SR :: Volume #23

#2216: Start

Relaxedness that although said that but Li Ji knows certainly that his idea extremely one-sided wishes, which innate Great Dao he will never possibly probe also to have the vacancy through such method! 虽然说的轻松,但李绩当然知道他的想法太过一厢情愿,他永远也不可能通过这样的方法来试探出哪个先天大道还有空缺! As for staring at the huge Half Immortal group of this position, he pours too did not worry, after all, nothing but competition. 至于盯着这个位置的庞大半仙群,他倒并不太担心,毕竟,无非竞争而已。 He knows that is uncertain about the hope of innate Great Dao, has to consider to look for the most suitable own day after tomorrow Great Dao derivative, if all goes well, at least, he can also crawl to the position of real immortal hopefully. 他知道合先天大道的希望渺茫,就不得不考虑找一个最适合自己的后天大道衍生品,如果一切顺利,至少,他还能有希望爬到真仙的位置。 To crossing over who was full of the ambition, this result is depressing. 对一个充满了野心的穿越者来说,这个结果让人沮丧。 The light 11 mothers are also the sympathize, Li Ji do to understand that this middle say/way, but their phoenix clan helpless had been surviving like this for several million years, own lifebound Great Dao, actually cannot become the fuse with the Dao object, is how sorrowful. 光十一娘也是感同身受,李绩是才搞明白这中间的道道,而它们凤凰一族已经在这样的无奈中生存了数百万年,自己的本命大道,却不能成为合道的对象,何其悲哀。 From the experience of our antique bloodlines beast, at least can determine, destiny Great Dao of our phoenix, life and death Great Dao of Kunpeng, dragon clan Space-Time Great Dao, Chaos Great Dao of Liu, is occupied by human, this is I can determine that only, as for other, can only you judge. “从我们太古血脉兽的经历,至少能够确定,我们凤凰的命运大道,鲲鹏的生死大道,龙族的时间空间大道,相柳氏的混沌大道,都早已被人类占据,这是我唯一能确定的,至于其他的,就只能你自己去判断。 However I must urge you, makes the plan early, do not hang oneself dead in innate Great Dao, through the ages, the outstanding generations of some innumerable human are because cannot swallow this tone, must achieve perfect, finally fuse with the Dao is inadequate, by backlash, cultivation base had all efforts wasted. ” 不过我还是要劝你,早做打算,不要在先天大道上吊死,古往今来,有无数人类的杰出之辈就是因为咽不下这口气,非要做到尽善尽美,结果合道不成,遭了反噬,一身修为付之东流。” Li Ji imageless spat a saliva, milk- milk, the good cabbage to be arched by the pig!” 李绩毫无形象的吐了口口水,“奶-奶的,好白菜都被猪拱了!” First come , first served, following lining up, probably also indisputable, but the issue lies in this renewal bringing in new blood speed is a little slow, simply will never be, a point will read to the successor wants not to remain. 先到先得,后面的排队,好像也无可厚非,但问题在于这个更新换血速度有点慢,简直就是遥遥无期,給后来者一点念想都不留。 If, Immortal Court comes the field war, the immortals died are good!” The Li Ji fantasize said. “要是,仙庭来场大战,仙人都死光光就好了!”李绩意淫道。 The light 11 mothers stared his one eyes, shuts up! Do you also want to stir Immortal Court to go? You must first have the Immortal Court ability, then said that stirs the wind to stir the rain! How the realistic issue is you treads this step! Rather than all day is thinking the Immortal Court great change waits for the space to fall the pie!” 光十一娘瞪了他一眼,“闭嘴!你还想搅到仙庭去?你得先有上仙庭的能力,再说搅风搅雨!现实的问题是你怎么踏出这一步!而不是整天想着仙庭巨变等着天上掉馅饼!” Li Ji actually changed a topic, „can 11 mothers, with your feeling, among us distance of that reading, pass through the blockade of innate Great Dao tablet?” 李绩却换了个话题,“十一娘,以你的感觉,咱们之间的那个一念之距,能否穿越先天大道碑的封锁?” The light 11 mothers are categorical, cannot! Let alone you, if entered the Great Dao tablet, even if in slaughtering space, I felt that cannot cross go in through the destiny shackles! Here has the order issue, the priority-rating of Great Dao tablet above your my destiny relation!” 光十一娘斩钉截铁,“不能!别说你如果进了大道碑,就算是在杀戮空间中,我感觉都不能通过命运枷锁跨进去!这里有个次序问题,大道碑的优先等级在你我的命运联系之上!” Li Ji smiles, hehe, 11 mothers care very much my! Also knows that tries to enter slaughters the space!” 李绩就笑,“呵呵,十一娘还是很关心我的嘛!还知道试试能不能进入杀戮空间!” Only 11 mothers scolded, cared about you? I am feared that your wave dies in inside, the old lady also follows unlucky!” 光十一娘就骂,“关心你?我是怕你浪死在里面,老娘也跟着倒霉!” Li Ji did not dispute with her, „ are 11 mothers, I looked like this good, you always accompany me are not being a matter, although your previous generation had come one time, has realized from experience here destiny Great Dao, but my feeling was, being not necessarily able to make your more relaxed time! 李绩也不和她争执,“十一娘,我看这样好不好,你总是这么陪着我也不是个事,虽然你前世曾经来过一次,也体悟过这里的命运大道,但我的感觉是,未必能让你这一次就更轻松! Therefore, now you can first go to the destiny Great Dao tablet to start your realizing from experience, you went, I can also act on free will, which innate Great Dao tablet having a look at to make me go in! 所以,现在你可以先去命运大道碑开始你的体悟,你进去了,我也就可以自由行动,看看哪个先天大道碑能让我进去! Our line of various matters, such efficiency comparison is high! ” 咱们各行各事,这样的效率比较高!” The light 11 mothers know what he said is the truth, drags mutually is not being the means that 光十一娘知道他说的是实情,这么互相拖着可不是办法, I know your idea! To select all Great Dao tablets of mainland to try the day, I told you, this was useless, lost the time!” “我知道你的想法!还是想把天择大陆的所有大道碑都试个遍,我告诉你,这样是没用的,耽误时间!” Li Ji acknowledged,I have this idea, whether or is not impractical, but I must look for the Great Dao tablet to go , after this can come out, can feel that the day selects the direction of mainland, even one and is solved. 李绩承认,“我是有这个想法,不管是不是不切实际,但我总要找个大道碑进去,这样才能出来后能感觉到出天择大陆的方向,就算是一并解决吧。 First is familiar with Great Dao that to start from me, tries, until going, or you came out! ” 先从我熟悉的大道开始,一个个的试下去,直到进去一个,或者等你出来!” The light 11 mothers do not have other good ways, Li Ji you put honestly, the destiny Great Dao true meaning do not forget comprehending, this is main, thing that these that rather than you think indulge in fantasy!” 光十一娘也没其他好的办法,“李绩你放老实点,命运大道的真谛不要忘了参悟,这才是最主要的,而不是你想的那些异想天开的东西!” The Li Ji smile, „ you could rest assured that each Great Dao I will not give up, actually I also want to enter in the destiny Great Dao tablet under the feeling, you make up for a missed lesson to me while these days again, do not hide away, these pressure bottom also shakes! 李绩微笑,“你放心,每一个大道我都不会放弃,其实我也想进命运大道碑里感受下呢,趁这段时间你再給我补补课,别掖着藏着,那些压箱底的也抖出来吧! The aptitude like me is outstanding, so long as the teacher makes contribution, does not have me unable to learn, only if the master holds back one trick! 像我这样资质出众的,只要老师尽力,就没我学不会的,除非师傅留一手! Which day waits for you to come out from the destiny Great Dao tablet, surely gives you a pleasant surprise! ” 等哪天你从命运大道碑中出来,一定給你个惊喜!” The light 11 mothers get angry shout: „ I should not be pleasantly surprised! You do a bit less this set! 光十一娘怒喝道:“我不要惊喜!你少来这一套! My phoenix clan conduct, since complied never to cover up, without the half a point hid contraband! 我凤凰一族行事,既然答应了就从来不会遮遮掩掩,没有半分藏私! You cannot learn not to reconsider your issue, pours to make a false countercharge, truly is the degenerate in human, the waste! ” 你学不会不反思自己的问题,倒来反咬一口,真正是人类中的败类,人渣!” Li Ji has been used to it, in drinking of phoenix scolded survives, the truth said that scolded did not have the fresh idea very much, 李绩早已习惯了在凤凰的喝骂中生存,实话说,骂的很没有新意, I must remind you, the day selects mainland the hatred of immemorial ominous beast to your phoenix clan to be deep-rooted, that nine infants even because merely I and you in initiate the life and death to challenge to me together! “我要提醒你,天择大陆的太古凶兽对你们凤凰一族的仇恨根深蒂固,那个九婴甚至仅仅因为我和你在一起就向我发起生死挑战! I am human, therefore it could not find the human helper ; But you are different, if when scrambling for the qualifications some people aims at you specially, I am not strange, 我是人类,所以它找不到人类帮手;但你不同,如果在争夺资格时有人特意针对你的话,我一点也不奇怪, Therefore, besides the possible immemorial ominous beast, their human partner of possibility, what a pity we only then a quota, I cannot accompany you to go, if we had known this, our two should not join Huan country Elder Council together, but should separate different country! ” 所以,除了可能的太古凶兽,还有可能的它们的人类同伙,可惜咱们就只有一个名额,我不能陪你进去,早知道这样,咱们两个就不应该一起加入桓国长老团,而是应该分开不同的国家!” The light 11 mothers' mouths are very hard, „ I do not need others to protect! Are you very strong in the strength of this mainland? You suppress here receive compared with me is larger! 光十一娘的嘴很硬,“我不需要别人保护!你在这个大陆的实力很强么?你在这里的压制远比我受到的要大的多! You manage well your poor life! I do not want in the bewildered time and place, start the bewildered self-immolation! ” 你还是管好自己的小命!我可不想在莫名其妙的时间和地点,就开始莫名其妙的自焚!” Li Ji disregards her obstinate argumentative, selects the mainland in the day, the situation of phoenix be worse than him, he does not have the true enemy, perhaps has, in slaughtering the space cuts several old friend good friends who kill. 李绩无视她的嘴硬,在天择大陆,凤凰的处境要比他糟糕,他没有真正的敌人,也许有,也就是在杀戮空间内自己斩杀的几个的故交好友而已。 The phoenix is different, she has an enemy of entire system, is these cannot stay put in Main World, is forced to hide the day to select the immemorial ominous beast community of mainland. 凤凰不一样,她有一整个体系的敌人,就是那些在主世界待不住,被迫躲来天择大陆的太古凶兽群落。 These immemorial ominous beasts, should be the universe darlings, lives in the boundless universe deep space, the stars should be their homes to return, was actually compelled here completely to belong to the place of mankind exist environment, although can also go on living, but the habitual instinct takes root in the bloodlines, is unable to change. 这些太古凶兽,本来应该是宇宙的宠儿,生活在无垠的宇宙深空,星辰才应该是他们的归宿,却被逼到这里完全属于人类生存环境的地方,虽然也能活下去,但是习性天性是扎根在血脉之中的,无法改变。 It can be imagined, they to these influence that they catch up with are harboring resentment how, human do not have the means that cannot stir up, only then doubled harbors resentment these human to decide the once accomplice of war of say/way, phoenix, Kunpeng, true dragon, vermilion Yan wait/etc.. 可想而知,他们对那些把它们赶出来的势力是多么的怀恨,人类没办法,惹不起,就只有加倍怀恨那些人类定道之战的曾经的帮凶,凤凰,鲲鹏,真龙,朱厌等等。 They now since the day selects the time of mainland also shortly , the conduct is also low-key, therefore arrival to a phoenix knows not many, but starts now differently, Huan country Elder Council, weighs the tablet of country slaughtering, makes her become known before the person, but the character of phoenix actually does not permit her covertly, covers up, 他们现在进入天择大陆的时间还不久,行事也算低调,所以外界对一头凤凰的到来所知不多,但现在开始不同,桓国长老团,衡国杀戮之碑,都让她大白于人前,而凤凰的性格却不允许她偷偷摸摸,遮遮掩掩, In the future time, the danger will follow on somebody's heels, this is the Li Ji request light/only 11 mothers the reason that goes to the destiny Great Dao tablet to realize from experience, at least entered that place, possible enemy eventually limited, several could not cause anything to threaten to phoenix such powerful lifeform slightly. 再往后的时间里,危险将接踵而至,这才是李绩要求光十一娘去命运大道碑体悟的原因,至少进了那个地方,可能的敌人就终究有限,稍许几个对凤凰这样强大生物也造成不了什么威胁。 The light 11 mothers regarding this, are well aware. 光十一娘对此,心知肚明。
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