TAS :: Volume #3 王权与蔷薇

#353: Veronica

122 nd Veronica( first) 第一百二十二幕维罗妮卡(第一更) Fina, what's all this about?” 法伊娜,这是怎么回事?” Brando has not replied with enough time, in Centaur that not far away surrounds drills a wear to be black' color' noble of formal clothes. Writing first round network He noticed that was bundled becomes one group of noble ojou-sama, looked to lie down in ground Reneau and other Knight again, could not bear turn hostile' color'. 布兰多还没来得及答话,不远处围观的半人马中就钻出一个穿着黑'色'礼服的贵族来。【文字首发网】他看到被捆成一团的贵族大小姐,再看了看躺在地上的罗诺和其他骑士,忍不住变了脸'色'。 This middle-aged man raises head, looks to arrive on the scene Brando and his back Amandina and Scarlett, face' color' sinks, drew out a long sword sword to puncture without delay. 这个中年男人抬起头,看到站在场中的布兰多和他背后的安蒂缇娜,脸'色'一沉,二话不说拔出长剑一剑就刺了过来。 Follows his sword edge, Brando feels one *** aura. 伴随他剑锋的,布兰多感到一阵***的气息。 passive element, Gold-level Domain. 被动要素,黄金领域 Brando and Scarlett brow jumps, their element have the response simultaneously, after Space stagnates, everyone feels thermal shock, but on Spear of Thunder in Scarlett hand is also bunch of electric arcs high and low jumps. 布兰多眉头都是一跳,他们身上的要素同时产生反应,空间一滞之后所有人都感到温度骤降,而手中的雷之枪上也是一束束电弧上下跳跃。 The sword of that middle-aged man was also fended off by fire shield to the Brando three cuns (2.5 cm) at the same time, his surface' color' changes, immediately retreat, looks at these two youngster discretely. 那个中年男人的剑离布兰多还有三寸就被一面火盾挡开,他面'色'一变,随即后退,谨慎地看着这两个年轻人 Who are you?” In Kaluntz Count heart dark startled, he recognizes certainly Brando and Scarlett is not Tanian, is not Forest Elf, particularly Scarlett that striking red hair, enabling person one eyes to recognize her mountain people identity. “你们是谁?”卡伦兹伯爵心中暗惊,他当然认出布兰多都不是塔尼亚人,也不是树精灵,尤其是那头醒目的红发,让人一眼就能认出她山民的身份来。 Two such young golden strengths, hadn't he heard before? 两个这么年轻的黄金力量,他以前怎么没有听说过? Lord Count, they are Aouinian!” damsel Fina saw that the middle-aged man catches up, almost cannot bear the racket the small chest, sighed in relief, was they injured Reneau and others, that...... that...... youngster, he added that...... added...... the empire was not worth mentioning.” 伯爵大人,他们是埃鲁因人!”贵族少女法伊娜看到中年男人赶来,差点忍不住拍拍小胸脯,松了一口气,“是他们打伤了罗诺和其他人,那个……那个……年轻人,他还说……还说……帝国不值一提。” „Isn't empire worth mentioning?” Kaluntz heard these words heavily snort/hum, the glory of empire was any eagle the pride of people, in his mind Aouine was one small crowd revolts' chaotically' member, if not for in the past evil behind-the-scenes manipulator of Wind Elf under behind, the Great Emperor has exterminated this group of rioters. “帝国不值一提?”卡伦兹听到这句话重重地哼了一声,帝国的荣耀是任何一个雄鹰的子民的骄傲,在他心目中埃鲁因不过是一小群叛'乱'分子,当年若不是风精灵在后面下黑手,大帝早就剿灭了这帮暴民。 Even now Aouine still obtains the acknowledgment of Holy Cathedral of Fire, but arrogant Kirrlutzian is still not willing to acknowledge this point, in their opinion these muddle through life ignobly in Aouinian of corner/horn are one crowd of country bumpkin forget it/that's all, in them noble is not what noble. 即便现在埃鲁因也得到了炎之圣殿的承认,可高傲的克鲁兹人依然不愿意承认这一点,在他们看来这些苟存于一角的埃鲁因人不过是一群乡巴佬罢了,他们中的贵族根本算不上什么贵族 Although Aouinian First King Eicht indeed was from a Kirrlutz time-honored noble family. 虽然埃鲁因人先君埃克的确出身于克鲁兹的一个历史悠久的贵族家族之中。 He uses some hiddens in the shade the vision to look at Brando: Young fellow, were these words you say?” 他用有些阴翳的目光看着布兰多:“小伙子,这句话是你说的?” Brando looks at this noble, in the brain is rotating the impression about opposite party, Kirrlutz Empire noble are too really many, enters the Gold-level Domain powerhouse to look like the stars of space, he does not know that actually this person is where sacred. 布兰多看着这个贵族,脑子里转动着关于对方的印象,不过克鲁兹帝国贵族实在太多,进入黄金领域的强者多得就像是天上的繁星,他也不知道这个人究竟是何方神圣。 He spoke thoughtlessly to reply: Told the facts forget it/that's all.” 他随口答道:“实话实说罢了。” Good to tell the facts,” Kaluntz Count rubbed the tooth, but was ashen almost did not have blood' color' on the face to sneer actually: Heard that your domestic present may be is beset with difficulties, Oberg VII was hit by only Madara sheds bitter tears to send the envoy to run to seek the His Majesty the Emperor make a move aid , right that old fogy has breathed now is right.” “好一个实话实说,”卡伦兹伯爵磨了磨牙齿,不过灰白得几乎没有血'色'的脸上却是冷笑:“不过听说你们国内现在可算是困难重重,奥伯古七世被区区一个玛达拉打得痛哭流涕派使节跑来求皇帝陛下出手援助,哦,对了那个老家伙现在已经咽气了才对吧。” He pretended to think, sighed: In' chaotic' gets up numerously, seeming like now your home is not very wonderful, youngster. Does not know that Her Highness the Princess is interested to our nine imperial princes, perhaps otherwise our imperial prince your highness can actually the make a move help.” 他假装想了一下,叹道:“内'乱'纷起啊,看起来现在你们国内很不妙呢,年轻人。不知道那位公主殿下是不是对我们的九皇子有兴趣,否则说不定我们的皇子殿下倒是可以出手帮忙。” Kirrlutz Empire that even is not worth mentioning, solves more insignificant Aouine's troublesome slight effort forget it/that's all.” “即使是不值一提的克鲁兹帝国,解决一下更加微不足道的埃鲁因的麻烦还是举手之劳罢了。” In this noble words was full of the meaning of taunt, falling slightly is grating in any Aouinian ear, Amandina endured patiently not to rebut with sarcasm with great difficulty she is a girl but still clenched teeth after all secretly. 这位贵族的话语中充满了嘲讽之意,落在任何一个埃鲁因人耳中都略显刺耳,安蒂缇娜好不容易忍耐下来才没有反唇相讥她毕竟是个女孩子但仍旧暗自咬了咬牙。 Even Scarlett knits the brows, no matter how Aouine cannot withstand, after all is the everyone's a total of country of life on this lands, was satirized by the bystander makes her some uncomfortable. 都皱了皱眉,不管埃鲁因怎么不堪,毕竟是生活在这片土地上所有人共有的国家,被外人如此讽刺还是让她有些不舒服。 As for Brando, mentioned Her Highness the Princess from this man at that moment, on face already overcast sky. His hand first time sword hilt that pressed down Earth Sword. 至于布兰多本身,从这个男人提到公主殿下那一刻起,脸上就早已阴云密布了。他的手第一次按上了大地之剑的剑柄。 He does not have easily to use the sword , because does not want to kill people, but some people must bring about own destruction, youngster does not mind to help. 他没有轻易出剑,是因为不想杀人,不过有人要自寻死路,年轻人不介意成全。 Only Gold-rank Initial Stage. 区区一个黄金初阶 His only one's own Swordsmanship adds on the strength to be able easily to defeat mid Gold rank Curran, but that is also not his condition full battle efficiency, do not forget Brando also to have Planeswalker and Elementalist status. 他单凭自己的剑术加上实力就能轻易战胜黄金中位库兰,但那还不是他状态全开的战斗力,别忘了布兰多还有旅法师元素使的身份。 Even does not need Scarlett' inserting' hand, he had confidence that can make this fellow unable to send out half character in ten moves again the syllable. 甚至不需要'插'手,他就有把握可以在十招之内让这个家伙再发不出半个字的音节来。 Funiya pulls Amandina hand little girl to have no sentiment to Aouine, but she at least knows that is the one's own Brother Brando motherland, she sees Brando to get angry, knows that the latter is not very happy. 芙妮雅牵着安蒂缇娜的手这个小姑娘埃鲁因没什么感情,但她至少知道那是自己的布兰多哥哥的祖国,她看到布兰多黑着脸,就知道后者已经很不高兴了。 Her raises head looks at that Count, said crisp: Who you are, here does not welcome you!” 抬起头看着那个伯爵,脆生生地说道:“你们是谁,这里不欢迎你们!” Kaluntz Count stares, has not thought that a child also dares to refute itself, as soon as he obstructs, but jokes immediately: Has not really educated, worthily is the child of country bumpkin.” 卡伦兹伯爵一愣,没想到一个小孩子也敢反驳自己,他一窒,但马上讥笑道:“真没教养,不愧是乡巴佬的孩子。” But his these words have not said, could not be justified. Not only he, Centaur that even periphery surrounds felt that the air changes cold Centaur always to like watching the fun suddenly, the corner/horn fights is potluck this little while they saw on to them the wooden floor of corridor is producing hoar frost at the visible speed. 但他这句话还没说完,就说不下去了。不只是他,甚至连周围围观的半人马都感到空气骤然变冷半人马们向来喜欢看热闹,角斗对他们来说是家常便饭不过这会儿他们看到长廊的木质地板上正以肉眼可见的速度在生成一片白霜。 This ice-cold hoar frost makes the plank because of distorting to make the creaking and grating sound, as if the break beforehand wail is the same, it seems like white' color' the snake of frost has spread from the Brando under foot equally before the Kaluntz body. 这冰冷的白霜让木板因为变形而发出吱吱嘎嘎的声音,仿佛断裂之前的哀鸣一样,它像是一条白'色'的霜之蛇一样从布兰多脚下一直蔓延向卡伦兹身前。 „Is this element? The good high-level ice is element this Kirrlutz Count flash turns hostile' color'. “这是要素?好高级的冰系要素”这位克鲁兹伯爵一瞬间变了脸'色'。 He lifts the sword to prevent, but at this time, outside the crowd heard one to drink lowly: Stop!” 他抬起剑来想要阻挡,可正是这个时候,人群外传来一声低喝:“住手!” Kaluntz Count is startled, but Brando just likes has not heard, his Earth Sword the sheath, element's power has felt his anger to reach the active peak in this moment, they as if reappeared at that moment in the terrifying might that in the Grudin hall once showed. 卡伦兹伯爵一怔,但布兰多恍若未闻,他大地之剑已经出鞘,要素的力量感受着他的愤怒在这一刻达到活跃的巅峰,它们仿佛重现了那一刻在格鲁丁的大厅中曾经展现出的恐怖威力。 In vain' color' the snake of frost seems like the lightning the same as bite to turning head Kaluntz, but this time they are doomed to fly back without any results, because does not have the shadow invisible strength to stop the imposing manner that Brando selects for promotion unceasingly together suddenly. 白'色'的霜之蛇像是闪电一样噬向回过头去的卡伦兹,但这一次它们注定无功而返因为一道无影无形的力量忽然阻挡布兰多不断拔升的气势。 That looks like the transparent wall to be together same, interrupted Brando suddenly regarding the induction of element. 那就像是一道透明的墙壁一样,骤然截断了布兰多对于要素的感应。 youngster startled raises head, saw Centaur that the front assembles draws back in abundance to both sides, goes out of one to throw over' color from behind red' long' wool' fabric cape, the whole body is dressing up one set of sparking armour, long turns green such as the emerald and to throw over the woman on shoulder like the waterfall same. 年轻人一惊抬起头,看到前方围聚起来的半人马纷纷向两旁退开,从后面走出一个披着红'色'长'毛'绒斗篷,全身披挂一套闪亮的甲胄,长发青如翡翠、如同瀑布一样披在肩上的女人。 The women are very beautiful, about 40-year-old age, but only in the corners of the eye has the wrinkle slightly. The woman is coldly looks to Brando this direction, Brando just thinks make a move, but was actually stared by this decides on the spot. 女人很美,大约40多岁的年纪,但只有眼角之间稍有皱纹。那女人不过是冷冷地布兰多这个方向看过来,布兰多正想出手,可却被这一眼瞪得生生定在原地。 Brando knows this woman, Veronica, Kirrlutz Azure Sky Legion Army Commander. 布兰多认识这个女人,维罗妮卡,克鲁兹青之苍穹军团军团长 Empire rare female' nature' Commander, has also participated in November War, east two Holy War front allied armies highest Commander. She has Peak Sword Saint, Dragon Knight and war sage and Azure Sky General a series of titles 30 years ago, 100 years ago perhaps on Unsealed Element, as for the present, no one has known her intrepidly to what situation. 既是帝国少有地女'性'指挥官,同时也是参与过十一月战争,二次圣战东部战线的联军最高指挥官。她在三十年前就已经有极剑圣龙骑士、战争贤者、苍穹将军一系列头衔,一百年前就开化了要素,至于现在,恐怕已经没人知道她强悍到了什么地步。 However must speak Kirrlutz domestic national treasure rank the words of elite expert, then this woman definitely is one of them. 不过要说克鲁兹国内国宝级别的顶尖高手的话,那么这个女人肯定是其中之一。 In fact Brando saw that this woman cannot bear' wool' stand upside down coldly. 事实上布兰多看到这个女人就忍不住寒'毛'倒立。 Although Veronica and Freya personal friendship in the past history was good, even it can be said that latter's half teacher, before this powerful woman, future Valkyrie is also shy little girl. 虽然在过去的历史中维罗妮卡芙雷娅私交不错,甚至可以说是后者的半个老师,在这个强悍的女人面前,未来的女武神也不过是个青涩的小姑娘而已。 Regardless of but who she is, Brando does not hope that bumps into the opposite party in this place. 可无论她是谁,布兰多都不希望在这个地方碰上对方。 Do not say that he also taught person of opposite party a moment ago ruthlessly, although seems like this matter is the Kirrlutz Empire person selects, but doesn't the elder of which family/home hide shortcomings? 更不要说刚才他还狠狠地教训了对方的人一顿,虽然看起来这件事是克鲁兹帝国的人挑起来的,可谁家的长辈不护短? Didn't this want the short remaining life? 这不是要了老命了吗? Martha above, is this script that who writes? Brando saw this woman that has especially' color' azure' color' the first almost counter blood of eagle shape earring choked. 玛莎在上啊,这是谁写的剧本啊?布兰多看到这个女人那极具特'色'的青'色'鹰状耳环的第一眼就差点一口逆血呛了出来。 „Do you look down upon the empire very much?” The women looked that youngster first is icy, tone also unrestrained/no trace of politeness. “你很看不起帝国?”女人看年轻人的第一眼就是冷冰冰的,语气也毫不客气。 With such words, the imposing manner of woman turned into a to have the sharp sword of sheath probably, the point points to Brando. Let this obstruct from Aouine's Young Lord, but he is staring at the eyes of opposite party, took a deep breath replied: 伴随着这样的话,女人的气势好像变成了一柄出鞘的利剑,锋芒直指布兰多。让这位来自埃鲁因的年轻领主一窒,不过他盯着对方的眼睛,深深吸了一口气答道: „The Kirrlutzian ancestor seems to have been used to use *** with conquering to solve the problem, therefore forgot the civilization contains? Incessantly regarding the one's own people, probably regarding bystander also all along arbitrary overbearing?” 克鲁兹人的先祖似乎已经习惯了用***与征服来解决问题,所以忘了文明的包容?不止是对于自己的子民,好像对于外人也是一贯地蛮横霸道?” Although Brando in the heart thump thump jumps, but does not show weakness orally, here is the Druid domain, at least here how the opposite party does not dare to take him. 布兰多虽然心中怦怦直跳,但口头上丝毫不示弱,这里是德鲁伊的地盘,至少在这里对方不敢拿他怎么样。 His words also point to Achilles' heel of opposite party, Kirrlutz Empire cruel and indifferent is it in the reason that in the Holy Cathedral of Fire influence fully suffered to denounce. However is good in Holy Cathedral of Fire seven High Priest, Kirrlutz occupied half to be many, therefore can also hold on to the strength of religion firmly. 他的话也是直指对方的痛脚,克鲁兹帝国的残暴与冷漠一直是它在炎之圣殿势力中饱受诟病的原因。不过好在炎之圣殿七个大神官之中,克鲁兹就占了一半多,因此还能牢牢地把住宗教的力量。 Snort, sharp tongue cannot make you profit.” Commandress coldly said that Kaluntz, to this Aouinian lesson!” “哼,牙尖嘴利也不能让你占到便宜。”女军团长冷冷地说道,“卡伦兹,给这个埃鲁因人一个教训!” Kaluntz Count has turned head at this moment again, he detected that Brando by this legendary Army Commander internal energy locking, could not have been borne smiles fiercely. He cannot kill people in the Druid domain, but makes a hands and feet make the Brando future day not feel better or not have the issue in secret. 卡伦兹伯爵此刻再回过头,他察觉到布兰多已经被这位传奇军团长气机锁定,忍不住狰狞地一笑。他在德鲁伊的地盘上不能杀人,但暗中使点手脚让布兰多今后的日子不好过还是没问题的。 Discards two Aouine in the future the outstanding youngster future, he is glad to do very much. 废掉两个埃鲁因未来优秀的年轻人的前途,他还是很乐意去做的。 He bows to Veronica immediately respectfully, then draws a sword to puncture to the Brando's hand wrist place. But how stood in Brando behind Scarlett can make him achieve wishes, the young girl raises and a spear/gun block the Kaluntz attack route immediately, while she prepared make a move, Commandress coldly swept her moment red haired girl such as by thunder Shi, the war halberd in hand kuāng dāng fell on the ground. 他立刻向维罗妮卡恭敬地一躬身,然后拔剑向布兰多手腕处刺来。但站在布兰多身后的如何能让他如愿,少女一扬、立刻一枪封死卡伦兹的进攻路线,只是正当她准备出手,女军团长不过冷冷地扫了她一眼那一刻红发少女如遭雷噬,手中的战戟‘哐当’一声掉在地上。 Acts recklessly!” Kaluntz sneers, sword edge in his hand has approached the Brando's body. “不知死活!”卡伦兹冷笑,他手中的剑刃已靠近布兰多的身体。 ( ***: How facing element level opponent Brando can? Please listen to be resolved ~ words saying that at the end of the month, the bill, various types swayed back and forth to ask right?!.) (***:面对要素级对手布兰多会如何呢?请听下回分解~话说月末了啊,票票呢,各种打滚求有木有。) Writing first round network 【文字首发网】
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