SR :: Volume #23

#2217: Drifting apart

Also is several years passes, because two people each one is at the condition that one type dives to think of rapt attention, the say/way of destiny not like earth-shaking that other Great Dao displays, but focuses on some dark the thing, therefore, no one deliberately disturbs. 又是数年过去,因为两人各自都处于一种凝神潜思的状态,命运之道也不像其他大道那样表现的惊天动地,而是着重于一些冥冥中的东西,所以,也没人来刻意打扰。 On the 1st, a person of bird also opened eyes, the time drew near, 一日,一人一鸟同时睁开眼,时间快到了, The destiny Great Dao tablet situated in a state named Chao, is very far from here, has at least several months traveling schedules, when they fly, probably on the time interval that the qualifications competition starts, 命运大道碑位于一个叫晁的国度,距离这里还很远,有至少数月的行程,等他们飞过去,大概正逢资格竞争开始的时段, This time, the light 11 mothers have not made Li Ji conduct the shoulder, eventually is a joke, moreover as the kings of numerous bird, her flight to the Li Ji looks down upon very much, even if the speed is not slower than her many, actually loses stiffly reluctantly, the graceful graceful bearing does not have, 这一次,光十一娘没让李绩扛着,终究不过是个玩笑,而且作为众鸟之王,她对李绩的飞行很是瞧不上眼,哪怕速度也并不比她慢多少,却失之僵硬勉强,一点优雅风姿都没有, Safe/without matter, but jumps to lead the way, has no immemorial ominous beast ambush attack, but their two are very clear, if the day selects the antique beast of mainland to have an action to perform, then waits certainly for in Chao Guo, because the phoenix is impossible to choose other innate Great Dao. 一路无事,只是纵身前行,也没有什么太古凶兽埋伏袭击,但他们两个都很清楚,如果天择大陆的太古兽想要有所动作,那么就一定是在晁国等待,因为凤凰根本不可能选择其他的先天大道 This has needed a pass/test, like them, although taunted mutually cannot have a liking, but another strange manifestation of that mutual respect, selected indigenous Half Immortal of mainland to the day, they never had true caring! 这是必须要过的一关,像他们两个这样的,虽然互相挖苦看不上,但那只是互相尊重的另一种奇怪的表现方式,对天择大陆的土著半仙,他们可从来也没有真正的放在心上! The phoenix is the kings of ten thousand bird, from deciding the war of say/way started to establish to the steamroll mentalities of other antique bloodlines beasts ; Li Ji is the person cultivates the peak, the level is different, the view of nature concerned others boundary is different. 凤凰是万鸟之王,从定道之战开始就建立了对其他太古血脉兽的碾压心态;李绩则是人修巅峰,所处的层次不同,自然有关他人境界的看法就不同。 Here Half Immortal, the human antique ominous beast, placing in Main World is also the Exterior Scenery Heaven level, cannot compare Interior Scenery Heaven focusing on elite by far, let alone in Li Ji that in Interior Scenery Heaven like a crane among chickens. 这里的半仙,无论是人类还是太古凶兽,放在主世界中也就是外景天的水平,都远远比不上以精英为主的内景天,更别说在内景天中都鹤立鸡群的李绩 Naturally, this is comparison generally speaking, does not remove has the extremely individual different kind, did Main World have the anomaly like Li Ji, the day selects the mainland unable to have the true outstanding gentleman? 当然,这是总体来看的比较,也不排除有极个别的异类,主世界有像李绩这样的变态,天择大陆就不能有真正的出类拔萃之士了? After several months, in close to Chao Guo they noticed above the top of the head to have sneaking a look Divine Sense, that clearly belongs to Divine Sense of antique ominous beast, was very overbearing, was actually short fine, 数月之后,在接近晁国时他们留意到了头顶之上有窥觑的神识,那是明显属于太古凶兽的神识,很霸道,却少了精细, Li Ji departs from the norm, welcomes that Dao Spirit to know on, but the opposite party is very obviously careful, after realizing being close of Li Ji withdraws immediately, theoretically he can catch up with it finally, but this requires the time, they have a more important matter. 李绩一反常态,迎着那道神识就上,但对方显然很小心,在意识到李绩的接近后就立刻后撤,理论上他能最终追上它,但这需要时间,他们还有更重要的事。 The light 11 mothers knit the brows, „ you do not need to clear away the barrier for me! Does not need, does not sweep clean! 光十一娘皱皱眉,“你无需为我扫清障碍!没必要,也扫不清! Here is their dens, ending that can kill? ” 这里是他们的老巢,能杀的完么?” Li Ji sighed, obviously, the antique ominous beasts to are very clear ; first, because was extremely flagitious with human of phoenix peer the situation grasped, two Laifeng phoenixes were unequalled in the speed advantage of open space, wants to launch to chase down to the phoenix in the mainland, is no different than dream of a fool, the best way was, when the entry qualifications of competitive destiny Great Dao tablet, used the method in the destiny space! 李绩叹了口气,显然,太古凶兽们对局势把握的很清楚,一是因为和凤凰同行的人类太过凶残,二来凤凰在开阔空间的速度优势无与伦比,想在大陆上对凤凰展开追杀,无异于痴人说梦,最好的办法就是,在竞争命运大道碑的进入资格时,在命运空间之内使用手段! To light/only 11 mothers, if she in the destiny space felt not an opponent, naturally can be separated, but enters the ridge that the destiny space is she cannot circle past, does not realize from experience here destiny Great Dao here, she cannot see forever day of exit|to speak that selects the mainland where! 对光十一娘来说,如果她在命运空间内感觉不是对手,当然可以脱离出去,但进入命运空间是她绕不过去的一个坎,不在这里体悟这里的命运大道,她就永远看不到天择大陆的出口在哪里! So long as antique ominous beast stubbornly defends the destiny Great Dao tablet of lost to view country's, can block the soft rib of phoenix, a time not good on next time, one day strangles the phoenix in the day selects the mainland! 太古凶兽只要死死的守住杳国的命运大道碑,就能扼住凤凰的軟肋,一次不行就等下一次,总有一天把凤凰扼杀在天择大陆! Your this time must go, more will tow in the future, is the troublesome, ominous beast will be getting more and more......” “你这一次必须进去,越往后拖,就越是麻烦,凶兽会越来越多……” The light 11 mother reveal cold light, how many I manage it to come, killing is, how can also?” 光十一娘目露寒光,“我管它来多少,杀了便是,又能怎样?” In the Li Ji heart complained of hardship secretly, he discovered the advice that oneself offered was somewhat crude, this phoenix was proud is not obviously willing to flinch, if really at the destiny space and an numerous antique ominous beast bloody battle, is not willing to be separated from the space, once there is an accident, he must follow unlucky! 李绩心中暗暗叫苦,他发现自己出的这个主意有些鲁莽,这凤凰明显是个骄傲不肯退缩的,如果真的在命运空间和一众太古凶兽血战,再不肯脱离空间的话,一旦有个闪失,他也得跟着倒霉! How to process this troublesome? 怎么处理这件麻烦呢? Two people rushed to Chao Guo smoothly, light 11 mother also smooth registrations , then waiting swaggering, the low-key meaning does not have, seeming like this was in the antique ominous beasts mao. 两人顺利的赶到了晁国,光十一娘也顺利的报了名,然后便大摇大摆的等待,一点低调的意思也没有,看起来这是和太古凶兽们卯上了。 Who several days the time, Li Ji thought must make anything, cannot make this light/only bird plant in inside. 还有数日时间,李绩觉的自己得做点什么,可不能让这光鸟栽在里面。 I the window-shopping scenery, enjoy some good food, together?” “我去逛逛街景,享受些美食,一起?” The light 11 mother routine rejections, happen to give the space that he moved alone. 光十一娘习惯性拒绝,正好給了他独自活动的空间。 In this place, he is also two gropes in the dark, without the personal connection, without the friend, wants to make anything to start nowhere ; Initially drew this light bird is really a mistake, but pondered, has lost also had obtained, knew many true paradise dense hard, learned say/way of the purest destiny, among the successes and failures, who also said clear? 在这地方,他也是两眼一摸瞎,没有人脉,没有朋友,想做点什么都无处下手;当初把这只光鸟拉进来真的是一个错误,不过细想起来,有所失也有所得,知道了很多真正的仙界密辛,又学到了最纯粹的命运之道,得失之间,谁又说的清楚呢? ...... Chao Guo, is day of a great nation that selects the mainland to have several, as a state that has the innate Great Dao tablet, their overall strengths arrange in all states at Battlefront, said simply, the elder of Half Immortal level has 18, but also have several the guest official Half Immortal elder, this is the mastery, mysteriously and unpredictable mysticalness from destiny Great Dao. ……晁国,是天择大陆有数的大国,作为一个拥有先天大道碑的国度,他们的整体实力在所有的国度中都是排在前列的,简单的说,半仙层次的长老就有十八名,还有数位客卿半仙长老,这就是底蕴,来自命运大道玄奥而又令人捉摸不定的神秘。 The elders present gathers at the light valley, here is also the destiny Great Dao tablet position, waited for several days later groups of heroes to gather together ; Compared to slaughtering the Great Dao tablet, from the historical result, participates in the competitive quota in the destiny space successively the result, the casualty is few, the competition of destiny Great Dao among cultivator finished mostly, this is Great Dao nature decided, actually not cultivator the goodness that comes compared with cultivator of another place. 长老们现在聚集在光谷,这里也是命运大道碑的位置,等待数日后的群英荟萃;相对于杀戮大道碑,从历史结果来看,历次在命运空间参加竞争名额的结果,死伤很少,大都以修士之间命运大道的比拼而结束,这是大道本身的性质所决定,倒不是修士们就比他处的修士来的善良。 Each Great Dao tablet tests the cultivator direction to be different, some ratio directness, is live walking that keeps, for example slaughters, life and death, destruction ; But also some ratio is actually the utilization of dao concept, for example the destiny, the morals, the good fortune wait/etc., has its wonder respectively, obeys its principle respectively. 每个大道碑考验修士的方向都不同,有的比的直接,就是活的留死的走,比如杀戮,生死,毁灭;但也有的比的却是道境的运用,比如命运,道德,造化等等,各有其妙,各遵其理。 Therefore on almost no idler who comes to here to watch the fun, one group of people bet the destiny in the destiny space, no quality of being worth looking, even cannot see the result, is very senseless. 所以来这里看热闹的就几乎没有什么闲人,一群人在命运空间中赌命运,也没什么看头,甚至都看不出结果,忒般无趣。 But opening of this destiny Great Dao tablet, somewhat is different! 但这一次命运大道碑的开启,却有些不同! Many of somewhat antique ominous beast participation, this at all is not their Great Dao, coming here goal to be self-evident, nothing but must do the matter when the competition, I think, this wind cannot rise! “太古凶兽参与的有些多,这就根本不是它们的大道,来这里的目的不言而喻,无非是要在竞争时搞事情,我以为,此风不可涨! Where worked as with here? The contradiction between their antique bloodlines beasts, may be solved outside greatly, now wants to kill people through the destiny space, is regards our people to cultivate without the thing? ” 拿我们这里当什么地方了?它们太古血脉兽之间的矛盾,大可在外面解决,现在想通过命运空间来杀人,是视我们人修于无物么?” A young elder is discontented saying that 一名年轻的长老不满道, The people are all silent, the truth is this truth, but does the issue manage? Doesn't make the antique ominous beasts participate? This violated the basic principle of Hongmao Great Dao, is not feasible. 众人皆沉默不语,道理是这个道理,但问题是怎么管?不让太古凶兽们参加?这违背了鸿茅大道的基本原则,不可行。 An old elder pale sound said: „ Kiloampere, cautious word! You become estranged with the antique beast, that is the private affair, may not Duke private use, changes the rule absurdly! 一个年长长老淡声道:“千安,慎言!你与太古兽有隙,那是私事,不可公器私用,妄改规则! This time condition, obvious is personal grudge between their antique beasts, actually has nothing to do in my human! 这次的状况,明摆着是它们太古兽之间的私人恩怨,其实于我人类无干! Mr. land of big lead has also greeted with me, their trip, is only the solution gratitude and grudges, does not participate in the human destiny Great Dao competition, naturally does not seize the quota, matter to become Ji walks, does not yearn for! 领头的陆大先生也和我打过招呼,它们此行,只为解决恩怨,不参加人类命运大道比拼,自然也不抢占名额,事成即走,绝不留恋! If we reject, draws the enmity between antique beasts to oneself on, although my human does not fear its antique beast, but is truly earnest, my Chao Guoxian suffers a loss is certain, why bother is also? ” 如果我们拒绝,就是把太古兽之间的仇怨拉到自己身上,虽然我人类也不怕它太古兽,但真正较真起来,我晁国先吃亏却是一定的,又是何苦?”
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