SR :: Volume #23

#2238: Coming straight to the point 【Asked to guarantee a minimum monthly ticket】

The reason country, possibly is not the day selects the mainland to be most powerful, but certainly is one of the most ancient states, until now had existed for hundreds of thousands of years, had never been captured, this verified unusual of its strength from one side. 缘国,可能不是天择大陆最强大的,但一定是最古老的国度之一,迄今为止已经存在了数十万年,从未被人攻略过,这从一个侧面印证了其实力的与众不同。 This country, is different kind, looks like Gate Sect, rather than a personnel change frequently, changes job country that is in vogue. 这个国家,是个异类,更像一个门派,而不是一个人员变动频繁,跳槽盛行的国家 Also is normal, if any country existed for hundreds of thousands of years, then its domestic dao lineage inheritance also inevitably tends to be consistent, more favors a whole, here, Cause-Effect Great Dao is all, not only has a Cause-Effect tablet, is each cultivator, to Foundation Establishment, on to Half Immortal, the root source of everyone. 也是正常,任何一个国家如果存在了数十万年,那么其国内道统传承也就必然的趋于一致,越倾向于一个整体,在这里,因果大道就是一切,不仅仅是有因果道碑,也是每个修士,下至筑基,上到半仙,每个人的根脚出处。 But to Li Ji, this is not a good news, because this means that his external monk will definitely not receive that welcome of other country, this and his strength strong and weak has no relations, the key is the conflict of dao lineage, making him not be approved here. 但对李绩来说,这不是个好消息,因为这意味着他这外来的和尚肯定不会受到其他国家的那种欢迎,这和他的实力强弱没什么关系,关键是道统的冲突,让他在这里不被认可。 Opens also dozens years to the next Cause-Effect tablet, he also is really lazy goes to another place to seek the chance to try one's luck again, lived in the cause city simply, the capital of reason country's, outside the city not far away is the Cause-Effect Great Dao tablet, facilitated. 离下一次因果碑开启还有数十年,他也实在是懒的再去他处寻机缘碰运气,干脆就住到了因缘城,缘国的首府,城外不远处就是因果大道碑,方便的很。 Also happen to continues the deep plowing while this opportunity his destiny Great Dao, he does not want always and phoenix binds together, before was because was an opponent, how the nausea how came, although now cannot be a friend, but reluctantly also and lotus flower was a rank, looked at one another two to tire, actually has to mix in the same place, was the fate. 也正好乘这机会继续深耕他的命运大道,他也不想总是和凤凰绑在一起,之前是因为是对手,怎么恶心怎么来,现在虽不能算是朋友,但勉强也和莲花是一个等级,相看两厌,却不得不搅和在一起,也是缘份。 Since wants to penetrate destiny Great Dao, since wants to enjoy to make merry in the bustling place, then, must have an occupation, settles down and gets on with life, at least lets the person seemingly normal life style. 既然想深入命运大道,既然想在红尘中享受吃喝玩乐,那么,总得有个职业,一个安身立命,起码让人看起来正常的生活方式。 The fortune-teller, is his new occupation, happen to the confirmation studies ; In destiny Great Dao these things of phoenix he cannot copy overall , contacts the mortal, since the mortal starts, applies him now the technique of very immature destiny is very appropriate. 算命先生,就是他的新职业,正好验证所学;命运大道中凤凰的那些东西他不能全盘照搬,那么,接触凡人,从凡人开始,应用他现在还很稚嫩的命运之术就很得当。 star hangs, the divination, the turtle plans, operator, caret-shaped, this will be innumerable day after tomorrow Great Dao some branches, to destiny Great Dao, will have the place of intercommunication in certain aspects and these day after tomorrow Great Dao ; The divination, can only forecast the calculation, but the say/way of destiny becomes aware the deep place, grasped the fate, can actually change the destiny, naturally, this is something to be talked about later. 星挂,占卜,龟筹,算子,八字,这本来就是无数后天大道的一些分支,对命运大道来说,在某些方面和这些后天大道是有互通之处的;占卜,只能预测推算,但命运之道悟到深处,掌握了命数,却是可以改变命运的,当然,这是后话。 In his mind, a standard god stick hangs to calculate, should be thin, wears the sunglasses, best is a blind person, wears the long gown, selects to coil the child, is swinging a bell, unfathomable of face, the mouthful utter nonsense, shows partiality, words technique set of truth, ambiguous, specious, is hangs the word the basic principle. 在他的印象里,一个标准的神棍挂算,应该是清瘦的,戴着墨镜,最好是瞎子,穿着长袍,挑着个蟠子,摇着个铃铛,一脸的莫测高深,满嘴的一派胡言,看人下菜碟,话术套真相,模棱两可,似是而非,就是挂言的基本原则。 This is in the impression of previous generation, but in this Cultivation World, is inappropriate! 这是在前世的印象,但在这个修真世界,不合适! Here has cultivation, truly has to see clearly the Past and Future within certain amount of time person, in fact, if boundary to True Monarch, cultivator even if not pass hangs to calculate, can still understand to a certain extent the things in this aspects, at least, look at person Past and Future are the basic qualities, this had the hanging foundation of considerable degree. 这里是有修真的,也是有真正具备看清一定时间内的过去未来的人,事实上,如果境界到了真君,修士就算不通挂算,也能在一定程度上了解一些这方面的东西,至少,看人过去未来是基本素质,这就具备了相当程度的挂算基础。 Here hangs to calculate, the Daoist robe is necessary, features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality are the standard configuration, will not so who believe you? The mortals know in cultivating are some handsome generations, your common semblance toward there station, was neglected directly, the founder does not bestow food eats. 在这里挂算,道袍是必备的,仙风道骨是标配,不如此谁会相信你?就连凡人都知道修者中都是些相貌堂堂之辈,你这不起眼的外表往那里一站,直接就被人忽视,祖师爷不赏饭吃。 Therefore Li Ji besides a Daoist robe of worn-out vicissitudes, added the vice- sunglasses to oneself, this world not this thing, but to him, oneself make one is also the slight effort, Half Immortal, planning inheritance of forms after their production by the action of yin and yang was the basic capability. 所以李绩除了一件破旧沧桑的道袍外,就給自己加了副墨镜,这个世界没这东西,不过对他来说,自己做一副也不过是举手之劳,半仙了,拟形化物是基本能力。 Repairs the deep place, now does not matter what energy concealment technique, Half Immortal cultivator has been able to achieve body all fine qi god perfect conceals in the soul, in ordinary mortal not different, only if same Half Immortal cultivator direct Divine Sense sweeps looked, otherwise cannot observe ; Waited till Human Immortal that step, if again the Lower World game travel fatigue, that is no matter what no one can look, for only. 修到深处,现在也无所谓什么敛气之术,半仙修士已经可以做到把身体所有的精炁神完美藏于性灵,于普通凡人无异,除非同样的半仙修士直接神识扫看,否则不能察;等到了人仙那一步,如果再下界游戏风尘的话,那就是任谁也看不出来,是为唯一。 Calculates that hangs the gentlemen, mostly is one bottle of water is discontented, half bottle of swaying fellows, is a Foundation Establishment inadequate cultivator very important getting by direction, there is a pure mortal, that is one glib talks nonsense completely ; 算挂先生们,大多都是一瓶水不满,半瓶晃荡的家伙,是筑基不成的修行者一个很重要的糊口方向,也有纯粹的凡人,那就是一张巧嘴完全胡说八道; True cultivator, above Foundation Establishment, no one will place this type the precious time bored above, moreover some divination dao lineage, leaking the secret are punished by Heavenly Dao, in this point, three great wild goose Great Dao and Hongmao are the same, the Great Dao principle is, I can the ability that your some foreknowledge will pass in the future, but is only restricted in individual, you cannot on the running avenue the outright nonsense. 真正的修士,筑基以上,谁也不会把宝贵的时间放在这种无聊上面,而且有些占卜道统,泄露天机是会被天道惩罚的,这一点上,三鸿大道和鸿茅都一样,大道的原则是,我可以給你某种预知未来过去的能力,但仅限于个人,你不能跑大街上满口胡言。 Such restraint, the boundary upward is stricter, basically cannot obstruct as for Foundation Establishment below, you do not have the ability to forecast these taboos. 这样的约束,境界越往上越严格,至于筑基以下就基本碍不着,你也没能力预测那些禁忌。 A appearance of Li Ji such alternative takes to the streets, reason that wearing sunglasses, on the one hand does not have the prestige to attract the curious customer by this newly-arrived, then at the same time for covering he slightly obviously ordinary appearance characteristics. 李绩就这么一副另类的打扮上了街,之所以戴墨镜,一方面是初来乍到没有名望以此吸引好奇的顾客,一方面则是借以掩盖他稍显平凡的外貌特征。 On a bamboo pole is selecting rags, submits a written statement, the accurate judgment god breaks Li Buyi, is reading of previous generation thinks, this name one hear has the feeling of immortal game bustling place, therefore also brought with. 一根竹杆上挑着张破布,上书,铁嘴神断李布衣,也是前世的念想,这名字一听就有仙人游戏红尘的感觉,所以也就拿来用了。 Dropping from house to house, is his now prime task way. 走街串巷,是他现下的主要工作方式。 Told fortunes in this occupation, divided heterogeneous, divided the height in any case ; Is well known, is competent, said that will have the own Dao field, or puts up for the night in a temple some Daoist temple temple, this is the superior destination, because goes is the Buddhism believers, is willing to pull out silver many. 算命这个职业中,也是分三六九等,分高低贵贱的;有名望,有实力,说的准的,就会有自己的道场,或挂单某个道观寺院,这是上等的去处,因为去的都是善男信女,肯掏银子的就多。 Next in big public place, county fair, temple fair, recreation area, is the fixed booth, has the fixed audience, does not need to worry about food or clothing. 其次是在大的公众场合,市集,庙会,娱乐场所等,也算是固定摊,有固定的受众群,衣食无忧。 Worst is Li Ji such novice, without the prestige, does not have the old customer, you really find a place to sit that a day will get down also not necessarily some people to visit, instead will be gathered not the poor stall fee/spent by certain dark forces. 最不济的就是李绩这样的新手,没有名望,没有老顾客,你真找个地方坐那,一天下来也不见得会有人光顾,反而会被某些黑暗势力收取不菲的摊位费。 Therefore can only practice roaming Tan, was unable to go to that lively Great Dao, because there also has the fixed master, goes in rashly, must come under attack ; Only can walk the quite remote alley, shakes in the slum area of floor mortal, to seek meager income, hanging the capital is also cheap cannot cheap angle copper, a day get down to eat the bowl noodles to hit the corner/horn liquor to be very good. 所以就只能练游摊,还不能去那繁华的大道,因为那里也是有固定主人的,冒然进去,说不定就得挨打;就只能走比较偏僻的小巷,在底层凡人的贫民区中晃悠,以博取微薄的收入,挂资也是便宜的不能再便宜的铜角子,一天下来能吃碗面打角酒已经很不错了。 This is the way that Li Ji most likes, because most real, he can contact the original ecology of stodgers here, verifies own destiny to study while convenient. 这是李绩最喜欢的方式,因为最真实,他可以在这里接触平凡人们的原生态,也顺便印证自己的命运所学。 Any Great Dao, the process that needs familiar disciplining essence to quench, no Great Dao can close up millennium for several thousand years depending on a forehead indulges in flights of fancy to achieve final achieving mastery through a comprehensive study. 任何大道,都需要一个熟悉磨练精淬的过程,没有哪个大道是可以闭关千年数千年凭一脑门的胡思乱想来达到最后的融会贯通的。 Destiny Great Dao similarly so, this is the destiny different places of destiny and human of phoenix. 命运大道同样如此,这就是凤凰的命运和人类的命运不同的地方。 His present ability, measures the cultivator destiny absurdly, will present that uncontrolled Black Dragon/mishap that between similar and phoenix present, the injuring someone evil already, will also leave behind the infinite future trouble. 他现在的能力,去妄测修士的命运,就会出现类似和凤凰之间出现的那种不受控制的乌龙,害人害已,还会留下无穷的后患。 Only then starts from the mortal, since the narrow view starts, slowly improvement, rich, is fine his destiny Great Dao, later from every to cultivating, from low to high, this is his practicing destiny Great Dao opens the way correctly. 就只有从凡人入手,从小处入手,慢慢完善,丰富,精细他的命运大道,之后再由凡到修,由低到高,由人及已,这才是他修行命运大道的正确打开方式。
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