ELN :: Volume #4

#80: Telegram

Heard the Shang Jianyao issue silently, Du Heng several seconds of say/way: 听到商见曜的问题,杜衡默然了几秒道: Is.” “算是吧。” He replied quite ambiguously, is entirely different from the performance that before liked to lecture to people. 他回答得相当含糊,和之前好为人师的表现截然不同。 Thinks that Du Heng has said when the swamp number ruins, wants to know that similar important intelligence, needs to put out the equal information exchange, the mouth that Jiang Baimian the plan closely examined gathered. 想到杜衡在沼泽号废墟时说过,想知道类似的重要情报,需要拿出等价的消息交换,蒋白棉本打算追问的嘴巴又重新合了起来。 Shang Jianyao seriously pondered several seconds, not caring a whoop facial skin asked: 商见曜认真思考了几秒,毫不在意脸皮地问道: Actually slightly to/clashes is who?” “小冲究竟是什么人?” Du Hengxiao saying with a smile: 杜衡笑了笑道: Actually I am not that clear, I lost remember, only knows one of the I life goals was to find him, but he was dangerous, possibly related to some secrets of Old World.” “其实我也不是那么清楚,我丢失了很多记忆,只知道我人生的目标之一就是找到他,而他非常危险,可能涉及旧世界的一些秘密。” I have the means to reclaim your memory!” Shang Jianyao volunteers. “我有办法找回你的记忆!”商见曜自告奋勇。 Regarding this point, Long Yuehong and Bai Chen are also quite confident, after all old accent group has fate bead. 对于这一点,龙悦红白晨也是比较有信心的,毕竟“旧调小组”有“宿命珠”。 Du Hengsao their several people of eyes, said with a smile lightly: 杜衡扫了他们几人一眼,轻笑道: Useless, only if you can find enters the new world truly ‚’ bodhi the domain awakening use fate to pass.” “没用的,除非你们能找到已真正进入‘新世界’的‘菩提’领域觉醒者使用‘宿命通’。” Can this also guess correctly? A Jiang Baimian surprise. 这也能猜到?蒋白棉一阵诧异。 When she discussed the Timarco related matter a moment ago, only proposed the actions of this awakening sketchily, to the utmost possibly talked ambiguously in the ability performance. 她刚才讲迪马尔科相关之事时,只粗略提了这名觉醒者的所作所为,在能力表现上极尽可能地含糊其辞。 But Du Hengzhi acts according to the few words in some experiences, unified the Shang Jianyao performance, guessed correctly old accent group in hand to have goods that can use fate to pass. 而杜衡只根据这部分经历里的只言片语,结合商见曜刚才的表现,就猜出了“旧调小组”手上有可以使用“宿命通”的物品。 Regarding this, Jiang Baimian can only sigh with emotion one: Worthily is the mysterious powerhouse. 对此,蒋白棉只能感慨一句:不愧是神秘强者。 Shang Jianyao not despised angry, the doubts asked: 商见曜没有被轻视的恼怒,疑惑问道: „Were youdomain awakening deleted the memory byend person?” “你是被‘末人’领域的觉醒者删除了记忆?” Should not be.” Du Heng tone is not that definite. “应该不是。”杜衡的语气也不是那么确定。 The topic enters the impasse, until Jiang Baimian then asked: 话题就此进入死胡同,直至蒋白棉转而问道: Slightly to/clashes to be actually dangerous?” “小冲究竟有多么危险?” Du Heng hesitated, haha said with a smile: 杜衡沉吟了一下,哈哈笑道: Truly speaking, I and he have not bumped into until now directly. “说实在的,我和他到现在为止都没有正面碰到过。 Un...... all sorts of signs showed, his degree of hazard exceeded your imagination, if this city so many mind corridor awakening of level, he has not perhaps been capable of destroying here.” “嗯……种种迹象表明,他的危险程度超越了你们的想象,如果这座城市没那么多‘心灵走廊’层次的觉醒者,他也许有能力毁灭这里。” Human form nuclear bomb? The Jiang Baimian eyebrow moves slightly. 人形核弹?蒋白棉眉毛微动。 Shang Jianyao actually smiled the sound: 商见曜却笑出了声音: He only likes playing the game fortunately, does not like going out.” “还好他只喜欢玩游戏,不爱出门。” Du Heng has not continued this topic, old accent group the beforehand share, was mentioning all sorts of stories in oneself journey. 杜衡没继续这个话题,就着“旧调小组”之前的分享,说起了自己旅途中的种种见闻。 That sect is really specially interesting, they some goods and materials that according to the city ruins in unearth, in light of worship holds the year, derived one set of unusual, very interesting doctrine.” Du Heng is smelling even more rich grilled fish fragrance, while shot the breeze, they regarded the sacred object the barbell and sandbag these, regarded Old World to worship itself to hold the year proof, every day exercised assiduously, the slogan was ‚, only then the body cannot disappoint you and muscle to be supreme and ‚the strong body and spirit to help you open the front door of new world......” “那个教派真是特别有意思,他们根据城市废墟内挖掘出来的一些物品和资料,结合崇拜的执岁,自行衍生出了一套非常,非常有意思的教义。”杜衡一边闻着愈发浓郁的烤鱼香味,一边高谈阔论,“他们把杠铃、沙包这些当成圣物,当成旧世界就已经在崇拜自家执岁的证明,每天都刻苦地锻炼身体,口号是‘只有身体不会辜负你’、‘肌肉至上’、‘只有强健的体魄才能帮助你打开新世界的大门’……” Fitness god? In the Jiang Baimian mind emitted such words and expressions suddenly. 健身神教?蒋白棉脑海内突然冒出了这么一个词语。 Then, she associated to city defense force major Dukasz. 接着,她联想到了城防军少校杜卡斯。 This military officer is crazily infatuated the muscle. 这位军官疯狂痴迷着肌肉。 Shang Jianyao has not cared about other, asked directly: 商见曜没有在意其他,直接问道: What are their holy communions?” “他们的圣餐是什么?” Food of high protein, if there are drinks that is similar the Old World albumen dried, is regarded as the god to bestow.” Du Heng hehe said with a smile, what they worshipped was in April holds year ’ the shadow of distortion ’.” “高蛋白质的食物,如果有类似旧世界蛋白粉的饮品,则被视为神赐。”杜衡呵呵笑道,“他们崇拜的是四月执岁’扭曲之影’。” Looks from the practical significance, their religious doctrines actually compared with practical of many sect.” Listened to Bai Chen to give own view. “从现实意义上看,他们的教义其实比不少教派的实用。”听了一阵的白晨给出了自己的看法。 Jiang Baimian follows to say with a smile: 蒋白棉跟着笑道: Either way, strong and healthy body will not be wrong.” “不管从什么角度讲,强身健体都不会错。” Therefore their followers are many, in army, in vestige hunter, especially so.” Du Heng nods, „a good body, in addition the fine athlete of supplementary, the good marksmanship, is really a big magic weapon of dust survival.” “所以他们的信徒不少,在军队里,在遗迹猎人中,尤其如此。”杜衡点了点头,“一副好身体,加上附带的好身手,好枪法,真的是灰土生存的一大法宝。” Army...... Jiang Baimian looking pensive place under. 军队……蒋白棉若有所思地点了下头。 Long Yuehong cannot bear interrupt: 龙悦红则忍不住插嘴道: Many people are not do not want to exercise, but does not have that condition.” “很多人不是不想锻炼,只是没那个条件。” Cannot eat to the full to drink in the insufficient situation, the fitness will only harm itself. 吃不饱喝不足的情况下,健身只会伤害到自己。 For example......” Shang Jianyao smiled, but has not mentioned by name. “比如说……”商见曜笑了起来,但没有点名。 Long Yuehong knows oneself cannot meet these words, meets definitely is yeah, made Gene Modification one meter 75......” 龙悦红知道自己不能接这句话,一接肯定就是“哎,做了基因改良才一米七五……” He closed the mouth, waits for Du Heng to reply. 他闭上了嘴巴,等着杜衡回答。 Du Heng self-ridiculed that smiles: 杜衡自嘲般笑了笑: How they develop the follower specifically, I am not too clear, but should be able to give some food regularly.” “他们具体怎么发展信徒,我也不是太清楚,但应该会定期给一些食物吧。” This is the biggest sharp weapon that the dust does missionary work...... Jiang Baimian nods gently. 这才是灰土传教的最大利器……蒋白棉轻轻颔首。 After chatting this named Saint teaches by example organization, Du Heng also mentioned itself in the stories of different place, he even goes to sect, to be exceeded intelligence mission by „the desire highest sage to control respectively one side, forms spirit island that” confronts, is in many population extremely happy island. 聊完这个名为“圣身教”的组织后,杜衡又说起了自己在不同地方的见闻,他甚至去过被“欲望至圣”教派、“超越灵性”教团各自控制住一边,形成对峙的“灵岛”,也就是许多人口中的“极乐岛”。 There suits planter fruit, hemp and other things, has the mature necessary industry, received exchange for various types of commodities by this. 那里适合种植水果、大麻等事物,有成熟的配套产业,以此换取各种物资。 Listens to listen, Shang Jianyao asked suddenly: 听着听着,商见曜突然问道: „Have you gone to ‚the salvation army?” “你去过‘救世军’吗?” Has gone.” Du Heng said with a smile, there does not calculate actually had the characteristics, but the mental outlook of people was not quite possibly same, moreover had two extreme......” “去过。”杜衡笑道,“那里其实不算太有特色,但人们的精神面貌可能不太一样,而且产生了两个极端……” He just, the chef roasted the fish at this point, divided the skin, platoon, the meat, carried in front of them. 他刚说到这里,厨师烤好了鱼,将皮、排、肉等分割开来,端到了他们面前。 That rich fragrance made everyone deep breath. 那浓郁的香味弄得所有人都深呼吸了一下。 Nava installs. 格纳瓦装的。 Can eat.” Du Heng took the lead to fork a fish steak, partly closed one's eyes, bit one. “可以吃了。”杜衡率先叉起了一块鱼排,半闭着眼睛,咬了一口。 Shang Jianyao directly soars together the dried shark skin, it fused these seasonings, has uniqueness, both put together, making the person saliva secrete crazily, the enunciation keeps the fragrance. 商见曜直奔一块鱼皮,它融合了那些调料,又有着本身的独特,两者加在一起,让人唾液疯狂分泌,口齿留香。 What this eating is guests and hosts having a good time, Nava, filled several batteries. 这一顿吃的是宾主尽欢,就连格纳瓦,也充满了好几块电池。 Old accent group said goodbye to Du Heng time, the weather has gotten dark completely, the pedestrian footsteps on road, the quantity were in a hurry more than afternoon did not know many times. ‘旧调小组’告别杜衡的时候,天色已经完全黑了下来,路上的行人脚步匆匆,数量比下午多了不知多少倍。 Pitifully, has not left behind the contact method.” Regret, not only Shang Jianyao, Jiang Baimian. “可惜啊,都没留下联系方式。”遗憾的不只是商见曜,还有蒋白棉 Du Hengji did not have into the cell phone of initial city network, has not given the address and telegram frequency band. Facing old accent group the inquiry, he only beckons with the hand natural, turned around to march into the crowd of communication, vanished in the corner. 杜衡既没有入了最初城网络的手机,也未给出地址、电报频段。面对“旧调小组”的询问,他只潇洒地摆了摆手,就转身步入了来往的人群,消失在了街角。 Nava hears word, ponder evil ways: 格纳瓦闻言,“思考”了一下道: „Do you want to rub his help?” “你想蹭他的帮助?” ...... Do not say straightforwardly...... also has, when did you learn rubbing this word? Jiang Baimian expression nearly stiff on face. ……不要说得这么直白啊……还有,你什么时候学会了“蹭”这个词?蒋白棉的表情险些僵硬在脸上。 What this broken robot most should study is the worldly wisdom! 这破机器人最该学的是人情世故! Yeah, if we had known leaves Shang Jianyao sigh with emotion...... Jiang Baimian could not bear look around one. 哎,早知道留给商见曜感慨的……蒋白棉忍不住望了旁边一眼。 Shang Jianyao said earnestly: 商见曜认真说道: Wants slightly to also in the initial city, we will run into Teacher Du Heng sooner or later again. “只要小冲还在最初城,我们迟早会再遇到杜衡老师。 Okay seemingly mystically how when the time comes I must study by myself with him.” “到时候我要好好和他学怎么让自己看起来神秘。” „...... Hope.” Jiang Baimian sighed, said to Long Yuehong and Bai Chen, went back separately.” “……希望吧。”蒋白棉叹了口气,对龙悦红白晨道,“分头回去。” This time destination is a safe house. 这次的目的地是其中一处安全屋。 ............ ………… Seeing the time was similar, old accent group turned on the radio transceiver. 见时间差不多了,“旧调小组”打开了无线电收发报机。 This is joint industry arms dealer Lehman gives the time and place of transaction in waiting. 这是在等待“联合工业”军火商人雷曼给出交易的时间和地点。 Black garment party Terence has given the Shang Jianyao answer, said that raises such a huge fund really to have the difficulty, but can attach the equal commodity. “黑衫党”的特伦斯已经给了商见曜答复,说筹集那么一笔巨额资金确实有困难,但可以附加等价的物资。 They can not collect the interest, the condition must give enough collateral. 他们可以不收利息,条件是必须给出足够的抵押物。 The Jiang Baimian plan first takes the old that Taiwan armed forces with the exoskeleton equipment mortgage, waited to complete the transaction, then changed to the new mechanical arm, that gadget could not use in any case for a short time, can first place Terence there, oneself and the others repaid a debt slowly. 蒋白棉的方案是先拿旧的那台军用外骨骼装置抵押,等完成了交易,再改成新型机械手臂,反正那玩意儿一时半会也用不上,可以先放在特伦斯那里,自己等人慢慢还债。 Shang Jianyao has the proposition to mortgage with Nava, was rejected by Terence without hesitation. 商见曜有提议用格纳瓦抵押,被特伦斯毫不犹豫拒绝了。 Since everything is ready, they have not wasted the time, went to the specific that safe house to contact with Lehman, then in time waiting reply of agreement. 既然万事俱备,他们也就没浪费时间,去特定那个安全屋联系了雷曼,然后于约定的时间等待回复。 Crossed for a long time, the radio transceiver has the signal to come. 过了好久,无线电收发报机才有信号进来。 Jiang Baimian receives, while the dependence auxiliary chip, fast and starts simply the decoding. 蒋白棉一边接收,一边依靠辅助芯片,快速而简单地做起译码。 Most starts that word to translate, her eyelid jumped. 最开始那个单词一译出来,她眼皮就跳了一下。 That is: 那是: Help!” “救命!” Jiang Baimian sped up the progress, completed quickly entire sealed the translation of telegram: 蒋白棉加快了进度,很快完成了整封电报的翻译: Help! Cornez Street 55 th.” “救命!科尔内街55号。” Sees the telegram content, Long Yuehong blurts out: 看到电报内容,龙悦红脱口而出道: „Did Lehman encounter the danger?” “雷曼遇到危险了?”
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