TGR :: Volume #14

#1398: The host of plane

Chapter 1388 第1388章 In gloomy world that death qi winds around, above that skeleton throne, that just likes Demon God black Giant Silhouette shakes, both eyes that shuts tightly together suddenly opens suddenly, in the ash-gray eye pupil, has the color of being furious to appear. 死气缭绕的灰暗世界中,那尸骨王座之上,那一道犹如魔神般的黑色巨影忽然一震,紧闭的双目陡然睁开,灰色眼瞳中,有着震怒之色出现。 Damn Martial Ancestor!” “该死的武祖!” He roars to make noise lowly, boundless endless death qi sweeps across, has almost filled this world, made the innumerable lives trembled under its terrifying pressure. 他低吼出声,无边无尽的死气席卷出来,几乎是弥漫了这座世界,令得其中无数生灵在其恐怖威压下瑟瑟发抖。 Was furious to continue well long time, that Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor just now suppression under gradually the mood in heart, his gloomy was looking at own left hand, saw only completely empty there. 震怒持续了好半晌,那黑尸天魔帝方才渐渐的压制下心中的情绪,他阴沉的望着自己的左手,只见得那里空空如也。 death qi is breaking the palm place to wind around, then a gloomy palm then once again grew, but Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor complexion is as before ugly, his fleshly body each, after the temperance of innumerable time, even if grew at present once again, but absolutely did not have to be like that intrepid in the past. 死气在断掌处缭绕,然后一只灰暗的手掌便是再度的生长了出来,但黑尸天魔帝面色依旧难看,他的肉身每一处,都是历经无数时间的锤炼,所以即便眼下再度生长了出来,但也绝对没有以往那般强悍了。 But this will make him many without doubt a flaw, in the future will fight with the person, this left hand becomes his weakness... 而这无疑会令得他多了一个破绽,日后与人交手,这左手将会成为他的弱点... The Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor withered palm grips tightly, his cloudy and cold is looking at the void space, just likes must penetrate the numerous spaces to focus on that Martial Ancestor is, so after for a long time, other source reclamation vision slowly. 黑尸天魔帝干枯的手掌紧握,他阴冷的望着虚无空间,犹如是要穿透重重空间锁定武祖所在的方向,如此许久后,他方才缓缓的收回目光。 This Martial Ancestor... is very fierce.” “这武祖...果然很厉害。” Restored calmly, in the Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor gloomy eye, passed over gently and swiftly wipes the color of thick wariness, formerly fighting although was short, but he actually realized the thick dangerous aura from the body of Martial Ancestor. 恢复了冷静,黑尸天魔帝阴沉的眼中,掠过一抹浓浓的忌惮之色,先前的交手虽说短暂,但他却是从武祖的身上察觉到了浓浓的危险气息。 This Martial Ancestor guards in Great Thousand World with me and Foreign Fiends intersection point, these year of many Heavenly Demon Emperor suffered a loss in his hand, in the past this king somewhat had not believed that now fights, just now knows its fiercely.” “这武祖镇守在大千世界与我与域外邪族的交界处,这些年不少天魔帝都是在其手中吃了亏,以往本座有些不信,如今一交手,方才知晓其厉害。” By the energy of this Martial Ancestor, in that Great Thousand World, must be few... However in hearsay that Great Thousand World, Endless Fire Territory's Flame Emperor, is not weak in Martial Ancestor, these two people... According to the evaluation of intelligence, could not say that has to compare favorably with the antiquity Great Thousand World that Immortal Great Emperor potential.” “以这武祖之能,在那大千世界中,应当都是屈指可数...不过传闻那大千世界中,无尽火域的炎帝,也并不弱于武祖,这二人...按照情报评估,说不得都是有着媲美上古大千世界那位不朽大帝的潜力。” Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor both eyes narrow the eyes, look the color of hesitation, if so, that these two people, but also indeed will become their Foreign Fiends archenemy, once in the future will make war, this will block two giant stone before their Foreign Fiends. 黑尸天魔帝双目微眯,面露沉吟之色,若是如此的话,那这二人,还真是会成为他们域外邪族的大敌,未来一旦开战,这就是拦在他们域外邪族之前的两块巨石 Fortunately my Foreign Fiends overall strength is higher than Great Thousand World, and...” Thinks of here, in the Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor eye is also reappears the cloudy and cold meaning, mouth corner has wipes the strange smiling face to raise slowly. “不过所幸我域外邪族整体实力高于大千世界,而且...”想到此处,黑尸天魔帝眼中也是浮现出阴冷之意,嘴角有着一抹诡异笑容缓缓掀起。 My Foreign Fiends plans to count ten thousand years, so long as counts... Even if these two people will not be weak in that Immortal Great Emperor in the future, unable prevents my Foreign Fiends footsteps as before.” “我域外邪族谋划数万载,只要计成...就算这二人未来不不弱于那不朽大帝,依旧无法阻挡我域外邪族的脚步。” Snort, at present lets your self-satisfied one, when obtains my Foreign Fiends important matter must become, must look for your Martial Ancestor to report today surely to break the enmity of palm!” “哼,眼下就让你们得意一阵,待得到时我域外邪族大计得成,定要找你武祖报了今日断掌之仇!” Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor sneered, the palm wields, is has endless death qi to fill the air to come, body covering of his huge gradually, finally dissipation in void. 黑尸天魔帝冷笑一声,手掌一挥,便是有着无尽死气弥漫而来,将他那庞大身躯渐渐的笼罩,最后消散于虚无之中。 ... ... In Lower Planes. 下位面中。 Mu Chen looks at beyond the world to branch out the fight of victory and defeat rapidly, sigh that cannot bear, in the eye reveals meaning of the admiration, although both sides seems like is in the same level level, but this fights, has revealed the height, that Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor although also endures compared with existence of Saint Level Heavenly Sovereign, but compared with Martial Ancestor, inferior planned obviously. 牧尘望着世界之外迅速分出胜负的战斗,忍不住的感叹一声,眼中流露出一丝钦佩之意,虽然双方看似处于同等层次,可这一交手,就显露了高低,那黑尸天魔帝虽然也是堪比圣品天至尊的存在,但与武祖相比,显然还是逊色了一筹。 although has stepped into long-awaited Heavenly Sovereign Stage now finally, but he knows that he also has very long road to walk as before... 虽然如今终于是踏入了梦寐以求的天至尊境,但他知道,他依旧还有着很长的路要走... Really worthily is Martial Ancestor in legend.” “真不愧是传说中的武祖。” At this time White Dragon Sovereign also recovers, is excited is shivering including the body. 此时白龙至尊也是回过神来,激动得连身体都是在颤抖。 Mu Chen smiled, then his vision gradually changes cold, looks to not far away face delay Blood Demon Emperor, said indifferently: What trump card currently also has?” 牧尘笑了笑,然后他目光渐渐的变冷,看向不远处一脸呆滞的血魔皇,漠然道:“现在还有什么底牌吗?” Blood Demon Emperor quickly grasps the meaning of something, at once his figure suddenly retreats, changes into blood light to run away to go to the horizon beside together, the present aspect, he lost all fighting intent, at present Hopefully able does not guarantee the tribal group, so long as his able runs away the life to be good. 血魔皇一个激灵,旋即他身形暴退,化为一道血光对着天际之外逃遁而去,如今的局面,他已经失去了所有的战意,眼下也不希望能够保得族群,只要他能够逃得性命就好。 Needs to help?” “需要帮忙吗?” Has the calm sound to transmit from Beyond the Heaven together, sees only wisp of Spiritual Light to drop from the clouds, falls side Mu Chen, is Martial Ancestor. 有着一道沉稳的声音从天外传来,只见得一缕灵光从天而降,落在了牧尘身旁,正是武祖 This fellow, did not use the to inconvenience Martial Ancestor senior, younger generation selfenergy solution.” “这种家伙,就不用劳烦武祖前辈了,晚辈自能解决。” Mu Chen hearing this, then smiles, then the intention moves, black and white Mu Chen then shoots up to the sky, goes to the Blood Demon Emperor pursuit that is running away crazily. 牧尘闻言,则是一笑,然后心念一动,黑白牧尘便是冲天而起,对着那疯狂逃遁的血魔皇追击而去。 Qi Becomes Three Purities, worthily is one of the 36 Peerless Divine Abilities... It seems like was really also succeeded by your cultivation.” Martial Ancestor looks at two Avatar that Mu Chen that is going far away, slightly nod, approves the sound to say. “一气化三清,不愧是三十六道绝世神通之一...看来还真被你修炼成功了。”武祖望着牧尘那远去的两道化身,微微点头,赞声说道。 only depends on the predecessor inherited from predicessors, lucky.” Mu Chen does not have many to be self-satisfied actually, shakes the head to say. 只是倚仗前人余荫,侥幸而成罢了。”牧尘倒是没有多少得意,摇头说道。 So is why modest... So Heavenly Sovereign of age, takes a broad view at entire Great Thousand World, sufficiently made the person shock.” Martial Ancestor smiled, he took a fast look around Mu Chen one, in the eye has the color of appreciation, when previous time sees Mu Chen, the latter had still not stepped into including Earthly Sovereign, however then short less than ten years, Mu Chen has actually visited Heavenly Sovereign realm. “何必如此谦虚...这般年龄的天至尊,放眼整个大千世界,都足以让人震撼了。”武祖笑了笑,他扫视了牧尘一眼,眼中有着欣赏之色,上一次见到牧尘时,后者尚还连地至尊都未曾踏入,然而这才短短不到十年的时间,牧尘却已踏足了天至尊境界 This grade of cultivation speed as well as the talent, are really appear uncommon. 这等修炼速度以及天赋,委实是显得不凡。 Regarding the appreciation of Martial Ancestor, Mu Chen was embarrassed flexure scratching the head, because of his some cultivation time, was in some time circulation slow singular spaces actually, such as this time broke through Heavenly Sovereign, in the although reality about the only half day, may in that chaos, he actually just like after hundred years merely... 对于武祖的欣赏,牧尘则是不好意思的挠了挠头,因为他的一些修炼时间,其实是处于一些时间流转缓慢的奇异空间中,如他此次突破到天至尊,虽然现实中仅仅只是半日左右,可在那混沌中,他却犹如历经百载... Lin Jing that girl, if above cultivation, can have you 50% tenacity, my able satisfied.” Thinks one that are lively the daughter who time cannot idle, even if Martial Ancestor this grade of legendary character, a little has a headache. 林静那妮子,若是在修炼之上,能有你一半的坚韧,我就能够满足了。”一想到自家那活泼得时刻闲不住的女儿,即便是武祖这等传奇人物,也是有点头疼。 Thinks the bracelet disposition that Lin Jing often left home at that time, Mu Chen also smiles, but has not said anything, if Lin Jing will know him to scold her before her father in the future, feared that will not let off easily his. 想到林静那时不时离家出走的跳脱性格,牧尘也是莞尔一笑,不过却没多说什么,万一日后林静知晓他在她爹面前数落她,怕是不会轻易放过他的。 Fortunately Martial Ancestor had not said on this, but looks to this Lower Planes, then said with a smile: Has not thought that in this Lower Planes, actually also has existence of Planar Spirit, you pour are really the good chance.” 所幸武祖也没有在这上面多说,而是看向这座下位面,然后笑道:“没想到这座下位面中,竟然也是有着位面之灵的存在,你倒真的是好机缘。” He naturally was one looked, Mu Chen became this Lower Planes Planar Lord, moreover this able broke through Heavenly Sovereign, should has also replied on this strength. 他自然是一眼就看了出来,牧尘已经成为这座下位面位面之主,而且此次能够突破到天至尊,应该也是借助了这股力量。 But is similar this type Lower Planes that is having Planar Spirit, cherishing quite in entire Great Thousand World, even continually these Ancient Clan, for it heart movement, because is replying on the Planar Spirit strength, they might accomplish Heavenly Sovereign very much. 而类似这种拥有着位面之灵下位面,在整个大千世界中都是颇为的稀罕,甚至连那些古族,都会为之心动,因为借助着位面之灵的力量,他们很有可能会造就出一位天至尊 „Is the Martial Ancestor senior also Planar Lord? Does not know that actually this has what advantage as well as... What do I need to make?” Mu Chen hesitant, consults saying that although he became Planar Lord, but actually actually completely does not know should how to do, what fortunately has Martial Ancestor this with for a Planar Lord senior at present in this. 武祖前辈也是位面之主吧?不知道这究竟有何好处以及...我需要做什么?”牧尘犹豫了一下,请教道,虽然他成为了位面之主,但却完全不知晓究竟应该怎么做,不过所幸的是眼前有着武祖这位同为一座位面之主的前辈在此。 Martial Ancestor smiled, said: This Planar Lord advantage is actually not small, in the future you and person to the war, will only need the intention to move, will communicate plane on able, will derive continuous Spiritual Energy, so will fight with the person, nature able will have some superiority.” 武祖笑了笑,道:“这位面之主好处倒是不小,日后你与人对战,只需心念一动,就能够沟通位面,从中汲取源源不断的灵力,如此与人交手,自然能够占据一些优势。” Mu Chen hearing this, the heart moves slightly actually, such words, in the future his again activate Eight Section Buddha and Black Dragon Guard, Spiritual Energy that needs, he is actually may fills with the aid of this side Lower Planes, has saved many troubles actually. 牧尘闻言,倒是心头微动,如此的话,日后他再催动八部浮屠玄龙军,其中所需要的灵力,他却是可以借助这方下位面来填补,倒是省了不少的麻烦。 You must know to go too far is as bad as not far enough, this after all only side Lower Planes, if demands excessively, will create the plane avalanche, innumerable lives, can along with it destruction.” The Martial Ancestor reminder said. “不过你也要知晓过犹不及,这毕竟只是一方下位面,若是索取过分,就会造成位面崩塌,其中无数生灵,也会随之毁灭。”武祖提醒道。 The Mu Chen look concentrates, at once nods seriously, present he is became this Lower Planes Ruler, in able control this plane easily the life or death of millions and millions life, if not self-made, feared that instead will bring destruction to this side plane. 牧尘神色一凝,旋即郑重点头,如今的他已是成为了这下位面主宰者,能够轻易的操控这位面亿万生灵的存亡,若是不自制,怕反而会给这方位面带来毁灭 I once had complied with that Planar Spirit, protects this plane, does not make this in society life receive the pain of Foreign Fiends invading again, but that Blood Fiend Tribe able enters, explained that has other space node to be in the Foreign Fiends region, if this solution, perhaps does not have other Foreign Fiends to enter in the future.” Mu Chen hesitates to say. “我曾答应过那位面之灵,守护这位面,不让这世间生灵再受域外邪族侵占之苦,但那血邪族能够进入此间,说明有着另外的空间节点处于域外邪族的区域,若是不将此解决的话,未来说不定还会有着其他的域外邪族进入。”牧尘沉吟道。 Martial Ancestor hearing this, said: This is actually simple, now you are this side Planar Lord, naturally has to transfer the strength of plane, so long as you transfer plane to the safe region, the space node naturally also will change.” 武祖闻言,道:“这倒是简单,如今你已是这方位面之主,自然有着挪移位面之力,只要你将位面挪移到安全的地域,空间节点自然也会发生变化。” Mu Chen eye bright, such words, how could it not be he is may transfers Heavenly Luo Continent this plane, moreover able finds the way to make plane link Great Thousand World, so long as in the future in this plane will present able to break plane shackles, will then be able directly receives and instructs to enter Mu Palace it. 牧尘眼睛一亮,如此的话,他岂非是可以将这位面挪移到天罗大陆,而且还能够想办法令得此间位面联通大千世界,日后只要这位面中出现了能够打破位面桎梏者,便是能够将其直接接引进入牧府 But same able achieves this step person, is the natural talent is inevitably remarkable, can not also hopeful promote enter Heavenly Sovereign Stage, such character, the Great Thousand World all parties influence is the hope, their Mu Palace naturally cannot let off. 一般能够做到这一步的人,必然是天资卓越,未来说不得还有望晋入天至尊境,此等人物,大千世界各方势力都是渴望至极,他们牧府自然也是不能放过。 Thinks of here, Mu Palace is turns the head to look to Bai Susu and the others, said with a smile: Such being the case, that in the future I this plane and Great Thousand World link, want to come should to promote this world the strength levels, so long as at the appointed time you and other able broke the plane shackles, my Mu Palace, then at all times welcome your joining.” 想到此处,牧府便是转头看向白素素等人,笑道:“既然如此,那日后我会将此位面大千世界联通,想来应该会提升一些这个世界的力量层次,到时只要你等能够打破位面桎梏,那我牧府,便随时欢迎你们的加入。” Powerhouse hearing this in Bai Susu as well as numerous Lower Planes, all are the great happiness, immediately is respectful should, they are very clear, this will be the chances of their this world, had looking after of Mu Chen this grade of powerhouse, they in the future, will not use by that Foreign Fiends slaughtering of recklessly, and able will be pursuing a higher level. 白素素以及众多下位面中的强者闻言,皆是大喜,当即恭敬应下,他们都很清楚,这将会是他们这个世界的机缘,有了牧尘这等强者的照拂,他们日后,再不用受那域外邪族的肆意杀戮,并且能够追求着更高的层次。 Mu Chen smiled, at once the mind moves, sees only the distant place to have two stream of light passing over gently and swiftly horizons, fell on the front, came, was his two Avatar. 牧尘笑了笑,旋即心神一动,只见得远处有着两道流光掠过天际,落在了前方,现身出来,正是他的两道化身 But at this time in their front, suspension blood red ball of light, ball of light, obviously together the fierce virulent face, is being that Blood Demon Emperor. 而此时在他们的面前,悬浮着一颗血红光球,光球内部,可见一道狰狞恶毒的面庞,正是那血魔皇 Obviously, is facing blocks of two Avatar, this Blood Demon Emperor cannot escape finally, finally by seal. 显然,面对着两道化身的堵截,这血魔皇终是未能逃脱,最终被封印 The Mu Chen sleeve robe wields, then received Vajra Pagoda to suppress that blood red ball of light, then to Martial Ancestor respectful holds the fist in the other hand a ritual: today indeed many thanks the Martial Ancestor senior lent a hand to assist.” 牧尘袖袍一挥,便是将那血红光球收入浮屠塔中镇压下来,然后对着武祖恭敬的抱拳一礼:“今日真是多谢武祖前辈出手相助了。” Martial Ancestor beckoned with the hand, [say / way] of thinking little: Roots out the demon, the book is the person of my Great Thousand World should matter completely, only be a pity that cannot cut to kill that Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor in this.” 武祖摆了摆手,不以为意的道:“斩除邪魔,本就是我大千世界之人应尽之事,只是可惜,未能将那黑尸天魔帝斩杀于此。” Mu Chen blushes with shame, at present this, is really somewhat fierce and tough, but that Black Corpse Heavenly Demon Emperor Heavenly Demon Emperor, if cuts to kill here, wants to come regarding that Foreign Fiends, hacks the pain of meat. 牧尘汗颜,眼前这位,着实是有些凶悍,那黑尸天魔帝可是天魔帝,若是斩杀在此,想来对于那域外邪族而言,也是剐肉之痛。 However, he is also clear, perhaps by the energy of Martial Ancestor, indeed has this grade of ability. 不过,他也清楚,以武祖之能,说不定还真是有着这等能耐。 Martial Ancestor senior, if in the future has the place of need dispatching, may tell freely.” The Mu Chen expression is sincere, Martial Ancestor and Flame Emperor once gave him together the protective charm, said that is also [say / way] of his cultivation the person of berm, if is not their this assisting, he when facing many dangerous situations, must be many some consideration, that type of energy, naturally wants to be weaker. 武祖前辈,日后若是有需要差遣之地,可尽管吩咐。”牧尘语气真诚,武祖炎帝都曾给予他一道护符,说起来,也算是他修炼之道的护道之人,若非是他们这种相助,他在面临着很多险境之时,就得多一些考量,那种底气,自然是要弱一些。 Therefore, these two regarding him, have to protect and sustain the obligation without doubt. 所以,这两位对于他而言,无疑是有着护持大恩的。 Martial Ancestor hearty laughter, big sleeve is floating, the firm and resolute appearance has a calm charm, said: I and Flame Emperor will help you, because only you have this potential, when is Hopefully that Foreign Fiends will attack and occupy my Great Thousand World in the future once again, I side and others, able have the person of person of same belief.” 武祖朗笑一声,大袖飘飘,坚毅的面目自有一番沉稳魅力,道:“我与炎帝会助你,只是因你有此潜力,也是希望未来那域外邪族再度攻占我大千世界时,我等身旁,能够有着同道之人。” The sound falls, Martial Ancestor also no longer talks too much, was beckoning with the hand to Mu Chen, this body is dissipation gradually. 声音落下,武祖也是不再多言,对着牧尘摆了摆手,这道身躯便是渐渐的消散。 Mu Chen, you, although entered Heavenly Sovereign Stage, but actually to end, ten thousand may not idle, when the great misfortune approaches, fearing is unable should tribulation to live...” Martial Ancestor figure diverges, but the sound of that enforcing, is actually the reverberation by the ear of Mu Chen. 牧尘,你虽已入天至尊境,但却尚未至尽头,万不可懈怠,否则大劫来临时,恐是无法应劫而生...”武祖身形散去,而那严肃之声,却是回荡在牧尘的耳旁。 Mu Chen complexion is also one piece with deep veneration, his able hear that seriousness between Martial Ancestor spoken languages, is facing that Foreign Fiends, even if stronger than this existed, holds the feeling of crisis, thus it can be seen, actually that Foreign Fiends to their Great Thousand World is the what kind threat. 牧尘面色也是一片肃然,他能够听出武祖言语间的那种郑重,面对着那域外邪族,即便是强如这等存在,都是抱有危机之感,由此可见,那域外邪族对他们大千世界究竟是何等的威胁。 Younger generation records sincerely.” “晚辈谨记。” Mu Chen said in a low voice that then he also gained ground, Foreign Fiends, is that danger of future, when now, his also should completed his these years to press the matter throughout in the heart. 牧尘低声说道,然后他也是抬起头来,域外邪族,是那未来之危,不过如今之时,他也应该去完成他这些年始终压在心中之事了。 Sigh. 呼。 His deep inspiration, look actually gradually became must swift and fierce, talked to oneself the sound, resounding slowly. 他深深的吸了一口气,眼神却是渐渐的变得凌厉了起来,自语之声,缓缓的响起。 Ancient Buddha Clan... these many years... When finally this day...” 浮屠古族...这么多年了...总算等到这一天了...” ... ... ...( To be continued.) ...(未完待续。)
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