectory by this strength, the people the atmosphere of star is also one shakes behind, the innumerable air form the storm, was being attracted to entrain. 附近的暗物质被强行拉扯而来,形成一股股如空间叠荡般光影,不远处的月球摇摇颤颤,似要被这股力量拉离原先的运行轨迹,众人身后星球的大气层也是一阵抖荡,无数空气形成风暴,也在被吸拽而来。 The suction was too strong, even the rouge madame does not dare to approach the space jump mouth. 吸力太强了,即便胭脂夫人也不敢靠近空间跳跃口。 Another side, the remote antiquity acts even more fierce, every strikes the brilliance such as the waterfall and invincible might to be brilliant, her disintegration Supreme Purity Dao Ancestor sword astral, wrecked the Jade Purity Dao Ancestor heart sword, hits Grand Purity Dao Ancestor fiercely to draw back, its strength is dreadful, its prestige is unparalleled. 另一边,太上出手越发凶猛,每一击都光焰如瀑、神威绚烂,她崩碎了上清道祖的剑罡,也击毁了玉清道祖的心剑,更打得太清道祖猛地一退,其力滔天,其威盖世。 Supreme Purity Dao Ancestor was startled to call out: Very powerful!” 上清道祖惊叫道:“好强啊!” Jade Purity Dao Ancestor called out: Grand Purity, I and Supreme Purity block him, you destroyed the space jump mouth.” 玉清道祖叫道:“太清,我和上清拦住他,你去毁了空间跳跃口。” Of bang, he and Supreme Purity Dao Ancestor acts together, the purple color center sword and blue sword astral, the converging attack, cuts to the remote antiquity. 轰的一声,他和上清道祖一起出手,紫色心剑和蓝色剑罡,前后夹击,斩向太上。 The remote antiquity coldly smiles, hits hard the purple color center sword single-handedly, hits hard blue sword astral single-handedly, bang, hits two big Dao Ancestor draws back. 太上冷冷一笑,一手重击紫色心剑,一手重击蓝色剑罡,轰的一声,将两大道祖打得一退。 Grand Purity Dao Ancestor actually seizes the chance to charge into the space jump mouth, might peerless holding astral chops together, but, the black hole suction was too terrifying, that shouted, inhaled in which his holding astral, disappeared in invisible. This, making the people completely all complexion change. 太清道祖却趁机冲向空间跳跃口,一道威力绝伦的掌罡劈下,但,黑洞的吸力太恐怖了,呼的一声,将他的掌罡吸入了其中,消弥于无形了。这一幕,让众人尽皆脸色一变。 The remote antiquity sneers saying: I the battlefield establishment here, am the opportunity that gives you to go to battle with together, since you do not want to fight, that 's the end of it, I first destroyed this star!” 太上冷笑道:“我将战场设置在此,是给你们一同出战的机会,既然你们不想战,那便罢了,我先毁了这颗星球吧!” That shouted, the remote antiquity directly soared below star to go. 呼的一声,太上直奔下方星球而去。 Halts!” The Grand Purity Dao Ancestor complexion changes. “站住!”太清道祖脸色一变。 That shouted, in the Grand Purity Dao Ancestor hand whisked to rewind, myriad silver threads flung fiercely to the remote antiquity. Meanwhile, another two big Dao Ancestor also quickly block. 呼的一声,太清道祖手中拂尘倒卷,万千银丝猛地甩向太上。于此同时,另两大道祖也急忙拦去。 They do not dare to neglect, so long as because has the mistake slightly, the remote antiquity can hit hard below star. 他们不敢怠慢,因为只要稍有差池,太上就能重击下方的星球。 Of bang, a remote antiquity person fights Three Purities Dao Ancestor alone, has the wild strength to attack the square storm suddenly to get up, light rain like waterfall, brilliant dazzling. 轰的一声,太上一人独斗三清道祖,产生狂暴力量冲击得四方风暴骤起,光雨如瀑,绚烂耀眼。 Remote antiquity by the widowed enemy numerous, unexpectedly in winning side. 太上以寡敌众,居然处于上风。 Grand Purity Dao Ancestor inconceivable say/way: Short time, how do you restore to so the strength?” 太清道祖不可思议道:“短短时间,你怎么恢复到这般实力的?” The remote antiquity coldly says with a smile: Frog in a well, who would have thought my method?” 太上冷冷一笑道:“井底之蛙,岂知我的手段?” Of bang, she hits again Three Purities Dao Ancestor draws back. 轰的一声,她再度将三清道祖打得一退。 The Three Purities Dao Ancestor complexion crazily changes, when they may lives the mystical place white/in vain be stronger than is too many now, at that time, they can suppress the remote antiquity the main body, now, resembles unexpectedly does not beat? Some remote antiquity how many methods? 三清道祖脸色狂变,他们现在可比在白生秘境时强出太多了,那时,他们能压制太上的本体,现在,居然似根本不敌?太上到底有多少手段啊? Another side, the rouge madame actually rushed to a distant place star ship to be. 另一边,胭脂夫人却冲到了远处一艘星舰所在。 Of bang, she, as soon as fought with the fists to explode one in the star ship of release star light artillery. But, was short of black hole of one bunch of star light artillery is still complete on the spot. 轰的一声,她一拳打爆了一艘在释放星光炮的星舰。可是,少了一束星光炮的黑洞依旧完好在原地。 Insufficiently?” The rouge madame complexion changes. “不够?”胭脂夫人脸色一变。 That shouted, she charged into the second star ship. 呼的一声,她冲向第二艘星舰。 The distant place fights the remote antiquity coldly says with a smile: You think that destroyed these 50 star ships, the space jumped to destroy? Laughable!” 远处战斗中的太上冷冷一笑道:“你以为毁了这五十艘星舰,空间跳跃阵就会毁灭吗?可笑!” During the speeches, she issues together the instruction, buzz, all star ships stopped the starry sky artillery release, subsequently is fast to fly to the universe deep place, far away from this stretch of battlefield. 说话间,她发出一道指令,嗡的一声,所有星舰都停下了星空炮释放,继而快速向宇宙深处飞去,远离这片战场。 The distant place, charges into the rouge madame complexion of second star ship changes said suddenly: How possibly? Doesn't the space jump mouth need the star ship to provide the strength?” 远处,冲向第二艘星舰的胭脂夫人陡然脸色一变道:“怎么可能?空间跳跃口不需要星舰提供力量吗?” The Grand Purity Dao Ancestor complexion sinks saying: „It is not right, surely needs the huge energy to maintain the space to jump a operation, should in another end of space jump mouth, other star ship provide the energy stability the space jump mouth.” 太清道祖脸色一沉道:“不对,肯定需要庞大的能量才能维持空间跳跃口运行,应该在空间跳跃口的另一端,还有别的星舰提供能量稳定着空间跳跃口。” Supreme Purity Dao Ancestor said anxiously: That present what to do?” 上清道祖焦急道:“那现在怎么办?” Grand Purity Dao Ancestor complexion ugly/difficult to look at say/way: Only then enters the space jump mouth, ruins another end star ships, can destroy this space jump mouth.” 太清道祖脸色难看道:“只有进入空间跳跃口,毁掉另一端的星舰们,才能毁了这个空间跳跃口。” The Supreme Purity Dao Ancestor complexion changes said: But, to another side, was equivalent directly enters the universe black hole. Can that also live?” 上清道祖脸色一变道:“可是,到了另一边,就相当于直接进入宇宙黑洞了啊。那还能活?” Grand Purity Dao Ancestor knits the brows a ponder. 太清道祖皱眉一阵沉思。 At this time, the Jade Purity Dao Ancestor doubts said: Universe black hole is so fearful, why can another 50 star ships in that side unobstructive?” 这时,玉清道祖疑惑道:“宇宙黑洞那么可怕,为何另五十艘星舰可以在那边而无碍?” The remote antiquity in fight sneers saying: Analysis obtains is very careful, but, my method, you can know can it be that.” 战斗中的太上冷笑道:“分析得到是挺仔细的,但,我的手段,岂是你们所能知晓的。” Of bang, they fight again. 轰的一声,他们再度大战起来。 Another side, the rouge madame pursued a star ship, turned the hand its income the world of own heart, at this moment, one of the bang, the star ship from exploding to open, explodes the dreadful flame, was startled the rouge madame to avoid hastily. 另一边,胭脂夫人追到了一艘星舰,翻手将其收入了自己的心之世界,就在此刻,轰的一声,星舰自爆而开,炸出滔天火焰,惊得胭脂夫人连忙避开。 The remote antiquity looked at a distant place, sneers saying: „To seize my star ship? Do not have a dream!” 太上看了眼远处,冷笑道:“想夺我的星舰?别做梦了!” In rouge madame eyes one angry, but, charges into the next fleeing star ship place. 胭脂夫人眼中一恼,但,还是冲向下一艘遁逃的星舰处。 Not being able to obtain the star ship is also indifferent, she must first destroy it. 得不到星舰也无所谓,她要将其先毁了。 The star ship flees toward various places, but, the speed of rouge madame is extremely also fast. Catches up with a star ship, destroys a star ship, then goes to the next star ship place. 星舰向着各处遁逃,但,胭脂夫人的速度也极快。追上一艘星舰,毁灭一艘星舰,然后去下一艘星舰处。 In the bang, bang and bang, the four directions are blooming dazzling flames. 轰、轰、轰中,四方绽放着一道道耀眼的火光。 After the rouge madame rumbled broke to pieces more than 40 star ships, to stop, because the remaining several star ships have flown into the darkness, conceals entered in the group of comets, vanished. 胭脂夫人轰碎了四十多艘星舰后才停了下来,因为剩下的几艘星舰已经飞入黑暗,藏入彗星群中,消失了。 After the rouge madame fights, flies back to the previous battlefield fast. 胭脂夫人大战过后,快速飞回先前的战场。 Actually sees the black hole to absorb all around all as before crazily, Moon is separated from the original track slowly, is flying slowly to the space jump mouth. 却见黑洞依旧在疯狂吸纳着四周的一切,月球在缓缓脱离原先的轨道,在向空间跳跃口缓缓飞去。 In the atmosphere the innumerable fog air also came by the black hole suction. 大气层中无数云雾空气也被黑洞抽吸而来。 Three Purities Dao Ancestor by remote antiquity 三清道祖被太上 The suppression resulted in the basis not to prevent. 压制得根本阻止不了。 At this time, Liu Miaoyin and God Sovereign also appeared beyond the day, after two people, emitted nine color great tree empty shades respectively, caused the billowing energy to enter two female within the body. 这时,柳妙音神皇也出现在了天外,二人身后各冒出了一道九色巨树虚影,引得滚滚能量入二女体内。 Liu Miaoyin searches the hand to wield, the innumerable black lotuses baseless and presently, intervalic cover the atmosphere of entire star. 柳妙音探手一挥,无数黑莲凭空而现,间隔性地覆盖整个星球的大气层。 Subdue!” Liu Miaoyin shouted. “镇!”柳妙音一声断喝。 Of bang, the innumerable black lotuses form the strength of huge suppression, the town/subdues results in the star atmosphere to tremble, forms a pressure, resisted the black hole suction. 轰的一声,无数黑莲形成巨大的镇压之力,镇得星球大气层一颤,形成一股压力,抵住了黑洞的吸力。 God Sovereign to the Moon place, took out the God Sovereign bell to knock, bang, a golden ripple surrounds Moon, blocks the black hole suction for Moon. 神皇到了月球处,取出神皇钟一敲,轰的一声,一股金色波纹环绕月球,为月球挡住黑洞吸力。 Two females are thinking anxiously, how should solve the black hole suction? 二女都焦急地思索着,该如何解决黑洞吸力? You block a meeting again, I try!” The rouge madame said. “你们再挡住一会,我来试试!”胭脂夫人说道。 She searches the hand to wield, the innumerable peach blossoms baseless and presently, condense her peach blossom clone, she waves, buzz, the peach blossom clone to charge into the space jump mouth, she must clone to enter the universe black hole with the peach blossom, destroyed the arrangement space jump mouth star ships. 她探手一挥,无数桃花凭空而现,凝聚出一具她的桃花分身,她一挥手,嗡的一声,桃花分身冲向空间跳跃口,她要用桃花分身进入宇宙黑洞,毁了布置空间跳跃口的星舰们。 That shouted, the peach blossom clone to enter the space jump mouth, in an instant was submerged dark, then did not have. 呼的一声,桃花分身进入空间跳跃口,转眼被黑暗淹没,然后就没了。 God Sovereign urgently asked: What kind of?” 神皇急切地问道:“怎么样?” Rouge madame complexion ugly/difficult to look at say/way: Without, went, there would be no, an induction did not have.” 胭脂夫人脸色难看道:“没了,进去就没了,一点感应也没有了。” God Sovereign and Liu Miaoyin complexion sinks, two female also respective, condense a shadow clone with a black lotus to fly to the space jump mouth. 神皇柳妙音脸色一沉,二女也各自施法,凝聚出一个影子分身和一朵黑莲飞向空间跳跃口。 Buzz, approaches the space jump mouth, was attracted by the universe black hole, then did not have. 嗡的一声,一靠近空间跳跃口,就被宇宙黑洞吸了进去,然后就没了。 An numerous female complexion ugliness. 众女脸色一阵难看。 Not far away, glances flashes through the color of disdaining, sneers saying: Or, does your main body go to have a look?” 不远处,太上眼中闪过不屑之色,冷笑道:“要不,你们本体进去看看?” Three female complexions sink, has not actually responded the remote antiquity. 三女脸色一沉,却没有搭理太上。 The Supreme Purity Dao Ancestor complexion changes said suddenly: „It is not right, is the space jump mouth increasing? Was the suction also getting bigger and bigger?” 上清道祖陡然脸色一变道:“不对,空间跳跃口在变大?吸力也越来越大了?” Other person also complexions crazily change. 其他人也脸色狂变。 The remote antiquity sneers saying: Right, increased, can't you seal up the atmosphere of this star? Can't stand firm Moon? No rush, later the suction is getting bigger and bigger, entire will swallow down you. The entire Moon, the entire planet swallows down, hahahaha.” 太上冷笑道:“没错,是变大了,你们不是能封住此星球的大气层吗?不是能稳住月球吗?别急,待会吸力越来越大,会将你们整吞下去的。将整个月球,整个行星都吞下去,哈哈哈哈。” Of bang, her palm bang drew back Three Purities Dao Ancestor again, Three Purities Dao Ancestor actually does not dare to flinch, went forward to fight again. 轰的一声,她再度一掌轰退了三清道祖,三清道祖却不敢退缩,再度上前战斗起来。 Supreme Purity Dao Ancestor knits the brows said anxiously: Xiao Nanfeng? Why hasn't he gone to battle?” 上清道祖皱眉焦急道:“萧南风呢?他为何还不出战?” Three females knit the brows slightly, finally was said by the rouge madame: My husband is still closing up, temporarily goes to battle inconveniently, I help you!” 三女微微皱眉,最终由胭脂夫人道:“我夫君还在闭关,暂时不便出战,我来助你们吧!” The rouge madame just flew, actually sees a remote antiquity palm to shake draws back Three Purities Dao Ancestor, turns the hand a palm to hit to the rouge madame. This palm has prestige of the strange principle, blocking the four directions was void, keeping the rouge madame unexpectedly from fleeing. 胭脂夫人刚飞了过来,却见太上一掌震退三清道祖,翻手一掌打向胭脂夫人。这一掌似带有一股诡异的法则之威,封锁了四方虚空,让胭脂夫人居然无法遁逃。 The rouge madame complexion crazily changes, a palm welcomed, bang, her holding astral was hit hard the scrap to open, the remote antiquity holding astral ample force has not disappeared, direct impact she. 胭脂夫人脸色狂变,一掌迎去,轰的一声,她的掌罡被重击得炸碎而开,太上的掌罡余力未消,直冲她而来。 Very powerful!” The rouge madame was startled to call out. “好强!”胭脂夫人惊叫道。 Of bang, her protecting body immortal astral disintegration, resembling to cause heavy losses by remote antiquity holding astral. 轰的一声,她的护体仙罡崩碎,似要被太上的掌罡重创了。 That shouted, Liu Miaoyin and God Sovereign appeared in her body side, took control of full power, bang, counter-balanced remote antiquity the prestige of holding astral, but three females must fly upside down ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) distance by the great strength impact, stood firm the figure. 呼的一声,柳妙音神皇出现在了她身侧,全力出掌,轰的一声,才堪堪抵消了太上的掌罡之威,但三女还是被巨力冲击得倒飞万丈距离,才稳住身形。 The remote antiquity laughs saying: You on might also as well together, but, the next time, you may be unable to live, hahahaha!” 太上大笑道:“你们一起上也无妨,不过,下一次,你们可就活不了了,哈哈哈哈!” Three female vitalities turn well up, the complexion is very ugly, the remote antiquity was too strong, they cannot block. 三女气血翻涌,脸色无比难看,太上太强了,她们根本挡不住啊。 Jade Purity Dao Ancestor said anxiously: What pass/test is Xiao Nanfeng shutting? This way, once black hole as huge as certain extent, no one could block mother Xing the destruction, did closing up of Xiao Nanfeng have what significance?” 玉清道祖焦急道:“萧南风在闭什么关?再这样下去,黑洞一旦庞大到一定程度,就谁也挡不住母星的毁灭了,萧南风的闭关又有何意义?” Three females have not opened the mouth, the remote antiquity actually sneers saying: Xiao Nanfeng is unable to defend oneself now.” 三女还未开口,太上却冷笑道:“萧南风现在都自身难保了吧。” What did you say?” The Three Purities Dao Ancestor complexion changes said. “你说什么?”三清道祖脸色一变道。 The remote antiquity sneers saying: He refine my main body mortal body to enhance the mortal body strength, but, that was also his curse. The soul and mortal body do not match, his mortal body is firing his soul, he not only has not stiffened, but also was getting more and more feeble, is right?” 太上冷笑道:“他炼化我本体肉身是提升了肉身实力,但,那也是他的催命符。灵魂与肉身不匹配,他的肉身在灼烧他的灵魂,他非但没有变强,还越来越衰弱了,对不对?” The Three Purities Dao Ancestor complexion changes, looks together to the rouges, willow trees and the god three females not far away. 三清道祖脸色一变,一起看向不远处的胭、柳、神三女。 Three females knit the brows slightly, but, has not revealed the Xiao Nanfeng concrete condition, but was said by the rouge madame: Before indeed had this crisis, but, husband is solving processing, quick can process.” 三女微微皱眉,但,并未吐露萧南风的具体状态,只是由胭脂夫人说道:“之前的确有此危机,但,夫君正在解决处理,很快就能处理好。” The remote antiquity actually laughs saying: Processing? Laughable, do not deceive oneself and others, I could not solve, depending on him? How to solve processing?” 太上却大笑道:“处理?可笑,别自欺欺人了,就连我都解决不了,凭他?怎么解决处理?” Remote antiquity that assured attitude, the rouge, willow tree and god three female are not willing to disclose that” the attitude of Xiao Nanfeng recent situation, making Three Purities Dao Ancestor suddenly have not a good premonition. Although three females said the fact, what a pity Three Purities Dao Ancestor in some cultivation own understanding, has believed the judgment of remote antiquity together. Hasn't Xiao Nanfeng been able to help them again? 太上那笃定的态度,胭、柳、神三女不愿“透露”萧南风近况的态度,让三清道祖忽然有了一种不好的预感。虽然三女说了事实,可惜三清道祖修行一道有自己的理解,已然相信了太上的判断。萧南风已经无法再帮他们了? The situation is quite at present bad, drags again, not only cannot take the remote antiquity, the female star must be destroyed. They can run away, but, once runs away, the entire star ended. 眼前局势极为恶劣,再拖下去,非但拿不下太上,母星都要被毁了啊。他们可以逃走,可是,一旦逃走,整个星球就完了。 Silent a meeting, Grand Purity Dao Ancestor said: I want finally vigorously a war, enters the universe black hole, destroys the space jump mouth, becomes, defeat, calculates that finished thoroughly with the causes and effects of female star, two, but is willing to travel together?” 沉默了一会,太清道祖说道:“我欲最后倾力一战,入宇宙黑洞,毁空间跳跃口,成也罢,败也罢,也算彻底了却与母星之因果,二位,可愿同行?”
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