SS :: Volume #12

#1179: Enough

Lu Xuan walks into the rear apartments, the flowers and plants are graceful, the greenery onion onion, pleasant place vitality one piece, was makes the mood of person comfortable for no reason many, wants to come Su Ye not to be short in the layout of this rear apartments works hard. 陆轩步入后庭,花草盈盈,绿树葱葱,入眼之处生机一片,无端便是让人的心情舒爽了不少,想来苏叶没少在这后庭的布局上下功夫。 Su Ye oneself then stems from Hundred Grass Hall, regarding the familiarity of flowers and plants, Hundred Grass Hall may be called the Central State first aristocratic family. Lu Xuan appreciation while nods, various flowers and plants match very suitably, some have the affable mind effect, some are used maintains the air is fresh, looked that is Su Ye personally chooses. 苏叶自身便是出自百草堂,对于花草的熟悉程度,百草堂堪称中州第一世家。陆轩一边欣赏一边点头,各类花草搭配得十分相宜,有的有舒缓心神的效果,有的则是用来保持空气清新,一看便是苏叶亲自挑选的。 The City Lord's Mansion backyard is very big, Lu Xuan is not familiar, but this for him, wanted to find Su Ye is not the difficult matter. 城主府后院很大,陆轩对此并不熟悉,不过这对他来说,想要找到苏叶并不是什么难事。 Sees only him to close one's eyes slightly, spread that huge Spiritual Knowledge is quietly, quick, the situation of this piece of backyard is the clear appearance in his mind, two maidservants prune the branches and leaves in the garden, is watering, in the kitchen, two wet nurses are doing to eat, does not know that to the afternoon dessert that Su Ye prepares. 只见他微微闭眼,庞大的神识悄无声息的蔓延开去,很快,这片后院的情况便是清晰的出现在他的脑海中,有两个丫鬟在花园之中修剪枝叶,还有一个在浇水,厨房中,有两名嬷嬷在做吃食,也不知道是不是给苏叶准备的午后点心。 In the Spiritual Knowledge induction of Lu Xuan, the maidservant of that two trim branches and leaves walked toward him. He is not willing to alarm these maidservants, so as to avoid disturbs Su Ye, immediately displays movement, being quietly passed over gently and swiftly from two maidservants, the rapidness of speed, besides breeze, these maidservants links his remnant shade unable to see. 陆轩神识感应中,那两名修剪枝叶的丫鬟朝他这边走了过来。他不愿惊动这些丫鬟,免得打扰到苏叶,当即施展身法,悄无声息的从两名丫鬟旁边掠过,速度之快,除了一阵微风之外,这些丫鬟连他的残影都看不到。 Xia Cao, do you have to feel that just some people did pass?” Saying that wears the maidservant of blue clothes to have doubts, has not lived was sizing up just the Lu Xuan shuttle past place. 夏草,你有没有感觉到刚刚有人过去了?”一名身着蓝色衣服的丫鬟疑惑的说道,还不住的打量着刚刚陆轩穿梭过去的地方。 Another takes a green clothes maidservant of big scissors unable to bear say with a smile: Dong Chong, did you cut have wanted to be loaf tired? Where has any person, this is the City Lord's Mansion backyard, front that many guards, who can enter comes.” 另一个拿着一把大剪子的绿衣丫鬟忍不住笑道:“冬虫,你是不是剪累了想偷懒了?哪有什么人,这可是城主府后院,前面那么多护卫呢,谁能进的来。” Not, but I felt really as if some people passed, the wind zone had my clothes.” Called the maidservant [say / way] of Dong Chong angrily. “才不是呢,但我真的感觉似乎有人过去了,还有风带起了我的衣裳。”叫冬虫的丫鬟气鼓鼓的道。 That Xia Cao is actually disinclined to pay attention to her again, takes up the big scissors to start constructed just Lu Xuan to watch that cassia tree. 夏草却是懒得再理会她,拿起大剪子开始修建刚刚陆轩观赏过的那株桂树。 Arrived at Lu Xuan before Su Ye door to show a faint smile, that the girl talent that called Dong Chong was actually good, has not practiced, has produced unexpectedly naturally not weak Spiritual Knowledge, what a pity will not utilize, otherwise just incessantly realized as if some people of pasts, but can catch the Lu Xuan trace. 已经来到苏叶房门前的陆轩微微一笑,那个叫冬虫的丫头倒是天赋不错,未曾修炼过,竟然自然产生了不弱的神识,可惜不会运用,否则的话刚刚就不止察觉到似乎有人过去,而是能捕捉到陆轩的踪影了。 Before Su Ye gate, and nobody is defending, she shows solicitude for the servant, the midday rest time always does not make the maidservant wait, makes them rest, but the maidservants never are also loaf, generally noon time goes to the garden to water, prunes the branches and leaves. Although this garden is the Su Ye arrangement, but cares is actually they. 苏叶门前并没有人守着,她体恤下人,午休的时候从来都不让丫鬟候着的,也让她们去休息,不过丫鬟们也从来不偷懒,一般中午的时候就去花园中浇浇水,修剪一下枝叶。这花园虽然是苏叶布置的,但护理的却是她们。 Lu Xuan opens the door gently, has not made slightly the sound. Bypasses the screen, is away from the gauze account on bed to see that faintly Su Ye has fallen asleep, the breath is even. Lu Xuan sat on table chair, on the table is suspending one pile of sect Juan, opened has been spreading out. 陆轩轻轻推开门,没发出丝毫声音。绕过屏风,隔着床上的纱帐隐隐可看到苏叶已经睡着了,呼吸均匀。陆轩就在桌旁的椅子上坐了下来,桌上摆着一摞宗卷,还有一份已经打开了摊开着。 Lu Xuan comes the safe idly, is takes to turn looks at, some city service that in Anping City without a doubt, in this volume records, after looking at several, Lu Xuan then understood, before this is, Long Ming has established a matter of gang to some east refugees who oneself reported. 陆轩闲来无事,便是拿起来翻看着,毫无疑问,这宗卷上记载的正是安平城中的一些城务,看了几眼之后,陆轩便已经明了,这正是之前龙铭向自己报告的城东一些流民成立了一个帮会的事情。 looks at looks at, Lu Xuan unconscious was starts to think deeply, pointed at the unconsciousness was knocking the page gently. 看着看着,陆轩不知不觉的便是开始深思了起来,手指无意识的轻轻敲着书页。 This matter with former Long Ming to own Bing Bao something differences, Long Ming only said that is a gang of not being able to make a name, he has arranged the solution, but recounted from this sect Juan, obviously did not have Long Ming to say was so superficial. 这件事情跟之前龙铭向自己禀报的事情有些出入,龙铭只说是一个成不了气候的帮会,他已经安排了解决方案,但从这幅宗卷上述说的来看,显然没有龙铭说的那么轻描淡写。 The status of this group of refugees is very mixed, the chancellor person flees in all directions from North Bo Ruo, united people of a group of all sorts of people, has established any Fish Dragon Gang, its meaning is self-evident, that is the good and bad people mixed up. 这群流民的身份很杂,其中主事人是从北波若那边流窜过来的,团结了一批三教九流之人,成立了个什么鱼龙帮,其意不言而喻,那便是鱼龙混杂。 If this gang unites some people from other place, facilitates that with the human with oneself conveniently, but looks at this meaning, they as if want to establish in a city the city. 若这帮会只是团结一些外地人,与人方便与己方便那也就罢了,可是看这意思,他们似乎是想成立一个城中之城。 Narration on Lu Xuan looks at sect volume, in the heart sneers. They think that this is the manor of seignior, 9 Dragons Dynasty will not meddle the business, in addition bullies Su Ye with a female's body government city, wants to act unreasonably? 陆轩看着宗卷上的叙述,心中冷笑。他们以为这是藩王的封地,九龙皇朝不会插手其中事务,再加上欺负苏叶以一介女子之身治理城池,就想乱来吗? Prince?” “王爷?” In the Lu Xuan train of thought spreads, the sound that is pleasantly surprised together behind conveys from him. Lu Xuan turns the head to look that was Su Ye has actually tucked up the gauze account, pleasantly surprised looks at he. 就在陆轩思绪蔓延之际,一道又惊又喜的声音从他身后传来。陆轩转头看去,却是苏叶撩开了纱帐,正惊喜的看着他。 Lu Xuan smiled, puts down the record to stand up, said: Was I quarrels you, I asked the dynasty before, as if in the past can you also rest a while?” 陆轩笑了笑,放下案卷站起身来,说道:“是不是我吵到你了,我之前问了王朝,似乎往常你还得睡一会儿?” Su Ye shakes the head gently: No, is my sleep is quite shallow, recently was worrying about something in city, therefore awakes is quite early.” 苏叶轻轻摇头:“没有,是我睡眠比较浅,最近惦念着城里的一些事情,所以醒的比较早。” Eye looks at Su Ye wants, Lu Xuan was actually walks to hold down she, tucked up the gauze account to sit on the bed, has hugged Su Ye gently, hugged in the bosom. 看着苏叶想要起来,陆轩却是走过去按住了她,撩开纱帐坐在床上,轻轻将苏叶搂了过来,抱在怀中。 Su Ye complexion slightly red, is actually very docile pasted the face in the chest of Lu Xuan, was feeling the Lu Xuan heartbeat, this as if compared any calming the nerves powder to come to make her relax and feel at ease. 苏叶脸色微红,却是十分温顺的将脸贴在了陆轩的胸口,感受着陆轩的心跳声,这似乎比什么安神散都来得让她放松和安心。 Lu Xuan grips the hand of Su Ye, warm alcohol and Yuan Energy crossing slowly into to Su Ye within the body. In a tone with [say / way] of blame: You are also the person of cultivation, how such to pay attention to recuperate own body? For these years passed, the strength did not enter actually instead draws back.” 陆轩握住苏叶的手,一丝温暖醇和的元力缓缓的渡入到苏叶体内。语带责备的道:“你好歹也算是修炼之人,怎么这么不注意调养自己的身子?这几年过去,实力倒是不进反退了。” Is listening to the blame of Lu Xuan, Su Ye not only not embarrassed, was puts out a hand to hold in the arms the waist of Lu Xuan on the contrary, pasted was tighter, greasy sound track: Now in Anping City master like saying, my this strength does not apply in any case, has not cared . Moreover, I often made some Chinese medicine to drink, poured has not obstructed greatly.” 听着陆轩的责备,苏叶不但没有不好意思,反倒是伸手搂住了陆轩的腰,贴的更紧一些了,腻声道:“如今安平城中高手如云,反正我这点实力也派不上什么用场,也就不在意了,而且,我时常弄一些汤药喝了,倒也没有大碍。” Nonsense.” But Lu Xuan said: yourself is a pharmacist, how can not know truth that the good medicine cannot often eat, your this is overdrawing own body simply.” “胡说。”陆轩无奈道:“你自己就是药师,怎么会不知道再好的药也不能经常吃的道理,你这简直就是在透支自己的身体。” In the Lu Xuan expression has the meaning of blame, more actually loves dearly, the Su Ye seven orifices are exquisite, how also unable to listen, was actually happier, held Lu Xuan not to be willing to let go. Previous time sees in a hurry, Lu Xuan has the important matter in the body, had not said with enough time that this time, looks at the Lu Xuan appearance, obviously was finished. 陆轩语气中有责备之意,更多的却是心疼,苏叶七窍玲珑,又怎么会听不出来,却是更开心了,抱着陆轩不肯松手。上一次匆匆一见,陆轩有要务在身,没来得及多说,这一次,看陆轩的模样,显然是已经忙完了。 Closes one's eyes to enjoy this moment tranquility, Su Ye asks a soft voice: Why your this time came back suddenly?” 闭着眼享受这一刻的宁静,苏叶轻声问道:“你这次为何突然回来了?” Part for you, part for the beast tide, Central State left so the important matter, I result certainly.” “一部分是为你,还有一部分是为了兽潮,中州出了如此大事,我当然得回来。” Intelligent Su Ye has not gone to ask that actually for her many, is for the beast tide many, this is the meaningless reply, has Lu Xuan these words, sufficed. 聪明的苏叶没有去问究竟是为了她多一点,还是为了兽潮多一点,这是毫无意义的回答,有陆轩这句话,就够了。 Which did your years go? Had to find your beforehand lover?” Su Ye just asked the exit, regretted, the body has tied tight unrestrainedly, she does not know what answer one want to get. “那你这些年去哪了?有找到你以前的爱人吗?”苏叶刚问出口,就已经后悔了,身体情不自禁的紧绷了起来,她不知道自己想得到什么样的答案。 Lu Xuan feels the anxiety of Su Ye, cannot bear say with a smile: My lover has, which did you ask?” 陆轩感受到苏叶的紧张,忍不住笑道:“我的爱人有很多,你问哪一个?” Repugnant.” Su Ye charmingly angry will bury the chest of Lu Xuan. However by a Lu Xuan such saying, cannot help but was relaxed, not only somewhat loses and some do not know but from where anticipation. “讨厌。”苏叶娇嗔一声将头埋进陆轩的胸口。不过被陆轩这么一说,不由得放松了一些,既有些失落又有些不知从何而起的期待。 The lower jaw of Lu Xuan is going against the Su Ye top of the head, leaves the sound track: I went to Nine Flowers Alliance, had found them, but had a lot in this period, I possibly again could not see.” 陆轩的下颌顶着苏叶的头顶,出声道:“我去了九华盟,也找到了她们,不过期间发生了很多事情,有一个,我可能再也见不到了。” Here, the Lu Xuan sound was somewhat low and deep, but immediately was actually tighter grasped Su Ye, resolute [say / way]: Therefore, I will not lose any person again, including you.” 说到这,陆轩的声音有些低沉,但随即却是更紧的抱住了苏叶,语气坚定的道:“所以,我不会再失去任何一个人,包括你。” Including me? In the Su Ye heart has duplicated, immediately the corners of the mouth reveal one smiling face, was enough.( Not 包括我吗?苏叶心中重复了一遍,随即嘴角露出一丝浅浅的笑容,足够了。(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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