TGR :: Volume #14

#1400: Powerful return

Chapter 1390 第1390章 Bang! 轰! Above the sky, that towering palace explodes to break to pieces in this time, a fearful incomparable strength encirclement in its periphery, grinds this palace just likes dust same. 天空之上,那座巍峨的宫殿在此时爆碎开来,一股可怕无比的力量环绕在其周围,将这座宫殿碾碎得犹如尘埃一般 This, comes too quickly, when therefore the palace disrupts, in entire world, no matter Mu Palace innumerable powerhouses, these from project the line of sight of coming in all directions, coagulated in this time... 这一幕,来得太快,因此当宫殿碎裂开来的时候,整个天地间,不管是牧府无数强者,还是那些从四面八方投射而来的视线,都是在此时凝固了下来... No one has thought getting rid of Mu Chen such gratefully, does not give that Old Ancestor Xuan Tian slight face countenance completely, but words then, will enrage the latter inevitably. 谁都没想到牧尘的出手会如此的毫不客气,完全不给那位玄天老祖丝毫的颜面,而如此一来的话,势必会将后者激怒。 But has provoked Heavenly Sovereign, perhaps that today matter, did not have is so easy to be good to end! 而惹恼了一位天至尊,那今日的事情,恐怕就没那么容易好收场了! Before the Mu Palace main hall, numerous Mu Palace powerhouses are the facial features are panic-stricken, at once complains of hardship secretly, oneself Palace Master was extremely as if rash, so enrages Heavenly Sovereign, may not can be regarded reason. 牧府大殿之前,众多牧府强者都是面容惊骇,旋即暗暗叫苦,自家府主似乎是太过的莽撞了,如此激怒一位天至尊,可算不得理智。 In that remote place, Purple Cloud, Golden Eagle Emperor and the others are also gazing at this, but they are actually look to ridicule the smiling face, this Mu Chen, appeared finally, moreover comes out, cannot bear the air/Qi has destroyed the Old Ancestor Xuan Tian temporary palace... 在那遥远处,紫云尊者,金雕皇等人也是注视着这一幕,但他们却是面露讥讽笑容,这个牧尘,总算是出现了,而且一出来,就忍不住气的打碎了玄天老祖的行宫... Then, that Old Ancestor Xuan Tian today, let go, this Mu Palace will not perish inevitably, was today. 如此一来,那玄天老祖今日,必然不会善罢甘休,这牧府灭亡,就是今日了。 Within regretted on that day innumerably, in vision that the ridicule, sighs with sadness, above the upper air, in that shattered palaces, starts to have radiant Spiritual Light to condense to come together, finally changed into a person's shadow gradually. 在那天地间无数惋惜,讥讽,悲叹的目光中,高空之上,那破碎的宫殿之间,开始有着一道璀璨灵光凝聚而来,最后渐渐的化为了一道人影。 That person's shadow, wears profound robe, above inscribes the heavenly bodies, his hair is pale, but that face is just likes the baby is fair, both eyes are profound, the frown like the sword, sends out the swift and fierce feeling, the vision is taking a fast look around, including void shakes in its present. 那道人影,身披玄袍,其上似是铭刻着日月星辰,他头发苍白,但那面孔却是犹如婴儿般白皙,双目深邃,双眉如剑,散发着凌厉之感,目光扫视开来,连虚空都是在其眼下震荡。 Obviously, this, is Old Ancestor Xuan Tian! 显然,这一位,便是玄天老祖 This time Old Ancestor Xuan Tian, on fair face slightly reveals gloomy, whole body Spiritual Light surges, just likes changes into myriad stars in its behind, the momentum is scary. 此时的玄天老祖,白皙的脸庞上略显阴沉,周身灵光涌动,犹如是在其身后化为万千星辰,声势骇人。 He looked at a palace of behind that disruption, then that ice-cold vision was to then just like locking of falcon same on the body of Mu Chen, cold voice said: Young people indeed big anger, but your today has destroyed Old Ancestor my temporary palace, perhaps that must compensate with your entire Mu Palace!” 他看了一眼身后那碎裂的宫殿,然后那冰冷的目光便是犹如鹰隼一般的锁定在了牧尘的身上,冷声道:“年轻人真是好大的火气,不过你今日毁了老祖我的一座行宫,那恐怕就得用你整个牧府来赔偿了!” In the midair in Old Ancestor Xuan Tian distant place, Mu Chen flies high to stand, he stares at that Old Ancestor Xuan Tian, sneered was saying: Taking advantage of own seniority thing.” 玄天老祖远处的半空中,牧尘凌空而立,他盯着那玄天老祖,冷笑道:“倚老卖老的东西。” Dissolute!” “放肆!” Old Ancestor Xuan Tian look one cold, thinks that his solemn Heavenly Sovereign, where arrives at not to awe one piece, at present this Mu Chen, not only dares to destroy his temporary palace, but also dares so to disrespect, when indeed courts death. 玄天老祖眼神一寒,想他堂堂天至尊,走到哪里不是敬畏一片,眼前这牧尘,不仅敢打碎他的行宫,还敢如此不敬,当真是找死。 Bang! 轰! millions and millions said Spiritual Light, erupted suddenly from Old Ancestor Xuan Tian within the body, its behind space, changed into several thousand li (0.5km) huge starry sky, in the starry sky, innumerable stars glittering, the boundless endless pressure swept away the world. 亿万灵光,陡然自玄天老祖体内爆发开来,其身后空间,化为数万里庞大的星空,星空之中,无数星辰闪烁,无边无尽的威压横扫天地。 Rumbling! 轰轰! Under this grade of pressure, even continually this side world in shivering, below earth, is unceasing appearance cracking, but these are in the Mu Palace powerhouse under pressure, so long as is under Earthly Sovereign, almost lay to instantaneously on the ground. 在这等威压之下,甚至连这方天地都是在颤抖着,下方的大地,更是不断的出现龟裂,而那些处于威压之下的牧府强者,只要是地至尊之下,几乎是瞬间就趴到在了地上。 But the powerhouses above these Earthly Sovereign, is the knee exudes the sound of creaking, the entire body gradually bends down in kneeling. 而那些地至尊之上的强者,也是膝盖发出嘎吱之声,整个身体都是在渐渐的跪伏下去。 Releases of Heavenly Sovereign four non- wariness the pressure, that is not Earthly Sovereign able to bear. 位天至尊肆无忌惮的释放出威压,那可绝不是地至尊能够承受的。 In my Mu Palace, but also is not one's turn your this old thing to act unruly!” “在我牧府,还轮不到你这老东西撒野!” Mu Chen ice-cold makes noise, at once he one step treads, same has vast Spiritual Light to erupt, making this time him just like is a round hot sun, raised slowly. 牧尘冰冷出声,旋即他一步踏出,同样是有着浩瀚灵光爆发开来,令得此时的他犹如是一轮烈日,冉冉升起。 A same powerful pressure, just likes in this time Tsunami same condenses, finally shoots up to the sky, unexpectedly directly is forcibly shakes that Old Ancestor Xuan Tian Spiritual Energy pressure disperses to go. 一股同样强悍的威压,在此时犹如海啸一般凝聚而起,最后冲天而起,竟直接是硬生生的将那玄天老祖灵力威压震散而去。 Whish! 哗! In that flickers, the entire world that the Old Ancestor Xuan Tian pressure diverges seemed silent has flickered, no matter Mu Palace other powerhouse great people, with amazement changed colors in this time. 玄天老祖威压散去的那一瞬,整个天地仿佛都是寂静了一瞬,不管是牧府的强者还是其他各方的大人物,都是在此时骇然失色。 Their look panic-stricken is looking in sky that [say / way] young silhouette, their able clear induction, above that person's shadow, is sending out the Spiritual Energy fluctuation of what kind terrifying at this time. 他们眼神惊恐的望着天空上那道年轻的身影,他们能够清楚的感应到,此时那道人影之上,正在散发着何等恐怖灵力波动。 That fluctuation, has surmounted the Earthly Sovereign level impressively! 那种波动,赫然已经超越了地至尊的层次! That is Heavenly Sovereign! 那是天至尊 Datura and Ling Xi also in this time dumbfounded is looking at Mu Chen silhouette, after the moment, just now look at each other in shock, has held breath an cold air/Qi, the [say / way] of unable believing: This... Is this fluctuation of Heavenly Sovereign?!” 曼陀罗灵溪也是在此时目瞪口呆的望着牧尘身影,片刻后方才面面相觑,倒吸了一口冷气,无法置信的道:“这...这是天至尊的波动?!” Palace Master did he break through to Heavenly Sovereign?!” 府主他突破到天至尊了?!” Nearby that Liu Tiandao and other numerous Mu Palace high levels, are the look delay, just likes is struck by lightning same, for a very long time cannot get back one's composure. 在那一旁,柳天道等众多牧府的高层,更是神色呆滞,犹如被雷劈一般,久久都回不过神来。 although regarding own Palace Master talent, they had asked for advice clearly, but they never have actually thought that Mu Chen leaves Mu Palace short one year, suddenly really had found Heavenly Sovereign's Path! 虽然对于自家府主的天赋,他们都已经清楚的领教过了,但他们却从未想到过,牧尘离开牧府才短短一年的时间,竟然就真的找到了天至尊之路 That is Heavenly Sovereign! 那可是天至尊啊! In Great Thousand World existence of most peak, the innumerable natural talent outstanding talents, in that Great Perfection to dying are the level that unable steps into... 大千世界中最为巅峰的存在,无数天资卓绝的天才,在那大圆满到死都是无法踏入的层次... How possible?!” “怎么可能?!” In that remote place, Purple Cloud and the others are also the look panic-stricken desire certainly is looking at that [say / way] young silhouette, as once with the person who Mu Chen has fought, their shock, is intense. 在那遥远处,紫云尊者等人也是眼神惊恐欲绝的望着那道年轻身影,作为曾经与牧尘交过手的人,他们的那种震骇,最是强烈。 Must know, one year ago, Mu Chen only Great Perfection, however now, directly has actually stepped into Heavenly Sovereign Stage! 要知道,一年之前,牧尘只是大圆满而已,然而如今,却是直接踏入了天至尊境 Their although was known as that is away from Heavenly Sovereign merely half remote, but must know, their these half step, but how many years haven't trod slowly?! 他们虽然号称距离天至尊仅仅半步之遥,可要知道,他们这半步,可已经迟迟多少年没有踏出了?! However now, that once also fell behind their people, actually first they one step steps into Heavenly Sovereign, this to the impact that they have, simply is beyond comparison. 然而如今,那个曾经还落后他们的人,却是先他们一步踏入天至尊,这对他们造成的冲击,简直就是无以伦比。 This Mu Chen, simply is a monster!” “这个牧尘,简直是个怪物!” They shock mutter, at once in heart flood meaning of the fear, because they know that from now on the future, Northern Realm will not have them to be possible again the to get a share of the action place, even not only Northern Realm, after having Heavenly Sovereign, Mu Palace may is spreading to entire Heavenly Luo Continent on the antenna completely. 他们震撼喃喃,旋即心中泛起一股恐惧之意,因为他们知道,从今往后,北界将再没有他们可染指的地方了,甚至不仅北界,当拥有了一位天至尊后,牧府完全可以将触角对着整个天罗大陆上蔓延。 Naturally, is not only they are shocking, at this time on that Heavenly Luo Continent all focuses in all kinds of ways the line of sight in the Mu Palace above influence leader, is the shock results in the complete silence. 当然,不仅仅是他们在震撼,此时那天罗大陆上所有将视线以各种各样的方式聚焦在牧府上空的势力首领,都是震惊得鸦雀无声。 Obviously, Mu Chen breaks through to Heavenly Sovereign this information, making entire Heavenly Luo Continent lose one's voice. 显然,牧尘突破到天至尊这个消息,让得整个天罗大陆为之失声。 But regarding that innumerable shock, Mu Chen many paying attention, his only has not gained ground, unemotionally looks at that look is being gradually is also ugly Old Ancestor Xuan Tian that. 而对于那无数的震撼,牧尘并没有过多的理会,他只是抬起头,面无表情的望着那神色也是渐渐难看下来的玄天老祖 Damn, will this boy, how break through to Heavenly Sovereign?!” “该死的,这个小子,怎么会突破到天至尊了?!” Old Ancestor Xuan Tian complexion fluctuates, in the eye same has wipes the meaning of shock, information that because obtains according to him, Mu Chen just only Earthly Sovereign Great Perfection, the information that but present Mu Chen, obtains with him obviously is completely different. 玄天老祖面色变幻,眼中同样是有着一抹震惊之意,因为按照他所得到的情报,牧尘只不过只是地至尊大圆满而已,但眼前的牧尘,显然跟他得到的情报完全不一样。 What's wrong? Didn't your excellency act unruly to scatter before very imposing in my Mu Palace?” Mu Chen looks at that complexion to fluctuate uncertain Old Ancestor Xuan Tian, the look micro cold, ridiculed the sound to say. “怎么?阁下之前不是在我牧府撒野撒得很威风吗?”牧尘望着那脸色变幻不定的玄天老祖,眼神微寒,讥声说道。 Old Ancestor Xuan Tian hearing this, complexion also sinks, coldly snorted said: Boy should not be favorite, you just stepped into Heavenly Sovereign, must fight, Old Ancestor can also tidy up you.” 玄天老祖闻言,面色也是一沉,冷哼道:“小子不要得意,你不过才刚刚踏入天至尊而已,真要斗起来,老祖也能收拾了你。” He is also Heavenly Sovereign, now this all parties are staring here, whatever if Mu Chen sweeps his face countenance, to his reputation not small attack. 他好歹也是天至尊,如今这各方都是盯着这里,如果任由牧尘扫他颜面的话,对他的名声可是不小的打击。 Mu Chen lightly smiles, the eyelid lifts, said: Actually who asked you to ask me to trouble?” 牧尘淡淡一笑,眼皮一抬,道:“究竟谁叫你来找我麻烦的?” The although this Old Ancestor Xuan Tian action, very likely is Purple Cloud Sect behind them the super influence behavior, but stems from the intuition, Mu Chen thought that has other reasons. 虽然玄天老祖的举动,很像是紫云宗他们背后的超级势力所为,但出于直觉,牧尘却觉得另有其他的原因。 Old Ancestor Xuan Tian hearing this, sneered said: You offended anyone, aren't clear?” 玄天老祖闻言,冷笑道:“你得罪了谁,难道自己还不清楚吗?” Mu Chen both eyes narrow the eyes, person although that he offends are many, but moves Heavenly Sovereign to get rid to cope invited specially his, obviously has one... That is Ancient Buddha Clan. 牧尘双目微眯,他得罪的人虽然不少,但有请动一位天至尊专门出手对付他的,显然只有一个...那就是浮屠古族 information that must come from Qing Shuang there, although Ancient Buddha Clan has not dared to get rid to him now easily, but the people in clan cannot have, is actually may looks for other Heavenly Sovereign help. 清霜那里得来的消息,虽然如今浮屠古族已经不敢轻易对他出手,但族内的人不能有,却是可以找其他的天至尊帮忙。 By Ancient Buddha Clan these Elder Human Pulse(contacts), wanting please Heavenly Sovereign to get rid, obviously should not be too easy. 浮屠古族那些长老人脉,想要请一个天至尊出手,显然是不要太容易。 In the Mu Chen eye passed over gently and swiftly wipes chill in the air, at once restrains, indifferent [say / way]: No matter you were held by, since your ghost fan the capacity for clear thinking, that naturally should also pay the price.” 牧尘眼中掠过一抹寒意,旋即收敛下来,漠然的道:“不管你受何人所托,既然你鬼迷了心窍,那自然也该付出代价。” to boast shamelessly!” The Old Ancestor Xuan Tian anger said with a smile, when he became famous in Great Thousand World, Mu Chen has not known where was, at present dares so to speak with him unexpectedly. 大言不惭!”玄天老祖怒笑道,他成名于大千世界时,牧尘还不知道在哪呢,眼下竟然敢如此与他说话。 Mu Chen did not have to speak the idle talk with him again, that originally from millions and millions that his within the body violently shoots came out said that Spiritual Light started the adduction suddenly, finally all restraining in his body. 牧尘却是没有再与他多说废话,那原本自他体内暴射出来的亿万灵光忽然开始内收,最后尽数的收敛进了他的身体之中。 But enters the body along with vast Spiritual Energy, sees only the Mu Chen that originally flesh and blood, gradually just liked radiant crystalline the body of Spiritual Energy in this time change. 而随着浩瀚灵力入体,只见得牧尘原本的血肉之躯,也是在此时渐渐的变化成了犹如璀璨水晶般灵力之体。 At this moment, as if the Mu Chen flesh and blood transforms pure Spiritual Energy, sent out terrifying power that unable was describing. 此时此刻,仿佛牧尘的血肉都是转化成了纯粹的灵力,举手投足间,都是散发着无法形容的恐怖威能 Heavenly Sovereign spirit body?” 天尊灵体?” That Old Ancestor Xuan Tian sees that the look sinks, Mu Chen able achieves this step, that explained that he has stepped into Heavenly Sovereign Stage. 玄天老祖见状,眼神一沉,牧尘能够做到这一步,那就说明他真的是踏入了天至尊境 This boy steps into shortly after Heavenly Sovereign obviously, still will not have hidden in Spiritual Pulse of body most deep place builds up.” Old Ancestor Xuan Tian vision glittering, as established Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, his eyes saw Mu Chen this spirit body the points of some disappointment. “不过这小子显然是才踏入天至尊不久,尚还未曾将隐藏在身体最深处的灵脉炼化。”玄天老祖目光闪烁,作为老牌的灵品天至尊,他一眼就看出了牧尘这具灵体的一些缺憾之点。 „The matter of today, did not have the means to be friendly evidently, such being the case, that first has done with this boy, when the time comes its uniform, looked at that he was rampant?” 今日之事,看样子是没办法善了,既然如此,那就先与这小子做过一场,到时候将其制服,看他还敢嚣张?” In the Old Ancestor Xuan Tian heart coldly snorted, below has decided the attention, according to his estimate, this Mu Chen steps into Heavenly Sovereign after all, obviously to its strength also by no means complete control, must therefore win him to not be difficult. 玄天老祖心中冷哼一声,下定了注意,按照他的估计,这牧尘毕竟才踏入天至尊,显然对其力量还并非完全的掌控,所以要胜他应当不难。 In the heart had the resolution, the Old Ancestor Xuan Tian look is also becomes stern gets up, he is staring at Mu Chen, flicks the sleeve sneered saying: Since your this boy does not know the immensity of heaven and earth, that Old Ancestor today I then quite make you know, even if has stepped into Heavenly Sovereign, this in society makes your person, is as before innumerable, but also is not one's turn you to come insolent!” 心中有了决议,玄天老祖眼神也是变得冷厉起来,他盯着牧尘,拂袖冷笑道:“既然你这小子不知天高地厚,那老祖今日我便好让你知晓,就算踏入了天至尊,这世间制你之人,依旧数不胜数,还轮不到你来张狂!” Bang! 轰! When its sound falls, sees only his body to shake, the flesh and blood is also starts to erupt millions and millions Spiritual Light, in its behind, the innumerable [say / way] stars injection body, made his body, finally changed into a whole body to inscribe sidereal revolution stars radiant spirit body. 当其声音落下的时候,只见得他身躯一震,血肉之躯也是开始爆发出亿万灵光,在其身后,无数道星辰射入身体,令得他的身躯,最后化为了一道周身铭刻着周天星辰的璀璨灵体 The vast boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuation, sweeps across from its within the body, just liked has started the Spiritual Energy storm in the world. 浩瀚无边的灵力波动,自其体内席卷而出,犹如是在天地间掀起了灵力风暴。 Above the upper air, two Spiritual Energy body fly high to stand, the vision connection, the cold brightness surges, the temperature between world suddenly reduces in this time. 高空之上,两尊灵力身躯凌空而立,眼光交汇,寒光涌动,天地间的温度都是在此时陡然降低。 Rustling! 唰! Next flash, two spirit body, then under the gaze of that countless people gaze, violently shoots. 下一瞬间,两道灵体,便是在那无数道目光的注视下,暴射而出。 ... ... ...( To be continued.) ...(未完待续。)
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