TGR :: Volume #8

#1397: In the present present world

Eight Rotations Purple Moon 八轮紫月 The Mu Chen mind is gazing at that eight rounds radiant purple moon/month, is in the heart smiles, the words, Spiritual Pulse of his within the body hideaway, is really Divine Pulse. 牧尘的心神注视着那八轮璀璨紫月,则是心中一笑,如此说来的话,他体内隐藏的灵脉,果然是神脉 Regarding this point, he does not calculate the cultivation talent that actually special being startled, in recent years, his own exposes, in some sense had indicated. 对于这一点,他其实并不算特别的吃惊,这些年来,他自身所展露的修炼天赋,从某种意义上而言已经有所表明。 Naturally, is having Divine Pulse, actually not necessarily represents finally is becoming Heavenly Sovereign on can, the road of cultivation, good talent , the thing of only assistance, is most important, is own disposition. 当然,拥有着神脉,却不一定代表着最终就能够成为天至尊,修炼之路,再好的天赋,也只是辅助之物,最为重要的,还是自身的心性。 Heart of the resolution, has not dreaded any misery life and death, that is Divine Pulse, finally common but is. 没有一颗坚定之心,不畏惧任何苦难生死,那就算是神脉,也终将会碌碌而为。 The Mu Chen these years achievements, which does not contend in the life and death, other people only knows his so age is to mount Heavenly Sovereign, but has not actually thought that in this, how many he has time wrestles by the fate? In this, has mistake slightly, perhaps is the danger of to die/to fall. 牧尘这些年的成就,哪一个不是在生死之间相争,旁人只是知晓他如此年纪便是登上天至尊,但却未曾想到,在这之间,他有多少次以命相搏?在这之中,稍有差池,恐怕便是陨落之危。 Divine Pulse already presently, that helps my spirit body Perfection.” 神脉既现,那就助我灵体圆满吧。” In the Mu Chen heart talked to oneself that mind is then quiet, so roughly passed the long time, in this chaos has the blazing high temperature to raise suddenly, then sees the flaming flame, stepped aside from come, to emerge in the chaos, was taking away as many things as possible to that Eight Rotations Purple Moon. 牧尘心中自语,而后心神沉寂下来,如此约莫过了半晌,这混沌之中忽然有着炽热的高温升起,紧接着,便是见到熊熊火焰,自外而来,涌入了混沌中,对着那八轮紫月席卷而去。 These flame, not Spiritual Energy, but from the Mu Chen innermost feelings, because wants to build up Spiritual Pulse, the common Spiritual Energy flame cannot touch, only has the pent-up anger, can achieve. 这些火焰,并未灵力所化,而是源自牧尘的内心,因为想要炼化灵脉,寻常灵力火焰触及不得,唯有心火,才能做到。 Flaming! 熊熊! Pent-up anger continuous coming, winding above Eight Rotations Purple Moon, changes into eight rounds hot months them finally, seems actually extremely gorgeous. 心火源源不断的呼啸而来,最后缠绕在八轮紫月之上,将它们化为八轮火月,看上去倒是极为的绚丽。 But is facing the ignition of pent-up anger, Eight Rotations Purple Moon, seems is also starting melting gradually, the purple liquid drops from above, but just left the purple moon/month, then baseless vanishes. 而面对着心火的灼烧,八轮紫月,仿佛也是在开始渐渐的融化,紫色的液体从上面滴落下来,不过刚刚离开紫月,便是凭空消失。 But Mu Chen is actually can feels that these purple liquids have not vanished baseless, but dripped into his flesh and blood directly 牧尘却是能够感觉到,那些紫色液体并没有凭空消失,而是直接滴入了他的血肉之中 As more and more purple liquids integrate the mortal body, his can faint induction, his mortal body, seems becomes enrichment, that feeling, just likes is continuously of flaw, by fill Perfection gradually. 随着越来越多的紫色液体融入肉身,他能够隐隐的感应到,他的这具肉身,仿佛是变得更为的充实起来,那种感觉,就犹如是一直缺失的一块,正在被渐渐的填补圆满 Really so in the Mu Chen heart sighed that then the mind moves, pent-up anger scalding hot, picks up the speed, little ignition purple moon/month. “果然如此”牧尘心中感叹,然后心神一动,心火更为的灼热,加快速度,一点点的灼烧着紫月。 Time rapid passing, but roughly treats several double-hour past tense, Eight Rotations Purple Moon that in that chaos is hanging high, only had the palm of the hand size 时间迅速的流逝,而待得约莫数个时辰过去时,那混沌中高高悬挂的八轮紫月,已是仅有巴掌大小 But at this time, in the Mu Chen body surface, that Eight Rotations Moon Mark, is becomes even more clear, obvious, his body, is change cannot help but became Heavenly Venerate spirit body. 而此时,在牧尘的身体表面,那八轮月纹,也是变得愈发的清晰,明显,他的身体,更是不由自主的变化成为了天尊灵体 But in the past Mu Chen Heavenly Venerate spirit body, was pure such as the crystalline color, but at this time, actually because of existence of purple moon/month, became auspicious sign Yingying, slightly revealed mysterious. 只不过以往牧尘天尊灵体,乃是纯净如水晶般的色彩,但此时,却是因为紫月的存在,变得紫气莹莹,略显神秘 Eight Rotations Purple Moon, is Divine Pulse only does not know actually really this fellow will evolve what Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability?” 八轮紫月,真的是神脉只是不知道这家伙究竟会衍变出什么灵脉神通?” That Xuan Tian Old Ancestor is jealous looks at Mu Chen spirit body above Eight Rotations Purple Moon, on face is admiring the color of envy completely, if Mu Chen builds up this Divine Pulse, Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability that evolves, is inevitably uncommon, even if in peerless Divine Ability, can calculates that makes the top level. 玄天老祖眼红的望着牧尘灵体上面的八轮紫月,脸庞上满是艳羡嫉妒之色,若是牧尘将这神脉炼化,那所衍变出来的灵脉神通,必然不凡,就算是在绝世神通中,都能够算做顶尖层次的。 The flaming pent-up anger combustion, under the gaze of Mu Chen mind, that Eight Rotations Purple Moon was burnt finally completely, the last drop of purple liquid drops, integrated in the mortal body. 熊熊心火燃烧,在牧尘心神的注视下,那八轮紫月最终是被燃烧殆尽,最后一滴紫色液体滴落下来,融入了肉身之中。 That flash, a strange feeling surges from the heart of Mu Chen, then sees only in this chaos to shake, in the place of that chaos center, the purple luminous spots appears suddenly. 那一瞬间,一种奇异的感觉自牧尘的心中涌起,然后只见得这混沌中震荡起来,紧接着,在那混沌中央之处,忽有一个紫色的光点出现。 The purple luminous spot rapid inflation, after counting breaths, changed into purple flame unexpectedly, purple flame rises suddenly against the wind, immediately flaming burns. 紫色光点迅速的膨胀,数息之后,竟是化为了一道紫色火苗,紫色火苗迎风暴涨,立即熊熊燃烧起来。 Purple Fiery Flame, the flaming combustion, among has Eight Rotations Purple Moon to revolve unexpectedly, is sending out the wonderful energy. 紫色火炎,熊熊燃烧,其内竟是有着八轮紫月旋转,散发着神妙之能。 „Is this Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability that my this Divine Pulse evolves?” The Mu Chen mind locks that to roll Purple Fiery Flame curiously, somewhat talked to oneself in a low voice. “这就是我这神脉衍变出来的灵脉神通?”牧尘心神锁定着那团紫色火炎,有些好奇的低声自语。 He is inducing the purple flame, after long time, suddenly in the heart makes noise astonishedly, because he discovered that this Purple Fiery Flame as if to various mortal bodies as well as material not slight lethality, but regarding various Spiritual Energy, is actually destructive power terrifying. 他感应着紫炎,半晌后,忽然心中惊异出声,因为他发现,这紫色火炎似乎对肉身以及各种物质没有丝毫的杀伤力,但对于各种灵力,却是破坏力恐怖 So long as touches Spiritual Energy, the purple flame is the can crazy combustion, until any Spiritual Energy combustion completely. 只要触及灵力,紫炎便是能够疯狂的燃烧,直到将任何灵力燃烧殆尽。 When this in other words, other people with he fights, by this purple flame is taken possession, if attempts with Spiritual Energy its suppression carelessly, instead will initiate the fire intensity, making it wild. 这也就是说,旁人在与他交手时,被这道紫炎附身,若是胡乱用灵力试图将其扑灭的话,反而会引发火势,让其更为的狂暴。 This point, a little looks like Mu Chen actually in Variation Spirit Wind that in that Sacred Deep Continent meets, but obviously this purple flame compared with that Variation Spirit Wind, but must be more maneating. 这一点,倒是有点像牧尘在那圣渊大陆中所遇见的化灵风,只不过显然这紫炎比起那化灵风,还要更为凶悍一些。 But Great Thousand World most sparring, take Spiritual Energy as basically, this i.e. is how could it not be bright, is facing this purple flame, even if not know that details Heavenly Sovereign, will be in an extremely difficult situation, is at a loss. 大千世界大多数的斗法,都是以灵力为基本,这岂非就是说明,面对着这紫炎,就算是不知底细的天至尊,都将会狼狈不堪,束手无策。 This purple flame, by having prestige energy, feared that is not inferior to the top sharp peerless Divine Ability.” Mu Chen sighed one, what somewhat is a pity, resounds through Great Thousand World 36 peerless Divine Ability compared with that this purple flame or somewhat disparity. “这道紫炎,论起威能,怕是不逊色于顶尖的绝世神通。”牧尘感叹了一声,不过有些可惜的是,比起那响彻大千世界的36道绝世神通,这紫炎还是有些差距。 Thinks of here, Mu Chen is the dark feeling is also funny, 36 peerless Divine Ability shake Great Thousand World, if he so easily fiddles with one not to be inferior on can they Divine Ability, that was also too naive. 想到此处,牧尘又是暗感好笑,36道绝世神通名震大千世界,若是他如此轻易就能够捣鼓出一道不逊色它们的神通,那也太天真了一些。 Mu Chen restraining has an intention the mood, the mind is gazing at that group purple flame once again, then planned that receives it: Spiritual Pulse already built up, that first withdraws.” 牧尘收敛起心中的情绪,心神再度注视着那团紫炎,然后就打算将其收起:“灵脉既已炼化,那就先退出吧。” In his heart so is thinking, but, why actually does not know, in the heart actually suddenly reappears an unusual feeling. 他心中这般想着,不过,却不知道为何,心中却是忽然浮现出一种异样的感觉。 The careful taste, that as if as before is a flaw feeling slightly. 细细品味,那仿佛依旧是一种微微的缺陷感。 This type feels marvelously, but Mu Chen has not actually neglected it, to this grade of strength, even if only occasional being prompted by a sudden impulse, that also inevitably has reason. 这种感觉来得奇妙,但牧尘却并没有将其忽视,到了他这等实力,就算只是偶尔的心血来潮,那也必然是事出有因。 I am build up to melt Spiritual Pulse obviously, obtained including Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability, will have why also the feeling of this not Perfection?” In the Mu Chen heart hesitates. “我明明已是炼化了灵脉,连灵脉神通都已获得,为何还会有这种不圆满的感觉?”牧尘心中沉吟。 Mu Chen silent for a long time, he is gazing at the purple flame of combustion, some moment, his heart flood mighty waves, then his intention moves suddenly. 牧尘沉默了许久,他注视着燃烧的紫炎,某一刻,他的心头忽然泛起一丝波澜,然后他心念一动。 The purple flame of flaming combustion, under Mu Chen mind to quickly use, inflates suddenly, changes into the sea of fire unexpectedly, sweeps across in this chaos, is firing crazily. 熊熊燃烧的紫炎,在牧尘的心神催动下,陡然膨胀开来,竟是化为火海,在这混沌之间席卷开来,疯狂的灼烧着。 Purple flame hot flame crazy combustion, but unusual, appeared in this time 紫炎火炎疯狂的燃烧,而奇特的一幕,就在此时出现了 Along with the combustion of purple flame, this piece of chaos space just likes is mirror same, presented cracks unexpectedly, crack spread fast, under the shock gaze of Mu Chen mind, disrupts finally loudly. 随着紫炎的燃烧,这片混沌空间犹如是一面镜子一般,竟然是出现了一道道的裂纹,裂纹飞快的蔓延,最后在牧尘心神的震惊注视下,轰然一声,碎裂开来。 This “这” Mu Chen shocking is looking at this, how obviously not to have thought that will have this condition unexpectedly. 牧尘震惊的望着这一幕,显然怎么都没想到竟然会出现这种状况。 Chaos disruption, suddenly ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) light beam after that violently shoots, that light beam was vast, just likes is covered for a long time, passed through the present world, was sending out the bright prestige. 混沌碎裂,忽有万丈光芒自那之后暴射而出,那种光芒浩瀚神圣,犹如是被掩盖了许久,一经现世,便是散发着煌煌之威。 The vision that Mu Chen shocks, following that sacred light, the projection goes, then, he is holds breath again sight of cold air/Qi, along with chaos shattered, after that has sacred Great Sun unexpectedly, raising slowly. 牧尘震撼的目光,顺着那神圣之光,投射而去,再然后,他便是倒吸一口冷气的见到,随着混沌破碎,在那之后,竟是有着一颗神圣大日,缓缓的升起。 After that Great Sun, follows closely one, finally unexpectedly is enough nine rounds Great Sun, in the sky. 在那大日之后,一颗紧接一颗,最后竟是足足九轮大日,当空而起。 Nine sacred Great Sun, suspension in the most deep place of Mu Chen within the body, just likes the Great Emperor, lives in seclusion, once is born, will certainly heaven startling move. 九颗神圣大日,悬浮牧尘体内的最深处,犹如大帝,深居不出,一旦出世,必将惊天动地。 The Mu Chen mind, shocks is looking at that nine rounds Great Sun, at this moment, even if by his strength in meditation, is the mind of not being able to bear lets slip, said with amazement: Nine rounds Great Sun? How can be together Divine Pulse?!” 牧尘的心神,震撼的望着那九轮大日,这一刻,即便是以他的定力,都是忍不住的心神失手,骇然道:“九轮大日?怎么又会是一道神脉?!” Moreover this Divine Pulse, compared with formerly eight Divine Pulse, but must High Rank! 而且这道神脉,比起先前的八神脉,还要更为的高级 This is topest nine Divine Pulse! 这可是最顶尖的九神脉 What is most important, wasn't he formerly built up to melt Spiritual Pulse? Why after that eight Divine Pulse, but also is hiding together nine Divine Pulse?! 最重要的是,他先前不是已经炼化了一道灵脉了吗?为什么在那八神脉之后,还隐藏着一道九神脉?! In Mu Chen heart flood dreadful ocean waves, after for a long time, just now has returned to normal, he induces carefully, is discovered unexpectedly these nine Divine Pulse with his mortal bodies, actually has extremely perfect conjunction. 牧尘心中泛起滔天海浪,许久之后方才有所平复,他细细的感应,竟是发现这九神脉与他的肉身之间,竟然是有着极为完美的契合度。 That feeling, just likes inherent same. 那种感觉,就犹如与生俱来一般 The Mu Chen surging emotions turn well up, he just now discovered at this time that compared with this nine Divine Pulse perfect conjunction, formerly that [say / way] eight Divine Pulse, although was also the conjunction, but throughout has actually missed such one. 牧尘心潮翻涌,他此时方才发现,与这道九神脉的完美契合相比,先前的那道八神脉,虽然也是契合,但却始终差了那么一丝。 That feeling, just likes innate, a day after tomorrow will come same. 那种感觉,就犹如一个先天而成,一个后天而来一般 In the Mu Chen heart is lost in thought that for a long time, he resembles is long aspirated, complex talked to oneself: Mother, this is also you do?” 牧尘心中陷入沉思,许久之后,他似是长吐了一口气,复杂的自语道:“娘亲,这也是你做的吗?” After revolving, his faint understood, if he has not guessed that wrong, formerly he built up that together eight Divine Pulse, perhaps is not his, but is his mother. 经过一阵细思,他隐隐的明白了过来,如果他没猜错的话,先前他炼化的那一道八神脉,恐怕并不是他的,而是他娘亲的。 But the functions of that [say / way] eight Divine Pulse, should is used to cover his within the body nine Divine Pulse. 而那道八神脉的作用,应该是用来掩盖他体内这道九神脉 Perhaps, once nine Divine Pulse are born, he is also having the bloodlines of Ancient Buddha Clan, in that this Ancient Clan will definitely have the method to realize, therefore his mother to protect him, even did not hesitate to strip own eight Divine Pulse, planted it in own within the body, was covering his nine Divine Pulse by this. 或许,一旦九神脉诞生,他又拥有着浮屠古族的血脉,那这古族中必然会有手段察觉,所以他的娘亲为了保护他,甚至不惜剥离了自身的八神脉,将它种在了自己的体内,以此掩盖着他的九神脉 same mentioned, Divine Pulse can not shift, when had much possibility Mu Chen had still not been born, they with as one, Qing Yanjing then can her eight Divine Pulse implant his within the body. 一般说来,神脉无法转移,所以很有可能牧尘尚还未曾出生时,两人同为一体,清衍静这才能够将她的八神脉种入他的体内。 These all sorts of thoughts turn in the heart of Mu Chen are welling up, finally made in the Mu Chen heart flood thick bitter with warm feeling, stripped Divine Pulse, just liked strips own flesh and blood, the difficult imagination, in the past his mother, when harbored him, actually was also enduring that and other pain of can not imagination, but all, only to give he biggest protection. 这些种种念头在牧尘的心中翻涌着,最后令得牧尘心中泛起浓浓的酸涩与暖意,剥离神脉,就犹如剥离自身血肉,难以想象,当年他的娘亲在怀着他的时候,竟然还忍受着那等无法想象的痛苦,而一切,都只是为了给予他最大的保护。 Thinks of this, even if the Mu Chen disposition, is the eye socket is moist, has the impulsion of bursting into tears. 一想到此,即便是牧尘的心性,都是眼眶湿润,有着流泪的冲动。 Sigh. 呼。 Under he deep breath in the heart one breath, has constrained the mood of turning wells up, muttered said in a low voice: Mother, thank you for all, but, now child that I do is not past swaddling clothes Ying Tong, I had ability to bear all storms.” 他在心中深吸了一口气,压抑下翻涌的情绪,喃喃低声道:“娘,谢谢您为我做的一切不过,如今孩儿已非当年襁褓婴童,我已有能力承受一切的风暴。” To now, if that Ancient Buddha Clan must look for me, that makes them come freely!” “到得如今,若是那浮屠古族要来找我,那就让他们尽管来吧!” Mu Chen mind, brilliant looks at that nine rounds sacred Great Sun, the mind is moving, is the spread goes, simultaneously has the low and deep sound, resounds through. 牧尘的心神,灼灼的望着那九轮神圣大日,心神一动,便是蔓延而去,同时有着低沉之声,响彻起来。 You along with my quiet these many years now, this present world.” “你随我沉寂这么多年现在,也该现世了。” Nine Divine Pulse awaken!” “九神脉觉醒吧!” Humming sound! 嗡嗡! Resembling induces the summon of Mu Chen, that nine rounds sacred Great Sun also erupted buzz the sound of cry in this time, next instant, millions and millions sacred light, suddenly rush. 似是感应到了牧尘的召唤,那九轮神圣大日也是在此时爆发出嗡鸣之声,下一霎,亿万道神圣之光,暴冲而出。 Above summit. 山巅之上。 A face admires is looking on the Mu Chen body Xuan Tian Old Ancestor of eight moon/month mark, suddenly saw that on the body of Mu Chen erupts millions and millions light beam, then, he is dumbfounded sight, on the skin of Mu Chen, Eight Rotations Purple Moon unexpectedly is reduction gradually, but nine rounds sacred Great Sun light pattern, are sending out the bright prestige, presently world! 正一脸艳羡的望着牧尘身体上八道月纹的玄天老祖,忽然见到,牧尘的身体上爆发出亿万光芒,然后,他便是目瞪口呆的见到,牧尘的皮肤上,八轮紫月竟是渐渐的缩小,而九轮神圣大日光纹,散发着煌煌之威,现世而出! The entire world, erupts the endless startling thunderclap in this time, turbulent times, just likes is shocking nine Divine Pulse present worlds. 整个天地,都是在此时爆发出无尽惊雷,风起云涌,犹如是在震撼着九神脉现世。 Xuan Tian Old Ancestor look delay is looking at nine rounds Great Sun on Mu Chen body, after long time, has the incisive shocking sound suddenly, above this summit, resounds through. 玄天老祖神色呆滞的望着牧尘身体上的九轮大日,半晌后,忽有着尖锐的震骇声音,在这山巅之上,响彻而起。 Date your mother! Nine Divine Pulse?!” “日你娘!九神脉?!”
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