TGR :: Volume #14

#1399: Xuan Tian Old Ancestor

Chapter 1389 第1389章 Heavenly Luo Continent. 天罗大陆 Northern Realm. 北界 Since one year ago after the Mu Chen powerful defeats Northern Realm Three Great established Overlord, Mu Palace then caught up, has substituted for the Three Great Overlord position, became in this Northern Realm the strongest influence. 自从一年之前牧尘强势击败北界三大老牌霸主之后,牧府便是后来居上,取代了三大霸主的位置,成为了这北界之中最强的势力。 But draws support this, in this year, Mu Palace is prosperous, relies on is occupying 50% Northern Realm huge resources, overall strength starts to increase successively, the reputation even more is not only strong in Northern Realm, even on this Heavenly Luo Continent, is quite famous, but reviews other Three Great Overlord, then slightly obviously declines, finally causes more and more powerhouses to hire oneself in the Mu Palace subordinates, the momentum is even more powerful. 而借助于此,这一年中,牧府欣欣向荣,凭借着占据一半的北界庞大资源,整体实力开始节节攀升,名声不仅在北界愈发强势,甚至在这天罗大陆上,都是颇有名气,而反观另外三大霸主,则是略显式微,最后导致越来越多的强者投靠于牧府麾下,声势愈发强盛。 However, is facing the Mu Palace powerful, the Three Great Overlord influence actually remains silent, no matter what everyone knows, this type silent will not continue to be too long, because in the back of this Three Great Overlord influence, but has the super influence to support, they will not be glad to see the influence that inevitably supports laboriously was left Northern Realm by expel. 不过,面对着牧府的强势,三大霸主势力却保持着沉默,但任谁都是知晓,这种沉默不会持续太久,因为在这三大霸主势力的背后,可是有着超级势力撑腰,他们必然不会乐意见到辛苦扶持起来的势力被驱逐北界 This time silence, but only is fermenting a more formidable storm. 此时的沉默,不过只是在酝酿更强大的风暴罢了。 Regarding this point, as Datura that Mu Palace manages affairs naturally also extremely clear, therefore she had not relaxed vigilantly, frequently is staring at the Three Great Overlord influence. 对于这一点,作为牧府掌事的曼陀罗自然也是极为的清楚,所以她一直都未曾放松警惕,时刻盯着三大霸主势力。 She knows that the counter-attack of Three Great Overlord influence, definitely will come. 她知道,三大霸主势力的反击,肯定会来的。 But her anticipation, indeed not wrong, when Mu Chen leaves roughly more than half a year, some on the 1st, a palace, dropping from the clouds slowly, suspension sky over Mu Palace. 而她的意料,也的确没有错,就在牧尘离开约莫大半年的时候,某一日,一座宫殿,徐徐的从天而降,悬浮在了牧府上空。 Arrival of that palace, has directly caused the panic of entire Mu Palace, because of palace inside, has the boundless endless pressure to fill the air together, covers several million li (0.5km) region, the innumerable powerhouses in that and other under the pressure, tremble. 那座宫殿的降临,直接是引起了整个牧府的恐慌,因为宫殿之内,有着一道无边无尽的威压弥漫出来,笼罩数百万里的区域,无数强者在那等威压之下,瑟瑟发抖。 So the power and influence, the master of that pressure, inevitably is genuine Heavenly Sovereign! 如此威势,那道威压的主人,必然是一位货真价实天至尊 This palace suspension above Mu Palace, but has not actually adopted a more further movement, in only that palace has the jade placard together to arrive to Mu Palace under. 这座宫殿悬浮牧府上方,但却并没有采取更进一步的动作,只是那宫殿中有着一道玉帖对着牧府降临而下。 The jade placard falls, is sending out the loud and clear great sound, almost resounds through entire Northern Realm. 玉帖落下,则是散发着洪亮巨音,几乎是响彻整个北界 this king Old Ancestor Xuan Tian, is held now, hasn't Mu Palace's Master, gone forward to pay a visit?!” 本座玄天老祖,今受人所托,牧府之主,还不上前拜见?!” That great sound is careless, occupies a commanding position, during the spoken languages has not placed in Mu Chen the eye obviously, that and other expressions, just like are just like are urging the junior. 那宏大声音漫不经心,居高临下,言语之间显然并未将牧尘放在眼中,那等语气,俨然是犹如在驱使小辈。 Comes the expression of person, without doubt is also makes the Mu Palace high level quite angry, but has no alternative, even if because their Mu Palace strength rises sharply now, seems like the scenery, but in the powerhouse eye of Heavenly Sovereign this rank, as before only range chicken earthenware dog, if he must get rid, entire Mu Palace does not have to prevent. 来人的语气,无疑也是令得牧府高层颇为恼怒,但却是无可奈何,因为即便他们牧府如今实力大涨,看似风光,但在天至尊这种级别的强者眼中,依旧只是土鸡瓦狗,若是他要出手,整个牧府都是无可阻挡。 Is facing oppressions of Heavenly Sovereign four non- wariness sky over Mu Palace, Datura is also the particularly angry, initial time, she received that jade placard, tries to mount that palace with its lord negotiations, who knows before she arrived at that palace, actually cannot go forward one step. 面对着一位天至尊肆无忌惮的压迫在牧府上空,曼陀罗也是分外气恼,初始的时候,她接过那玉帖,试图登上那宫殿与其之主谈判,但谁知道她到了那宫殿之前,却是根本上前不得一步。 Makes your Mu Palace's Master come, you did not have this grade of qualifications to see right in front of one Old Ancestor.” In Datura by the hindrance, that [say / way] careless sound, was spread once again, resounds through the universe. “让你们牧府之主来吧,你还没这等资格面见老祖。”在曼陀罗被阻时,那道漫不经心的声音,再度传出,响彻天宇。 Is facing such shame, Datura is the small face is also pale, but she is actually takes a deep breath, under the suppression the anger in heart, takes out „the Demon Executioner King command that” Mu Chen stays behind, counts on the fingers a ball, shoots in it the palace. 面对着此等羞辱,曼陀罗也是小脸铁青,但她却是深吸一口气,压制下心中的怒火,取出牧尘所留下的“诛魔王令”,屈指一弹,将其射进宫殿之中。 This Demon Executioner King command is the thing of Great Thousand Palace, is symbolizing the Demon Executioner King status, but by the Great Thousand Palace power and influence, even if common Heavenly Sovereign, does not dare to provoke. 诛魔王令乃是大千宫之物,象征着诛魔王的身份,而以大千宫的威势,即便是寻常天至尊,也是不敢招惹。 However, this time, when that Demon Executioner King command shoots shortly after the palace, is has the sneered sound together to spread, saw only that Demon Executioner Writ directly to be lost. 不过,这一次,当那诛魔王令射进宫殿后不久,其中便是有着一道冷笑声传出,只见得那诛魔令直接被丢了出来。 Trivial has no right Demon Executioner King of non- potential, dares to bully the weak by relying on powerful connections?” “区区一个无权无势的诛魔王,也敢狐假虎威?” Go away, making your Mu Palace's Master come to see me, otherwise Old Ancestor then stays the several years here, looked that what honor your Mu Palace also does have to open sect Lifu?” “滚吧,让你牧府之主前来见我,否则老祖便在此处停留数年,看你牧府还有什么脸面开宗立府?” Datura catches the Demon Executioner King command, fine small face piece of gloomy, but the heart was actually sank, listened to the language of this Heavenly Sovereign could not bear, unexpectedly was to Mu Chen understanding quite, obviously was true coming prepared, did not fear Great Thousand Palace. 曼陀罗接住诛魔王令,精致的小脸一片阴沉,但心头却是忍不住的沉了下去,听这天至尊之语,竟是对牧尘颇为的了解,显然是真正的有备而来,并不惧大千宫 Is facing this aspect, Datura is also unable makes anything, can only ice-cold looked at a that palace, turns around to go. 面对着这种局面,曼陀罗也是无法做什么,只能冰冷的看了一眼那座宫殿,转身而去。 But in the following six months, this palace if really said that on having no scruples suspension in the Mu Palace sky, that Heavenly Sovereign is sending out the pressure recklessly, making in Mu Palace the innumerable powerhouses be miserable beyond description. 而在接下来的半年时间中,这座宫殿真如其所说,就毫无顾忌的悬浮牧府的上空,那位天至尊肆意的散发着威压,令得牧府之中无数强者苦不堪言。 So as, without doubt is makes the Mu Palace face countenance sweep the floor, after all like this was stopped up in entrance humiliation recklessly, regarding own prestige, simply is the destruction attack. 如此作为,无疑是令得牧府颜面扫地,毕竟这样被人堵在门口肆意的欺凌,对于自身的声望,简直是毁灭般的打击。 When Mu Palace is for this reason badly battered, that Purple Cloud Sect, Thunder Mountain, Golden Eagle Palace Three Great established influence, then came from the distant place, enters that palace, visited that Old Ancestor Xuan Tian successfully. 牧府为此焦头烂额的时候,那紫云宗,雷音山,金雕府三大老牌势力,则是从远处而来,进入那座宫殿,成功拜访了那位玄天老祖 This, is looks at clearly, the heart by Mu Palace all people feels a restlessness immediately. 这一幕,被牧府所有人都是看得清清楚楚,当即心头都是感到一阵不安。 But is also after this, the Three Great influence starts to collaborate to counter-attack, nibbling , before gradually by area that Mu Palace occupies... 而也就是在此之后,三大势力开始联手反扑,渐渐的蚕食之前被牧府占据的疆域... Then, Mu Palace entered the unprecedented crisis instantaneously, the feeling of that swaying, almost shortly will be subverted. 如此一来,牧府瞬间就进入了前所未有的危机,那种飘摇之感,几乎顷刻间就会被颠覆。 ... ... With the lapse of time, the Mu Palace sky has a matter of Heavenly Sovereign deterrent, not only spread Northern Realm, even on entire Heavenly Luo Continent all influence, heard, therefore the innumerable [say / way] lines of sight, gather to Northern Realm. 随着时间的推移,牧府上空有着一位天至尊威慑的事情,不仅传出了北界,甚至整个天罗大陆上各方势力,都是有所耳闻,于是无数道视线,汇聚向北界 After all no matter where, Heavenly Sovereign once comes, will become the focus. 毕竟不管在哪里,天至尊一旦现身,都将会成为瞩目的焦点。 although has the unwritten custom on Heavenly Luo Continent, the battle between influences, Heavenly Sovereign cannot get rid easily, but at present that Old Ancestor Xuan Tian actually not with the Mu Palace battle, but in the name of personal grudge, to Mu Chen, in this case, actually had a reluctantly passable reason. 虽说天罗大陆上有着不成文的规矩,势力之间的争斗,天至尊并不能轻易出手,但眼下那玄天老祖却并未与牧府争斗,而是以私人恩怨的名义,冲着牧尘所去,这样的话,倒是有了一个勉强说得过去的理由。 After all, behind Heavenly Luo Continent super influence on these all parties influence, for one including Heavenly Sovereign no Mu Palace, will not offend Heavenly Sovereign. 毕竟,天罗大陆上的那些各方势力背后的超级势力,也不会为了一个连天至尊都没有的牧府,去得罪一位天至尊 Therefore, is facing suffering setbacks of Mu Palace, almost all influences watch critically, even is also anticipating Mu Palace but therefore irrelevant shattered, before after all time, powerful battle efficiency that Mu Chen shows, is makes their wariness. 所以,面对着牧府的受挫,几乎所有势力都是冷眼旁观,甚至还期待着牧府因此而支离破碎,毕竟之前的时候,牧尘展现出来的强势战斗力,也是令得他们忌惮不已。 Fortunately at present Mu Palace does not have existence of Heavenly Sovereign, if, had been found this backer by them, that Mu Palace sits in a big way, did not have the matter that may prevent basically. 所幸眼下牧府没有天至尊的存在,万一以后被他们找到了这种靠山,那牧府坐大,基本就是无可阻挡的事情了。 In this, this time Mu Palace, actually became the focus point of entire Heavenly Luo Continent line of sight... 在这不知不觉间,此时的牧府,倒是成为了整个天罗大陆视线的聚焦点了... ... ... But the time, is a half year passes by suddenly. 而时间,眨眼便是半年过去。 In the half year regarding Mu Palace, without doubt is the extreme suffering, the prosperity of originally, because of the appearance of Old Ancestor Xuan Tian, was reversed directly thoroughly. 这半年对于牧府而言,无疑是极为的煎熬,原本的欣欣向荣,直接是因为玄天老祖的出现,彻底被逆转。 That Old Ancestor Xuan Tian has not had the strong offensive posture, although by his strength, able easily throws off Mu Palace, but he actually adopts the slowest and vicious method, from foundation, a faint trace disintegrates the morale of Mu Palace all people. 玄天老祖并没有采取强硬的进攻姿态,虽然以他的实力,能够轻易的将牧府掀翻,但他却是采取最为缓慢与狠毒的手段,从根底上,一丝丝的瓦解牧府所有人的士气。 He is to lower together the jade placard every day, forcing Mu Chen to come, but the latter already in Northern Realm, naturally was not unable appeared at this time, like this was long-time, was has the rumor to spread, said that Mu Palace's Master feared the prestige of Heavenly Sovereign, already in secret dropped out Mu Palace to run away distressedly... 他每日都是降下一道玉帖,逼迫牧尘现身,但此时后者早已不在北界,自然是无法出现,这样长久下来,便是有着谣言传出,说牧府之主惧怕天至尊之威,早已暗中抛下牧府狼狈而逃... This rumor, spreads from the Purple Cloud Sect Three Great influence obviously, but that effect also particularly remarkable, these originally hire oneself in many influences of Mu Palace subordinates, is ready to make trouble, starts to be separated from the Mu Palace sign. 这种谣言,显然是从紫云宗三大势力中传出,而那种效果也是分外的显著,那些原本投靠在牧府麾下的诸多势力,都是蠢蠢欲动,开始有着脱离牧府的迹象。 After all the present appearance, saw that is Mu Palace this steamship has the sign of tilting, is faced with imminent disaster flies respectively, they naturally do not plan with the Mu Palace altogether life or death. 毕竟眼下的模样,怎么看都是牧府这条大船有着倾覆的迹象,大难临头各自飞,他们自然是不打算与牧府共存亡。 Therefore suddenly, the Mu Palace inside and outside sway, short six months, that type prosperous is not then, what replaces it is creakies... 于是一时间,牧府内外飘摇,短短半年的时间,那种兴盛便是不在,取而代之的是摇摇欲坠... ... ... Also is one day. 又是一日。 Before a Mu Palace main hall, numerous Mu Palace high-level gathered in this, the atmosphere constrain, their raise one's head is looking above nine days, there cloud layer, a palace stands erect, the terrifying pressure sends out, just likes the Mt. Wanzhong mountain, presses above body of all people. 牧府一座大殿之前,众多牧府高层云集于此,气氛压抑,他们抬头望着九天之上,那里的云层中,一座宫殿矗立,恐怖的威压散发出来,犹如万重山岳,压在所有人的身躯之上。 Sir Datura, the Tie Shan sect, wonderful sound sect today announced that was separated from Mu Palace.” Liu Tiandao sighed one lightly, sound low and deep saying. 曼陀罗大人,铁山宗,妙音宗今日宣布脱离牧府了。”柳天道轻叹了一声,声音低沉的说道。 In the people front, Datura, Ling Xi looks at each other one, their complexions are somewhat are also ugly, turbulence of this short a half year of Mu Palace experience, even if they maintains strongly, but feels as before exhausted. 在众人前方,曼陀罗,灵溪对视一眼,她们的脸色也是有些难看,这短短半年牧府经历的动荡,即便是她们竭力维持,但依旧感到精疲力竭。 That Old Ancestor Xuan Tian, just likes the mountain, presses Mu Palace all powerhouses not to gasp for breath, now is flustered, if not for in the past Mu Chen accomplishment extremely magnificent, perhaps now Mu Palace already disintegrated. 玄天老祖,就犹如大山,压得牧府所有强者喘不过气来,如今人心惶惶,若不是以往牧尘战绩太过的辉煌,恐怕如今牧府早就分崩离析了。 To at this time, them just now thoroughly understands that Heavenly Sovereign regarding a side influence, is actually what kind important. 到得此时,她们方才彻底明白,天至尊对于一方势力而言,究竟是何等的重要。 Datura lifts the small face, looks at the palace in upper air, small hands is gripping tightly, sound ice-cold [say / way]: This Old Ancestor Xuan Tian, indeed is vicious, wants in this way, lets my Mu Palace nobody left.” 曼陀罗抬起小脸,望着高空的宫殿,小手紧握,声音冰冷的道:“这玄天老祖,真是狠毒,想要以这种方法,让我牧府空无一人。” Liu Tiandao and the others silent, said in a low voice: Does not know that can have Palace Master information?” 柳天道等人沉默了一下,低声道:“不知可有府主消息了吗?” Datura shook the head, said: His trip goes , is seeking for Heavenly Sovereign's Path, our also unable relation.” 曼陀罗摇了摇头,道:“他此行而去,也是在找寻天至尊之路,我们也无法联系。” Liu Tiandao smiles bitterly, said: Such words, how long we really could not support.” 柳天道苦笑一声,道:“如此的话,那我们恐怕真撑不了多久了。” Datura white teeth bites, said: So long as Mu Chen, Mu Palace will not have dissipated, when he will step into Heavenly Sovereign in the future, even if Mu Palace is ruined, can be once again prosperous!” 曼陀罗银牙一咬,道:“只要牧尘还在,牧府就不会消散,待得他日后踏入天至尊,就算牧府破败,也能再度兴盛!” Liu Tiandao and the others sighed one darkly, be that as it may, but Heavenly Sovereign where was so easily able steps into? Even if Mu Chen accomplishment is prominent, the talent is remarkable, but if does not have the big chance, wants into Heavenly Sovereign, easier said than done? 柳天道等人暗叹一声,话虽如此,但天至尊哪里是如此轻易能够踏入的?即便牧尘战绩显赫,天赋卓越,但若是没有大机缘,想要成为天至尊,谈何容易? Moreover, even if Mu Chen really became Heavenly Sovereign, the aspect, perhaps as before is not at present good to solve, because in although that palace seems like, only then a Old Ancestor Xuan Tian person, but they are actually able know, behind Northern Realm Three Great established influence three super influences , is promoting in secret, but in that three super influence, has Heavenly Sovereign exists... 而且,就算牧尘真的成为了天至尊,眼前局面,恐怕依旧不好解,因为虽然那座宫殿中看似只有玄天老祖一人,但他们却是能够知晓,北界三大老牌势力背后的三座超级势力,也是在暗中推动,而那三座超级势力中,都是有着天至尊的存在... Their Mu Palace present bureau, when indeed dire situation! 他们牧府眼前之局,当真是一个死局 Buzz. 嗡。 But when they sighed darkly, saw only in the upper air, in that palace , has stream of light to fall. 而就在他们暗叹时,只见得高空上,那座宫殿内,又是有着一道流光落下。 The flowing light falls, changes into a jade placard, the jade placard vibrates, has the loud and clear sound once again, the reverberation world, resounds through Northern Realm. 流光落下,化为一枚玉帖,玉帖震动,再度有着洪亮之声,回荡天地,响彻北界 Mu Chen young child, if not come, your this Mu Palace, feared that wanted no one...” 牧尘小儿,若是再不现身,你这牧府,怕就是要无人了...” Datura hears that to tease the big laughter, small hands is grips tightly exudes the sound of creaking, nearby Ling Xi, Long Xiang (dragon shape) and the others are also contains the angry look, if not big with the opposite party disparity, perhaps they already could not endure patiently to get rid. 曼陀罗听得那戏谑大笑声,小手都是紧握得发出嘎吱之声,一旁的灵溪,龙象等人也是眼含怒色,如果不是与对方差距太大,恐怕他们早已忍耐不住出手了。 Before the main hall, numerous Mu Palace powerhouse complexion is gloomy. 大殿前,众多牧府强者面色晦暗。 Um?” “嗯?” However, when the people are silent, their look moves suddenly, was on the rise, sees only that remote place, void distortion comes suddenly, Spiritual Light Sheng, resembling has together slender silhouette greatly, treads to empty to come, a only breath, then appeared sky over Mu Palace merely. 不过,就在众人沉默时,他们神色忽然一动,抬起头来,只见得那遥远之处,虚空忽然扭曲开来,其中灵光大盛,似是有着一道修长身影,踏空而来,仅仅只是一个呼吸,便是出现在了牧府上空。 Datura they are looking at that silhouette, after the moment, the eye stares to be big immediately. 曼陀罗他们怔怔的望着那道身影,片刻后,眼睛顿时瞪大起来。 „Is that?” “那是?” Probably is Palace Master?” Liu Tiandao and the others rubbed the eyes, after long time, just now making noise of difficult believing. “好像是府主?”柳天道等人揉了揉眼睛,半晌后,方才难以置信的出声。 In the sky, that [say / way] young silhouette treads to empty to come, he puts out a hand a move, that jade placard is falls into his hand, looked that did not look, grasps conveniently, the jade placard is changes into the powder to scatter. 天空上,那道年轻身影踏空而来,他伸手一招,那玉帖便是落入他的手中,看也不看,随手一握,玉帖便是化为粉末飘散开来。 Then his look ice-cold raise one's head gazes at that palace, the finger is flying high. 然后他神色冰冷的抬头注视着那座宫殿,手指凌空一点。 Bang! 轰! Around that palace space, disrupts directly in Mu Chen this finger, the innumerable debrises form big, one then grips that palace, pinching explodes. 那宫殿周围的空间,直接是在牧尘这一指下碎裂开来,无数空间碎片形成一只大手,一把便是将那宫殿握住,生生的捏爆开来。 The palace explodes broken, his low and deep sound, is contain swift and fierce killing intent, in the entire Northern Realm sky, loudly reverberation. 宫殿爆碎,他那低沉的声音,也是蕴含着凌厉杀意,在整个北界的上空,轰然回荡。 Since your excellency likes my Mu Palace, that in the future, will stay from now on here do not walk...” “既然阁下喜欢我牧府,那从今往后,就留在这里不要走了...” ... ... ...( To be continued.) ...(未完待续。)
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