SR :: Volume #23

#2215: fuse with the Dao custom

Li Ji somewhat understands why he cannot go in the tablet of slaughtering! 李绩有些明白了他为什么进不去杀戮之碑! Not being able to go in the Grand Emptiness Great Dao tablet is because he comprehends insufficiently on Grand Emptiness Great Dao, but cannot go to slaughter the Great Dao tablet is because he to slaughtering Great Dao understanding pure nature, originally this should be the knocking at a door brick that he most goes well, but slaughtered Great Dao to have the predecessor to gather, therefore he could not go in! 进不去太虚大道碑是因为他在太虚大道上领悟不够,而进不去杀戮大道碑则是因为他对杀戮大道的理解纯粹自然,本来这应该是他最得手的叩门砖,但杀戮大道有前人合了,所以他根本就进不去! As for why the King Qin millet, the army wait and the others to go, because their slaughters Great Dao to have the slight defect! But even if they in slaughtering the tablet have obtained, is limited obtained, perhaps courses other them intentionally, by slaughtering Great Dao will be derived day after tomorrow Great Dao other directions that. 至于为什么秦王稷,中军候等人能进去,只是因为他们的杀戮大道有瑕疵!而哪怕他们在杀戮碑中有所得,也是有限的所得,也许就是故意把他们引向其他的,由杀戮大道衍生的其他后天大道的方向。 The above immortal does not die, this slaughters said, no one gathered! 上面的仙人不死,这杀戮道,就谁都合不了! This in his intuition, why looks like five phases, the Yin-Yang, the thunder, reason that slaughters most familiar dao concept is not the good fuse with the Dao object, is not his not suitable these, rather, some latrine pit people! 这就是在他的直觉中,为什么像五行,阴阳,雷霆,杀戮等最熟悉的道境都不是好的合道对象的原因,不是他不适合这些,而是,茅坑有人了! However, innate have several, the day after tomorrow will be innumerable, what will have to distinguish? 但是,先天有数,后天无数,这其中有什么区别? About innate Great Dao and about day after tomorrow Great Dao, what will have to distinguish in the future?” “合先天大道和合后天大道,未来有什么区别?” The light 11 mothers sighed, she discovered herself, since and after this human evil ways contacted for a long time, in the emotion started changes enriched, does not know that was the good deed or the misdemeanor! 光十一娘叹了口气,她发现自己自和这个人类恶道接触久了之后,情感上开始变的丰富起来,也不知是好事还是坏事! Human Immortal, about track then ; The real immortal, about the track, thoroughly understands four great wild goose Great Dao essences ; Golden Immortal, must gather innate Great Dao!” 人仙,合小道即可;真仙,合小道,通晓四鸿大道精髓;金仙,需合先天大道!” 36 innate do Great Dao, then only have 36 Golden Immortal?” “三十六先天大道,便只有三十六个金仙?” The phoenix shakes the head, „, is not Golden Immortal and Overarching Golden Immortal puts together is 36, is less than 36, needs what condition as for Overarching Golden Immortal, that no one knows!” 凤凰摇摇头,“不,是金仙大罗金仙加在一起是三十六个,或者,不到三十六个,至于大罗金仙还需要什么条件,那就谁也不知!” Li Ji somewhat is disappointed, everybody forging together, was this pit is full? Hasn't left out several?” 李绩就有些失望,“一个萝卜一个坑,这是坑都满了么?就没漏下几个?” Light 11 mothers horizontal his eyes, Main World, the day selects the mainland, human, ancient beast, spirit treasure, you know how many eyes the number completely universe does have to stare at these 36 pits? Also can leave behind the opening to you?” 光十一娘横了他一眼,“主世界,天择大陆,人类,古兽,灵宝,你知道数尽宇宙有多少双眼睛在盯着这三十六个坑么?还能給你留下空子?” The Li Ji indistinct guess was confirmed that he has thought the path of becoming an immortal cannot be so simple, has the innumerable traps and mountain passes surely is waiting for him, one step goes astray, will give to lose the future. 李绩隐隐约约的猜测得到了证实,他早就想到了成仙的道路不会有那么简单,必定是有无数的陷阱和关隘在等着他,一步走错,就会把未来給走丢了。 This does not slaughter the matter that can solve through the flying sword. 这不是通过飞剑杀戮能解决的事。 Before he obtained becomes walks with light to play, including cutting of three corpse, including Past, Present and Future, including Natural Self Origin Self Trascendental Self, these is the things that Lower World cultivator can see, so long as some Gate Sect mastery, these things are not the secrets. 他之前得到的成仙步奏,包括三尸之斩,包括过去现在未来,包括自我本我超我,这些都是下界修士能看到的东西,只要门派有些底蕴,这些东西就不是秘密。 However, these things are extremely general, or dark has a strength not to make some cores the things spread, you want to know, either backstage root is hard enough, either some people to your so-called chance. 但是,这些东西还是太过笼统,或者说,冥冥中有一股力量不让一些核心的东西流传出去,你想知道,要么后台根脚够硬,要么有人給你所谓的机缘。 Immortal Court is in this way, population that the limit becomes an immortal, simultaneously in you cannot think, limited the population of real immortal, finally, Golden Immortal and Overarching Golden Immortal, sold out! 仙庭就是通过这种方式,限制成仙的人数,同时在你想不到时,更限制了真仙的人数,最后,金仙大罗金仙,已经客满! Li Ji is a little chance, moreover he is also careful enough, having one and different from the heart of rash sword cultivator ; When murder he will cut into the sword cultivator pattern automatically, when practices actually turned into a standard, cautious Taoism disciple. 李绩算是有点机缘的,而且他自己也足够小心,有一颗并不同于莽撞剑修的心;杀人时他会自动切入剑修模式,修行时却变成了一个标准的,小心翼翼的道家门徒。 He found the day to select mainland place, this means theoretically, he can overcome the real immortal the foundation, although hit full head is a package, but the attempt has gotten down, didn't he believe dao concept to comprehend not to revise here? 他找到了天择大陆这个地方,这意味着在理论上,他可以打下真仙的基础,虽然被撞的满头是包,但一直尝试下去,他就不信在这里一个道境都领悟修正不了? Has the dream to one, ambitious crossing over, he must be discrete, must be bold, but actually discovers now, oneself originally already very modest Goal Golden Immortal, has the possibility to be unattainable extremely! 对一个有梦想,有野心的穿越者来说,他必须谨慎,也必须大胆,但现在却发现,自己本来已经很谦虚的奋斗目标-金仙而已,都极有可能可望而不可及! Because, above did not have the pit! 因为,上面没坑了! „Were 36 pits full?” “三十六个坑都满了?” The light 11 mothers know certainly that he is thinking anything, therefore the attack said: 光十一娘当然知道他心里在想什么,于是打击道: Good, you are ambitious, has the ambition! Hitting full is head the fellow of package is actually also thinking the Golden Immortal fruit position? On your welldoing, you thought that you do have the possibility? “好,你有理想,有野心!一个撞的满头是包的家伙竟然还想着金仙果位?就你那德行,你觉得自己有可能么? Good, I do not attack in you, although I do not know that which innate say/way has specifically already by person fuse with the Dao, but I actually know that 36 innate Great Dao surely do not have entire full, from universe beginning the minute, Chaos inaugurates, since four great wild goose incarnations for the say/way, have had vacancy innate Great Dao, which several but concrete is, this should be the entire universe biggest secret! 好,我也不来打击于你,虽然我不知道具体到底都有哪个先天之道已经被人合道,但我却知道三十六个先天大道却肯定没有全满,自宇宙初分,混沌初开,四鸿化身为道以来,一直就有空缺的先天大道,但具体是哪几个,这应该是整个宇宙最大的秘密! No one will tell you! ” 没人会告诉你!” Li Ji muttered: „ 36 innate Great Dao, mean that Golden Immortal Overarching Golden Immortal does add not over 36 people? 李绩喃喃道:“三十六个先天大道,意味着金仙大罗金仙加起来不会超过三十六人? 11 mothers, four great wild geese melt Great Dao, isn't in this category? 十一娘,四鸿所化大道,不在这个范畴之内吧? Moreover, if innate Great Dao, because some Golden Immortal left had the vacancy accidentally/surprisingly, or as you said that continuously several innate Great Dao unmanned fills, then, these Human Immortal real immortals whether had the opportunity to get ther first? ” 另外,如果先天大道因为某个金仙出了意外而有了空缺,或者如你所说,一直有几个先天大道无人填补,那么,那些人仙真仙是否有机会近水楼台先得月?” The light 11 mothers snort/hum said: „ Four great wild geese are not certainly in this category, as for the Human Immortal real immortal that you said that becomes an immortal fuse with the Dao in them at that moment, the say/way of gathering is unable to change again, even if knows that now has what innate Great Dao to be void , under can only look at the mouth dry/does, 光十一娘哼道:“四鸿当然不在这个范畴之内,至于你说的人仙真仙,在他们登仙合道那一刻,所合之道就再也无法改变,哪怕现在知道有什么先天大道空虚,也只能干看着下不了嘴, But they can actually through in Lower World dao lineage, promoting can represent the dao lineage spokesman! Let the person on one's own side occupy this pit! 但他们却可以通过在下界道统,推出能代表自己道统的代言人!让自己人来占这个坑! This is also an extremely important direction that Immortal Court wrestles, can obtain the day to select the mainland chance like you, possibly is some big influence in the back promoter, otherwise, you feared that does not have this chance! ” 这也是仙庭较力的一个极重要的方向,像你这样能得到天择大陆机缘的,也可能就是某个大势力在背后的推手,否则,你怕是也没这个机缘!” In the Li Ji heart shakes the head, his very clear own Xuanyuan dao lineage what's the matter, the phoenix did not understand human, therefore there is a misunderstanding ; But above Immortal Court, but not only big influence big dao lineage exists , some quite weak individual, like the anesthetic master, saw on the other hand potential gives an opportunity, has the jujube not to have the jujube first to hit several poles, not for other, to pound to disturb to these big dao lineage, stirs the excrement, this possibility is instead higher! 李绩心中摇头,他太清楚自己的轩辕道统是怎么回事了,凤凰不了解人类,所以有误解;但仙庭之上,可不仅只有大势力大道统存在,也有些相对来说比较势单力孤的个体,像麻药师这样的,看到有潜力的就給个机会,有枣没枣先打几杆子,不为别的,就为了給那些大道统捣捣乱,搅搅屎,这种可能性反而更高些! Which how many innate Great Dao vacancies is? At least I know now slaughters Great Dao definitely to have the person, in the intuition the five phases Yin Yang Thunder thunderclap has not been idling probably, in the future I will attempt again, if were hit to be basically certain again, if selects the mainland in the day tries the Great Dao tablet, can perhaps find the truth!” “是哪几个先天大道空缺呢?起码我现在知道了杀戮大道肯定有人,直觉中五行阳雷霆也大概没闲着,未来我会再去尝试,如果再被撞回来就基本可以肯定,如果在天择大陆一个个的把大道碑都试下去,也许就能找到事情的真相!” The light 11 mothers scoff to say with a smile: „ Li Ji, were you demon are startled? What you now are most important how to enter a Great Dao tablet, road that then can see! Again then that damn destiny shackles removing! 光十一娘嗤笑道:“李绩,你是不是魔怔了?你现在最重要的是怎么进一个大道碑,然后能看到出去的路!再然后是把那个该死的命运枷锁給撤了! Completes all these, why you love, the old lady will not accompany you! 做完这一切,你爱干什么干什么,老娘才不会陪你! As for your crazy thoughts, credible? 至于你那些疯狂的念头,靠谱么? You slaughter Great Dao to be pure enough, is certain representative five phases Yin Yang Thunder thunderclap pure enough? Guaranteed certainly that can't go in? Cannot go in explained that this innate Great Dao was gathered? 你杀戮大道够纯粹,就一定代表五行阳雷霆够纯粹?就一定保证就进不去?进不去就说明这个先天大道被人合了? You not familiar Great Dao ideal concept? Like Grand Emptiness, you planned how much time with understands it? Dozens Great Dao do you also plan familiarities? Thing that four great wild goose person ancestors cannot achieve, can you achieve? 你不熟悉的大道意境呢?就像太虚,你打算用多少时间来理解它?还有几十个大道你也打算一个个的精通么?四鸿人祖都做不到的事,你就能做到了? Some of do your also how many lives enough toss about? 你还有多少寿元够这么折腾的? Can think something in one's power? Do not aim too high! ” 能不能想些力所能及的事?别这么好高骛远!” Li Ji visits her with a smile, dream must always have, if realized?” 李绩含笑看着她,“梦想总是要有的,万一实现了呢?”
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