TOHG :: Volume #11

#1017: all Woman swears brotherhood

Apothecary is gazing at him, is away from the bronze mask, the vision is spooky. 药师注视着他,隔着青铜面具,目光幽幽。 In the Qin Mu heart is anxious, after all this request really shameless a little. 秦牧心中惴惴不安,毕竟这种要求着实无耻了一点儿。 A while ago Cripple robbed a grave, robs many corpse monsters to deliver to here, through these corpse monsters, the body structure of god, I basically has understood thoroughly. Even if were divine treasure I also studies, how otherwise cannot direct other people to open divine treasure. However the medical ethics, I had not discovered.” “前段时间瘸子盗墓,盗了许多尸妖送到我这里,通过那些尸妖,神的身体构造,我基本上已经了解透彻。即便是神藏我也研究完了,否则也不能指点他人如何开辟神藏。但是医道,我并未发现。” Apothecary is languid: I can trade a head to the person, trades a heart, even explains the divine treasure Heavenly Palace heredity the mystery, transplants divine treasure or Heavenly Palace. Where however I have not always discovered the medical ethics. Perhaps our line, simply does not have what so-called medical ethics.” 药师懒洋洋道:“我可以给人换个脑袋,换颗心脏,甚至破解神藏天宫遗传的奥妙,移植神藏或者天宫。然而我始终未曾发现医道在哪里。可能咱们这一行,根本没有什么所谓的医道。” Qin Mu have a strong sense of righteousness said: „The medicine kind-heartedness, practices medicine to provide relief, saves common people all living things in the plague, isn't the disappearing disaster illness pain in the seed, the medical ethics?” 秦牧大义凛然道:“医者仁心,悬壶济世,拯救黎民众生于瘟疫之中,消灾疾病痛于萌芽之内,不就是医道吗?” The Apothecary air/Qi smiles extremely: Brat uttered fine words, you actually counted on that I improve the medical ethics, I also count on you! You practice medicine Jinan first my! I raise you laboriously such in a big way, was counting on you care for the aged, casual foundation about one hundred Emperor's Seat cultivation technique choose for me. You are booing, oneself practice is not filial piety us diligently, counted in the contrary our these old fogies come to prepare cultivation technique to your boy!” 药师气极而笑:“臭小子说得好听,你却指望我来完善医道,我还指望你呢!你先悬壶济我一个!我辛辛苦苦把你养这么大,指望着你来养老,随便开创个百儿八十种帝座功法供我挑选。你倒好,自己不努力修炼孝敬我们,反倒指望我们这些老家伙来给你小子准备好功法!” Qin Mu facial color slightly red, slow of speech say/way: Grandpa Apothecary is not old, compares the god demon, Grandpa Apothecary is young just when the youth. The technique industry studies, the Grandpa Apothecary medical skill first under heaven, the poisonous technique first under heaven, Jade face Poison King is not have an undeserved reputation, I reluctantly arrange at second, does not dare to compete for the opportunity that this history left a good name with Grandpa Apothecary.” 秦牧面色微红,讷讷道:“药师爷爷一点也不老,相比神魔来说,药师爷爷正值青春年少。正所谓术业有专攻,药师爷爷的医术天下第一,毒术天下第一,玉面毒王并非浪得虚名,我只是勉强排在第二,不敢与药师爷爷争夺这个青史留名的机会。” Apothecary heard the history to leave a good name this word, moved actually, immediately for: I, although has analyzed the pinnacle to the physical body structure, but also has Primordial Spirit not to solve. Primordial Spirit involves the operation of origin qi, the origin qi line in physical body , the line in Primordial Spirit, understood mystery, may know whether the medical ethics exists.” 药师听到青史留名这个词,倒是动了心,随即为难道:“我虽对肉身结构已经解析到了极致,但还有元神未解。元神牵扯到元气的运行,元气行于肉身,又行于元神,了解其中的奥妙,才有可能知道医道是否存在。” In the Qin Mu spoken language has been full of the instigation will of the people strength: Grandpa Apothecary, the say/way is the person walks! In the world this does not have the picture track, but the deaf grandfather then stiffly goes out of a picture track, becomes the big grandmaster! In the world this does not have Sword Dao, Founding Emperor to go out of Sword Dao actually, strives for hegemony with Heavenly Venerable! Grandpa Apothecary also certainly can go out of a medical ethics, becomes the medical ethics is supreme, leaves a good name to posterity ten thousand/myriad world!” 秦牧言语中充满了煽动人心的力量:“药师爷爷,道是人走出来的!世上本没有画道,但聋爷爷便是硬生生走出一条画道来,成为大宗师!世上本没有剑道,开皇硬是走出一条剑道,与天尊争雄!药师爷爷也一定可以走出一条医道,成为医道至尊,流芳万世!” Apothecary was said the doggedly sincere to well up by him, ponders over saying: But, needs to understand besides Primordial Spirit origin qi, I also need to understand Divine Consciousness. Too difficult, was too difficult, Cripple steals many corpse monsters to me, I can understand physical body and divine treasure through the corpse monster, but the corpse monster does not have Primordial Spirit, does not have Divine Consciousness......” 药师被他说得一腔热血涌了上来,思忖道:“不过,除了元神元气需要了解之外,我还需要了解一下神识。太难了,实在太难了,瘸子给我偷来许多尸妖,我可以通过尸妖了解肉身神藏,但尸妖没有元神,也没有神识……” Grandpa Apothecary the experimental subject who how needs one to toss about also tosses about does not die?” The Qin Mu probe said. 药师爷爷需要一个怎么折腾也折腾不死的实验对象?”秦牧试探道。 Apothecary nods: I had thought that the optiman is Xing An, Xing An can stand up to toss about. However Xing An on Divine Consciousness not wise......” 药师点头:“我原本想过,最佳人选便是星犴,星犴禁得起折腾。不过星犴神识上并不高明……” He looked at Shu Jun. 他看了看叔钧 Qin Mu also looked at Shu Jun. 秦牧也看了看叔钧 Shu Jun is holding the tea, shrinks the head to sit in the rocking chair, likely is a listless cinereous vulture. 叔钧捧着茶,缩着脑袋坐在摇椅中,像是一只没精打采的秃鹫。 His soul was too weak.” “他的魂太弱了。” Apothecary shakes the head: Then had been killed just now by poison by me twice, the soul flew away.” 药师摇头:“适才便被我毒死了两次,魂魄都飞走了。” Shu Jun moved to tears of gratitude, the tears cannot stop to fall, pound on the water surface of teacup. 叔钧感激涕零,眼泪止不住落下,砸在茶杯的水面上。 Qin Mu said with a smile: Grandpa Apothecary can feel relieved greatly. My Heavenly Devil Creation Art or Granny teach, has Granny here, his soul wants to fly unable to fly.” 秦牧笑道:“药师爷爷大可以放心。我的天魔造化功还是婆婆教的,有婆婆在这里,他的魂魄想飞都飞不了。” Shu Jun glowers. 叔钧怒目而视。 Qin Mu pretends not to see, to teach with skill and patience: Grandpa Apothecary, considers, where can you find one so strongly to start practice divine treasure practice Primordial Spirit Lord of Creation? Moreover antique God King! Of his Divine Consciousness, is not weak in me, physical body is stronger than me, floods the formidable vitality, the soul slowly is growing from the small and weak stage.” 秦牧装作没看见,循循善诱道:“药师爷爷,试想一下,你在哪里能够找到一个如此强壮又开始修炼神藏修炼元神造物主?而且还是太古神王!他的神识之强,不弱于我,肉身比我更强,充斥着强大的生命力,魂魄又是从弱小阶段慢慢成长。” The eye pupil under Apothecary mask is getting more and more bright, looks that Shu Jun nods again and again. 药师面具下的眼眸越来越明亮,看着叔钧连连点头。 The Shu Jun body shivers, sound hoarse say/way: My physical body is weak, did you forget? You have killed by poison me twice!” 叔钧身躯颤抖,声音沙哑道:“我的肉身还不够强,你忘了吗?你毒死了我两次!” Apothecary said lightly: God King, you opened Spirit Embryo divine treasure freely, but six divine treasure have not opened, softens your physical body without me, several other divine treasure you give up any idea of the opening. Even if you have left with Mu'er today, in the future will run to ask me.” 药师淡淡道:“神王,你尽管开辟了灵胎神藏,但还有六个神藏尚未开启,没有我软化你的肉身,其他几个神藏你休想开辟。就算你今日跟着牧儿走掉了,将来还是会跑回来求我。” Shu Jun facial color cloudy clear uncertain, passed the moment, he presses the grief and indignation in the heart, nodded. 叔钧面色阴晴不定,过了片刻,他将悲愤压在心底,点了点头。 The Apothecary great happiness, looks to Qin Mu: Medical ethics is supreme, did the history leave a good name?” 药师大喜,看向秦牧:“医道至尊,青史留名?” Un!” Qin Mu layer on layer nods. “嗯!”秦牧重重点头。 Apothecary long breathed a sigh of relief, shot a look at Shu Jun, is looking at a draft animal likely, is very satisfied. 药师长舒了口气,瞥了瞥叔钧,像是在看一个牲口,很是满意。 Qin Mu seeks Grandma Si, said: Granny, had a proverb to say well, Boss not diligently......” 秦牧寻到司婆婆,道:“婆婆,有句老话说得好,老大不努力……” Qin Mu had been hit by Grandma Si, generally was the Boss two character stabbing pain Grandma Si, therefore then clutched the ear to hit. 秦牧司婆婆打了一顿,大抵是老大二字刺痛了司婆婆,于是便揪着耳朵打。 Apothecary and Deaf smiled for this reason were very long. 药师聋子为此笑了很久。 Delivers Qin Mu leaves, the eye socket of Grandma Si was red, gazes after Heavenly Dragon treasure carriage to drive out of the line of sight, has not returned to Heavenly Saint School for a very long time. 只是送秦牧离开的时候,司婆婆的眼圈还是红了,目送天龙宝辇驶出视线,还是久久没有回到天圣学宫 After Heavenly Dragon treasure carriage goes to the River Tomb city, Qin Mu has not sought Emperor Yanfeng and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Bai jade tablet here, does not know that these two people rushed to where to go, must rush to Capital City. 天龙宝辇行驶到江陵城后,秦牧在这里并未寻到延丰帝延康国师江白圭,也不知这二人跑到何处去了,只得赶往京城。 To Capital City, he saw Village Chief without consulting anybody, Mute and Blind also waits in Imperial College, although Village Chief must teach him, but saw him to forget this matter, listening to Qin Mu to mention itself in the Heavenly Court story, sobbed. 到了京城,他径自去见村长,哑巴瞎子也在太学院中等候,村长虽说要教训教训他,但是见了他还是忘记了这茬事,听着秦牧说起自己在天庭的见闻,唏嘘不已。 „Had Founding Emperor come to here?” 开皇已经来过这里了?” Qin Mu is surprised, said: I have not run into him on the road, now he where?” 秦牧惊讶,道:“我在路上并未遇到他,现在他在何处?” This does not know. Founding Emperor 20 teaches the sword to me, to repay him probably from Eternal Peace here to learn sword 15 to sword 19 benevolence.” “这就不知道了。开皇将剑20传授给我,大概是为了报答他从延康这里学会了剑15到剑19的恩情。” Village Chief said excitedly: Sees this Sword Dao certainly peak, is my always long-cherished wish, at the present finally must recompense to hope, this does not live in vain! Mu'er, I teach sword 20 to you, you keep several day in Capital City.” 村长兴奋道:“见一见这位剑道绝峰,是我平生夙愿,而今终于得偿所愿,不枉此生!牧儿,我将剑20式传授给你,你在京城多留几日。” Qin Mu hesitates, nod say "yes", said: Dragon Fatty, you brought God King to go to my your family place to live on the several th, the day also in the past.” 秦牧迟疑一下,点头称是,道:“龙胖,你带着神王去我府上住几日,都天也过去罢。” Dragon Qilin leads the people to arrive at other institute of Qin Mu in Eternal Peace Capital City, in that courtyard has splendid sight Origin Tree, green and luxuriant, rosy cloud light stripe say/way, hangs down, is protecting the Eternal Peace Capital City, it can be said that a Capital City grandest scenery. 龙麒麟带着众人来到秦牧延康京城的别院,那院子里有一株蔚为壮观的元木,郁郁葱葱,霞光条条道道,垂挂下来,守护着延康京城,可以说是京城最为壮丽的一景。 Yan Xiu Empress seals this courtyard is Imperial Preceptor Manor, comes to clean daily, in the mansion has a female to be called Gongsun Yan, the relations with Yan Xiu Empress is very good. 延秀帝把这个院子封为国师府,日常派人前来打扫,府中有一女子叫做公孙嬿,与延秀帝的关系很好。 Occasionally also has Hu Ling'er and Gongsun Yan to come to stay a while several day. 偶尔也有狐灵儿公孙嬿前来小住几日。 Dragon Qilin arrives at Qin Mu's Imperial Preceptor Manor, then sees Gongsun Yan to drink tea with three females, is absolutely terrified. 龙麒麟来到秦牧的国师府,便见公孙嬿正在与三个女子喝茶,不由毛骨悚然。 Devil King Dou Tian also had a scare, in that four females has one impressively to be much longer with Lang Wo God King, is only and Lang Wo God King attire is different, is Yun Chuxiu! 都天魔王也是吓了一跳,那四个女子中有一个赫然与阆涴神王长得一模一样,只是与阆涴神王的装束不同,正是云初袖 Yun Chuxiu is gripping two ponytails, is very lively active, but another female is Lian Hua Hun! 云初袖扎着两个马尾辫,很是活泼好动,而另一个女子便是怜花魂 The Dragon Qilin heart said: Was Madame Yuanmu has made Yun Chuxiu?” 龙麒麟心道:“难道是元姆夫人又造了一个云初袖?” Was Young Master comes back?” Gongsun Yan sees Dragon Qilin, joyfully extremely, welcomed to come, has not actually seen Qin Mu. “是公子回来了吗?”公孙嬿看到龙麒麟,不由欣喜万分,迎上前来,却没有看到秦牧 Yan'er changes to Xiaoqing bird to flash wing to fly in the above Origin Tree clump, turns looks for the bird nest, actually sees Gongsun Yan to the bird nest that she builds also, cheers one, calm and steady squatting in the bird nest, the opens mouth spouts continuously small flame, leisurely napping. 烟儿化作小青雀扑闪着翅膀飞到上空的元木丛中,翻找鸟窝,却见公孙嬿给她搭建的鸟巢还在,不由欢呼一声,安安稳稳的蹲在鸟巢里,张口喷出一缕缕小火苗,悠闲自得的打盹。 Yan Xiu Empress goes forward, has forgotten one, does not see Qin Mu, said with a smile: Dragon Fatty, Imperial Preceptor where?” 延秀帝上前,四下忘了一眼,不见秦牧,笑道:“龙胖,国师何在?” In Imperial College.” “在太学院呢。” Dragon Qilin raised head to look at the bird nest, said: Your Majesty, Cult Master in study sword 20, waited to learn then to come back. Has Your Majesty seen Yun Jianli?” 龙麒麟仰头看了看鸟巢,道:“陛下,教主在学剑20式,等学会了便会回来。陛下见过云渐离没有?” Yan Xiu Empress is startled slightly, says with a smile: You say cloud Aiqing? cloud Shangshu days before under the south of the Yangtze River, examined the south of the Yangtze River to oversee the manufacture, does not know that now has.” 延秀帝微微一怔,笑道:“你是说云爱卿?云尚书前几日下江南,查看江南督造去了,不知道现在有没有回来。” Dragon Qilin said: Your Majesty looks whether Yun Jianli came back, asking him to come. Yun Jianli is that daughter's elder brother.” 龙麒麟道:“陛下去看一看云渐离是否回来了,请他过来。云渐离是那位小娘子的哥哥。” Yan Xiu Empress shot a look at Yun Chuxiu, said with a smile: You said that Sister Chuxiu is the younger sister of cloud Shangshu? I few days ago also swore brotherhood with Sister Chuxiu for the sisters of a different surname, was really skillful.” 延秀帝瞥了瞥云初袖,笑道:“你是说,初袖姐姐是云尚书的妹妹?朕前些日子还与初袖姐姐结拜为异姓姐妹了呢,真是巧了。” „Becoming the sisters with Madame Yuanmu of a different surname?” “与元姆夫人结为异姓姐妹?” Dragon Qilin suddenly felt the head big three, that was Madame Yuanmu, one of the Heavenly Court ten Heavenly Venerable! 龙麒麟顿觉脑袋大了三圈,那是元姆夫人啊,天庭天尊之一! This matter I could not level, must Cult Master come personally!” “这件事我摆不平了,须得教主亲自前来!” Dragon Qilin looks up the Gongsun Yan phoenix nest, in the heart admires: If I can also hide to be good.” 龙麒麟抬头望了望公孙嬿的凤巢,心中艳羡不已:“倘若我也能躲进去就好了。” Lang Wo God King walks up, feature circulation, has swept on various females, said with a smile: Your Majesty and do Younger Sister Chuxiu become sisters? Younger Sister Lian and yan younger sister? Today is really quite skillful, was inferior that our five same places do swear brotherhood?” 阆涴神王走上前来,眉目流转,在诸女身上扫了一遍,笑道:“陛下初袖妹妹结为姐妹?还有怜妹妹和嬿儿妹妹呢?今日真是好巧,不如我们五个一起结拜吧?” She air/Qi big of field, but also above Lian Hua Hun, making Yan Xiu Empress also believe that said with a smile: I saw the elder sister and Sister Chuxiu, was still wondering exactly the same a moment ago, whether you were the twin sisters, now elder sister must swear brotherhood, I know that originally was not. Does this in world have longer much two flowers to be inadequate really?” 她气场之大,还在怜花魂之上,让延秀帝也不禁心折,笑道:“我见姐姐与初袖姐姐长得一模一样,刚才还在纳闷,你们是否是孪生姊妹,现在姐姐要结拜,我才知道原来不是。这世间真有长得一样的两朵花不成?” The Lang Wo God King vision flashes: Perhaps has. Several younger sisters, you thought how my this did propose?” 阆涴神王目光闪动:“说不定有呢。几位妹妹,你们觉得我这个提议如何?” Yun Chuxiu claps the hands and shouts praise, Lian Hua Hun hesitates, nodded. 云初袖拍手叫好,怜花魂迟疑一下,也点了点头。 Gongsun Yan always does not have the opinion, sees that also nod say "yes". 公孙嬿一向是没有主见的,见状也点头称是 Lang Wo God King looks to Yan Xiu Empress, Yan Xiu Empress also has say "yes", said with a smile: Can become the sisters with you, naturally is my good fortune.” 阆涴神王看向延秀帝,延秀帝也只得称是,笑道:“能够与你们结为姐妹,自然是我的福气。” Yan'er cheers one, flashed the wing to fly from the bird nest, shouted in confusion must also swear brotherhood. 烟儿欢呼一声,扑闪着翅膀从鸟巢里飞了下来,吵嚷着也要结拜。 Dragon Qilin calls her hastily, said quietly: Sister-in-law paternal grandmother, you then do not go to join in the fun, now enough has lived it up!” 龙麒麟连忙唤住她,悄声道:“小姑奶奶,你便别去凑热闹了,现在已经够热闹了!” Why?” Yan'er is quite puzzled. “为什么?”烟儿颇为不解。 However the Dragon Qilin words, she listens, has to stand on the head of Dragon Qilin looks that these five girls swear brotherhood, by tea generation of liquor, becomes the sisters of a different surname. 不过龙麒麟的话,她还是听的,只好站在龙麒麟的脑袋上看着这五个女孩结拜,以茶代酒,结为异姓姐妹。 Yun Chuxiu giggle said with a smile: We must come a pledge, did not seek same month and same day to live in the same year, but sought same month and same day dead in the same year?” 云初袖咯咯笑道:“咱们要不要来个誓言,不求同年同月同日生,但求同年同月同日死?” Dragon Qilin heart twitches, heart said: Cult Master, you a bit faster come back, this scene even more may not forecast...... Yun Jianli, you come also!” 龙麒麟心脏一阵抽搐,心道:“教主,你快点回来吧,这场面愈发不可预测了……云渐离,你过来也可以啊!” In Imperial College, Qin Mu follows Village Chief study sword 20, initially he and Founding Emperor fought, mutually wounded, Qin Mu was wounded to swagger away, what end was natural, however he was considering only natural, has not actually consulted study sword 20 to Founding Emperor. 太学院中,秦牧跟随村长学习剑20式,当初他与开皇一战,两败俱伤,秦牧负伤扬长而去,端的是潇洒,然而他只顾着潇洒,却没有向开皇请教学习剑20式。 Village Chief Sword Dao cultivation base is extremely high, Founding Emperor passes to him , the goal, then passes to Qin Mu this move with the hand of Village Chief, after all sword 18 sword 19 are Qin Mu perceives through meditation, he was also the Qin Mu's advantage, this understood sword 20. 村长剑道修为极高,开皇传给他,也有一层目的,便是借村长之手把这一招传给秦牧,毕竟剑18式剑19式都是秦牧参悟而出,他也算是得了秦牧的好处,这才悟出剑20式。 He studies earnestly, perceives through meditation extremely with concentration, does not know matter that in quite the same as oneself mansion that five sisters swear brotherhood, five sisters have own axe to grind, have Gongsun Yan to be pure likely open the white paper. 他学得极为认真,潜心参悟,浑然不知道自己的府邸中那五个姐妹结拜的事情,五姐妹各怀鬼胎,只有公孙嬿单纯得像张白纸。
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