TDG :: Volume #4

#443: Closes up the pattern

<\;>\; talent one second remembers ->\; net.』, Provides splendid novel reading for you. <\;>\;天才壹秒記住『→網.』,為您提供精彩小說閱讀。 The following some time, Divine Feather Sect held grand Sect Master to become the grand ceremony. 接下来的一段时间,羽神宗举行了盛大的宗主就任大典。 Entire Divine Feather Sect high and low, extremely busy. 整个羽神宗上下,热闹非凡。 However has many disciples, becomes to Nie Li Divine Feather Sect Sect Master is extremely discontented, does not have the foundation, the person who even they do not know completely, rose suddenly, stepped the position of Sect Master, they had the anxiety to Nie Li. 不过还是有很多弟子,对聂离成为羽神宗宗主非常不满,一个毫无根基,甚至连他们完全都不认识的人,突然间崛起,踏上了宗主之位,他们对聂离还是心存疑虑的。 Nie Li what Dehe can? 聂离何德何能? Even if Situ Beiyan, must be much more suitable than Nie Li. 哪怕是司徒北炎,也比聂离要更加适合得多。 Five giants spoke, their these ordinary elders and deacons, the ordinary disciple does not have any right to speak , can only recognize, at heart has pressed disaffection, they must have a look but actually, Nie Li this Sect Master, how can blow big Divine Feather Sect. 只是五位巨头都发话了,他们这些普通长老、执事,普通弟子是没什么话语权的,也只能认了,把心里的不满压了下来,他们倒要看看,聂离这个宗主,到底怎么镇得住偌大的羽神宗 After Nie Li becomes Sect Master, a news has spread over Divine Feather Sect quickly high and low. 聂离就任完宗主之后,一条消息很快地传遍了羽神宗上下。 All Divine Feather Sect disciples, are different according to respective Cultivation, can receive ten efficacious medicines, this efficacious medicine then can make the ordinary disciple enter into Heavenly Star Realm, but above Heavenly Star Realm, elixir can promote several heavy Cultivation. 所有羽神宗弟子,根据各自的修为不同,都可以领取到十枚灵药,这灵药一颗便可以让普通弟子迈入天星境,而天星境之上的,一颗丹药就能提升好几重的修为 In addition, each Heavenly Axis Realm disciple, can obtain Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, but Expert above Dao of Dragon Realm, everyone can obtain God Level Growth Rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit. 除此之外,每个天转境的弟子,都可以得到一只卓越成长性龙血妖灵,而龙道境之上的强者,每个人都可以获得一只神级成长性龙血妖灵 Flickers the time, entire Divine Feather Sect seethed with excitement up and down. 瞬时间,整个羽神宗上下都沸腾了。 After some disciples have taken the efficacious medicine, Cultivation progresses by leaps and bounds, stepped over the threshold that many years have not been able to break through all of a sudden, some disciples directly surmounted a big step, the effect of this efficacious medicine, making all people shock, moreover Nie Li has brought several hundred God Level Growth Rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit to Divine Feather Sect directly, the Divine Feather Sect influence reached had not reached in the past the peak instantaneously. 有的弟子吃了灵药之后,修为突飞猛进,一下子就迈过了多年无法突破的门槛,有的弟子则是直接跨越了一个大阶,这灵药的效果,令所有人都震惊了,而且聂离直接给羽神宗带来了数百只神级成长性龙血妖灵,羽神宗的势力瞬间达到了以往未曾达到过的巅峰。 This, all people have closed all of a sudden the mouth, thoroughly was convinced to Nie Li. 这一下子,所有人都闭上了嘴巴,都对聂离彻底地服气了。 No matter the welldoing of Nie Li how, moral character how, cannot support the Nie Li money to be many, resources are many! 不管聂离的德行如何,品性如何,架不住聂离钱多、资源多啊! Trades to be any person to make Sect Master, which person can make Divine Feather Sect have today so the aspect? 换做任何一个人做宗主,哪个人能让羽神宗拥有今天这般局面? Beforehand Divine Feather Sect, in major Divine Sect, is smallest and weakest, the disciple in Sect often meets Demon God Sect these evil way Sect to bully, several Sect almost fall into the hopeless situation, now makes the Demon God Sect person try again! 以前的羽神宗,在各大神宗之中,是最弱小的,宗门内的弟子时常会妖神宗这些邪道宗门欺负,有几次宗门差点陷入绝境之中,现在让妖神宗的人再来试试! Divine Feather Sect will let Demon God Sect absolutely ********! 羽神宗绝对会让妖神宗********! Divine Feather Sect is ready to fight up and down, was eager to try, wants to repair Demon God Sect, but Nie Li has issued an order, the Divine Feather Sect seal entrance, anybody can not pass and out at will, all disciples must the heart not get off one's main subject, continue to practice. 羽神宗上下摩拳擦掌,一个个都跃跃欲试,想要修理妖神宗了,不过聂离又下了一条命令,羽神宗封闭山门,任何人都不得随意进出,所有弟子须心无旁骛,继续修炼。 Cultivation breaks through three level, can attain an efficacious medicine again, breaks through big step, attains ten efficacious medicines again, breaks through Heavenly Axis Realm, can obtain Extraordinary level growth rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, breaks through Dao of Dragon Realm, then can obtain three wondrous medicines and God Level Growth Rate Dragon Blood Demon Spirit. 修为突破三个层次者,可以再获一枚灵药,突破一个大阶者,再获十枚灵药,突破到天转境,就可以获得卓越成长性龙血妖灵,突破到龙道境,便可以获得三枚圣药和一只神级成长性龙血妖灵 Divine Feather Sect investigates rigorously up and down, as long as there is a collaborator, kills without the amnesty. 羽神宗上下严查,但凡有通敌者,杀无赦。 After obtaining the news, Divine Feather Sect has seethed with excitement up and down completely, the potency of efficacious medicine, they knew, they think that is unable to obtain, has not thought that Nie Li announced unexpectedly so astonishing award measure, they have not gone how possibly all out to practice! 当得到消息之后,羽神宗上下全部沸腾了,灵药的效力,他们都知道了,他们原以为无法得到更多了,没想到聂离居然宣布了如此惊人的奖励措施,他们这些人怎么可能还不拼命修炼! Does not know wondrous medicines that Sect Master gives what thing are?” “不知道宗主给的圣药到底是什么东西?” Who knows that Sect Master throughout the ages, monopolizes!” “谁知道呢,宗主千秋万代,一统天下!” From now on the future, I am the Sect Master person, Sect Master will make me face south, I not toward north!” “从今往后,我就是宗主的人,宗主让我朝南,我绝不朝北!” During the Divine Feather Sect disciples fell into were frantic, entire Sect everywhere was the person of cultivation, was practicing anytime and anywhere, lest was fallen by others. 羽神宗弟子们一个个陷入了狂热之中,整个宗门到处都是修炼的人,随时随地都在修炼,唯恐被别人落下。 The Divine Feather Sect entrance shuts tightly, some outside sects place the informer in Divine Feather Sect to be eradicated completely, the outside lost the Divine Feather Sect news suddenly, does not know that Divine Feather Sect is up to mischief. 羽神宗山门紧闭,一些外宗安插在羽神宗内的眼线全部被连根拔起,外界突然失去了羽神宗的消息,都不知道羽神宗在搞什么鬼。 Major evil way Sect, come to inquire, disappears without a word completely. 各大邪道宗门,派人前来打探,全部音讯全无。 Sect Master palace. 宗主府。 Lu Piao, Gu Bei and the others gathered, almost in the middle of the Sect elite juniors, all gathered at the Nie Li side, including Situ Beiyan, Gu Lan and the others, felt a heartfelt admiration to Nie Li. 陆飘顾贝等人聚集在一起,几乎宗门当中的精英子弟,全都聚集在了聂离的身边,包括司徒北炎顾岚等人,也都对聂离心悦诚服。 Only gathers at Nie Li Sect elite, has achieved 500-600 people. 光是聚集在聂离身边的宗门精英,就达到了五六百人之多。 Nie Li, according to you said that I sent 100 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert to give Ning'er and Ziyun to Du Ze and 200 Dao of Dragon Realm Expert......” Lu Piao am reporting the situation, under the instruction of Nie Li, he gave Ning'er, Ziyun and Du Ze they to send the massive Dao of Dragon Realm masters, and has sent to many efficacious medicine, wondrous medicines as well as Extraordinary level above Dragon Blood Demon Spirit, making them promote own strength with a sense of urgency. 聂离,按照你说的,我派了100个龙道境强者杜泽、200个龙道境强者给了凝儿紫芸……”陆飘汇报着情况,在聂离的吩咐下,他给凝儿紫芸杜泽他们都派去了大量的龙道境高手,并且送去了很多灵药、圣药以及卓越级以上的龙血妖灵,让他们抓紧提升自身的实力。 Several big Sect, will have the Nie Li influence. 几大宗门,都将会有聂离的势力。 How your do Cultivation promote?” Nie Li looked that asked to the people. “你们的修为提升得如何?”聂离看向众人问道。 Your that wondrous medicines were too fierce, we broke through to Dao of Dragon Realm.” Gu Bei said excitedly. “你那圣药太厉害了,我们都已经突破到龙道境了。”顾贝兴奋地说道。 Li Xingyun looks to Nie Li, asked: Nie Li, when do you prepare to Demon God Sect fight?” 李行云看向聂离,问道:“聂离,你准备什么时候对妖神宗动手?” To Demon God Sect fight? When did I say must to Demon God Sect fight?” The Nie Li surprise asked that the corners of the mouth were actually reveal to wipe the happy expression. “对妖神宗动手?我什么时候说要对妖神宗动手?”聂离诧异地问道,嘴角却是流露出了一抹笑意。 Our Demon God Sect with Divine Feather Sect, the friction was unceasing for these years, Demon God Sect constantly is thinking how to extinguish our Sect, now our Divine Feather Sect was formidable, how possibly to hold Demon God Sect?” Li Xingyun has smiled saying with a smile. “我们妖神宗羽神宗这几年来,摩擦不断,妖神宗无时无刻都在想着如何灭我们宗门,如今我们羽神宗强大了,怎么可能容得下妖神宗?”李行云笑了笑道。 gaze of people also fell on the body of Nie Li, waited for the reply of Nie Li, their truly a little could not repress at heart. 众人的目光也都落在了聂离的身上,都等聂离的回答,他们的心里确实有点按耐不住了。 Your anxious anything, our Divine Feather Sect the peace-loving Sect, so long as Demon God Sect does not get rid to cope with us, we will not cope their. All outside sect disciples, all contracts Sect, so long as Demon God Sect does not invade one's territory my Sect, our Divine Feather Sect cannot fight. First shut five ends of the year to say again!” Nie Li said assuredly. “你们急什么,我们羽神宗是爱好和平的宗门,只要妖神宗不出手对付我们,我们就不会对付他们的。所有外宗弟子,也全都收缩回宗门,只要妖神宗不来犯我宗门,我们羽神宗就不会动手。先闭五年关再说!”聂离笃定地说道。 Hears the Nie Li words, the people have pondered the moment, immediately understood. 听到聂离的话,众人沉思了片刻,随即明白了。 Nie Li this move is most ruthless! 聂离这招才是最狠的! Had the great quantity wondrous medicines and efficacious medicine, Nie Li can train the massive masters crazily, five years later, only feared that Divine Feather Sect high and low everywhere is Dao of Dragon Realm Expert, Martial Ancestor Realm, perhaps can also come out several! Moreover by that time, status of Nie Li in Divine Feather Sect, was as stable as the rock of Gibraltar, one mind. 拥有了巨量的圣药和灵药,聂离可以疯狂地培养大量的高手,五年后,只怕羽神宗上下到处都是龙道境强者,就连武宗境的,恐怕也能出来好几个了吧!而且到那时候,聂离羽神宗内的地位,也已经稳如泰山,上下一心。 At that time, Demon God Sect also wants to win, that simply was dream of a fool. Once Demon God Sect makes war with Divine Feather Sect, only feared that cries continually without enough time. 到那个时候,妖神宗还想赢,那简直是痴人说梦了。一旦妖神宗羽神宗开战,只怕连哭都来不及。 The time to Divine Feather Sect, is more precious! 时间对羽神宗来说,更为珍贵! Entire Divine Feather Sect high and low, opened has closed up the cultivation pattern. 整个羽神宗上下,开启了闭关修炼模式。 Nie Li except for the cultivation of own Heavenly God Technique, starts to teach these elite various formidable cultivation technique crazily, these cultivation technique can cultivation peak peak strong cultivation technique, by the talent, they are less inferior than Nie Li. 聂离除了自身天道神诀的修炼,也开始疯狂地传授身边这些精英各种强大的功法,这些功法都是能够修炼到巅峰极致的超强功法,论天赋,他们这些人并不比聂离逊色。 A terrifying strength, is rising in Draconic Ruins Realm outrageously, is only other major Sect, quite the same as unknown.( To be continued.) The mobile phone user please glance over m. to read, higher-quality reading experience. 一股恐怖的力量,正在龙墟界域之中悍然崛起,只是其他各大宗门,都还浑然未知。(未完待续。)手机用户请浏览m.阅读,更优质的阅读体验。
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