SR :: Volume #23

#2237: Zhou You 【Asked to guarantee a minimum monthly ticket】

Li Ji continues his Zhou You, 李绩继续他的周游, About the epidemic situation, he is somewhat helpless, he knows nothing to the Pill Dao epidemic disease say/way, the specialized matter gives specialized handles, this cannot be solved with the sword. 关于疫情,他有些无能为力,他对丹道疫道一窍不通,专业的事还是交給专业的去打理,这不是用剑能解决的。 The merit, the good deeds done in secret, Sacred Virtue, Forder, the tablets of these four virtue are the direction that he judges, he has a premonition, if innate Great Dao also has the vacancy, is very possible to leave from here. But what makes him confuse, even if in these four virtue really has the vacancy, he will gather Great Dao that these eight poles cannot hit? 功德,阴德,圣德,福德,这四德之碑就是他判断的方向,他有预感,如果先天大道还有空缺,就很可能是从这里出。但让他迷惑的是,就算是这四德中真有空缺,他会去合这些八杆子都打不着的大道么? The merit, the fruit of report doing good deeds, makes a general reference to pray to Buddha, sutras, donation, release and other matters, side this does not build with his Crow Li completely. 功德,行善之果报,多泛指念佛、诵经、布施、放生等事,这完全和他李乌鸦不搭边。 Forder, is the five desires six senses, hears Liyang, what is different from the merit, Forder can share, the merit is the intrinsic thing, like honor ; His does Crow Li have Forder? 福德,是五欲六尘,名闻利养,和功德不同的是,福德可以和人共享,功德则是内在的东西,就像荣誉;他李乌鸦有福德? The good deeds done in secret, the mediocre person believes that so-called good deeds done in secret after dying does good deeds, this is incorrect, without cultivator will go cultivates virtue after own death, that will be the genuine head rusted the talent will do ; The good deeds done in secret, refer to the heart Yin, the good deeds done in secret are heart virtue, heart virtue is heart is friendly- pities, is good to execute, respectful , helping others wait/etc. all charitable dispositions. This, Li Ji self-examines unable to achieve. 阴德,凡俗人认为,所谓阴德就是为死后积德,这是不对的,没有修士会去为自己的死后修德,那是真正脑袋锈了的才会去做;阴德,阴是指心,阴德就是“心德”,心德就是“心善”-怜悯,好施,恭敬,帮助他人等等一切善念。这个,李绩自问做不到。 Sacred Virtue, makes Saint de. As if to say supreme morals. Generally is used in name of sage , with proclaim oneself emperor virtue. This thing is away from Li Ji is too remote, he does not want to become the sage, does not think Emperor to become, he is one drinks to eat the meat murder the trades people, really made him have this welldoing, that ratio killed him to be uncomfortable. 圣德,亦作“圣惪”。犹言至高无上的道德。一般用于古之称圣人者,也用以称帝德。这东西距离李绩太遥远,他不想成为圣人,也不想成帝,他就是一个喝酒吃肉杀人的市井之徒,真让他有了这种德行,那比杀了他还难受。 Therefore, these four virtue as if do not need thin, he not to gather in any case, with it about these, might as well about can the happy mood double cultivates Great Dao. 所以,这四德似乎也不必细较,反正他不会去合,与其合这些,还不如合个能痛快心情的双修大道呢。 As for other innate Great Dao, but also needs to judge has, Cause-Effect, the normalizing, Taishi, was too easy, the sulphathiazol, the tribulation transported, the misfortune, the destiny, undertook to transport...... 至于其他的先天大道,还需要判断的有,因果,归一,太始,太易,太素,劫运,厄运,气运,承运…… In these innate Great Dao, can subdivide, 这些先天大道中,又可以细分一下, The normalizing, is many deviation in Great Dao of Buddhism, can call it really such as, original nature, Dharmakaya, dharmadhatu, Buddha-nature, Buddhist-nature and Tathagata conceals and circle mature and original feature, the great-circle mirror wisdom, does not pass in Li Ji. 归一,是个更多的偏向于佛门的大道,也可以称之为真如、自性、法身、实相、佛性、法性、如来藏、圆成实性、本来面目,大圆镜智等,于李绩不通。 Sulphathiazol, sulphathiazol, the beginning of nature. The beginning had Taichu at first, latter had Taishi, the shape trillion became, the shape had the nature, but the adult, the name has not said the sulphathiazol. Innate five too one, is transits before Heaven and Earth limitless is born one of the five stages, is the qualitative outset, but not yet the stage of adult. 太素,太素者,质之始也。始起先有太初,后有太始,形兆既成,形而有质,而未成体,名曰太素。先天五太之一,是无极过渡到天地诞生前的五个阶段之一,就是质的起始而尚未成体的阶段。 Taishi, Taishi, the beginning of shape, was Stage 3 in universe production chain. After too easy and Taichu, before the sulphathiazol. This stage is angry, visible, but still did not have the nature , not the absolute void, does not really have, is grows out of nothing the process. 太始,太始者,形之始也,是宇宙生成链条中的第三阶段。在太易、太初之后,在太素之前。这个阶段有气,有形,但尚无质,既非绝对的空虚,亦非实有,是从无生有得过程。 Too easy, has not seen the air/Qi. On behalf of transits to the first stage that Heaven and Earth is born limitless, the universe condition of infinite nihility. The Yin-Yang has not changed, extensive desert Grand Emptiness, does not have the shape without the light, invisible nameless. Lonesome scanty, is said that is too easy. Refers to the differentiation of Yin-Yang not appearing, general boundless primitive void, when this stage , without the light not to have the image, without shape, does not have the name, silent invisible. Is the outset of god, but the air/Qi has not appeared. 太易,未见气也。代表无极过渡到天地诞生的第一个阶段,只有无限虚无的宇宙状态。阴阳未变,恢漠太虚,无光无象,无形无名。寂兮寥兮,是曰太易。指阴阳的分化尚未出现,广大无垠的原始虚空,当这一阶段,没有光明没有形象,没有形状,也没有名称,寂静无形。是神的起始,但气尚未出现。 Too before easy, Taichu, Taishi and sulphathiazol were Heaven and Earth formed, four stages of cosmological evolution, each other related the indivisible four parts, lacked one and may not ; To their understanding, cannot take the weight alone, needs a thorough thorough cognition overall. 太易、太初、太始、太素是天地形成前宇宙演化的四个阶段,是彼此联系不可割裂的四个部分,缺一而不可;对它们的理解,也不是可以单独拿出来衡量的,需要从整体上有个深入透彻的认知。 These four innate Great Dao, are has the remote immortal to grasp inevitably truly, above Immortal Court, certainly is the life age most glorious Golden Immortal it's in the bag, Li Ji could not bump, cannot bump, did not have the qualifications to bump. 这四个先天大道,必然是存在久远的仙人才能真正掌握,在仙庭之上,也一定是生命寿数最悠久的金仙的囊中之物,李绩碰不了,不能碰,也没资格碰。 The range reduces again, is only left over Cause-Effect and four transports/fortunes, during five transport/fortune, the destiny is the base, Li Ji studies under the phoenix, through this, 200 years gradually, understands probably oneself is not and transports/fortunes the fate that brick. 范围再次缩小,只剩下因果和四运,五运当中,命运为基,李绩师从凤凰,通过这一,二百年的浸淫,也大概明白了自己并不是和运有缘份的那块料。 To gather innate Great Dao, one this field of endeavor vacancy no one gathers, two must agree with oneself conscience direction ; It is not the merit person you demands the merit, the person who walks from Distant Antiquity you cannot pursue that universe four too change essences, does not transport the person to strive for transporting the upper body, these, are the practicing taboos, demands it, instead by its evil. 欲合先天大道,一得此道空缺无人合,二需契合自己的本心方向;不是功德人你非强求功德,不是从上古走过来的人你非得追求那一丝宇宙的四太变迁本质,不是运中人偏求运上身,这些,都是修行大忌,强求之,反遭其害。 The day selects the mainland about hundred years later, Li Ji discovered, except for one already confirmed the say/way of morals, he now only then Dao of Cause-Effect can attempt, although in he does not have the too high hope. 在天择大陆近百年后,李绩发现,除了一个已经证实了的道德之道,他现在就只有因果之道可以去尝试,虽然他内心中对此也不抱太大的希望。 The future changes again gloomy, actually conforms to the normal cultivation advancement, innumerable truly top elites, after having been through repeatedly several million years of being choosy , what can also leave behind is also appropriate to you, is attractive, fierce innate Great Dao? 前途变的再次暗淡,却符合正常的修真进程,无数真正顶尖的精英,在历经数百万年的挑挑拣拣后,还能給你留下什么又合适,又漂亮,又厉害的先天大道 Process of practicing from ignorant ignorant, to learning suddenly Great Dao, depending on Gao Lizhi, has grand plans but little skill, is beset with difficulties, tracks down with hardship, by attack, what persists in not giving up...... him and others is the joy after sorrow, 修行的过程从懵懂无知,到乍闻大道,凭高立志,眼高手低,困难重重,苦苦追寻,备受打击,坚持不放弃……他等的是柳暗花明, Now the willow tree is truly dark, has not seen the flower, only sees a big wild boar. 现在柳确实暗了,还没见到花,只见到一头大野猪。 This is not a short journey, because is urgent, because of being swayed by personal gains and losses, he low of very speed drop, partly swims half line, forces itself in the different mountains characters, the rivers and streams geography, in the humanistic custom relaxes itself, 这又是一段不短的旅程,因为急迫,又因为患得患失,他把速度降的很低,半游半行,强迫自己在不同的山川人物,江河地理,人文风俗中放松自己, This is a very laughable matter, each time before going to boundary he will have more or less feeling, when each time he broke through on the boundary, felt after own state of mind is clear, actually continues to worry in the next important pass, this has become the custom. 这是件很可笑的事,每次在上境之前他都会有或多或少的这种感觉,每次当他突破了上境,感觉自己心境再一次圆润后,却在下一个关口继续犯愁,这已经成为了习惯。 Does not have Yangguan Great Dao, the difficulty forever one by one difficultly, before becoming an immortal like this huge gap, the major difficulty is acceptable, what because you want to change is own essence, what pursue is the immortal of Heavenly Dao most strict control. 没有阳关大道,困难永远一个比一个难,在登仙这样的巨大鸿沟前,再大的困难都是可以接受的,因为你想改变的是自己的本质,追求的是天道最严格控制的长生。 His present very somewhat has mixed feelings, knew perfectly well that Cause-Effect Great Dao was been very big fuse with the Dao possibility, but still reported the ray of hopes, because of this Cause-Effect Great Dao, is very big on Great Dao, seduces very much. 他现在的心情很有些复杂,明知因果大道被人合道的可能性很大,但仍然报有一线希望,因为这个因果大道,也是个很高大上的大道,很是诱惑。 When Li Ji accepts Cause-Effect Great Dao or Gold Core for the first time in Exiled Land, he learned a type Sword technique Two-Faced Sword, from now on, will start long practicing Cause-Effect to involve, although will not have the true systematic study, but this thing has actually followed him, one day has never left. 李绩第一次接受因果大道还是金丹时在流亡地,他习得了一式剑术-剑之双面,自此,开始了漫长的修行因果牵扯,虽然没有真正系统学习,但这东西却一直伴随着他,从未有一日离开过。 ps: Starting from new January/one month, making us have a good beginning! ps:新的一月开始,让我们也有个好的开端! He confessed that is predestined friends with Cause-Effect, does not repel, develops the sword technique in the Cause-Effect Great Dao foundation is a very important direction, is separated the way of strong bow hard crossbow he became accustomed, but from darkness solves the problem mystically, this is good to the enhancement of his strength very much, therefore, actually he has a hope. 他自认和因果还是有缘的,也不排斥,在因果大道基础上发展剑术是一个很重要的方向,脱离了他习以为常的强弓硬弩的方式,而是从冥冥中的神秘来解决问题,这对他实力的提高很有好处,所以,其实他是有一丝期盼的。 Who does not hope do oneself gather an eye-catching innate Great Dao? Especially to Li Ji although like this installs is very indifferent, but installs the bi plot to infix the person of bloodlines. 谁不希望自己合个拉风的先天大道呢?尤其对李绩这样虽然装的很无所谓,但装赑情节深植血脉的人来说。 Can Monk Lotus Flower deceive him? 莲花和尚会不会骗他? Just like he has not deceived the lotus flower to be the same! Possibly will hide contraband, but certainly not in had disclosed on Great Dao that cheats, this is both sides, although who looks who is irritable, actually maintains a cornerstone of half friend. 正如他没骗莲花一样!可能会有藏私,但一定不会在已经透露出去的大道上做假,这是双方虽然谁都看谁别扭,却始终维持一个半拉朋友的基石。 The road more walks is farther, the position is getting higher and higher, no matter the friend or the enemy, must have a face to speak ripe, even if abuses each other! 路越走越远,位置越来越高,不管是朋友还是敌人,总要有个脸熟能说话的,哪怕是对骂! To cultivator, this is very important, to the major issue they can importantly not rumor, but if reveal, certainly real. 修士来说,这很重要,重要到在重大问题上他们可以不露口风,但如果露了,就一定是真的。
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