TOHG :: Volume #11

#1016: Celestial Exalt Mu gnaws old

Qin Mu and Deaf paint respectively, one is to put aside the emotion, reposes the emotion in the picture, one is to put aside the worldly desire, only the mood of genuine god described another Exalted God. 秦牧聋子各自作画,一个是放下情感,将情感寄托于画中,一个是放下凡心,只真正的神的心境去描述另一尊神 What Qin Mu picture is Lang Wo God King, is actually not Lang Wo God King, but is the sweetheart in heart. 秦牧画的是阆涴神王,却又不是阆涴神王,而是心中的情人。 Deaf must complete the transformation of own picture track, goes to load bearing own say/way by the picture, own god. 聋子则是要完成自己的画道的蜕变,以画去承载自己的道,自己的神。 His aura is even more faintly recognizable, divine nature is getting more and more thick, the pen in his hand as if no longer is a pen, but is creates the life the magical instrument, under his brushwork, new Gods is born. 他的气息愈发飘渺,身上的神性越来越浓,他手中的笔仿佛不再是笔,而是创造生命的神器,在他的笔触下,一尊新的神祇正在诞生。 Crossed long time, Qin Mu puts down the pen in hand, has completed own painting. 过了良久,秦牧率先放下手中的笔,完成了自己的画作。 Deaf still in using slender brushwork creates a life, his pen sends out the soft light of say/way of good fortune, in the picture the flesh and blood of female, the snow-white skin, appears in his writing. 聋子还在用纤细的笔触去创造一个生命,他的笔散发出造化之道的柔光,画中女子的血肉,冰肌玉骨,在他的笔下浮现出来。 In picture the divine nature of female, vividly. 画中女子的神性,跃然而出。 Her beauty, cannot seek a slight defect, the makings are also so lofty refined, her appearance as if made by Heaven, clothes were also the most beautiful emperor's clothes. 她的美丽,寻不出一丝瑕疵,气质也是如此高雅脱俗,她的容貌天成,身上的衣裳也是最为美丽的天衣。 That flesh as if gathered among Heaven and Earth all attractive, the jade refers to the scallion scallion, the fingerprint like is changeable, she seems the collection all happily the Elf of birth, however is actually creates by Deaf. 那肌肤似乎聚集了天地间的一切灵秀,玉指葱葱,指纹像是道一样多变,她仿佛是集一切美好而诞生的精灵,然而却是由聋子所创造。 When Deaf draws last, presents all people to feel that a vague aura overflowed from the picture gradually, that is Great Dao that Later Heaven/acquired is born in multiplying slowly, does not multiply from the picture, but multiplies from the Deaf writing. 聋子画出最后一笔时,在场所有人都感觉到了一种若有若无的气息渐渐从画中溢出,那是一种后天诞生的大道在缓缓的滋生,不是从画中滋生,而是从聋子的笔下滋生。 He has entrusted with the young girl in picture by the divine nature, by physique, by soul, by life. 他赋予了画中的少女以神性,以形体,以灵魂,以生命。 Qin Mu looks at this, in heart touches, he opens vertical eye of forehead to look that sees the Deaf say/way likely is the illusory smoke, seems like by one type slow actually the fast speed fills the air, brand mark in Heaven and Earth, brand mark in void. 秦牧看着这一幕,心中触动,他张开眉心的竖眼四下看去,看到聋子的道像是虚无缥缈的烟,以一种看似缓慢却又迅捷的速度四下弥漫开来,烙印在天地中,烙印在虚空中。 This is not the political reform, does not change said that but made this in world leave a law, a say/way. 这并非是变法,也不是变道,而是让这世间多出了一种法,一种道。 Deaf appears tranquil incomparable, this falls, Lang Wo in picture then had the life, had the soul, he also had his say/way. 聋子显得宁静无比,这一笔落下,画中的阆涴便有了生命,有了灵魂,他也有了自己的道。 Finally, he put to start writing, has completed his painting. 最终,他搁下笔,完成了自己的画作。 He puts down the flash of pen, corner of the eye two lines of clear tears fall, however on the face has actually shown the smiling face, in the innermost feelings filled tranquilly also had the greatly happy emotion to surge. 他放下笔的一刹那,眼角两行清泪滑落,然而脸上却露出了笑容,内心中充满了平静却又有大欢喜的情感在涌动。 He is feeling his say/way, as one of the Disabled Elderly Village nine old cultivation base weakest two people, he did not pay attention to cultivation technique divine ability, did not care. 他感受着自己的道,作为残老村九老中修为最弱的两个人之一,他一直对功法神通并不关注,也不关心。 If not for if Qin Mu urged, is not the Disabled Elderly Village people's supervision, Deaf will not attempt to discard own Divine Bridge to open Heavenly River divine treasure, will not go to promote own cultivation base desirably. 倘若不是秦牧敦促,不是残老村众人的监督,聋子根本不会尝试着废掉自己的神桥去开辟天河神藏,也不会去刻意提升自己的修为 But now, he can feel his origin qi his spirit to flow along a mysterious route, that is cultivation technique that he forms naturally. 而现在,他能够感受到自己的元气自己的精神沿着一种玄妙的路线流淌,那是他自然而然形成的功法 So-called cultivation technique divine ability, is actually the performance of say/way, what formerly his practice is others' cultivation technique, what seeks is own say/way, therefore is not careful to practice. 所谓功法神通,其实都是道的表现,从前他修炼的是别人的功法,寻求的是自己的道,因此对修炼并不上心。 But now, he sought his say/way, even it can be said that founded own say/way, had the say/way, cultivation technique divine ability, all successful, revolutions naturally. 而现在,他寻到了自己的道,甚至可以说是开创了自己的道,有了道,功法神通,一切水到渠成,自然而然的运转。 The article today becomes, skilled artist occasionally it. 文章本天成,妙手偶得之。 The picture track is also so. 画道也是如此。 Is such most profound, wonderful is also wonderful, such inconceivable. 就是这么玄之又玄,妙之又妙,就是这么的不可思议。 Grandma Si and Apothecary gather up to come, looks to two people paintings that acclaimed respectively again and again. 司婆婆药师凑上前来,向两人的画作看去,各自赞叹连连。 On Grandma Si face filled smiling face, held quietly Apothecary, said in a low voice: Can understand?” 司婆婆脸上挂满笑容,悄悄捅了捅药师,低声道:“看得懂吗?” Apothecary is all smiles, said quietly: Cannot understand.” 药师笑容满面,悄声道:“看不懂。” I am also.” On the Grandma Si face the smiling face does not reduce, pulls down the throat tone channel. “我也是。”司婆婆脸上笑容不减,压低嗓音道。 Lang Wo God King also walks up, careful looks at these two paintings, the Deaf picture, in the picture the photograph is another she, delicate elegant, drew her innermost feelings, dust. 阆涴神王也走上前来,细细的看着这两幅画作,聋子的画,画中人像是另一个她,清秀典雅,画出了她的内心,不着尘埃。 The female in that picture is tranquil and distant, has such as her general beauty, she in picture can also move, another she places in another world, has own idea, has own thought that even also has own cultivation base and divine ability. 那画中的女子宁静而悠远,有着如她一般的美丽,画中的她也可以活动,另一个她身处在另一个世界中,有着自己的想法,有着自己的思维,甚至还有着自己的修为神通 Two she separates looking at each other. 两个她隔界对视。 Lang Wo God King praised without cease, said: This type of picture track, although is not the divine creative force, surpasses the divine creative force, I could not distinguish clearly unexpectedly am I in the picture she in the picture.” 阆涴神王赞叹不已,道:“这种画道虽然不是造物,也胜似造物,我竟已分不清是我在画中还是她在画中。” Deaf said: Mu'er picture also good.” 聋子道:“牧儿画的也不错。” Lang Wo God King looks to the Qin Mu's painting, Qin Mu cannot hold her divine nature, she in picture also with some genuine her differences, compares the Deaf technique industry, Qin Mu is more inferior. 阆涴神王看向秦牧的画作,秦牧抓不住她的神性,画中的她也与真正的她有些不同之处,相比聋子的技业来说,秦牧要逊色许多。 Lang Wo God King looks at person in picture, that Lang Wo in picture likely is a tranquil young girl, she stands in the huge snake top of the head, both hands holds a fresh flower to place near the lip to smell lightly, is having several points of shyness and smiling face of unexpectedly. 阆涴神王看着画中的人儿,画中的那个阆涴像是一个恬静的少女,她站在大蛇的头顶,双手捧着一朵鲜花放在唇边轻嗅,竟带着几分的羞涩和笑容。 „The photograph in Sacred Infant picture I, actually am not I, was Sacred Infant has generally reposed own emotions.” 圣婴画中的人像我,却又不是我,大抵是圣婴寄托了自己的情思。” Lang Wo God King vision circulation, said with a smile: „Can these two pictures, deliver me?” 阆涴神王目光流转,笑道:“这两幅画,可以送我吗?” Deaf nods, said: Miss takes away freely.” 聋子点头,道:“姑娘尽管拿去。” Qin Mu also nodded. 秦牧也点了点头。 Deaf has drawn him, one old one little is painting pictures, Deaf picture, while teaches Qin Mu to found the attainment of picture track. 聋子将他拉了过去,一老一少又在画画,聋子一边画,一边传授秦牧自己开创画道的心得。 Lang Wo God King receives two pictures, curled the painting, she thought deeply about the moment, took out a picture scroll, that picture scroll combustion, changed to the ashes quickly. 阆涴神王收起两幅画,将画作卷了起来,她思索片刻,取出其中一幅画卷,那画卷燃烧,很快化作灰烬。 The Lang Wo God King vision is spooky, is gazing at the flame of extinguishment, immediately waved, the ashes diverge. 阆涴神王目光幽幽,注视着熄灭的火光,随即挥了挥手,灰烬散去。 Grandma Si said on the quiet: Apothecary, you thought what she burns is which picture?” 司婆婆悄悄道:“药师,你觉得她烧的是哪一幅画?” The Apothecary thinking said: I thought what she burns down was of Mu'er picture, Mu'er draws her ugly, traded to do is I, if Deaf drew me ugly, I will also burn down.” 药师思索道:“我觉得她烧掉的是牧儿画的那幅,牧儿把她画丑了,换做是我,聋子若是把我画丑了,我也会烧掉。” Grandma Si bah, said: I thought what she burns down is of Deaf picture.” 司婆婆呸了一口,道:“我觉得她烧掉的是聋子画的那幅。” Apothecary is puzzled. 药师不解。 Deaf picture has looked like, has certainly generation of Wu Shuang/Unparalleled appearances person as one, she does not need another her, does not need to keep the Deaf picture. Leaves behind the Deaf picture, instead will make her have thoughts of reposing, if receives the setback, she will think that in the picture she of world lives is happier. She lives forever, the heart is tenacious, does not need another.” 聋子画的太像了,作为一个有着绝代无双容貌的人儿,她不需要另一个她,也无需留着聋子的画。留下聋子的画,反而会让她有一种寄托的心思,倘若受到挫折,她会觉得画中世界的她生活更加美好。她长生不老,心地坚韧,不需要另一个自己。” Grandma Si said: She , to appreciate own appearance, takes out the mirror according to one according to is. On the contrary is the Mu'er picture, can make her see own flaw the emotion, although is imperfect, but takes the appreciation, pours to make her have a different kind mood.” 司婆婆道:“她倘若想欣赏自己的容貌,取出镜子照一照便是。反倒是牧儿的画,可以让她看到自己缺失的情感,虽然不完美,但拿出来欣赏,倒可以让她有一种别样的情怀。” Apothecary said with a smile: Granny, this is only your guess. She burns down which picture is, she did not say that we are impossible to know.” 药师笑道:“婆婆,这只是你的猜测而已。她烧掉的到底是哪一幅画,她不说,我们都不可能知道。” Grandma Si is quite self-confident: I thought that this Lang Wo God King practice cultivation technique, should be art of making oneself invisible cultivation technique, cultivation base is higher, the emotion are less, because the emotion on the contrary appears for precious. practice to profound Realm, was involuntary, is beyond control she not to discard the emotion to retain the divine nature. Therefore the precious thing, she naturally must collect.” 司婆婆颇为自信:“我觉得这位阆涴神王修炼功法,应该是一种奇门功法,修为越高,情感越少,因为情感反倒显得越为珍贵。修炼到高深境界,已经身不由己,由不得她不舍弃情感而保留神性了。因此珍贵的东西,她自然要珍藏。” She remembers oneself experience unconsciously, in the heart is somewhat low-spirited, said: Lost, thought preciously.” 她不觉想起自己的经历,心中有些黯然,道:“失去了的,才觉得弥足珍贵。” Qin Mu and the others stay in Heavenly Saint School, Shu Jun and Lang Wo God King in being busy reading the book collection in Heavenly Saint School, overviews the Eternal Peace political reform the achievement, various types of cultivation technique divine ability ginseng grind. 秦牧等人在天圣学宫住下,叔钧阆涴神王则在忙着阅览天圣学宫中的藏书,总览延康变法的成果,各种功法神通都参研一遍。 Lang Wo God King opened divine treasure and Heavenly Palace, wants to repair Heavenly River divine treasure to discards own Divine Bridge divine treasure, is only her present cultivation base is profound, almost can with Heavenly Venerable compound, wants to discard Divine Bridge, then must is shouldering the greatest bad risk, therefore somewhat hesitates. 阆涴神王已经开辟了神藏天宫,想要改修天河神藏须得废掉自己的神桥神藏,只是她现在修为高深,几乎可以与天尊并列,想要废掉神桥,便须得担负着莫大的凶险,因此有些踟蹰。 Shu Jun then does not have this worry, opens Spirit Embryo divine treasure without consulting anybody. 叔钧便没有这个烦恼,径自开辟灵胎神藏 However he discovered immediately that oneself borrows Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness to promote physical body , to promote physical body to Approaching the Firmament Realm the standard of Gods, causing him unable to open divine treasure in physical body! 然而他随即发现,自己借用太帝神识来提升肉身,将肉身提升到凌霄境界神祇的水准,导致他根本无法在肉身中开辟神藏 His origin qi and soul are too weak, Divine Consciousness not specially is strong, is unable to open Spirit Embryo in this physical body! 他的元气和魂魄都太弱,神识也不算特别强,无法在这具肉身中开辟出灵胎 So-called Seven Great Divine Treasures, opens in physical body, his physical body already tyrannicalally to the region that is unable to open! 所谓七大神藏,都是在肉身中开辟出来的,他的肉身已经强横到无法开辟的境地! „The mortal in Eternal Peace, is divided to be able the practice mortal and cannot the practice mortal, this is decides by Spirit Embryo divine treasure.” 延康中的凡人,分为可以修炼的凡人和不可以修炼的凡人,这是由灵胎神藏决定的。” Apothecary is skilled in the pharmacology, has prepared a big medicine barrel, refining up on one bucket of stench liquid medicines, making Shu Jun jump, said: Formerly, Eternal Peace Divine Ability Practitioner, only had Four Great Spirit Bodies, Azure Dragon White Tiger Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise, only this four types. Does not have the Spirit Body mortal to be most can only achieve Martial Practitioner, is unable to open Spirit Embryo divine treasure becomes Divine Ability Practitioner. Afterward, Mu'er ruined Divine Bridge, opened Heavenly River divine treasure, he has not gone into seriously the mortal unable the practice matter, but I actually thought.” 药师精通药理,准备了一个大药桶,炼就一桶的腥臭药水,让叔钧跳进去,道:“从前,延康神通者,只有四大灵体,青龙白虎朱雀玄武,仅此四种。没有灵体的凡人最多只能做到武者,无法打开灵胎神藏成为神通者。后来,牧儿毁掉神桥,开辟天河神藏,他没有深究凡人无法修炼的事情,不过我却想到了。” Apothecary said with a smile: Reason that four Spirit Body can practice, be because their Spirit Embryo divine treasure inherits the ancestry, inborn has Spirit Embryo divine treasure! Only needs to open Spirit Embryo divine treasure, can practice!” 药师笑道:“四灵体之所以可以修炼,是因为他们的灵胎神藏是遗传祖辈的,天生就拥有灵胎神藏!只需要打开灵胎神藏,就可以修炼!” These are unable the practice mortal, to be because in their ancestry does not have Divine Ability Practitioner, therefore within the body does not have Spirit Embryo divine treasure. However this does not mean them unable really practice! They only needed to grasp opened the Spirit Embryo divine treasure means that oneself opened Spirit Embryo divine treasure, then can practice, be able to become Divine Ability Practitioner!” “那些无法修炼的凡人,是因为他们的祖辈中没有神通者,因此体内没有灵胎神藏。不过这并不意味着他们真的无法修炼!他们只需要掌握了开辟灵胎神藏的办法,自己开辟出一座灵胎神藏,便可以修炼,可以成为神通者!” Apothecary is excited, to was installed in the big wooden barrel soaks raw material for medicine Shu Jun saying: My these year of research is this, according to the physical body structure of everyone, determines the Spirit Embryo divine treasure accurate position. Then cultivates origin qi with spirit medicine, enabling the average person also to gather to open Spirit Embryo divine treasure origin qi, thus becomes Divine Ability Practitioner. However your physical body is too strong, must draws support from the medicinal power conditioning first.” 药师兴奋不已,向被装在大木桶里泡着药材的叔钧道:“我这些年研究的便是这个,根据每个人的肉身结构,确定灵胎神藏的准确方位。然后用灵药来培育元气,使普通人也能够聚集出开辟出灵胎神藏元气,从而成为神通者。不过你的肉身太强,须得先借助药力软化。” Shu Jun looks that he pours into the wooden barrel one crowd of violently poisonous thing, is fearful and apprehensive, said: „Are these things poisonous?” 叔钧看着他把一群剧毒之物倒入木桶,不由心惊肉跳,道:“这些东西有毒吧?” Relax, relax!” “放心,放心!” Apothecary smiles saying: I realized that your soul is too weak, is weaker than the average person, therefore I use kid treasure to help you nourish the soul. In the past Mu'er also such came, wrapped securely, wraps securely......” 药师笑眯眯道:“我察觉到你的魂魄太弱,比普通人还弱,所以我用点小宝贝儿帮你滋养魂魄。当年牧儿也是这么过来的,包好,包好……” These poisons enter the barrel, Shu Jun feel in the soul to transmit the severe pain immediately, the forehead cannot help but cold. 那些毒物入桶,叔钧顿时感觉到魂魄中传来剧痛,不由得额头冷汗津津。 The toxicity in Apothecary inspection barrel, said: These years, I have helped many average people become Divine Ability Practitioner, you also become with the assistance of my Divine Ability Practitioner...... Your physical body was too probably strong, but also needs to add kid treasure again......” 药师检查桶里的毒性,道:“这些年,我已经帮助不少普通人成为神通者,你也会在我的协助下成为神通者……你的肉身好像太强了,还需要再加点小宝贝儿……” Crossed long time, Apothecary takes out an silver needle, is inserting to the skin of Shu Jun, the skin of Shu Jun was pierced by his one. 过了良久,药师取出一根银针,对着叔钧的皮肤插下去,叔钧的皮肤被他一针捅破。 Now the physical body conditioning, can try to open Spirit Embryo divine treasure.” “现在你的肉身软化,可以试着开辟灵胎神藏了。” Apothecary breathed a sigh of relief, shot a look at Shu Jun in barrel, sees only this Lord of Creation mouth to spit the foam, did not have the aura, ran hastily, loudly said: Mu'er, Mu'er! A bit faster comes! That big end of youth who you bring, one did not pay attention to kill by poison by me! Soul ideal condition departs from the body!” 药师舒了口气,瞥了瞥桶里的叔钧,只见这位造物主口吐白沫,已经没了气息,连忙跑了出去,高声道:“牧儿,牧儿!快点过来!你带来的那个大头少年,被我一不留神毒死了!魂魄意境离体了!” Qin Mu has caught up rapidly, stimulates to movement Soul Guide rashly, tows the Shu Jun soul, infiltrates Shu Jun within the body, said: Grandpa Apothecary, did your poison put?” 秦牧飞速赶了过来,不由分说催动牵魂引,将叔钧的魂魄牵引过来,打入叔钧体内,道:“药师爷爷,你毒物又放多了?” Apothecary complexion slightly red, said: His physical body intensity is too high, therefore I have put instilling, who knows that his cultivation base is so bad......” 药师脸色微红,道:“他的肉身强度太高,所以我多放了点药,谁知道他的修为这么差……” In the medicine barrel, Shu Jun two turn once again, soul departs from the body. 药桶中,叔钧再度两眼一翻,魂魄离体 Qin Mu hurries to call back from the dead once again, infiltrates within the body his soul, immediately displays Heavenly Devil Creation Art, seals the Shu Jun soul in within the body, said rapidly: You detoxify first!” 秦牧慌忙再度招魂,把他的魂魄打入体内,随即施展天魔造化功,把叔钧的魂魄封在体内,飞速道:“你先解毒!” They are busy at work the long time, eliminates part the toxin of Shu Jun within the body finally, this felt relieved. 两人忙活半晌,总算把叔钧体内的毒清除一部分,这才放下心来。 The Shu Jun long revolutions awakes, opened first divine treasure with the help of Apothecary freely, Spirit Embryo divine treasure, however actually dreads to this bronze mask man like the tiger, does not dare to approach him. 叔钧悠悠转醒,尽管在药师的帮助下开辟了第一个神藏,灵胎神藏,然而却对这个青铜面具男子畏惧如虎,不敢接近他。 Apothecary asks him to drink tea, Shu Jun is also uneasy whether sitting or standing, looks around, the forehead emits the cold sweat unceasingly, has Qin Mu in the side, this dares to drink the tea that Apothecary steeps. 药师找他来喝茶,叔钧也是坐立不安,东张西望,额头不断冒出冷汗,有秦牧在身边,这才敢喝药师沏的茶。 Qin Mu learns Deaf cultivation technique finally, to the Apothecary sincere say/way: Grandpa Apothecary, the deaf grandfather took his path, I have studied his cultivation technique, has established picture track Heavenly Palace, now also bad medical Heavenly Palace. The Boss diligently, young and strong disciple is not sad, Grandpa Apothecary cultivation, I will not be bullied outside diligently, you look......” 秦牧终于学会聋子功法,向药师语重心长道:“药师爷爷,聋爷爷已经走出了自己的道路,我学了他的功法,建立了画道天宫,现在还差医天宫。正所谓老大不努力,少壮徒伤悲,药师爷爷不努力修行,我在外面也会被人欺负,你看……” In the middle of the month, the brothers have the monthly ticket words, be not remaining, asked the monthly ticket! 月中啦,兄弟们有月票的话,别留着啦,求月票!
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