TO :: Volume #5

#402: Gains the elementary knowledge

The base floor, that secret room was opened. 基地底层,那间密室被打开了。 law hugs the younger brother to sleep, hears the sound to awaken instantaneously, a blade cuts to entrance Omarzo. 法穆利抱着弟弟正在睡觉,听到动静瞬间惊醒,一刀斩向门口的奥玛佐 Omarzo avoids with ease, a palm flies high to hit it on the wall. 奥玛佐轻松躲开,一掌将其凌空打在墙壁上。 Who you are!” law looks at the present grown young grey person astonishedly. “你是谁!”法穆利惊异地看着眼前的成年小灰人。 Omarzo!” 奥玛佐!” The Omarzo indifferent say/way, his look even wants to kill chilly. But when gets up to kill the heart, somewhat hesitates. 奥玛佐冷漠道,他眼神清冷甚至想杀死法穆利。但起杀心之余,又有些犹豫。 law listens to him is Omarzo, startled say/way: Is you! I listen to the father to mention you!” 法穆利一听他就是奥玛佐,惊道:“是你!我听老爹说起过你!” How does he die?” Omarzo asked. “他怎么死的?”奥玛佐问道。 The law quick 1510 places said that after hearing Otis a flamingo clan gets rid of, Omarzo complexion drastic change. 法穆利很快一五一十地说了,当听到帝斯被一名火鸟族干掉后,奥玛佐脸色剧变。 He inquired video recording record before this hastily , that was the pure flamingo clan, was the Civilization of light dependent country. 他连忙查询这门前的录像记录,果然,那是纯正的火鸟族,乃是光之文明的附庸国。 In Hanoune Corporation majority is the Civilization light/only sunbird, next is the flamingo clan and other staff of dependency clans. 阿努纳奇公司里大部分是光之文明的太阳鸟,其次就是火鸟族等各个附庸族的员工。 Nature perturbation is, the person in company sends?” Omarzo hesitates, he about the company knew that are not many, this matter must investigate by Caburi. “自然扰动者,难道是公司里的人派来的?”奥玛佐沉吟,他对公司了解也不多,这事还得由卡布里调查。 Watches in the video recording the death of Otis, is also sad, cries saying: Father died!! Uncle Omarzo, Zeta person clan remaining our three!” 看着录像中帝斯的死亡,法穆利又伤心起来,大哭道:“老爹死了!哇哇啊!奥玛佐叔叔,泽塔人一族就剩下我们三个了!” Omarzo is somewhat strange, the Zeta person may continue their three, they were very easy-to-use slave race, Hanoune Corporation made many Zeta people. 奥玛佐有些奇怪,泽塔人可不止他们三个,他们是非常好用的奴隶种族,阿努纳奇公司造了很多泽塔人。 Only can say, the Zeta person on Moon, only had their three. 只能说,月球上的泽塔人,只剩下他们三个了。 But had/left such big matter, Caburi will certainly make the Zeta person massively, supplements the manpower of Moon. 但出了这么大的事,卡布里一定会大量制造泽塔人,补充月球的人手。 Later will have more compatriots.” Omarzo said. “以后会有更多同胞的。”奥玛佐说道。 How to expect to clench teeth to say firmly: That is natural! I as the prince of Zeta person, decide will shoulder the heavy responsibility that the race continues!” 怎料法穆利咬牙坚定道:“那是当然的了!我作为泽塔人的王子,定会肩负起种族延续的重任!” „???” Omarzo listened stupidly, what gadget that this said? “啊???”奥玛佐都听傻了,这说的什么玩意儿? What did you say? The prince of Zeta person?” “你说什么?泽塔人的王子?” A law face said firm and resolute: Father is a big hero of Zeta clan, but I as his child, will certainly revive great Zeta Civilization!” 法穆利一脸坚毅道:“老爹是泽塔一族的大英雄,而我身为他的孩子,一定会复兴伟大的泽塔文明的!” Omarzo feels at a loss, when did the Zeta person have Civilization? 奥玛佐感觉茫然,泽塔人什么时候有文明了? What are you talking nonsense?” Omarzo sinking sound said. “你在胡说八道些什么?”奥玛佐沉声道。 law is holding up the head saying: „Don't you believe? Now I am small and weak, when I grew up, I will certainly defeat Civilization of light to revenge for the father!” 法穆利昂着头道:“你不信吗?现在我还弱小,等我长大了,我一定会击败光之文明为父报仇!” Omarzo startled say/way: Shut up! Otis taught you anything! Civilization of light is Civilization of master! How dare to provoke!” 奥玛佐惊道:“闭嘴!帝斯都教了你些什么!光之文明是主人的文明!岂敢挑衅!” law is sizing up Omarzo, is angry: You said anything! Do you work for the bird man? The bird men perished our country, extinguished our race, you turn to the enemy unexpectedly! Your this Zeta is deceitful!” 法穆利打量着奥玛佐,愤怒道:“你说什么!你为鸟人工作?鸟人亡了我们国家,灭了我们种族,你竟然投靠敌人!你这个泽塔奸!” Omarzo compelled ignorant, this special what gadget! 奥玛佐懵逼了,这特么什么玩意儿! He according said on the wall angrily: Do not make me hear these words again, Otis hidden you are so long, does not make you think oneself infallible to court death in this. Otherwise I first cleaned up you!” 他愤怒地将法穆利按在墙上道:“不要再让我听到这些话,帝斯把你隐藏这么久,不是让你在这自以为是找死的。否则我先清理了你!” law coldly is staring at Omarzo, did not speak, he realized that present fellow, perhaps because of father's death, but thought that the Zeta person had no chance, then to go to the bird man. 法穆利冷冷盯着奥玛佐,不说话了,他意识到眼前的家伙,恐怕因为老爹的死,而觉得泽塔人没希望了,便投奔了鸟人。 Otis asked me to take care of you, you lived well were being good, do not think some at sixes and sevens matters. Listening, you two status can certainly not expose.” Omarzo said. 帝斯求我照顾你们,你们好好活着就行了,不要想一些乱七八糟的事。听着,你们两个的身份一定不可以暴露。”奥玛佐说道。 law sizes up the situation correctly, said in a low voice: You can work for the enemy, but I must inherit my father's heritage, the jurisdiction of this base, you must give me.” 法穆利看清局势,低声道:“你可以为敌人工作,但我要继承我老爹的遗产,这座基地的权限,你必须交给我。” Omarzo is good to say with a smile: You said that this base, is Otis?” 奥玛佐好笑道:“你说这座基地,是帝斯的?” law said naturally: That was natural! Here all, is my father.” 法穆利理所应当道:“那当然了!这里所有的一切,都是我老爹的。” Omarzo was speechless, Otis is a slave, looks at the property to the master, actually said that here thing is own? 奥玛佐无语了,帝斯不过是个奴隶,给主人看财产而已,竟然说这里的东西都是自己的 He tilts the head said: „Do you really understand your father?” 他歪头道:“你真的了解你父亲吗?” law said proudly: That was natural! Although his many things did not tell us, but I also know, he was great! He is a Zeta clan final King, perseveres the Zeta person final land in this Moon.” 法穆利骄傲道:“那当然了!虽然他很多事不告诉我们,但是我也知道,他有多么伟大!他是泽塔一族最后的王者,在这月球坚守泽塔人最后的土地。” To protect me and younger brother, he fights in the monetary reward hunter with Universe every day. Ruins the Zeta Civilization bird man, does not know that existence of I and younger brother, thinks that the Zeta person will become extinct, as everyone knows the father found the way to create us.” “为了保护我和弟弟,他每天都在和宇宙中的赏金猎人战斗。毁掉泽塔文明的鸟人,不知道我和弟弟的存在,以为泽塔人会绝种,殊不知老爹还是想办法创造出了我们。” Although I and younger brother are not the pure blood, but we as before are the King bloodlines of proud Zeta person.” “虽然我和弟弟不是纯血,但我们依旧是骄傲的泽塔人的王者血脉。” Omarzo beckons with the hand saying: Good......” 奥玛佐摆手道:“好了好了好了……” He has not thought, Otis actually boasted, cheated on the child. 他没想到,帝斯竟然是这么吹牛,欺骗自己孩子的。 Otis is like oneself, but is the tool of master, like watch-dog. However he in oneself child heart, is actually the infinite big hero. 帝斯和自己一样,不过是主人的工具,如同看门狗。不过他在自己孩子心中,却是无限高大的英雄。 Omarzo first sneers, but later, the feeling is sorrowful. 奥玛佐对此先是冷笑,可随后,感觉悲哀。 Why didn't Otis tell two child truth? Obviously was the truth is too brutal. 帝斯为何不告诉两个孩子真相?显然是真相太残酷了。 He to create these two children, although this does not have the significance, but he is not willing to strangle own to hope personally, making these two white paper same young sons also the slave, therefore he rather cheats on the child, molds a false childhood to them. 他是为了希望而创造这两个孩子的,尽管这毫无意义,可他不愿意亲手扼杀自己的希望,让这两个白纸一样的幼崽也成为奴隶,所以他宁愿欺骗孩子,给他们塑造一个虚假的童年。 Omarzo is staring , if not see through an affair, then Otis was succeeded, because he has never seen so proud Zeta person. 奥玛佐凝视着法穆利,如果不拆穿,那么帝斯算是成功了,因为他从未见过如此骄傲的泽塔人。 He remembers the Otis finally entreaty the words, realizes to have the descendant, will have this type the feeling that will want to inherit, will be the Otis lifetime wish. 他想起帝斯最后哀求的话,意识到拥有后代,拥有这种将希望传承下去的感觉,就是帝斯毕生心愿。 Although thought that the idea of Otis is very laughable, but Omarzo heaved a deep sigh finally, decided to adopt them, and maintained this false lie as far as possible. 虽然觉得帝斯的想法很可笑,但最终奥玛佐长叹一声,决定收养他们,并尽可能地维持这虚假的谎言。 He nods saying: I had known, your father has the last words, he requested that I take care of you.” 他点头道:“我已经知道了,你父亲有遗言,他请求我照顾你们。” Wants me to take care of you to be able, you must listen my, from now on, you two will only permit to treat in the floor, which cannot go, I will provide food and life to you need......” “想要我照顾你们可以,你们得听我的,从现在开始,你们两个只准待在底层,哪也不许去,我会给你们提供食物和生活所需……” law uncomfortable say/way: „Did you betray the base to the enemy?” 法穆利不爽道:“你把基地出卖给了敌人?” Omarzo is disinclined to explain, he will not puncture the Otis lie, but will not deliberately try to cover up a lie. 奥玛佐懒得解释,他不会戳破帝斯的谎言,但也不会刻意圆谎。 He sneers saying: How is? Too was weak depending on you!” 他冷笑道:“是又如何?就凭你太弱了!” law is silent. The heart said that if no wonder the father said Omarzo[ pen interest pavilion] died, goes to Earth to look for the mother. 法穆利沉默不语。心说难怪老爹说奥玛佐若是[笔趣阁]死了,就去地球找老妈。 Originally is because Omarzo cannot believe. 原来是因为奥玛佐信不得。 Although he preserves himself because of the keeping old friendships in mind sentiment, but has turned to the bird man, looking from the performance, he will first follow the wish of master, if oneself expose, he will have obeyed the bird man to kill itself. 他虽然因为念旧情而保全自己,但已经投靠了鸟人,从刚才的表现看,他会更优先遵循主人的意愿,如果自己暴露,他已经会听从鸟人杀了自己。 Hateful......” “可恶……” ...... …… On the evening of July 7, Hangzhou. 七月 7 日晚,杭州。 Huang Ji looks up to Moon, brings one team of military ships the sensation to a powerful sunbird, landed on at the back of Moon. 黄极仰望月球,感知到一名强大的太阳鸟带着一队军事舰船,登陆了月球背面。 Lin Li stands in Huang Ji said behind: Big brother, you in what?” 林立站在黄极身后道:“大哥,你在等什么呢?” Huang Ji said: Hanoune Corporation true employee came, I left behind many traces in the lunar base, he should be able to understand, subsequently places the company the suspicion.” 黄极说道:“阿努纳奇公司真正的员工来了,我在月球基地留下了很多蛛丝马迹,他应该能够理解,继而把嫌疑放在公司内部。” But, a mature surveyor, should inspect the dead went to each place.” “但是,一个成熟的调查者,理应检查死者去过的每一个地方。” The Lin Li nod said: Was so rigorous...... Otis to descend to earth three places, the Illuminati base, the battlefield of Kunlun Mountains, the park in Hangzhou.” 林立点头道:“这么严谨么……帝斯下凡去了三个地方,光明会的基地,昆仑山脉的战场,还有杭州的这个公园。” Bit the bell......” the Huang Ji telephone sound. “叮铃……”黄极的电话响了。 After he puts through, is Eminem, Eminem tells him to have a flying saucer that is flashing the lamp post, openly arrived at the Illuminati station, used the white-light scanning unscrupulously the scene. 他接通之后是阿姆,阿姆告诉他有一艘闪着灯柱的飞碟,堂而皇之地降临了光明会驻地,肆无忌惮地用白光扫描了现场。 Huang Ji hangs up the telephone, said with a smile: Really came, the battlefield of Kunlun Mountains was concealed by me, the death place changed the lunar base.” 黄极挂断电话,笑道:“果然来了,昆仑山脉的战场被我隐瞒了,死亡地点改变成了月球基地。” „The park in Illuminati station and Hangzhou, is unable to conceal. In the Otis last words, confessed this twice traveling schedules.” “不过光明会驻地和杭州的这个公园,就无法隐瞒了。帝斯的遗言里,交代了这两次行程。” Lin Li said: That what to do?” 林立说道:“那怎么办?” Huang Ji said with a smile: Good, they cannot sweep what clue, Otis do not die in these two places, the scene did not have Otis any tissue, or the blood remains.” 黄极笑道:“挺好的啊,他们扫不到什么线索,帝斯又不是在这两个地方死的,现场本来就没有帝斯的任何身体组织,或者血液残留。” Even human can examine the blood trace of scene of murder, even if had been cleaned, can examine. 连人类都能检测出凶杀现场的血液痕迹,哪怕被清洗过,也可以验出来。 space alien was OK, but Otis does not die in these two places from the start, but true battlefield space alien does not know. 外星人就更可以了,不过帝斯压根不是死在这两个地方的,而真正的战场外星人不知道。 Only if space alien with the exhaustion method, examines Earth land every inchs, but that work load was a little big. If could not find the scene of murder, they will do that but obvious Otis dies in the lunar base, space alien will not idle the egg to hurt. 除非外星人用穷举法,把地球每一寸土地都检测一遍,但那工作量就有点大了。若找不到凶杀现场,他们会这么做,可明摆着帝斯是死在月球基地的,外星人不会闲得蛋疼。 Hawking on the Omarzo ship, he and Omarzo stayed for more than ten days in the true star-level society, attained my final demand information.” 霍金奥玛佐的船上,他和奥玛佐在真正的星级社会住了十几天,拿到了我最后需要的情报。” He will pass to me with the special method, the present is the best opportunity......” “他会用特殊的方法传给我,眼下是最好的机会……” Huang Ji is saying, sees only sky over Xiaoshan, suddenly presented an illumination flier, its behind also follows a very common small light ball. 黄极说着,只见萧山区上空,突然出现了一个发光飞行物,其后面还跟着一个很不起眼的小光球。 This impressively is Caburi's spaceship and Omarzo flying saucer. 这赫然是卡布里的飞船与奥玛佐的飞碟。 The big evening, UFO suddenly appears, but also is shining, is quite naturally conspicuous. 大晚上的,UFO突然出现,还发着光,自然极为显眼。 Soon, a row of light beam openly swept. 不多时,一排光柱堂而皇之地扫了下来。 The airport, park and even nearby inhabited area, had been swept by the ray completely. 机场、公园乃至附近的居民区,全部都被光线扫过。 The glance that this so covers unsatisfactory, alarmed the surrounding resident directly! 这如此不佳掩盖的扫视,直接惊动了周围的居民! Aiya fuck!” “哎呀卧槽!” UFO!” “UFO!” On the road the pedestrian is shouting, some also put out the cell phone photograph. 路上行人纷纷叫嚷着,有的还拿出手机拍照。 Has the baldheaded middle-aged person, lowers the head on the road, felt that a glare illuminates, illuminates the surroundings well-illuminated, raised the head hastily, a face compels ignorant. 有个秃顶中年人,低着头走在路上,就感觉一道强光照下来,将周围照得通亮,连忙抬起头,一脸懵逼。 „! space alien came! Wife! I said that has space alien! You look!” Originally he is the eyewitness of previous time in park. “啊!外星人又来了!老婆!我说了有外星人!你看啊!”原来他就是上次在公园的目击者。 Lin Li stands in a high ground, looks at the surrounding disorder, and airport in not far away has the airplane to circle, does not dare to descend, knits the brows. 林立站在一处高地,看着周围的乱象,以及不远处的机场有飞机盘旋,不敢降落,不禁皱眉。 This was also too bold! Aren't they cannot expose? How can so scan frankly and uprightly?” Lin Li said. “这也太大胆了!他们不是不能暴露吗?怎么能如此光明正大地扫描?”林立说道。 Huang Ji looks at the Omarzo flying saucer steadily, information was gained by him continuously, the Hawking information, performs to be one of them. 黄极目不转睛地看着奥玛佐的飞碟,源源不断地信息被他获取,霍金的情报,尽在其中。 This leaves the last puzzle of Solar System. 这是离开太阳系的最后一块拼图。 He said: This is a senior staff, naturally compares the young grey person to want bold many.” 他说道:“这是个老员工啊,当然比小灰人要大胆的多。” Airport is situated remotely, is in the evening, actual eyewitness not over 500 people.” “机场这边地处偏僻,又是晚上,实际目击者不会超过五百人。” Trades to be the young grey person, definitely does not dare such wave, but the Hanoune senior staff actually dares, because he knows, this unrest, can handle by the execution of human government with ease.” “换做小灰人,肯定不敢这么浪,但是阿努纳奇的老员工却敢,因为他知道,这点骚乱,以人类政府的执行力可以轻松搞定。” Lin Li understands clearly, indeed, UFO, so long as is not the global scale, or national many long-term exposures, do not leave behind the long-standing ironclad proof, did not report the hype continually, actually no one believed. 林立了然,的确,UFO而已,只要不是全球范围,或者全国多地长期曝光,不留下长期存在的铁证,不持续地报道炒作,其实没人信的。 Even if there is a picture video recording and so on evidence, still, when cheats. 就算有照片录像之类的证据,也会被当做假的。 This inside has, grasps on the line. 这里面有个度,把握好就行。 Initially Otis dares to arrive at the park personally, making one witness, this was because he understood, he can grasp this. 当初帝斯都敢亲自走到公园,让人目击到,这就是因为他懂,他能把握好这个度。 At present Hanoune came a senior staff, that was more rampant, except for Earth, he definitely also manages many primitive Civilization, is very skilled! 眼下阿努纳奇来了个老员工,那就更嚣张了,除了地球,他肯定也管过不少原始文明,熟练得很! Otis only dares several to see, fears noisily big. But Caburi was different, dares several hundred to witness and even photograph, is at heart unhurried. 帝斯只敢让几个人看到,还是怕闹大。可卡布里就不同了,敢让数百人目击乃至拍照,心里都不慌。 This was the energy, like the difference of temporary worker and company slippery customer. 这就是底气了,如同临时工和公司老油条的区别。 The temporary workers are flamboyant, some do not gather the custom the matter, does not dare to go too far eventually. 临时工再牛逼,一些不太合规矩的事,终究不敢太过分。 Only the slippery customer dares: Aiya is all right, does not need to wear the safety helmet. This does aiyu casually not importantly, you fear anything...... 只有老油条才敢:哎呀没事,不用戴安全帽。哎呦这随便搞搞不要紧的,你怕什么…… Caburi is so the mentality, was witnessed by 500 people, that flying saucer is examining the trace on this lands as before calm. 卡布里就是如此心态,被五百人目击,那飞碟依旧淡定地检测着这片土地上的痕迹。 Creaks......” Yu Moshuo and Gufeng drives a car(riage) to come here quickly, he arrives at side Huang Ji directly, said anxiously: What situation? Also can do?” “嘎吱……”余沫朔和古峰开着一辆车很快来到这里,他直接来到黄极身边,紧张道:“什么情况?又要干嘛了?” Huang Ji comforting said: Calm, space alien is comes to see, will not harm anybody.” 黄极安抚道:“淡定,外星人就是来看看的,不会伤害任何人。” Yu Moshuo relenting gas channel/angrily said: But this sound was also too big, the airport suspended service! So many people witness and photograph......” 余沫朔松了口气道:“可是这动静也太大了,机场都停航了!还有这么多人目击和拍照……” Huang Ji said: „Should you know processing? Wants me to ask the Illuminati person to come the help?” 黄极说道:“你应该知道处理吧?要不要我叫光明会的人过来帮忙?” Yu Moshuo curls the lip, said: That does not use......, I am feared that this flying saucer harms us, you determined that can't have the matter?” 余沫朔撇撇嘴,说道:“那倒不用……唉,我就是怕这飞碟伤害我们,你确定不会有事吧?” The Huang Ji nod said: „The Illuminati station had first been visited, has not only been injured including the ant.” 黄极点头道:“光明会驻地已经先一步被光临过了,连只蚂蚁都没受伤。” Yu Moshuo coldly is staring at the space unscrupulously flying saucer, clenches teeth saying: really rampant, this is the scarlet fruits disregards us, this space alien is eats to decide us to subside this matter, therefore dares to throw down the mess.” 余沫朔冷冷盯着天上肆无忌惮地飞碟,咬牙道:“真特么嚣张,这是赤果果地无视我们,这外星人是吃定我们能平息此事,所以才敢丢下烂摊子的。” Lin Li said curiously: Such big sound, can wash? How do you do?” 林立好奇道:“这么大的动静,也能洗吗?你怎么做?” Yu Moshuo sighed: Said is an airplane, then captures and deletes all real pictures and video recording.” 余沫朔叹气道:“就说是飞机,然后把所有真实照片和录像收缴、删除。” Eyewitness what to do? They online will certainly say.” Lin Li asked. “那目击者怎么办?他们一定会在网上说的。”林立问道。 Yu Moshuo said: Made them say, I will even also provide the picture for them.” 余沫朔说道:“让他们说,我甚至还会为他们提供照片。” „?” Lin Li is stunned. “啊?”林立愕然。 Nearby Gufeng said: With the time-delay photography photography airplane, can spaceship that probably the airplane pats. We delete the real picture, makes a lot of false pictures, others on Internet discussed this matter, the forge UFO picture sends.” 一旁的古峰说道:“用延时摄影拍摄飞机,可以把飞机拍的好像飞船。我们删除真照片,制造大量的假照片,别人在网络上谈论此事时,就把伪造的UFO照片发出去。” At this time the heat degree will surge upward some time, but doesn't matter, makes one spike a rumour, pointed out directly false picture flaw, exposing it is delays the photography to create.” “这时候热度会高涨一段时间,但没关系,紧接着让人辟谣,直接指出假照片的破绽,揭露它是延迟摄影造成的。” Simultaneously the official issue official news , to continue to spike a rumour again.” “同时官方发布正式消息,再继续辟谣。” Finally, this matter forbade any regular media hype then.” “最后,此事禁止任何正规媒体炒作便是了。” The Lin Li hear stares dumbfounded, oneself make the false picture, then spikes a rumour oneself. 500 eyewitness cannot raise the storm with own eyes, the time levels all finally. 林立听完瞠目结舌,自己制造假的照片,然后再辟谣自己。五百个亲眼目击者掀不起风浪,时间最终抹平一切。 He sighs with emotion: If not for following big brother, I really do not know that anything is real, anything is false.” 他感慨道:“若不是跟着大哥,我真不知道什么是真的,什么是假的了。” Huang Ji said with a smile: Some strange events always some television stations regard the material to make the program repeatedly, some except for the Internet users, not mentioned again......” 黄极笑道:“有些离奇事件总有些电视台当成素材反复做成节目,有些则除了网民,再无提及……” Gufeng patted the shoulder of Lin Li saying: Hey, every has following is false, again not following...... do you guess?” 古峰拍了拍林立的肩膀道:“嘿,凡有后续的都是假的,再无后续的……你猜?” ...... ……
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