TO :: Volume #6

#558: Finally went out money Song

Gavin is captured, Dong Hao Xi Hao was also detained together. 迦文被俘,东昊西昊也被一同关押起来。 The god war ended, but blue white war on clouds, almost finished synchronously. 神战结束了,而云端上的蓝白大战,也几乎同步结束。 The blue fatty with a blue great arrow, the bang killed Sun Divine Servant finally, the name moved the highest heaven. 蓝胖子最终以一道蓝色巨箭,轰杀了阳神氏,名动九霄。 cloud ghost cheer, reveres it for Yi day. 云鬼们欢呼雀跃,尊其为‘羿天氏’。 Innumerable cloud ghost record this campaign, many details that the god fights, although does not know, but can the brain make up. 无数云鬼把这场战役记录下来,其中神战的诸多细节,虽然不知道,但可以脑补。 They many observed phenomena will record, compiled an extremely incredible historical cloud Diao text, is called cloud years book. 它们将很多观察到的现象记录下来,编撰了一部极其荒诞的历史云雕文本,称为‘云岁月书’。 Because the blue fatty recognized that Huang Ji is the earth-mother incarnation, therefore this «Cloud Years Book», the human form outline is defined as the core shape of earth-mother. 因为蓝胖子认定黄极就是地母化身,所以这本《云岁月书》中,人形轮廓被定义为地母的核心形态。 This tribe, believes firmly, the human form outline, was full of the mystery, observes this divine creative force, can obtain the inspiration that the mind consciousness. 这支部落,坚定地认为,人形轮廓,充满了奥妙,观察这种造物,可以获得心灵意识上的启迪。 Therefore in the culture, Yi day clan established custom that consecrates the human form earth-mother. 于是文化上,羿天氏族建立了供奉人形地母的习俗。 Besides this point, many new cultural births. 除了这一点,还有许多新文化诞生了。 For example the starry sky, in great shaman of research core, branched out one school, special study starry sky study. 譬如星空,在研究地核的大巫中,分出了一派,专门研究星空学。 They observe the material of starry sky with the aid of this day shortly, discovered is away from another planet their several million kilometers away, but that planet in field of vision, simply is the core mother of reprint! 它们借助这一日短暂观测到星空的资料,发现了距离它们几千万公里外的另一颗行星,而视野中的那颗行星,简直就是个翻版的地核母亲! This observed result, directly causes them regarding the thought that the earth-mother worships, sublimates again, became more complex. 这一观察结果,直接导致它们对于地母崇拜的思想,再度升华,变得更加复杂了。 Thinks all over the sky many stars, is actually an earth-mother, including Sun is also a part of earth-mother. 认为满天群星,其实都是地母,包括太阳也是地母的一部分。 Entire Universe, is proliferating the incarnation of earth-mother, simultaneously is breeding microcosms, the earth-mother who cloud ghost overlooks day and night, but is one of them. 整个宇宙,遍布着地母的化身,同时孕育着一个个小世界,云鬼日日夜夜俯瞰到的地母,只不过是其中之一。 Therefore, they are not the Universe centers, takes out the earth-mother, is only a small target, is only first step. 所以,它们不是宇宙的中心,取出自己脚下的地母,只是一个小目标而已,只是第一步而已。 Only has all earth-mother incarnations, fuses, unifies, is in their culture, that true creator. 唯有将所有的地母化身,都融合起来,统一起来,才是它们文化中,那个真正的造物主。 Attention public number: The book friend supreme headquarters, the attention delivers the cash and point coin! 关注公众号:书友大本营,关注即送现金、点币! This plan, is called many stars to unite, but investigation extremely earth-mother who finally fuses, they changed a name, if with the language translation of Earth, may be called too one. 此计划,被称为‘群星合一’,而最终融合出的究极地母,它们换了一个名字,如果用地球的语言翻译,可称为‘太一’。 But this too earth-mother, is the human form. 而这个太一地母,就是人形的。 Finally, because of Huang Ji and the others, in the god war, called itself for ‚the Kunlun Mountains ghost. 最后,因为黄极等人,在神战中,称呼自己为‘昆仑鬼’。 Therefore Kunlun Mountains became the earth-mother real name, was recorded in «Cloud Years Book», and this/should name was given many unique meanings and reputations. 于是昆仑成了地母的‘真名’,被记录在《云岁月书》中,并且该名称被赋予了诸多独特含义和美誉。 New culture so forth, many. 诸如此类的新文化,还有许许多多。 After Huang Ji understands one slightly, then left with a smile. 黄极微微了解一番后,便笑着离开了。 He does not have the recycling god bow, that gadget quality was not good, cannot need dozens years to dissipate, if the long-term use, possibly a half year dissipated. 他没有回收神弓,那玩意儿质量本来就不好,要不了几十年就会消散,如果长期使用,可能半年就消散了。 Just left the cloud ghost galaxy, Huang Ji received the communication of poisonous mist...... 刚离开云鬼的星系,黄极就收到了毒岚的通讯…… Shadow dragon! Urgent matter! On fast virtual Universe!” “影龙!急事!速上虚拟宇宙!” Huang Ji smiles, sits in the spaceship at a moderate pace, logged in the account number of shadow dragon. 黄极一笑,不紧不慢地坐在飞船里,登录了影龙的账号。 After arriving at the individual channel of poisonous mist, the poisonous mist without delay, drew him to enter another private channel! 来到毒岚的个人频道后,毒岚二话不说,拉着他就进入了另一个私密频道! Had an accident?” Huang Ji asked something already known. “出什么事了?”黄极明知故问。 The poisonous mist look haze said: „The Gavin duty failed, he was also grasped. That is a snare! Huang Ji leads the person to ambush on the cloud ghost star, our companies violates the agreement on!” 毒岚眼神阴霾道:“迦文的任务失败了,他本人还被抓了。那是个圈套!黄极带着人埋伏在云鬼的星球上,就等我们公司违背协议呢!” What!” Huang Ji said: I had said that Huang Ji and Lin Li position is unable to confirm, must be careful this situation......” “什么!”黄极说道:“我早就说黄极林立的位置无法确认,要小心这种情况……” The poisonous mist pats his shoulder saying: I know, this does not blame you. Now everyone is finding the way to subside this matter, at least must drag for over one year, can spend money to solve is best. I want to ask you, has what idea, after all you also ambushed were so long.” 毒岚拍着他的肩膀道:“我知道,这不怪你。现在大家在想办法平息此事,至少也要拖一年以上,能用钱解决就最好了。我想问问你,有什么想法,毕竟你也潜伏了这么久了。” Huang Ji shakes the head to say bitterly and astringently: This is not easy, Purple Tenuity is not short of money, does not care about money, spends wastefully, that breadth of spirit, the wealth of the world is their seems to be same.” 黄极苦涩摇头道:“这可不容易,紫微不差钱,也不在乎钱,花起钱来大手大脚,那种气魄,仿佛全世界的财富都是他们的一样。” The poisonous mist clenches jaws saying: Yes, that Huang Ji, I had not cared from the beginning, has not thought in an instant became the Great Emperor!” 毒岚咬牙切齿道:“是啊,那个黄极,我一开始还不关心,没想到转眼间成了大帝!” As the Great Emperor, if he is short of money, some are the person is willing to invest him...... therefore thorny, we have several brothers, through various types of channels, wants to subside this matter.” “身为大帝,他若缺钱,有的是人愿意投资他……所以棘手啊,我们已经有好几个弟兄,通过各种渠道,想平息这事。” But this Huang Ji, the oil salt does not enter, if not the boss gave a Wonderful Venerating influence sum of money, making them pledge that does not participate in the fight, and helps mediate, held on Huang Ji, perhaps Purple Tenuity has done with us.” “但是这个黄极,油盐不进,若非老板给了妙尊势力一笔钱,让他们承诺不参与战斗,并帮忙说和,拉住了黄极,恐怕紫微已经和我们干起来了。” The Huang Ji hear slightly a ponder said: This not on line? Without the Wonderful Venerating influence help, why his does Purple Tenuity dare to fight with us?” 黄极听完略一沉思道:“这不就行了吗?没有妙尊势力帮忙,他紫微凭什么敢和我们打?” The poisonous mist knits the brows: How to dare? That Huang Ji and dragon race are on good terms, the Gavin matter, will be the grave offense, Star Alliance will perhaps also sell a Huang Ji face, the seizing the chance vertical prestige.” 毒岚皱眉道:“怎么不敢?那黄极龙族交好,还有迦文的事,是重罪,星盟说不定也会卖黄极一个面子,趁机立威。” No, the poisonous mist you thought mistakenly.” Huang Ji from channel: According to my understanding, Huang Ji and Star Alliance relates very badly, with the dragon race big origin, these two sides will not have meddled in our fights.” “不,毒岚你想错了。”黄极自信道:“根据我的了解,黄极星盟关系很差,与龙族也并没有多大的渊源,这两方不会在我们的战斗中插手的。” Really?” The poisonous mist is pleasantly surprised. “真的?”毒岚惊喜。 Huang Ji nods to say layer on layer/heavily: Has the ally of hidden I not to know that but at least Purple Tenuity can draw on the ally that accepts a challenge, the present is only Light Explosion and Lingzhu two big groups, in addition Nome Civilization.” 黄极重重点头道:“有没有隐藏的盟友我就不知道了,但至少紫微能招来应战的盟友,现在只是光爆灵竺两大集团,外加诺母文明而已。” The poisonous mist shakes the head saying: Purple Tenuity also has certainly the card in hand, otherwise impossible after the Wonderful Venerating influence explicitly expressed cannot put to the violence, the rumor is so tight, does not accept the monetary compensation.” 毒岚摇头道:“紫微一定还有底牌,否则不可能在妙尊势力明确表示不会付诸暴力之后,口风还那么紧,就是不接受金钱赔偿。” The Huang Ji hear, waved to project a confidential letter. 黄极听完,挥手投影出了一副密信。 What is this?” The poisonous mist glances over. “这是什么?”毒岚浏览起来。 Huang Ji said: This is Huang Ji issues the Light Explosion group, hopes that the past anti- Anunnaki alliance, came again one time. I have not known from the beginning what's the matter, listening to you to say knows, originally Gavin planted.” 黄极说道:“这是黄极发给光爆集团,希望昔日的反阿努纳奇联盟,再来一次。我一开始还不知道怎么回事,听你说才知道,原来迦文栽了。” Poisonous mist cold -ly snorted and said: Snort, how that does Light Explosion reply?” 毒岚冷哼道:“哼,那光爆怎么回复的?” Haha......” Huang Ji said with a smile: „Do I possibly make the anti- Anunnaki alliance so unite? I persuaded Light Explosion to decline Purple Tenuity.” “哈哈……”黄极笑道:“我怎么可能让反阿努纳奇的联盟如此团结?我说动了光爆回绝了紫微。” The poisonous mist nod said: Very good......? Can this be influential to you? If Light Explosion and Purple Tenuity make very much not happily, you as the ambush in Light Explosion, inquire the Purple Tenuity undercover indirectly, to be useless?” 毒岚点头道:“很好……嗯?这会不会对你有影响?如果光爆紫微闹得很不愉快,你作为潜伏在光爆里,间接打探紫微的卧底,岂不是没用了?” The shadow dragon does an inside job in Light Explosion, but his duty is to actually monitor Purple Tenuity. both sides are the allies, this undercover also uses. 影龙是卧底在光爆里的,但他的任务却是监视紫微。双方是盟友,这个卧底还有用。 If lets Light Explosion and Purple Tenuity collapses noisily, that shadow dragon found out by secret inquiry the Light Explosion information, the value greatly reduces. 如果让光爆紫微闹崩,那影龙只是探知到光爆的情报,价值就大大降低了。 Regarding this, Huang Ji said: Naturally influential, once both sides collapse noisily, I definitely had no way to monitor Purple Tenuity, moreover may be suspected.” 对此,黄极却说道:“当然有影响,一旦双方闹崩,我肯定就没法监视紫微了,而且可能会被怀疑。” This was not good, knew, you went back, this matter you leave alone.” The poisonous mist says immediately. “这可不行,知道了,你回去吧,这件事你别管了。”毒岚立刻说道。 How to expect Huang Ji to shake the head to say firmly: No, I felt exactly, should make the alliance collapse noisily, best make their internal strife hit!” 怎料黄极坚定摇头道:“不,我恰恰觉得,就该让联盟闹崩,最好让他们内讧打起来!” To prevent the suspicion, first makes Light Explosion Lingzhu Myriad Pupil hit, then gets into the water Purple Tenuity. So, Purple Tenuity also had no time to manage us.” “为了防止怀疑,先让光爆灵竺万瞳打起来,然后将紫微拖下水。如此,紫微也就无暇管我们了。” The poisonous mist careful ponder said: Meeting? Purple Tenuity also has certainly the strength of hidden.” 毒岚细细思考道:“会吗?紫微一定还有隐藏的实力。” Huang Ji said earnestly: Success rate half and half, since the Wonderful Venerating influence receives money, has pledged to mediate, Purple Tenuity was equivalent was short of the most important goon.” 黄极认真道:“成功概率一半一半吧,既然妙尊势力收了钱,已经承诺说和,紫微就相当于少了一个最重要的打手。” I guess that they very hesitate, if were short of Light Explosion and Lingzhu again they, this may become last straw that subsides this war.” “我猜他们已经很犹豫了,如果再少了光爆灵竺他们,这或许会成为平息此战的最后一根稻草。” The poisonous mist purses the lips saying: Half of probabilities are very high, but you? Words that does that your value shrinks greatly, will be suspected, later had no way to ambush in that side.” 毒岚抿嘴道:“一半概率已经很高了,但是你呢?这么做的话,你的价值大大缩水,甚至会被怀疑,以后都没法在那边潜伏了。” „Is poisonous mist, for the company, what discarding my dark child? Let alone probability 50%, even if only has 1%, we must attempt.” Huang Ji firm say/way. “毒岚啊,为了公司,废掉我一颗暗子算什么?别说概率有百分之五十,就算只有百分之一,我们也要尝试啊。”黄极坚定道。 The poisonous mist looks at Huang Ji satisfied, the heart said: Worthily is the shadow dragon, is the flavor of original design. 毒岚满意地看着黄极,心说:不愧是影龙,还是原样的味道。 He said immediately: Good! You go about something with a free hand, I will explain to the boss. If successfully makes Purple Tenuity accept the monetary compensation, you have lasting achievements!” 他当即道:“好!你放手去做,我会向老板说明的。如果成功让紫微接受金钱赔偿,你功不可没!” That side Purple Tenuity could not ambush, does not ambush, I guarantee you also to be made good use!” 紫微那边潜伏不了,就不潜伏了,我保你还会被重用!” Huang Ji is resounding: Told the boss, I ensure completed this matter.” 黄极高亢道:“告诉老板,我保证把此事办妥。” ...... …… One day later, the agent department of Light Explosion group, discovered the change of Lingzhu group. 一天后,光爆集团的特工部门,发现了灵竺集团的异动。 Discovered that the Lingzhu trusted aide great general great almighty troops, the camouflage, goes to Nome Civilization Confused Spirit City unexpectedly personally, investigates a nickname was called dead bald person Bessel merchant for a long time. 发现灵竺的心腹大将巨神兵,竟然亲自伪装,去诺母文明惑灵市,长期调查一个外号叫‘死秃子’的贝塞尔商人。 This merchant had died, initially did the cheating to draw, delivered the fellow of first set of strange nano colony to Huang Ji. 这商人早就死了,正是当初搞诈骗抽奖,给黄极送了第一套奇异纳米蜂群的家伙。 Person who he also takes over the primal water formula at first. 他也是最初接手原初之水配方的人。 For the so-called 7-Star (Big Dipper) medical skill, the Lingzhu group that the only hope that for this stages a comeback, was destroyed a multitude of precious data must obtain the primal water formula. 为了所谓的七星医术,为了这东山再起的唯一希望,被销毁大量珍贵数据的灵竺集团必须重新得到原初之水配方。 But this matter, cannot let Light Explosion and Myriad Pupil knows, when the previous poisonous mist spares nothing to break through the Lingzhu headquarters, has made these two suspect that Lingzhu had knowledge of a value immeasurable secret. 可这事,又不能让光爆万瞳知道,因为上次毒岚不惜代价攻破灵竺总部时,就已经让这两家怀疑灵竺掌握了一个价值无量的秘密。 The 7-Star (Big Dipper) medical skill, makes any influence crazy sufficiently, therefore Lingzhu must conceal the truth, secretly research and development. 七星医术,足以让任何势力疯狂,所以灵竺必须瞒着,偷偷研发。 But eventually, truth will out. 可终究,纸包不住火。 Three days later, the agents of Light Explosion group, under the command of company trump card aurora, followed up a clue to investigate thoroughly this matter. 三天后,光爆集团的特工们,在公司王牌极光的统帅下,顺藤摸瓜查清了这事。 Even with the Lingzhu person, found the backup that the past dead bald person hid secretly simultaneously. 甚至与灵竺的人,同时找到了当年死秃子偷偷藏下来的备份。 both sides at the scene, fought a meeting engagement. 双方在现场,打了一场遭遇战。 Ultimately Lingzhu has not only obtained the primal water formula, instead also enraged the Light Explosion group, before all suspicions were detonated, was interrogated crazily Lingzhu is studying anything. 最终灵竺不仅没得到原初之水的配方,反而还激怒了光爆集团,之前所有的怀疑都被引爆,被疯狂质问灵竺到底在研究什么。 Lingzhu does not certainly dare to acknowledge, lies to cover unceasingly, but Light Explosion will be how easy to deceive, two big groups make are heavily engaged, finally hit. 灵竺当然不敢承认,不断撒谎掩盖,可光爆岂会容易糊弄,两大集团闹得不可开交,最后打了起来。 But this, involves a matter, that is Purple Tenuity unexpectedly is the Lingzhu hidden major stockholder! 而这,又牵扯出一件事,那就是紫微竟然是灵竺的隐藏大股东! Lingzhu comes under attack to look for the big brother, this matter raising, Purple Tenuity was gotten into the water suddenly. 灵竺挨打找大哥,就把这事给掀出来了,紫微突然就被拖下水。 Suddenly, Light Explosion Myriad Pupil, is divided into two schools with Lingzhu Purple Tenuity, starts to confront, the potential with the water and fire, the petty action is unceasing, has the stance of wanting the open fight between factions. 一时间,光爆万瞳,与灵竺紫微分成两派,开始对峙,势同水火,相互之间小动作不断,颇有要火并的架势。 However Light Explosion and Myriad Pupil, maintain the restraint, dreads Purple Tenuity. 不过光爆万瞳,保持克制,还是非常忌惮紫微的。 After all the prestige of Purple Tenuity Great Emperor was too resounding, although in the war, an individual strength of Great Emperor, is unimportant. 毕竟紫微大帝的威名太响亮了,虽然战争中,一名大帝的个人实力,不重要。 But can train a Great Emperor with the influences of many sovereign, is actually cannot belittle absolutely! 但能培养出一名大帝与诸多皇者的势力,却是绝对不可以小觑的! This to the influence of plutocrat level, is at least symbolizing the immeasurably deep background! 这至少对财阀这一层次的势力而言,象征着深不可测的底蕴! Seven days later. 七天后。 The poisonous mist looked for the shadow dragon: Became! Became! Huang Ji he received money! Ha!” 毒岚找上了影龙:“成了!成了!黄极他收钱了!哈哈哈!” Does well! Does attractively! Shadow dragon!” “干得好啊!干得漂亮啊!影龙!” Huang Ji sees is so happy, has not smiled, instead a heavyhearted appearance that he gives money to deliver said: Successful negotiation? Did Huang Ji that fellow, accept the monetary compensation?” 黄极见他送钱送的这么开心,没有笑,反而一副忧心忡忡的模样说道:“谈判成功了吗?黄极那家伙,接受金钱赔偿了?” The poisonous mist exciting nod said: Right, the company spent money to settle this matter thoroughly, Gavin is also redeemed.” 毒岚兴奋点头道:“没错,公司用钱就彻底摆平了这事,迦文也被赎回来了。” Right?” Huang Ji relaxes. “是吗?”黄极松了口气。 The poisonous mist whips the shoulder of Huang Ji to say layer on layer/heavily: Your this wave offered advice, pricked to estrange, does well!” 毒岚重重地拍打黄极的肩膀说道:“你这波献策,还有挑破离间,干得好啊!” We under the notarization of Wonderful Venerating influence, signed the new private agreement. Purple Tenuity has uncovered this matter thoroughly, when has not happened, but we compensate 30 trillion jades! Ha, spent money to solve, you do not know, at that time Huang Ji facial expression gloomy!” “我们在妙尊势力的公证下,签署了新的私密协议。紫微彻底揭过此事,就当没发生,而我们则赔偿三十万亿琅!哈哈哈,用钱就解决了,你是不知道,当时黄极的神情有多阴沉!” He violates the danger by the body, stays at a selected place to defend us with great difficulty, catches our such big handle, finally actually obtains some money...... ha!” “他以身犯险,好不容易蹲点守到我们,抓到我们这么大一个把柄,最后竟然只是得到一些钱……哈哈哈!” Huang Ji also ten separate the heart appearance saying: Company happily good.” 黄极也一副十分开心地样子说道:“公司开心就好。” Afterward his thread of conversation revolution, whispered: Was this money also are too many? 30 trillion jades? Can the company have a fracture?” 随后他话锋一转,嘀咕道:“就是这钱也太多了吧?三十万亿琅?公司岂不是要伤筋动骨?” The poisonous mist beckons with the hand saying: A little has a fracture, but can spend money to solve, is very good result. If Purple Tenuity with our open fight between factions, losing will be bigger.” 毒岚摆手道:“是有点伤筋动骨,但能用钱解决,就已经是很好的结果了。倘若紫微与我们火并,损失会更大。” Oh, the Purple Tenuity person can negotiate, they seized our bottom line, really could not press the price.” “唉,紫微的人太会谈判了,他们掐住了我们的底线,实在是压不下来价格了。” Huang Ji puzzled say/way: Why does the open fight between factions lose will be bigger? Is Purple Tenuity so strong?” 黄极一脸困惑道:“为什么火并损失会更大?紫微有这么强吗?” The poisonous mist explained: „It is not he not strong issue, the main present is the critical moment.” 毒岚解释道:“不是他强不强的问题,主要现在是关键时刻。” What critical moment? Ok, when I had not asked.” Huang Ji purses the lips to say. “什么关键时刻?算了,当我没问。”黄极抿嘴道。 The poisonous mist laughs saying: No, shadow dragon! You can know!” 毒岚大笑道:“不,影龙!你可以知道了!” My this time looks for you, is the boss must see you!” “我这次来找你,是老板要见你!” Huang Ji immediately an exciting expression: Really? I have not seen the boss for a long time.” 黄极立刻一副激动的表情道:“真的?我好久没见老板了。” Naturally real, the shadow dragon......” the expression of poisonous mist enforces suddenly. “当然是真的,影龙……”毒岚的表情突然严肃起来。 He asked seriously: You whether is willing to join the Heaven Collapsing plan?” 他郑重地问道:“你是否愿意加入天崩计划?” ...... ……
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