TDG :: Volume #4

#444: Closing up

Six months later. 六个月后。 The Divine Feather Sect high and low, tranquility as always, Divine Feather Sect peripheral all Divine Lake Divine Root, all took in Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart by Nie Li basically. 羽神宗上下,一如既往的平静,羽神宗周边所有神池神根,基本全都被聂离收进了万里河山图里面。 Now in Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart, is an incomparably magnificent picture, Spiritual Stone that every day is born, many to the degree of day of quantity. 如今万里河山图之中,已是一派无比壮观的景象,每天诞生的灵石,多到了天量的程度。 Under a control of Nie Li, Divine Feather Sect starts to purchase various Treasure Item and Dragon Blood Demon Beast Demon Spirit from Dragon Ruins Realm each place as well as other all sorts to the thing that cultivating to excel. 聂离的一手操控之下,羽神宗开始从龙墟界域各个地方收购各种宝器龙血妖兽妖灵以及其他种种对修炼擅长的东西。 Dragon Ruins Realm almost all Trading House, crazily are Divine Feather Sect collects various Jane rare treasures in various Dragon Ruins Realm places. 龙墟界域几乎所有的商会,都疯狂地为羽神宗龙墟界域各处搜罗各种奇珍异宝。 Divine Feather Sect turned into existence of mysterious, Sect has shut tightly extremely, did not have the disciple to make an appearance basically, all Sect could not obtain any news about Divine Feather Sect, the groups of various Jane rare treasures were bought by Divine Feather Sect, imported in Divine Feather Sect, no one knows that Divine Feather Sect bought these things to do, does not know how Divine Feather Sect will have such astonishing financial resource. 羽神宗变成了一个极其神秘的存在,宗门紧闭,基本没有弟子露面,所有宗门都得不到任何关于羽神宗的消息,一批批的各种奇珍异宝被羽神宗买下,运进了羽神宗内,谁也不知道羽神宗买下这些东西要干什么,同时也不知道羽神宗怎么会有这么惊人的财力。 In Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart, Nie Li is leading a disciple of audiences most trusted subordinate, is closing up is practicing. 万里河山图中,聂离带着一众最亲信的弟子,正闭关修炼着。 Nie Li cultivation level broke through Dao of Dragon Realm 3-layer, the disciple under place, achieves Dao of Dragon Realm also has achieved the astonishing ten thousand people, has crazily is attacking Martial Ancestor Realm. 聂离修为已经突破到了龙道境三重,座下的弟子当中,达到龙道境的也达到了惊人的万人之多,有很多正疯狂地冲击武宗境 The potency of wondrous medicines adds on Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart again the rich spiritual energy, as well as auxiliary and huge quantity of Spiritual Stone of various Jane rare treasure, the advancement of practice simply is much quicker. 圣药的效力再加上万里河山图中浓郁的灵气,以及各种奇珍异宝的辅助、数量庞大的灵石,修炼的进境简直快得惊人。 What is more astonishing than the Nie Li practice progress is Goddess Yu Yan also has Jindan, Goddess Yu Yan buys in the spiritual energy in Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart crazily, after experiencing three Demigod wonderful transformations, has achieved astonishing Martial Ancestor Realm 3-layer, the strength of whole body pure flame rushed to surge, making Nie Li praise to the heavens. 聂离修炼进度更加惊人的是羽焰女神还有金蛋,羽焰女神万里河山图中疯狂地吸纳灵气,经历了三次神奇的蜕变之后,已经达到了惊人的武宗境三重,周身精纯的火焰之力澎湃涌动,令聂离叹为观止。 The one who is more fearful is Jindan this fellow, this big stomach king in Ten Thousand Miles Landscape Chart does not know that swallowed many Spiritual Stone Essence, the body has kept rising in a big way, now had 56 meters high fully, turned into a colossus, what was more astonishing, this fellow body increased at the same time, the appetite was also keeping increasing. 更可怕的是金蛋这个家伙,这大胃王在万里河山图中不知道吞噬了多少灵石精华,身体不停地涨大,如今已经足有56米高,变成了一个庞然大物,更为惊人的是,这家伙身体变大的同时,胃口也在不停地变大。 Law Energy of this fellow within the body rushes turbulently, immeasurably deep, the strength of Nie Li not clear this fellow how, it all over the body golden yellow, has covered entirely the scales, is indistinct has several twentieth day of the fourth or fifth lunar month shapes unexpectedly. 这家伙体内的法则之力澎湃汹涌,深不可测,就连聂离也不清楚这家伙的实力到底如何了,它通体金黄,布满了鳞甲,隐约间竟有几分龙形。 Is good more grows up because of this fellow, and soul relation between Nie Li is deeper, Nie Li does not need to be worried but actually beyond control. 好在这家伙越是长大,跟聂离之间的灵魂联系就越深,聂离倒也不用担心无法控制。 Divine Feather Sect Five Big Giants took away the wondrous medicines of new refinement from me, does not know how their cultivation level strengths were increased.” Nie Li thinks to say secretly, in a short time, Five Big Giants is still the strength of Divine Feather Sect spiritual pillar nature, the Divine Feather Sect protector, only then they were formidable, Divine Feather Sect can stabilize develops. 羽神宗五位巨头从我这边拿走了新炼制的圣药,也不知道他们的修为实力提升得如何了。”聂离暗自心想道,短时间内,五位巨头依然是羽神宗支柱性的力量,羽神宗的守护者,只有他们强大了,羽神宗才能安定发展。 Nie Li, Lu Piao and Ning'er their letters!” Lu Piao has grazed excitedly, said. 聂离,陆飘凝儿他们的信件!”陆飘兴奋地飞掠了过来,说道。 Received letter from the hand of Lu Piao, Nie Li opens to look, the corners of the mouth has revealed several points of gratified smiling face. 陆飘的手中接过信件,聂离打开看了一下,嘴角流露出了几分欣慰的笑容。 They how?” Lu Piao asked curiously. “他们怎么样了?”陆飘好奇地问道。 They cross also well!” Nie Li smiled to say. “他们过得还不错!”聂离笑了笑说道。 That is natural, some these many good things, your full support, trades to do is I, can become a lord in these Sect!” The Lu Piao corners of the mouth cast aside to say. “那是当然,有这么多好东西,还有你的全力支持,换做是我,也能在那些宗门成为一宗之主!”陆飘嘴角撇了撇说道。 Nie Li smiles, Lu Piao recently stays in Divine Feather Sect is impatient, is a little ready to make trouble, had been repressed by Nie Li, Lu Piao wants to go to other Sect to look very much, but was ordered to stay by Nie Li in Divine Feather Sect. 聂离不禁莞尔一笑,陆飘最近一段时间在羽神宗呆得不耐烦了,有点蠢蠢欲动,被聂离弹压了下去,陆飘很想去其他宗门看一看,但是被聂离勒令呆在羽神宗里面。 In the letter Nie Li knew Ziyun, Ning'er, Du Ze and the others the recent situations, Ziyun in Heavenly Sound Divine Sect, because the talent is astonishing, became the Heavenly Sound Divine Sect Sect Master most favorite disciple, just like is the next Sect Master optiman, Ning'er, although is not the next Sect Master candidate, but gathered one crowd of Expert, is a great power that Heavenly Sound Divine Sect cannot be shaken. 信中聂离知道了紫芸凝儿杜泽等人的近况,紫芸天音神宗里面,由于天赋惊人,已经成为了天音神宗宗主最得意的弟子,俨然已经是下一任宗主的最佳人选,凝儿虽然不是下一任宗主人选,但聚集了一群高手,已是天音神宗内部不可撼动的一股强大力量。 Du Ze in Primal Divine Sect, although does not reveal the mountain non- dew, but in secret has also operated a greatly strengthened strength. 杜泽混元神宗里面虽然不显山不露水,但也暗中操纵了极强的一股力量。 Other people are also so. 其他人也是如此。 For those same, Nie Li that Du Ze said that has given Ziyun, Ning'er and Du Ze each of them so many various wondrous medicines as well as types of day material treasures, in secret has provided in addition the support of massive Expert, each of them was the outstanding person phoenix, intelligent, how possibly to mix the wind and cloud? 就跟杜泽说的一样,聂离送给了紫芸凝儿杜泽他们每个人那么多的圣药以及各种天材地宝,再加上暗中提供了大量高手的支持,他们每个人都是人中龙凤,聪慧之极,怎么可能不搅动风云? Therefore everyone was pivotal in respective Sect. 所以每个人都在各自的宗门里面举足轻重了。 Has the help of these friends, is away from own goal, will be surely quicker. 有这些朋友的帮助,距离自己的目标,必定会快很多。 How long, our Divine Feather Sect has been able to appear, will the true strength show before the common people?” Lu Piao depressed said. “过多久,我们羽神宗才能横空出世,将真正的实力展现在世人面前啊?”陆飘不禁郁闷地说道。 Hears the Lu Piao words, Nie Li smiles to say lightly: The day of distance is not far, you hurry to practice!” 听到陆飘的话,聂离淡淡一笑说道:“距离那一天不远了,你还是赶紧修炼去吧!” Good, this was you said that day that Divine Feather Sect no longer closed up, I must lead big ticket brothers, went to Demon God Sect these evil way Sect to bluff and bluster!” Lu Piao said excitedly. “好吧,这可是你说的,羽神宗不再闭关的那一天,我要带一大票兄弟,去妖神宗这些邪道宗门耀武扬威一番!”陆飘兴奋地说道。 You are the province dessert, these Sect Sect Master Elder, are the powerhouses of Martial Ancestor level.” Nie Li showed the whites of the eyes to say. “那你还是省点心吧,这些宗门宗主长老,都是武宗级的强者。”聂离不禁翻了个白眼说道。 Relax, soon, we can also attack Martial Ancestor!” Lu Piao said self-confidently that the wondrous medicines of Nie Li refinement too were truly formidable, making their strengths promote such quickly, is away from Martial Ancestor Realm to be far? “放心,用不了多久,我们也能冲击武宗!”陆飘自信地说道,确实聂离炼制的圣药实在太强大了,让他们的实力提升得这么快,距离武宗境难道还远吗? Hears the Lu Piao words, Nie Li shows a faint smile, truly cultivates Martial Ancestor Realm is not very difficult matter, so long as closes up again for one year, Divine Feather Sect one after another will emit many Martial Ancestor Realm powerhouses, including them, will step into Martial Ancestor Realm directly. 听到陆飘的话,聂离不禁微微一笑,确实修炼到武宗境并不是非常困难的事情,只要再闭关一年,羽神宗就会陆陆续续冒出很多的武宗境强者,包括他们这些人,都会直接踏入武宗境 However Martial Ancestor Realm is not the end point. 但是武宗境并不是终点。 Their goals are to cope with Sage Emperor! 他们的目标是对付圣帝 If the Demon God Sect destruction, will possibly alarm Sage Emperor! 如果妖神宗覆灭,很可能会惊动圣帝 Thinks that the master Ying Yueru death, Nie Li has gotten hold of the fist, past life, this enmity he will certainly criticize! 想到师傅应月茹的死,聂离不禁握紧了拳头,前世今生,这仇他一定会清算的! When Nie Li and the others closed up, one team of troops arrived in the Divine Feather Sect entrance slowly. 就在聂离等人闭关的时候,一队人马缓缓地抵达了羽神宗门口。 This team of troops have 200-300 people fully, including dozens individuals are the Dao of Dragon Realm powerhouses, what lead is one wears Young Master of white clothing, the age about 20 years old, has delicate features, although is somewhat thin, the imposing manner that but the body exposes, actually cannot be underestimated. 这队人马足有两三百人之多,其中有几十个人都是龙道境的强者,领头的是一个身穿白衣的公子,年纪20岁左右,眉目清秀,虽然有几分清瘦,但是身上展露出来的气势,却是不容小觑。 A Dao of Dragon Realm powerhouse has gathered this Young Master side, looks up Sect that Divine Feather Sect has shut tightly, smiles is having a point to flatter saying: Young master, here was Divine Feather Sect Sect, can I knock at the door?” 一个龙道境的强者凑到了这个公子的身边,抬头看了看羽神宗紧闭的宗门,微笑着带有一点谄媚地说道:“少爷,这里就是羽神宗宗门了,我要去叫门吗?” Yan San, now or at noon, does this Divine Feather Sect how also front door shut tightly?” That white clothing Young Master wrinkled the brow to say. 严三,现在还是中午,这羽神宗怎么还大门紧闭?”那个白衣公子皱了一下眉头说道。 Reply the young master, how this Divine Feather Sect did not know, possibly was the Sect interior turbulence, has closed up for six months, Divine Feather Sect inside news has not passed on, according to our estimation, which Martial Ancestor Realm powerhouse very possible was passed away, shook the Sect foundation, must therefore close up!” That the Dao of Dragon Realm powerhouse who called Yan San bowed to bend the waist to say.( To be continued.) “回禀少爷,这羽神宗也不知道怎么了,可能是宗门内部动荡,已经闭关六个月了,羽神宗里面一点消息都没有传出来,据我们猜测,很可能是哪位武宗境的强者去世了,撼动了宗门的根基,所以才要闭关吧!”那个叫严三龙道境强者躬身弯腰说道。(未完待续。)
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