TO :: Volume #6

#557: Perishes Anunnaki, Purple Tenuity

The Gavin eagle head, the facial expression solidified. 迦文雄鹰般的脑袋,神情凝固住了。 Only because of this sure-kill strikes, he missed the goal unexpectedly, moreover oddly. 只因这绝杀的一击,他竟然射偏了,而且偏得离谱。 In he emits creates the world laser, the back rhombus force field, suddenly the inflation, it covers in. 就在他放射创世激光时,背后的菱形力场,骤然膨胀,将它笼罩其中。 This shackles that is he himself manufactures, is used to surround the Huang Ji weapon. 这本是他自己制作的牢笼,用来困住黄极的兵器。 Finally at crucial moments, is uncontrolled, covers from the back, rotated the own body. 结果却在关键时刻,不受控制,从背后覆盖上来,转动了自己的身体。 All these are too quick, is too wonderful, too exactly. 这一切太快,太妙,太恰好。 Unexpected, virtually impossible to guard against! 猝不及防,防不胜防! Quick one step, Gavin will not release the laser, slow one step, the laser will hit Huang Ji directly. 快一步,迦文就不会释放激光了,慢一步,激光就会直接打中黄极 Hateful......” “可恶……” How can he control my force field? This type of equipment cannot control obviously......!” “他怎么能控制我的力场?这种设备明明是不能控……啊!” Gavin first is surprised uncertain, later observes the rhombus force field, discovered the answer. 迦文先是惊疑不定,随后观察菱形力场,发现了答案。 Originally Huang Ji was not the positive governing six water chestnut red light shields, did not have the interference and sabotage, on the contrary, he also added a fire unexpectedly! 原来黄极不是直接控制了六菱红光盾,也没有干扰破坏,相反,他竟然还添了把火! He forwarded as an enclosure massive energies to me, used 1 million Life Taking Wheel...... to aid combust my force field! Makes it inflate me instantaneously covers......” “他附送了大量的能量给我,利用百万把杀生轮……助燃了我的力场!使其瞬间膨胀将我笼罩……” No! Continues, the energy circuits and arrangement positions of his these 2 million aerospace weapons, have calculated carefully!” “不!不止,他这两百万宇航兵器的能量回路与排列位置,是精心计算过的!” He has long known that I will surround these weapons with six water chestnut red light shields!” “他早就知道我会用六菱红光盾困住这些兵器!” Therefore seized the chance...... to optimize my force field!” “于是趁机……优化了我的力场!” After Gavin wants to understand, scalp tingles, ten thousand have not thought that the Huang Ji antelope hung the corner/horn, the powerful and unconstrained style came such a move: I help you strengthen! 迦文想明白后,头皮发麻,万没想到黄极羚羊挂角,天马行空地来了这么一招:我帮你强化! Field of force thing, can control its can only be another field, and must pay more energies, did not exist to say the sending a letter number, can control. 力场这东西,能控制它的只能是另一种场,并且要付出更多的能量,不存在说发个信号,就能控制了。 Only if seizes power his mecha, but mecha this type of thing, is the fusion seizes the vehicle of shed operation, has not been higher than a technology of entire time, is not impossible to invade. 除非夺权他的机甲,但是机甲这种东西,乃是融合夺舍型操作的载具,没有高出一整个时代的技术,是不可能入侵的。 Therefore Huang Ji chose the strengthening, is ordinary like the acupuncture, cuts Life Taking Wheel and vacuum, by the specific arrangement, inserted precisely. 于是黄极选择了强化,如同针灸一般,将杀生轮与真空切,以特定排列,精确地插了进去。 From the beginning, his goal does not attack Gavin. 从一开始,他的目的就不是攻击迦文 „Does this fellow...... he bet me certainly to use six water chestnut red light shields?” “这家伙……他就赌我一定会用六菱红光盾?” Strengthening, restore, energizing and other behaviors, are really virtually impossible to guard against. Whose force field without, will be designed not to permit to transport energy, does not permit to restore it. 强化、修复、供能等行为,实在防不胜防。没谁的力场,会被设计成‘不准向它输送能源’,‘不准对它进行修复’。 But Huang Ji then used this point, camouflages the Gavin allied force Life Taking Wheel , helping his force field, promoted one section! 黄极便利用了这一点,将杀生轮伪装成迦文的友军,帮他的力场,提升了一截! Even Life Taking Wheel is Gavin, it had harmonious of mutual cooperation with six water chestnut red light shields, Huang Ji only needs to know a simple password on the line. 甚至杀生轮本来就是迦文的,它与六菱红光盾本就有相互协作的融洽性,黄极只需要知道一个简单口令就行了。 Was strengthened the force field that inflates instantaneously, the might increases! The function becomes many! And Gavin! 瞬间被强化膨胀的力场,威力大增!功能变多!并且还是迦文的! But is actually more of a hindrance than a help. 可是却帮了倒忙。 Huang Ji lets the Gavin own force field, walked the position by protection compulsion, the distortion that death ray locking position. 黄极迦文自己的力场,以保护性的强制走位,偏斜了那道死光锁定的位置。 The time assurance of entire process, accurate of operation, hiding of conduct, may be called fearful. 整个过程的时机把握,操作之精准,行事之隐蔽,堪称可怕。 „Before no wonder...... no wonder him, flies securely toward me......” “难怪……难怪他之前有恃无恐地朝我飞来……” Gavin thinks through, soon thinks through. 迦文想通一点,就很快想通更多。 Creates the world death ray, after all is the attack of going straight there and coming straight back, therefore the nearer the better from the enemy, keeps the opposite party from dodging at the speed of light. 创世死光,毕竟是直来直去的攻击,所以距离敌人越近越好,以光速让对方根本无从闪躲。 Originally, Gavin plans to pursue Huang Ji, looks for a good time, projects the death ray. 本来,迦文都打算追击黄极,找一个恰当的时机,射出死光。 The action that finally Huang Ji approaches on own initiative, making him in same place. 结果黄极主动靠近的举动,让他楞在了原地。 At that time he also stupidly asked: Why don't you run? 当时他还傻乎乎地问:你为何不跑? Afterward wants to come, Huang Ji is actually makes him do not pursue, remains same place, backs on the force field! 事后想来,黄极其实就是让他不要追,留在原地,背靠力场! It may be said that from all sides, all fight rhythms, in the Huang Ji control, and ultimate self-confident. 可谓前前后后,所有的战斗节奏,都在黄极掌控中,且终极自信。 „The Purple Tenuity Great Emperor......” Gavin talks during sleep difficultly. 紫微大帝……”迦文艰难地呓语。 Although Huang Ji still creates the world death ray in that appreciation the afterglow, but he has desperate. 黄极虽然还在那欣赏创世死光的余晖,但他却已经心生绝望。 At this moment, the Gavin energy is in danger, reviews the Huang Ji Milky Way to guard the imperial palace, has actually rushed. In inverse proportion, he had lost the possibility of defeating Huang Ji! 此时此刻,迦文能源告急,反观黄极的银河禁卫,却已经赶到了。此消彼长,他已经失去了战胜黄极的可能! When his energy steamroll Huang Ji, without taking the opposite party, that present not to mention. 他的能量碾压黄极时,都没有拿下对方,那现在就更不用说了。 Runs!” Gavin without delay, like the electricity, flees in the Star direction rapidly. “跑!”迦文二话不说,迅疾如电,朝着恒星方向奔逃。 Any subordinate and team member could not attend to entirely, at this moment is only thinking hurries to flee this place. 什么手下、队员统统顾不得了,此刻只想着赶紧逃离此地。 However, he also knows, oneself is struggling dauntlessly. 然而,他也知道,自己是在无畏挣扎。 Avid follower! Offended the Great Emperor also to walk?” “狂徒!得罪了大帝还想走?” Yi Mei moves sideways floating, such as the startled great wild goose passing over gently and swiftly vacuum, left behind fiery red pink clouds. 伊妹飘然闪身,如惊鸿般掠过真空,留下一片火红彩霞。 She blocks Gavin, the body intriguing crevice, the star light blazing greatly. 她拦住迦文,身上错综复杂的裂隙,星光大炽。 Heavy blows of combustion scarlet granule, pound down loudly, are coercing the inconceivable kinetic energy. 一记燃烧赤红粒子的重拳,轰然砸下,裹挟着不可思议的动能。 Thump!” Gavin was pounded, the haunched energy shield like the compressed rubber ball, explodes immediately. “咚!”迦文被砸了个正着,撑起的能量盾如同被压扁的皮球,顿时爆裂。 His mecha scale feather falls off, the deck fragment spurts like the star light. 他的机甲鳞羽脱落,甲板碎片如星光般飞洒。 Intermittent gravity wave blooms from two people, this fist holds in in addition of electromagnetism force field, endures compared with cislunar bumps into! 一阵阵引力波从两人之间绽放,这一拳在电磁力场的加持下,堪比地月相撞! „!” “呜哇!” Gavin exudes the grieved calling out sound in mecha, mecha of broken star almost must split, the precious negative pressure propeller was destroyed at the scene. 迦文机甲内发出心痛的嚎叫声,碎星者的机甲几乎要裂开了,珍贵的负压推进器被当场摧毁。 His whole person weightlessness drifts several hundred kilometers along with the inertia in the outer space, this again stable body. 他整个人失重般地在太空随惯性漂移数百公里,这才重新稳定身躯。 Trivial guards the imperial palace...... also dares to injure me......” Gavin is not extremely unwilling. “区区禁卫……也敢伤我……”迦文极不甘心。 Under the most flourishing condition, he does not fear Milky Way to guard the imperial palace, does to now the energy, only then opposite party 1/5. 全盛状态下,他才不怕银河禁卫,奈何现在能量只有对方五分之一。 From this, Gavin shocked in Huang Ji by the small great ability. 由此,迦文更震撼于黄极以小博大的能力了。 Your negative pressure propeller was destroyed by me, was unable to use the wormhole, hasn't unloaded armor to be without a fight?” The Yi Mei slender physique such as the Dunhuang flying, seems the red war-god, the fist potential is brilliant, wanton bombing. “你的负压推进器被我摧毁,已无法使用虫洞,还不卸甲束手就擒?”伊妹修长的身姿如敦煌飞天,好似红色战神,拳势光彩夺目,狂轰滥炸。 On her mouth induces somebody to capitulate, in the hand actually non-stop. 她嘴上劝降,手上却一刻也不停。 Each fist, contains the abundant energy, builds the decomposition force field its suppression and resolution. 每一拳,都蕴含充沛的能量,营造分解力场将其压制、拆分。 Gavin can also resist at first, but with Yi Mei to consuming energy. As the energy bottoms, he is gradually weak, 迦文起初还能抵挡,但不过是与伊妹对耗能量。随着能源见底,他逐渐不支, Huang Ji saw the crucial moment to be similar, flew on Yi Mei: Sufficed, you hit, this set of mecha must abandon.” 黄极见火候差不多了,飞到伊妹身上:“够了,你这么打下去,这套机甲要废了。” Makes me control.” “让我来操控吧。” Yi Mei said without hesitation compliantly: Yes!” 伊妹毫不犹豫地遵命道:“是!” She departs mecha, the making way jurisdiction, Huang Ji integrates immediately. 她飞出机甲,让开权限,黄极立刻融入其中。 Exchanges the good book, pays attention to vx public numbers. Book friend supreme headquarters. Now pays attention, may get the cash red package! 交流好书,关注vx公众号.【书友大本营】。现在关注,可领现金红包! Gavin saw Huang Ji to control this Earthbreaker personally, the soul must frighten. 迦文黄极亲自操控这架裂地者,魂都要吓掉了。 „...... Waits for!” Gavin feared that Huang Ji kills him, stops hastily. “等……等一下!”迦文黄极杀他,连忙叫停。 Huang Ji acts like lightning, the Earthbreaker finger of destroying the hardest defenses, pokes a hole on broken star immediately! 黄极闪电般出手,无坚不摧的裂地者手指,当即在碎星者上戳出个洞! The Gavin whole body trembles, mecha malfunctions unexpectedly, is unable to move! 迦文浑身一颤,竟然机甲失灵,无法动弹了! What!” Gavin is glassy-eyed, has not understood the operation of Huang Ji. “什么!”迦文目光呆滞,都没看懂黄极的操作。 The myriad things all have it Achilles'heel, but a fiercer thing, that node are less, even is fleeting. 万物皆有其‘死穴’,只不过越厉害的物件,那种节点就越少,甚至稍纵即逝。 Otherwise, a more incomplete thing, the Achilles'heel is more obvious. 反之,越不完整的物件,死穴越明显。 After Huang Ji lets Yi Mei Gavin mecha makes the damage, this set of broken star, in the Huang Ji eye everywhere is the flaw. 黄极伊妹迦文机甲打出损坏之后,这套碎星者,在黄极眼中就到处是破绽了。 Using occupied Earthbreaker mecha of advantage, Huang Ji destroyed the opposite party with ease life node, causes its paralysis. 利用本就占据优势的裂地者机甲,黄极轻松摧毁了对方的‘生命节点’,使其瘫痪。 Anunnaki, you spread the important matter, previous Isis said was not very clear? Since you dare to violate the agreement, do not blame me being cruel and merciless.” Huang Ji ponders said. 阿努纳奇,你们摊上大事了,难道上次伊西丝说的还不够明白吗?既然你们敢违背协议,就不要怪我心狠手辣了。”黄极玩味地说道。 Good Purple Tenuity Great Emperor, to look down on you, I really looked down on you.” “好一个紫微大帝,太小瞧你了,我真的太小瞧你了。” The Gavin surface maintains the dignity, the commendation enemy, actually innermost feelings regret. 迦文表面维持体面,称赞敌人,实则内心懊悔不已。 He from all sides, some innumerable opportunities kills Huang Ji, finally a mistake step by step is wrong, degenerates into so the position bewilderedly. 他前前后后,有无数机会杀死黄极,结果却一步错步步错,莫名其妙沦为这般境地。 Now was good, was grasped present, captures alive at the scene, debates does not have to debate. 现在好了,被抓了现行,当场活捉,辩无可辩。 Has that agreement, company chapter must be been heavy, the Wonderful Venerating will influence openly meddle, at the appointed time Purple Tenuity and Wonderful Venerating influence cooperates, even if not dismember Anunnaki, will hit the pain them. 有那份协议在,公司这回要遭重了,妙尊势力将堂而皇之地插手,届时紫微妙尊势力合作,纵然不会肢解阿努纳奇,也会把他们打痛。 The important matter that at least, this will seriously affect the boss, likely falls short! 至少,这会严重影响老板的大事,很可能功亏一篑! Really is a double loss, cloud ghost has not caught, instead annoys a show. 真是赔了夫人又折兵,云鬼没抓到,反惹一身骚。 Troubled in a big way, this Purple Tenuity had a grudge to be the same with us, wants with all our -out war, they definitely to take the opportunity to display with all one's heart......” “麻烦大了,这个紫微跟我们有仇一样,一门心思地想和我们全面战争,他们肯定会借机发挥……” „It is not good, the present is the critical moment, cannot let this matter absolutely, affects the plan of boss.” “不行,现在是关键时刻,绝对不能让这事,影响老板的计划。” Must find the way to subside this matter to be good.” “必须想办法平息此事才行。” The Gavin thought racing, reports this matter to the boss simultaneously. 迦文念头急转,同时向老板汇报此事。 Reports, he also while said to Huang Ji: This time calculates that we planted, you delimit to make a debut! Additionally how compensates? Said a number.” 一边汇报,他还一边对黄极说:“这次算我们栽了,你划出道来吧!额外赔偿如何?说个数字。” Huang Ji said careless: You thought that I am short of money?” 黄极漫不经心道:“你觉得我缺钱吗?” Gavin clenches jaws, the heart said, Purple Tenuity wants to do with Anunnaki, attempts really in a big way, the light spends money unable to solve this matter inevitably. 迦文咬牙切齿,心说果然,紫微就想和阿努纳奇干一场,所图甚大,光用钱必然无法解决此事。 Purple Tenuity trains a Great Emperor now, how also to be short of money, this organization is mystical exceptionally, the ghost knows that behind this is the big background? 紫微如今都培养出了一尊大帝,又岂会缺钱,这个组织神秘异常,鬼知道这背后到底是多大的底蕴? Said that how you actually do want?” Gavin tone low and deep say/way. “说吧,你到底想怎么样?”迦文语气低沉道。 Huang Ji from breaking to pieces star mecha strips Gavin, gives Yi Mei to safeguard, and said: „Are you communicating with Myriad Flowers Mirror?” 黄极迦文从碎星者机甲里剥离出来,交给伊妹看管,并说道:“你在和万华镜沟通吧?” Hehe, told him, this matter has not ended.” “呵呵,告诉他,这事没完。” Perishes Anunnaki, Purple Tenuity.” “亡阿努纳奇者,紫微也。” Listened to this saying, Gavin and secret Myriad Flowers Mirror, falls into silent. 听了这话,迦文与幕后的万华镜,都陷入沉默。 Does Purple Tenuity really have a grudge with them? 紫微真就和他们有仇吗? The process of previous negotiations meeting, the poisonous mist has reported completely, therefore they know that Isis is very militant, if not for Light Explosion, Lingzhu and other groups want the peace talks urgently, perhaps has not stopped that war to the present. 上次谈判会的过程,毒岚完整汇报过了,所以他们知道那个伊西丝无比好战,若不是光爆灵竺等集团迫切想要和谈,恐怕那场战争到现在都没停呢。 Now Purple Tenuity occupied the principle, can draw the Wonderful Venerating influence help, in addition this Huang Ji and dragon race relate significantly, perhaps also some credibility of Great Emperor, can draw to Star Alliance provides the law enforcement team. 如今紫微占了理,可以拉妙尊势力帮忙,再加上这黄极龙族关系匪浅,又有大帝的公信力,说不定还能拉到星盟提供执法队。 One calculates, this weaponry cannot hit absolutely, particularly now. 一圈算下来,这场仗绝对不能打,尤其是现在。 Now the Heaven Collapsing plan, in the critical moment, try not to cause complications. 如今天崩计划,正在关键时刻,尽量不要节外生枝。 Boss, is I am incompetent, what to do now should?” Gavin shamefacedly said anxiously: I went bad your important matter!” “老板,是我无能,现在该怎么办?”迦文羞愧焦急道:“我坏了您的大计!” Afterward communication that head, broadcasts together the gently beautiful sound. 随后通讯那一头,传来一道柔美的声音。 Elusive and graceful say/way: Must perish lovably we...... 空灵而优雅道:“要灭亡我们吗……可爱。” He, if really has the absolute strength, the complete assurance, will not need the reason for war, does not need to wait for us to break the rules, introduces the help of Wonderful Venerating influence.” “他若真有绝对的实力,完全的把握,就不会需要战争理由,更不会需要等我们犯规,引入妙尊势力的帮助。” Moreover he does not know the Heaven Collapsing plan the matter, will therefore not know that we leap not to act now. You more dread, more exposition actual situation. More worries about the war, the war will more walk.” “另外他并不知道天崩计划的事,所以也不会晓得我们现在腾不出手来。你越畏惧,就越暴露虚实。越担忧战争,战争就越会找上门。” „, Gavin, you do not need to rebuke oneself, is not you are too weak, but is that Huang Ji is not really simple. That is Great Emperor, can in this political environment, become the character of Great Emperor, can it be that easy with it generation?” “呵,迦文啊,你不用太自责,不是你太弱,而是那黄极着实不简单。那可是位大帝啊,能在这种政治环境下,成为大帝的人物,又岂是易与之辈?” Gavin is moved: Boss...... sorry.” 迦文感动道:“老板……对不起。” That elusive sound said amiably: Duty has has successfully the failure not entirely as desired, the human affairs always.” 那空灵的声音随和道:“任务有成功就有失败,世事总是不尽如人意的啊。” This matter I will find the way to process, do not do the unnecessary matter again.” “这件事我会想办法处理,你不要再做多余的事了。” ...... ……
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