TMBD :: Volume #5

#446: Romanian hou

The 33 Heavens flames of war are continuous. 三十三重天的战火连绵不绝。 Asura Clan offensive is fierce, has not actually broken through the defense line. 修罗族攻势凶猛,却也没有突破防线。 The innumerable Asura Clan falls from the sky in the flames of war. 数不清的修罗族在战火中陨落。 Such sacrifice had any significance.” “这样的牺牲有什么意义。” Void, gal Nara looks that below battlefield said. 虚空中,伽那罗看着下方的战场说道。 „...... How does not have the significance to be able, Ashura takes fighting as to live, the war is our instinct.” “……没有意义又能如何,阿修罗以战为生,战争是我们的本能。” The real tuo Romania replied. 真陀罗回答。 Many sacrifices will not make the soldiers of Asura Clan withdraw half step. 再多的牺牲也不会让修罗族的战士退后半步。 In Asura World, the right of their honor and multiplication, must receive in exchange with the war. 修罗界,他们的荣誉、繁衍的权利,一切都要用战争换取。 So long as won the war, can have all. 只要赢得战争,就能拥有一切。 This is the value that Ashura person has.” “这就是阿修罗人存在的价值。” The real tuo Romania said: „To challenge this value only, is on the king.” 真陀罗说道:“唯一想要挑战这种价值的,就是王上。” His heart probably hidden has the induction, looks down, angrily roars from below transmits. 他心头好像隐有感应,低头看去,一声怒吼从下面传来。 What is Luo Hou that coward making? Why has not gotten down!” “罗睺那个胆小鬼在做什么?为什么还不下来!” That is Luo Qiantuo voice. 那是罗骞驮的声音。 Real tuo Romania expression one cold: They must drag us into the water.” 真陀罗表情一冷:“他们要拖我们下水了。” After Ashura person who all Luo Hou command breaks through barrier, void is standing, has not gotten down to enter the war. 所有罗睺统率的阿修罗人突破结界后,都在虚空站立,没有下去参战。 That three Ashura kings long for meritorious military service, life that does not care about Asura Clan people, but Luo Hou cares. 那三个阿修罗王渴望战功,根本不在意修罗族子民的生命,可罗睺在乎。 Luo Hou!” “罗睺!” Beside Three Worlds, the voice of candle dragon is also angrily rebuking: Why has not gotten down.” 三界之外,烛龙的声音也在怒斥:“为何还不下去。” A sigh resounds immediately. 一声叹息随即响起。 The jet black flame, lowers from void. 漆黑的火焰,从虚空中降下。 Crashes on such as the meteor, to thousand zhang (3.33 m) beyond, Three Worlds numerous immortals saw clearly, that is surface, if frost youth. 就如陨星坠落般,一直到了千丈之外,三界众仙才看清,那是一个面若冰霜的青年。 The third Ashura king arrived. 第三位阿修罗王到来了。 Heavenly King Li shouts loudly: Blocks him.” 李天王大声喊道:“拦住他。” Heavenly Palace early is prepared, Ancient Buddha Dīpankara has the group immortal to rush. 天宫早有准备,燃灯古佛带着群仙冲了上去。 But close Luo Hou, this Ashura king had not put out a hand. 但还未接近罗睺,这位阿修罗王就伸出了手。 In an instant, that hand as if turned into the giant black hole, all rays of light were attracted. 刹那间,那只手仿佛变成了巨大的黑洞,一切光芒都被吸了过去。 rays of light and stars of livelihood rays of light of rays of light and flames of war, immortal soldier immortal item rays of light, vanished in the flash unexpectedly. 日月的光芒、星辰的光芒、战火的光芒,仙兵仙器光芒,竟在一瞬间消失了。 The world becomes a darkness. 世界变得一片黑暗。 Ancient Buddha Dīpankara and the others lost goal all of a sudden. 燃灯古佛等人一下子失去了目标。 This is any cult tactic.” “这是什么邪术。” Ancient Buddha Dīpankara opens the discernment, is result futile effort, at present except for black black. 燃灯古佛张开法眼,可是结果徒劳,眼前除了黑还是黑。 His buddhist aura dark was also camouflaged. 他的佛光也被黑暗遮蔽了。 That is very pure, does not mix any impurity the darkness, rays of light does not have. 那是非常纯粹的、不掺任何杂质的黑暗,一丝光芒也没有。 celestial troops and generals loses the enemy and sense of direction, immediately is panic-stricken. 天兵天将失去敌人和方向感,顿时惊慌失措起来。 How!” “怎么了!” A their formation confusion: My anything cannot see.” 他们的队形一片混乱:“我什么都看不见。” haha, Luo Hou can cover the light in world.” 哈哈,罗睺能遮挡世间之光。” Luo Qiantuo said with a smile loudly: Your this wars lost.” 罗骞驮大声笑道:“你们这场战争输定了。” The soldiers of Asura Clan early have been familiar in the darkness begin, before long, various sky places resound the pitiful yell, the defense line start to collapse rapidly. 修罗族的战士早已经习惯在黑暗中动手,不一会儿,天空各处就响起惨叫,防线开始迅速崩溃。 Pleiades date stars.” “昴日星官。” Heavenly King Li realized that the fearfulness of last Asura king, loudly calls out: Illuminates the battlefield!” 李天王意识到最后一位修罗王的可怕,大叫一声:“照亮战场!” A resonant chicken called resounds immediately. 一声嘹亮的鸡鸣随即响起。 A Sun appears in 33 Heavens, bright eye-catching, has illuminated the entire battlefield. 一轮太阳在三十三重天浮现出来,熠熠夺目,照亮了整个战场。 numerous immortals is just about to relax, actually hears cold snort/hum, on Sun that just presented has covered one group of shadows immediately. 众仙正要松一口气,却又听见一声冷哼,刚出现的太阳上面顿时笼罩了一团黑影。 It opens the tian gou of big mouth like one, swallowed Sun. 它就像一只张开大嘴的天狗,把太阳吞了进去。 Heavenly Palace, once more becomes a darkness. 天宫,再次变得一片黑暗。 Time that while all immortal moods sink once more, together nine color divine light suddenly present in the sky. 正当所有的仙人心情再次沉下去的时候,一道九色神光忽然在天空呈现出来。 That is the light of auspicious omen, hundred hundred million karmic virtue, were not covered up by anything. 那是祥瑞之光,百亿功德所化,不被任何东西遮掩。 This is the Resplendent Azure Great Emperor light. 这是青华大帝的光。 His top of the head ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) rays of light, appears in the battlefield. 他头顶万丈光芒,出现在战场。 azure, Resplendent Azure Great Emperor?” “青、青华大帝?” Master Qing Yuan was shocked: His head can shine!?” 清元子惊呆了:“他的脑袋会发光!?” This information, he has not heard. 这个情报,就连他也没有听说过。 „Has Resplendent Azure Great Emperor perhaps worn wig?” 青华大帝说不定是戴了假发?” A sound said in his side. 一个声音在他身边说道。 Master Qing Yuan has turned the head, the discovery is Mahasthamaprapta, one of his information tenderers. 清元子转过头,发现是灵吉菩萨,他的情报提供者之一。 In Mahasthamaprapta is taking one string of firecrackers, lights, while throws the percussion instrument to Master Qing Yuan. 灵吉菩萨手里拿着一串鞭炮,一边点燃,一边把锣鼓丢给清元子 What can this make?” “这要做什么?” Asking of Master Qing Yuan doubts. 清元子疑惑的问道。 A moment ago that was day dog food date.” “刚才那是天狗食日。” Mahasthamaprapta replied: I listened to the Buddha saying that lit the firecrackers and beats gongs and drums to be able the tian gou to pursue.” 灵吉菩萨回答:“我听佛祖说过,点燃鞭炮和敲锣击鼓能把天狗驱逐出去。” Master Qing Yuan has gawked staring, then starts to beat gongs and drums. 清元子愣了愣,然后开始敲锣击鼓。 Originally that Ashura king support a tian gou. 原来那阿修罗王养了一只天狗。 He can write a book. 他又可以写一本书了。 Resplendent Azure Great Emperor transports the discernment, searches high and low Luo Hou. 青华大帝运起法眼,四处寻找罗睺。 His auspicious light can only illuminate part of battlefields, did not find Luo Hou, cannot solve the basic issue. 他的瑞光只能照亮一部分战场,不找到罗睺,就不能解决根本问题。 The Resplendent Azure Great Emperor vision has locked a dark region. 青华大帝的目光锁定了一处黑暗地带。 Comes out!” “出来!” He ejects Nine Colored Lotus, hits directly in the darkness, has exploded a person's shadow. 他抛出九色彩莲,直接打在黑暗处,把一个人影炸了出来。 Great Saint is greatly kind and sad big hope greatly.” 大圣大慈、大悲大愿。” Romanian hou has the wound to go out of darkness. 罗睺带着伤口走出黑暗。 He looks to Resplendent Azure Great Emperor, said: You are Resplendent Azure World of Eternal Happiness, eastern extremely wonderful strict Gong Heavenly Lord of Supreme Oneness and Salvation from Misery.” 他看向青华大帝,说道:“你是青华长乐界,东极妙严宫的太乙救苦天尊。” I.” “正是我。” Resplendent Azure Great Emperor looks to Romanian hou, his figure is partly visible, is only the flash, Luo Hou wound vanished. 青华大帝看向罗睺,他的身形若隐若现,只是一瞬间,罗睺身上的伤口就消失了。 This person has the strangeness.” “此人有古怪。” The Resplendent Azure Great Emperor thought flashes, thousands of Nine Colored Lotus, just like the curtain wall is ordinary, covers Luo Hou total. 青华大帝念头一闪,千万朵九色彩莲,犹如幕墙一般,将罗睺全数覆盖在内。 Rests underestimates in me!” “休得小看于我!” Romanian hou expression sinks, the innumerable sword glow presently in him behind, as if radiant group star, goes to the Resplendent Azure Great Emperor lasing. 罗睺表情一沉,数不清的剑芒现于他身后,就仿佛璀璨群星,向青华大帝激射而去。
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