TGR :: Volume #8

#1401: Mo He is quiet

Younger generation Mu Chen, has seen senior.” “晚辈牧尘,见过前辈。” Faces that kind item of friendly goal old person, Mu Chen is actually not daring at present to have slight neglecting, holds the fist in the other hand to salute, the look is serious, can trains Flame Emperor this and other peerless characters, actually thus it can be seen at present old person is the what kind uncommonness. 面对着眼前那慈目善目的老人,牧尘却是不敢有丝毫的怠慢,抱拳行礼,神色郑重,能够培养出炎帝这等绝世人物,由此可见眼前老人究竟是何等的不凡。 He he, old man Yao Chen, mentioned with the little friend is also predestined friends, in the name all has a dust character.” “呵呵,老夫药尘,说来与小友也是有缘,姓名中皆是有着一个尘字。” Front white hair old person looks at the Mu Chen respectful manner so, is temperate smiles, then sizes up up and down, says with a smile: So Heavenly Sovereign of age, when was the youngest people of old man these year of meeting, no wonder Xiao Yan often said that your non- average man.” 面前的白发老人瞧得牧尘这般恭敬态度,则是温和一笑,然后上下打量,笑道:“如此年龄的天至尊,当算是老夫这些年遇见的最年轻之人了,难怪萧炎常说,你非常人。” Actually Flame Emperor senior Liao Zan.” Mu Chen shows a faint smile, the look is humble, the frivolous arrogance of many young not having been successful. “倒是炎帝前辈廖赞了。”牧尘微微一笑,神色谦逊,并没有多少年少得志的轻狂傲气。 He looked at front Yao Chen one, although this old person seems old, however Mu Chen is actually the can faint feeling a vague constriction, obviously, this old person, must be genuine Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign at present. 他看了面前的药尘一眼,虽然这位老人看上去苍老之极,然而牧尘却是能够隐隐的感觉到一丝若有若无的压迫感,显然,眼前这位老人,应当是一位货真价实仙品天至尊 This compared with this Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, obviously also wants on high to plan. 这比起他这灵品天至尊,显然还要高上一筹。 However Mu Chen but is actually not accidental, can becomes the Flame Emperor teacher, in addition Endless Fire Territory that and other support of super influence, this old person can is having Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign strength, is normal. 不过对此牧尘倒并不意外,能够成为炎帝的老师,再加上无尽火域那等超级势力的支撑,这位老人能够拥有着仙品天至尊实力,也是正常。 Therefore, compared with strength of this Yao Chen senior, Mu Chen is more curious nearby Xiao Xiao, because his can realizes that Xiao Xiao within the body is sending unexpectedly also out the tyrannical incomparable fluctuation, that is not even weak in him. 所以,与这位药尘前辈的实力相比,牧尘还是更好奇一旁的萧潇,因为他能够察觉到,萧潇的体内竟然也是散发着强横无匹的波动,那甚至并不弱于他。 „Did you also step into Heavenly Sovereign?” Mu Chen is staring at Xiao Xiao, the somewhat astonished [say / way]. “你也踏入天至尊了?”牧尘盯着萧潇,有些惊异的道。 When previous meet, Xiao Xiao although compared with on his one, but also has the extremely remote distance with Heavenly Sovereign obviously, but Mu Chen can completes this to surmount, indeed does not know that experienced many huge chance, but Xiao Xiao is also can along with it catching up, this indeed is makes him feel quite the accident. 在上一次相遇的时候,萧潇虽然比他强上一线,但与天至尊之间显然还有着极为遥远的距离,而牧尘能够完成这等跨越,真是不知道经历了多少天大机缘,可萧潇也是能够随之赶上,这的确是让得他颇感意外。 What's wrong? Only permits among the world on your talent?” Xiao Xiao hearing this, is beautiful eyes stares, light snort said. “怎么?只许天下间就你一个天才?”萧潇闻言,则是美目微瞪,轻哼道。 Mu Chen smiles awkwardly, actually nearby Yao Chen [say / way] with a laugh: Must discuss the cultivation time, Xiao Xiao is your ten several folds, but she because of the physique reason, will fall into the deep sleep in the past once in a while, each time after the deep sleep, strength will rise, some time past when her deep sleep one year, regained consciousness, has stepped into Heavenly Sovereign.” 牧尘尴尬一笑,倒是一旁的药尘笑呵呵的道:“真要论起修炼时间,萧潇可是你的十数倍,不过她因为体质原因,以往每隔一段时间就会陷入沉睡,每次沉睡后实力就会上涨,前些时候她沉睡了一年,苏醒来时,就已踏入天至尊了。” Mu Chen hears to exclaim, look strange is looking at Xiao Xiao, has not thought in this world also to have this good deed, sleeps to break through Heavenly Sovereign on can, this may the indeed hear not listen. 牧尘听得惊叹不已,眼神古怪的望着萧潇,没想到这世界上还有这种好事,睡一觉起来就能够突破到天至尊,这可真是听都没听过。 Compared with this breakthrough way, his type after the life and death just now the way of dangerous breakthrough, thinks that is makes people think to feel sad. 与她这种突破方式相比,他那种历经生死方才险险突破的方式,想想都是让人觉得心酸。 You look at anything to look!” Looks at Mu Chen that strange vision, even if elegantly beautiful of Xiao Xiao, is charming face slightly red, somewhat shames the angry [say / way]. “你看什么看!”瞧得牧尘那古怪目光,即便是萧潇的冷艳,都是俏脸微红,有些羞恼的道。 Mu Chen hollow laugh two, hurry to take back the vision, then also introduced behind Ling Xi and dragon shape(Long Xiang). 牧尘干笑两声,赶紧收回目光,然后将身后灵溪龙象也是介绍了一下。 When their both sides atmosphere is genial, in the square many super influences are vision somewhat unusual is staring at Mu Chen and the others, obviously was guessing that latter's status, can lets the person who Endless Fire Territory so treats after all, wants to come should not to be considered as that the ordinary character? 而在他们双方气氛和煦时,广场上不少超级势力都是眼光有些奇特的盯着牧尘等人,显然是在猜测后者的身份,毕竟能够让得无尽火域如此对待的人,想来应该不算是普通人物吧? ! 唰! However, in numerous influences were guessing when Mu Chen and the others status, the sky of distant place, has sounds to get up suddenly once again from out of the blue, sees only ten to count light image, drops from the clouds, fell on square center directly. 不过,就在众多势力猜测着牧尘等人的身份时,远处的天空,忽然再度有着一道道破空声响起,只见得十数道光影,从天而降,直接落在了广场中央 That ten several person's shadow appearances, have a power and influence to fill the air immediately, makes square that originally clamored, silent has flickered. 那十数道人影一出现,顿时有着一股威势弥漫开来,令得原本喧哗的广场,都是为之寂静了一瞬。 Numerous vision, project to go in this time. 众多的目光,都是在此时投射而去。 Roughly sees only that newcomer ten several people, is the person of head, is a stature is tall and straight, the imposing manner such as the like a dragon man, he wears the black and white interaction the long gown, the bearing is honored, especially a pair of eye pupil, unexpectedly is also black white, extreme mystical. 只见得那来者约莫十数人,为首之人,是一位身材挺拔,气势如龙般男子,他身着黑白相间的长袍,气度尊贵,特别是一对眼瞳,竟然也是一黑一白,极为的神异 When in the square numerous lines of sight look at this line of that unique black and white long gowns, immediately has the surprised sound, resounding quietly: Originally is the Ancient Maha Clan person, the imposing manner so is no wonder broad.” 而当广场上众多视线瞧得这一行人那独特的黑白长袍时,顿时有着惊讶之声,悄然的响起:“原来是摩诃古族的人,难怪气势如此恢弘。” Ancient Maha Clan, with is one of the Great Thousand World five big Ancient Clan. 摩诃古族,同为大千世界五大古族之一。 Is facing in the square the vision of numerous awe, the man of that black and white double pupil has not had slight paying attention, like that the appearance, just likes journey king same. 面对着广场上众多敬畏的目光,那黑白双瞳的男子并未有丝毫的理会,那般模样,就犹如出行的帝王一般 But these Ancient Buddha Clan receiving a guest deacons see that is also moving forward to meet somebody of hurries, waves, then sees only the sky of distant place has specification highest luxurious spirit boat to descend. 而那些浮屠古族的迎客执事见状,也是赶紧的迎了上去,挥手之间,只见得远处的天空便是有着一座规格最高的豪华灵舟降落下来。 Luxurious spirit boat of this rank, only has the most honored guest just now can to enjoy. 这种等级的豪华灵舟,唯有最为尊贵的客人方才能够享受。 Ancient Maha Clan?” 摩诃古族吗?” But this time Mu Chen, is the look strange is staring at this line of imposing manner dreadful people, vision glittering, because he remembers, as if Eternal Immortal Body ends overall, was governed by this Ancient Maha Clan. 而此时的牧尘,也是眼神奇异的盯着这一行气势滔天的人,目光闪烁,因为他可是记得,似乎“万古不朽身”的完整体,便是被这个摩诃古族所掌管。 Now his Immortal Golden Body is cultivates utmost becomes, therefore in the future, he definitely will go to Ancient Maha Clan, making his Immortal Golden Body complete the last step evolution, becomes true Eternal Immortal Body. 如今他的“不朽金身”已是修至大成,所以未来,他必然会前往摩诃古族,让得他的不朽金身完成最后一步的进化,成为真正的“万古不朽身”。 Um?” “嗯?” But in the Mu Chen heart flashes through these ideas, his heart suddenly moves, is feels in the body unexpectedly, hidden has violet gold light beam to surge, that cultivation Immortal Golden Body, has to concentrate but unexpectedly presently sign. 而就在牧尘心中闪过这些想法时,他心头忽然一动,竟是感觉到身体之中,隐有紫金光芒涌动,那所修炼不朽金身,居然有着要凝现而出的迹象。 So the accident, making him one startled, hurries to suppress it, then his look was somewhat serious looking of gradually has the man of black and white double pupil to that. 如此变故,让得他一惊,赶忙将其压制下来,然后他的神色便是渐渐的有些凝重的望向了那有着黑白双瞳的男子。 Because he realizes that the change of Immortal Golden Body, came from this person. 因为他察觉到,不朽金身的异动,来自于此人。 But is also at the same time, that face indifferently, only to the black and white double pupil man who the front is going, as if also has the matter to realize that footsteps, that black and white both eyes, then suddenly go to the direction that Mu Chen was at suddenly. 而也是在同一时间,那面庞漠然,只是对着前方而去的黑白双瞳男子,仿佛也是有事察觉,脚步忽然一顿,那黑白双目,便是陡然投向了牧尘所在的方向。 Their vision to bumping, each other within the body vitality vibrated unexpectedly. 两人的目光对碰,彼此体内气血竟都是震动了一下。 Mu Chen both eyes narrow the eyes, look serious even more gets up, because at this point, him felt a coldly indifferent hostility that a that black and white double pupil man within the body has sent out. 牧尘双目微眯,眼神愈发的凝重起来,因为在此时,他感觉到了一丝那黑白双瞳男子体内散发出来的一丝冷漠敌意。 This fellow has built unexpectedly also Immortal Golden Body!” Mu Chen somewhat vibrates slightly, because among them that change, was coming from their cultivation obviously same Sovereign Body Skill. “这个家伙竟然也修成了不朽金身!”牧尘略微有些震动,因为两人之间那种异动,显然都是源自他们修炼了相同的至尊法身 Ancient Maha Clan is having the Eternal Immortal Body complete cultivation method, in its clan has person of cultivation to leave Immortal Golden Body, is not strange.” Mu Chen vision glittering, in the heart talked to oneself. “不过摩诃古族拥有着万古不朽身的完整修炼法,其族内会有着人修炼不朽金身,也不算奇怪。”牧尘目光闪烁,心中自语。 In the Mu Chen heart talked to oneself, the man of that black and white double pupil is also reflects that immediately looked has then filled cold intention to the Mu Chen vision with the satire of occupying a commanding position: Interesting has not thought will meet a hooligan unexpectedly hereImmortal Golden Body. ” 牧尘心中自语时,那黑白双瞳的男子也是反映过来,当即看向牧尘的目光便是充满了冷意与居高临下的讽刺:“有意思没想到竟然会在这里遇见一个野路子的“不朽金身”。” When antiquity, Ancient Maha Clan from that antiquity first powerhouse, in the hand of Immortal Heavenly Emperor received substitute management Eternal Immortal Body the method of cultivation, but these years later, Ancient Maha Clan is boasts of being Eternal Immortal Body legitimate inheritance, regards these Immortal Golden Body that” becomes from other path cultivation is the hooligan, all sorts of suppressions push aside, for fear that will jump out a passer from these hooligans, builds Eternal Immortal Body, wins it from their Ancient Maha Clan. 上古之时,摩诃古族是从那位上古第一强者,不朽大帝的手中接过了代管“万古不朽身”的修炼之法,而这些年下来,摩诃古族则是自诩为“万古不朽身”的正统传承者,视那些从其他路子修炼成的“不朽金身”为野路子,种种打压排挤,生怕会从这些野路子中窜出一个合格者,将万古不朽身修成,从他们摩诃古族中将其夺走。 Therefore, when this black and white double pupil man discovered when Mu Chen also cultivates Immortal Golden Body, just now has hostility sending out. 所以,当这黑白双瞳男子发现牧尘也修有“不朽金身”时,方才会有着敌意散发而出。 In the black and white double pupil man eyes contain the cold light, is being the plan later told that the human investigates thoroughly the Mu Chen origin, when his vision sweeps to Mu Chen Xiao Xiao and Yao Chen suddenly, the eye pupil is actually fierce concentrates. 黑白双瞳男子眼中蕴含着冷光,已是打算待会就吩咐人将牧尘的来历查清,不过当他的目光忽然扫到牧尘身旁的萧潇药尘时,眼瞳却是猛的一凝。 Unexpectedly is the Endless Fire Territory person?” “竟然是无尽火域的人?” The black and white double pupil man look sank, passed over gently and swiftly wipes the color of wariness, at once vision glittering, wields the sleeve to go. 黑白双瞳男子眼神微沉,掠过一抹忌惮之色,旋即目光闪烁,挥袖而去。 Ancient Maha Clan person, such lets person disgusting.” Xiao Xiao is looking at the back of black and white double pupil man, coldly snorted, said. 摩诃古族的人,还是这么的让人讨厌。”萧潇望着黑白双瞳男子的背影,冷哼一声,说道。 Who is this person?” Mu Chen asked that this person of cultivation Immortal Golden Body, if some day he went to Ancient Maha Clan to compete for Eternal Immortal Body, can perhaps be his archenemy. “此人是谁?”牧尘问道,这人修炼了“不朽金身”,如果有朝一日他前往摩诃古族争夺“万古不朽身”的话,恐怕会是他的大敌。 This personal name is Mo Heyou, is the Ancient Maha Clan Patriarch Mo Hetian brothers.” Nearby Yao Chen start to talk said. “此人名为摩诃幽,乃是摩诃古族族长摩诃天的兄弟。”一旁的药尘开口说道。 Mo Hetian?” Hears this name, the Mu Chen look also concentrates, because this Mo Hetian in Great Thousand World, same is the prestige illustrious. 摩诃天?”听到这个名字,牧尘眼神也是一凝,因为这摩诃天大千世界中,同样是威名赫赫。 This Mo Hetian is an ambition enormous person, in the past also wants to annex establishes soon Endless Fire Territory, finally my father gets rid, with its war, defeats it, this makes Ancient Maha Clan from now not dare to contaminate my Endless Fire Territory.” Xiao Xiao said. “这摩诃天可是一个野心极大之人,当年还想吞并创立不久的无尽火域,最终我爹出手,与其大战,将其击败,这才让得摩诃古族从此以后不敢沾染我无尽火域。”萧潇说道。 Mu Chen slightly nod, this matter he has heard, but since then, Endless Fire Territory just now advances into enters the Great Thousand World topest super influence ranks, no one dares to provoke. 牧尘微微点头,这事他听说过,而正是自此之后,无尽火域方才跻身进入大千世界最顶尖的超级势力行列,无人敢于招惹。 Celestial Emperor once said with me that must treat had enough strength and background, can go to that Ancient Maha Clan to compete forEternal Immortal Body, now looks like, is really not false, if no enough strength, even if Iam predestined friends with Eternal Immortal Body really „, perhaps absolutely impossible to obtain it from the Ancient Maha Clan hand.” In the Mu Chen heart talked to oneself that originally he also has an expectation, but sees this Mo Heyou today, knew, wants to obtain Eternal Immortal Body, perhaps only depended on the peace technique is the impossible matter. 天帝曾经与我说,必须待得有了足够的实力与背景,才能去那摩诃古族争夺“万古不朽身”,如今看来,果然不假,若是没有足够实力,就算我真与“万古不朽身”有缘,恐怕都绝对不可能从摩诃古族手中将其获得。”牧尘心中自语,原本他对此还有着一点期望,不过今日一见这摩诃幽,就已经知晓,想要获得万古不朽身,恐怕光靠和平手法是不可能的事了。 We also prepare to enter that buddhist monk.” Xiao Xiao looked in this square the increasing number of people, no matter these project the vision that comes, making her somewhat unhappy, immediately said. “我们也准备进那浮屠界吧。”萧潇看了一眼这广场上越来越多的人,那些不管投射而来的目光,让得她有些不喜,当即说道。 Mu Chen nods, does not have opinion. 牧尘点点头,也是没有意见。 However when they are going to leave, Mu Chen looks at a number of light once again to drop from the clouds suddenly, immediately cannot bear smiles, said: For the time being waits, came an acquaintance.” 不过就在他们将要动身时,牧尘忽然瞧得一批光影再度从天而降,当即忍不住的一笑,道:“暂且等等,又来了一个熟人。” But in the Mu Chen sound falls, then saw only that batch of light directly to fall on their side, light beam fell, slender white delicate arms have extended, embracing gratefully the shoulder of Mu Chen, simultaneously has the girl nimble and resourceful delightful tender laughter to transmit. 而就在牧尘声音落下时,只见得那一批光影便是直接落在了他们的身旁,光芒落下,一条纤细玉臂就伸了出来,毫不客气的揽住了牧尘的肩膀,同时有着女孩灵动悦耳的娇笑声传来。 Hee hee, Mu Chen, does not see for a long time, thought me?” “嘻嘻,牧尘,好久不见,想我了没?” Hears this clear laughter, Mu Chen also smiles, this sound, besides Lin Jing, but who can also have? 听到这清脆笑声,牧尘也是莞尔一笑,这道声音,除了林静之外,还能有何人?
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