TOHG :: Volume #11

#1014: Village Chief sword, leg of Cripple

Lang Wo and Shu Jun look at each other one, depresses the shock of heart, cannot attend to a hurry wants then to drill into Supporting Heaven Gate. 阆涴叔钧对视一眼,压下心头的震惊,仓促间顾不得多想便钻入承天之门 Qin Mu lets day, Yan'er and Dragon Qilin and the others rode Heavenly Dragon treasure carriage to drive into Supporting Heaven Gate, is planning also to walk, the sudden paper boat drives, on the ship Messengers of Death elderly said: Celestial Exalt Mu please do not bother to see me off.” 秦牧让都天、烟儿龙麒麟等人乘着天龙宝辇驶入承天之门,正打算也走进去,突然一艘纸船驶来,船上阴差老者道:“牧天尊留步。” Qin Mu stops the footsteps, said: Quiet does Heavenly Venerable have what advice?” 秦牧停下脚步,道:“幽天尊有何指教?” Messengers of Death elderly said: Earth count makes me ask Celestial Exalt Mu, why fooled around together with a Lord of Creation clan? Earth count said that a Lord of Creation clan is ferocious, does all kinds of evil, long ago once was the calamity universe, stopped at no evil. You and they collude, then helps an evildoer do evil, will lose the support of ancient God.” 阴差老者道:“土伯让我来问牧天尊,为何与造物主一族厮混上了?土伯说,造物主一族穷凶极恶,作恶多端,早年曾经为祸宇宙,无恶不作。你与他们勾结,便是为虎作伥,会失去古神的支持。” Qin Mu is timid, said: Quiet Heavenly Venerable told Earth count, I can obtain all generations not to extinguish the Grandmaster of Law title, depended entirely on support of Earth count and God of the Living, naturally cannot recklessly the unseemly behavior. About a Lord of Creation clan, I cope with Supreme Emperor with their strengths, the mutual use, not borrows the meaning that they the strength and ancient God oppose. Respectfully considers the Earth count emperor's decision, is extremely terrified.” 秦牧唯唯诺诺,道:“幽天尊告诉土伯,我能够获得万劫不灭大法师的称号,全靠土伯天公的鼎力支持,自然不会肆意妄为。关于造物主一族,我是借他们的力量来对付太帝,相互利用而已,并无借他们之力与古神作对的意思。伏惟土伯圣裁,不胜惶恐。” Messengers of Death elderly stares to visit him, passed the moment, said: Finally those words, some? Earth count is not Heavenly Emperor, is the extent that in reverential awe?” 阴差老者瞪着眼睛看着他,过了片刻,道:“最后那句话,有些过了吧?土伯又不是天帝,至于如此诚惶诚恐?” Qin Mu stern say/way: I am Earth count look to grow up after all, as the younger generation, is naturally respectful, in reverential awe.” 秦牧正色道:“我毕竟是土伯看着长大的,作为晚辈,自然要毕恭毕敬,诚惶诚恐。” Messengers of Death elderly visits him, shook the head, said: You walk, I went to say with Earth count.” 阴差老者还是看着他,不禁摇了摇头,道:“你走吧,我去与土伯说。” Qin Mu expresses one's thanks, asks: „Is Celestial Exalt Yu good?” 秦牧称谢,问道:“御天尊还好吗?” He does not mention this matter to be good, raises Celestial Exalt Yu, Messengers of Death elderly is then mad not to hit one, gets angry: Was stolen away!” 他不提这事还好,一提御天尊,阴差老者便气不打一处来,怒道:“被人偷走了!” Qin Mu had a scare, loses the sound track: „Was Celestial Exalt Yu stolen away? Who is so bold? Dares to submerge Nether to steal Celestial Exalt Yu? Don't you have quite to visit him?” 秦牧吓了一跳,失声道:“御天尊被人偷走了?谁这么大胆?竟敢潜入幽都盗走御天尊?你没有好生看着他吗?” I must harvest soul in all directions, extradites the dead, clone(s) trillion, where has the time to stare at him?” “我还要四处收割灵魂,引渡死者,分身亿万,哪里有时间一直盯着他?” Messengers of Death elderly does not have good angrily said: He is my brother, is not my son, I can only clone(s) visit him, asking him to leave in all directions in Nether. Has not thought that was dived by the thief, steals the belt to turn continually, stole away him.” 阴差老者没有好气道:“他是我哥,又不是我儿子,我只能分身看着他,让他在幽都四处走走。没想到便被贼人潜进来,连偷带拐,把他偷走了。” Qin Mu doubt: Steals away the Celestial Exalt Yu thief to come from where?” 秦牧狐疑:“偷走御天尊的贼人来自何处?” From where? Naturally came from your family!” “来自何处?当然是来自你家!” Messengers of Death elderly sneers saying: Elder who you manage well your family! Is seriously bold, dares to run up to Nether to do all kinds of evil things! This matter I then did not investigate that Celestial Exalt Yu keeps Nether, indeed delays his growth. However your family elder is bringing the Celestial Exalt Yu in all directions larceny, after is not a good deed, be careful was seized by Heavenly Court.” 阴差老者冷笑道:“你管好你家的长辈!当真是胆大包天,竟敢跑到幽都来为非作歹!这件事我便不追究了,御天尊留在幽都,的确耽搁他的成长。不过你家长辈带着御天尊四处偷窃,总归不是一件好事,当心被天庭捉住。” Qin Mu say "yes", said: I quite teach certainly Grandpa Cripple, cannot make him do all kinds of evil things, quiet Heavenly Venerable felt relieved by all means.” 秦牧称是,道:“我一定好生管教瘸爷爷,不能让他为非作歹,幽天尊只管放心。” Messengers of Death elderly delivers him to depart, immediately harnesses the ship to return to the Earth count forehead third eye place, repeats the Qin Mu's words to Earth count Primordial Spirit. 阴差老者送他离去,随即驾船返回土伯的眉心第三只眼处,向土伯元神复述秦牧的话。 Earth count surprise: Respectfully considers the Earth count emperor's decision, is extremely terrified? Did he say?” 土伯诧异:“伏惟土伯圣裁,不胜惶恐?他是这么说的?” Messengers of Death elderly nods: Manner is very sincere.” 阴差老者点头:“态度很诚恳。” Rare so courteous, the matter of today, keeps accounts to him.” “难得如此有礼,今日之事也就罢了,给他记账罢。” Messengers of Death elderly say "yes", asked: At the present Celestial Exalt Mu and Nether Divine Child separates, needs to keep accounts alone?” 阴差老者称是,问道:“而今牧天尊幽都神子分开,需要单独记账吗?” Earth count said: „The wickedness that formerly he and Nether Divine Child was a body, Nether Divine Child made wicked is also he who makes, worked is just, cannot, because they have now separated then not the mistake that he formerly violated.” 土伯道:“从前他与幽都神子是一体,幽都神子作的恶也即是他作的恶,做事要公道,不能因为他们现在分开了便不记他从前犯的错。” Messengers of Death elderly said: Earth count square all round.” 阴差老者赞道:“土伯公正无私。” Qin Mu returns to the world of the living, actually sees Heavenly Dragon treasure carriage to stop in not far away, Lang Wo God King and the others waits there, Lang Wo God King and Shu Jun complexion is somewhat pale. 秦牧返回阳间,却见天龙宝辇停在不远处,阆涴神王等人在那里等候,阆涴神王叔钧的脸色还是有些苍白。 Sister God King, you do not fear Celestial Exalt Qin, does not fear any other Heavenly Venerable, why fears Earth count?” Qin Mu is puzzled, inquires. 神王姐姐,你不惧秦天尊,不惧其他任何天尊,为何偏偏惧怕土伯?”秦牧不解,询问道。 Earth count, is a natural enemy of Lord of Creation clan.” 土伯,是造物主一族的天敌。” Lang Wo God King shakes the head saying: Solely your elder brother small Earth count, kills my Lord of Creation clan throw away one's helmet and coat of mail, let alone Earth count?” 阆涴神王摇头道:“单单你哥哥小土伯,都杀得我造物主一族丢盔弃甲,更何况土伯?” Qin Mu is startled however, in the other shore world, Carefree Village has been at the position that comes under attack, then changed the situation until the arrival of Qin Fengqin. 秦牧怔然,在彼岸世界,无忧乡一直处于挨打的地位,直到秦凤青的到来这才改变了局势。 Lord of Creation freely Divine Consciousness Wu Shuang/Unparalleled of other shore world, however faces Nether Divine Child Qin Fengqin, the casualty is serious, had been eaten by the big end of baby. 彼岸世界的造物主尽管神识无双,然而面对幽都神子秦凤青,却死伤惨重,被大头娃娃吃掉了许多。 Nether Great Dao, as if can indeed restrain Lord of Creation. 幽都大道,似乎的确可以克制造物主 Shu Jun said: We in Divine Consciousness, but weak in Primordial Spirit, Primordial Spirit is weak, then the soul is weak, was eliminated the soul to eat by Qin Fengqin very much easily directly. Qin Fengqin is small Earth count, face to face when to true Earth count, the Lord of Creation malpractice then appeared bigger, Earth count killed Lord of Creation, should not be too simple. In antique time's war, dies Lord of Creation in Earth count hand, dying puts together in Heavenly Emperor, God of the Living and Lord of Creation in earth-mother Yuan Monarch hand must be much more than!” 叔钧道:“我们强于神识,而弱于元神,元神弱,则魂魄弱,很容易被秦凤青直接剥夺魂魄吃掉。秦凤青是小土伯,当面对真正的土伯时,造物主的弊端便显得更大了,土伯造物主,不要太简单。太古时代的大战中,死在土伯手中的造物主,比死在天帝天公和地母元君手中的造物主加在一起还要多得多!” Lang Wo God King said: I have not seen the antique time's war, but also listens to the spirits of ancestors to mention the Earth count prestige, I lead the other shore world the Lord of Creation political reform, derived the divine treasure Heavenly Palace system, starts practice Primordial Spirit, is trying hard makes Lord of Creation not have the weakness. When facing small Earth count Qin Fengqin, has the enormous disparity.” 阆涴神王道:“我没有见过太古时代的大战,不过也听先灵们说起过土伯的威名,我率领彼岸世界的造物主变法,汲取了神藏天宫体系,开始修炼元神,也是力图让造物主没有弱点。只是面对小土伯秦凤青时,还是有着极大的差距。” Qin Mu said with a smile: What you study is only the Carefree Village Primordial Spirit practice method, the Carefree Village Primordial Spirit practice method, already compared with Eternal Peace fell behind. Under same Realm Eternal Peace Divine Ability Practitioner and Primordial Spirit of god demon is stronger, for example I and Founding Emperor, under same Realm, my Primordial Spirit can hit his Primordial Spirit this number!” 秦牧笑道:“你们学习的只是无忧乡元神修炼法门,无忧乡元神修炼法门,已经比延康的落后了许多。相同境界延康神通者和神魔的元神更强,比如说我与开皇,相同境界下,我的元神能打他的元神这个数!” He extends the member, has gesticulated. 他伸出一把手,比划了一下。 Lang Wo and Shu Jun do not believe. 阆涴叔钧都是不信。 Especially Shu Jun, he has seen the fight of Qin Mu and Founding Emperor, although Qin Mu little, but merely is also little, not compared with Founding Emperor. 尤其是叔钧,他见过秦牧开皇的战斗,秦牧虽然强了一点点,但也仅仅是一点点而已,并没有比开皇强了很多。 They actually do not know that this Qin Mu had not boasted. 他们却不知道这次秦牧并没有吹嘘。 What Founding Emperor is strong was the strength, sword 20 is too strong with the Sword Dao 34 heavy day of striking power, makes up for his cultivation base to be insufficient. 开皇强的是战力,剑20与剑道34重天的攻击力实在太强,弥补了他的修为不足。 But Qin Mu strong in Primordial Spirit and magic power, his Primordial Spirit cultivation base is vigorous, Spirit Embryo divine treasure and Primordial Spirit magic power then can compare favorably with Jade Platform Realm Heavenly God, after practice to Exalted God Realm, his magic power pursues Cutting God Platform Realm expert. 秦牧则强在元神法力,他的元神修为浑厚无比,一座灵胎神藏元神法力便可以媲美瑶台境界天神,修炼尊神境界后,他的法力更是直追斩神台境界高手 The he and Founding Emperor war, reason that looks like differs not many, was Founding Emperor Sword Dao is too mainly strong, has surpassed him a great deal. 他与开皇之战,之所以看起来相差不多,主要是开皇剑道太强,超过了他良多。 However only by Primordial Spirit, Founding Emperor then be more inferior than Qin Mu a great deal. 但是单论元神,开皇便要比秦牧逊色良多了。 Qin Mu sizes up, knits the brows slightly, he planned rushes to River Tomb from Falling God Valley, but now enters Nether, enters one, the geography changes greatly, here is away from River Tomb to be farther, is very close to Bazhou. 秦牧四下打量,微微皱眉,他原本打算从堕神谷赶往江陵,而现在进入幽都,一进一出,地理大改,这里距离江陵更远,离霸州却很近。 Such being the case, that first goes to Heavenly Saint School to see Grandma Si they.” “既然如此,那就先去天圣学宫司婆婆他们。” He and Lang Wo God King and Shu Jun take a seat, told that Devil King Dou Tian starts to rush to Heavenly Saint School, in the car(riage) Qin Mu takes out the seal Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness jade bottle, said: refining Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness, I do not want his Divine Consciousness cultivation base, so long as his memory, obtains his All Supreme Divine Consciousness. His Divine Consciousness turns over to two God King.” 他与阆涴神王叔钧落座,吩咐都天魔王启程赶往天圣学宫,车中秦牧取出封印太帝神识的玉瓶,道:“炼化太帝神识,我不要他的神识修为,只要他的记忆,得到他的大罗无上神识。他的神识归两位神王所有。” Lang Wo God King hesitates, nodded, said: Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness a large part is not practice comes, but comes by the antique time's Lord of Creation sacrificial offering, his Divine Consciousness was impure, has limited his achievement. The Highest Emptiness Lord of Creation spirits of ancestors have a hearsay, reason that said Supreme Emperor is defeated with the ancient God war, has promoted cultivation base because of him by the sacrificial offering, he had the weakness. If his cultivation base is Xin painstaking cultivation refining up to come, he defeats ancient God Heavenly Emperor, puts down all ancient God not to be difficult.” 阆涴神王迟疑一下,点了点头,道:“太帝神识很大一部分并非是修炼而来,而是靠太古时代的造物主祭祀而来,他的神识并不纯粹,限制了他的成就。太虚造物主的先灵们有一个传闻,说太帝之所以在与古神的战争中落败,就是因为他是靠祭祀而提升了修为,以至于他有了弱点。倘若他的修为都是自己辛苦修炼而来,他战胜古神天帝,扫平所有古神并不困难。” Shu Jun eye one bright, said with a smile: You do not want Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness, I want. Lang Wo God King, you whether wants Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness?” 叔钧眼睛一亮,笑道:“你不要太帝神识,我要。阆涴神王,你是否要太帝神识?” The Lang Wo God King hesitant moment, said: I and various God King minute of half. My practice region up to now, wants to promote one step to be quite difficult again, even if Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness is impure, has to attempt. However, I proposed that Divine Consciousness three points, we take its one respectively, leaves behind one-third to give Sacred Infant.” 阆涴神王犹豫片刻,道:“我与神王各分一半。我修炼到而今的境地,想要再提升一步已经极为困难,即便太帝神识不纯,也不得不尝试一番。不过,我提议还是神识三分,我们各取其一,留下1给圣婴。” Qin Mu puzzled its meaning. 秦牧不解其意。 Lang Wo God King supple sound track: In the future you, if practice to the bottleneck, was unable to progress again, by that time again refining Supreme Emperor Divine Consciousness, can promote cultivation base. My Lord of Creation clan can also the sacrificial offering you, help to rise collectively your strength.” 阆涴神王柔声道:“将来你若是修炼到了瓶颈,再无法进步,到那时再炼化太帝神识,也可以提升修为。我造物主一族也可以集体祭祀你,助涨你的力量。” Qin Mu thinking moment, nod say "yes". 秦牧思索片刻,点头称是 Three people stimulate to movement Divine Consciousness refining divine ability immediately respectively, refining, Heavenly Dragon treasure carriage goes to Heavenly Saint School with concentration. 三人当即各自催动神识炼化神通,潜心炼化,天龙宝辇一路向天圣学宫而去。 The Eternal Peace Capital City, Founding Emperor bows, asking Sword God Su Muzhe to please do not bother to see me off, said: Asks for advice such for a long time, Ye Kai had the harvest greatly, Elder does not need to deliver.” 延康京城,开皇躬身,请剑神苏幕遮留步,道:“讨教这么久,叶开大有收获,长老不必送了。” Village Chief insists on seeing off, said: I the thing that learns from you, is you hundred times of thing learns from me, Ye brother's ability, is the Sword Dao talent that I see only two people, have no alternative but to deliver.” 村长执意相送,道:“我从你身上学到的东西,是你从我身上学到的东西的百倍,叶兄的才能,是我所见的剑道天才的唯二之人,不能不送。” Founding Emperor is surprised the different way: Elder has seen other people's Sword Dao ability, can place on a par with me? May I ask this person is Celestial Exalt Mu?” 开皇诧异道:“长老见过他人的剑道才能,可以与我相提并论?敢问此人是牧天尊吗?” Village Chief shakes the head, says with a smile: Mu'er Sword Dao, although is very wise, but the disposition bracelet, is very difficult to sit still to study diligently Sword Dao, his sword heart is impure. That sword heart can with the Sword Dao person of high skill who you compare favorably with, is Eternal Peace former Imperial Preceptor, the River Tomb Jiang Bai jade tablet.” 村长摇头,笑道:“牧儿剑道虽然很高明,但是性格跳脱,很难坐得住钻研剑道,他的剑心不纯。那个剑心能够与你媲美的剑道高人,是延康的前国师,江陵江白圭。” Founding Emperor changes countenance, said: Where may I ask this Imperial Preceptor?” 开皇动容,道:“敢问这位国师何在?” Was grasped to suppress by Heavenly Court, was closed with Supreme Sovereign in the prison.” “被天庭抓起来镇压了,和太上皇一起被关在大狱中。” Village Chief said: „The sword heart of Jiang Bai jade tablet incomparably purely, his Sword Dao has the universe to open the wonder of ten thousand multiplying greatly, he evolves ten thousand by Sword Dao, the sword heart is insightful, is I only sees. He is also the sword 15 sword 16 sword 17 pathfinders. If you meet him, can discuss with him really happy, discusses really for a long time.” 村长道:“江白圭的剑心无比纯粹,他的剑道大有宇宙开辟万道滋生之妙,他以剑道来演化万道,剑心通透高明,是我仅见。他也是剑15剑16剑17式的开创者。你若是遇见他,一定会与他相谈甚欢,相谈甚久。” The Founding Emperor hesitation moment, sighed: Was a pity that he is in the prison, does not know when ability said goodbye. I also need to go to other School, experiences a Eternal Peace political reform, has no time the going prison to seek him. If will be predestined friends in the future, meets again with him! Said goodbye, please do not bother to see me off.” 开皇沉吟片刻,叹道:“可惜他身在大狱中,不知何时才能再见。我还需要去其他学宫,见识一番延康的变法,无暇前去大狱寻他。若是将来有缘,再与他相会罢!告辞,留步。” Village Chief gazed after him to go far away, crosses long time had not returned to Imperial College. 村长目送他远去,过了良久也不曾回到太学院 Blind and Mute seek, if the Mute sound the mighty bell, said: Village Chief, you have seen that person who called Ye Kai? What end is the rare talent! Character who this grade of talented person, Eternal Peace needs, why not do you leave behind him?” 瞎子哑巴寻来,哑巴声若洪钟,道:“村长,你见过那个叫叶开的人了?端的是奇才!这等人才,正是延康所需的人物,你何不将他留下?” Village Chief shakes the head saying: Founding Emperor naturally is a rare talent, my where can keep below him?” 村长摇头道:“开皇自然是奇才,我哪里能留的下他?” Blind and Mute had a scare, look at each other in dismay. 瞎子哑巴吓了一跳,面面相觑 He sees me, I have not visited him, only depends on the aura to induce, then felt that stands erect the Sword Dao kings above 34 heavy day, at that time, I then know that was the Sword Dao first person comes.” “他来见我,我并未看他,只凭气息感应,便感觉到一尊屹立在34重天之上的剑道君王,那时,我便知道是剑道第一人来了。” Village Chief said lightly: Repairs the person of sword, after Sword Dao has an achievement, will feel that front has a peak unable to climb to overstep. That peak, is Founding Emperor, forever standing in own front. His time, comes 20 to give Eternal Peace the sword.” 村长淡淡道:“修剑之人,在剑道有所成就之后,都会感觉到面前有一座巅峰无法攀登逾越。那个巅峰,就是开皇,永远的站在自己的前方。他这次来,是来将剑20送给延康的。” The Pig Nerd 36 year, the unexpectedly long wisdom tooth, has hurt for many days, the cheek is swollen, depressed, did not have to be long. Counts, 34 wisdom teeth have not appeared unexpectedly...... 宅猪三十六岁了,竟然长智齿了,疼了好些天了,腮帮子都肿了,郁闷,还没长出来。数一数,竟然还有34颗智齿没露头……
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